Survivor Season 29 – Episode 5 Recap and Discussion

Shnugs was unable to blog Survivor this week, so here’s a brief synopsis of what went down in the latest episode.

The Coyopa tribe is stunned to learn that Drew was voted out in tribal council.

The big development:  Big tribe switch up! Instead of the loved ones on either side, there are three pairs of loved ones on the Coyopa tribe: Kelley and her dad, Dale.  Missy and her daughter Baylor.  Jaclyn and her boyfriend Jon.  Keith rounds out the new tribe.

Hunahpu is comprised of boyfriends Josh and Reed plus a slew of singles, including Wes, Alec, Jeremy Julie and Natalie.

Keith and his son Wes remain split up, while Josh and Reed are the only couple on tribe Hunahpu. You do see where this is going. Which tribe will prevail? The one full of singles, or the other made up of couples? And how will the odd folks out fare?

The new Hunahpu members are not happy to find that the tribe barely has any food.  At the Coypa camp, the new members reunite with their loved ones and are delighted to find plenty of food. Baylor and Missy cook up generous portions of rice,  further annoying Dale.

In the immunity challenge, the tribes race to dig up a bag containing two keys. After crawling through a muddy lane, one key is used to open a gate. The team shakes a basket set on top of a pole to release sandbags.  Once all the sandbags are collected, two tribe members attempt to land the sandbags on wobbly, hanging platforms.  The first tribe to land 10 sandbags wins immunity.

And…Hunahpu literally CREAMS Coyopa, landing all 10 bags on the target before Coyopa even has the chance to begin tossing. The losing tribe took a LONG time to dig up the bags containing the keys.

Coyopa heads to tribal council to vote out a team member.  “Clearly loved ones working together,” observes Jeff, “are not so effective.”

Before the tribal council, Keith is nervous the couples will vote him out.  Dale tries to convince the others that Baylor can’t be trusted.  After feeling out  Missy and Baylor and Kelley and Dale, Jon and Jaclyn still can’t decide who to align themselves with.

Here’s how the vote went down:

Baylor: 2 votes
Kelley: 3 votes
Dale: 2 votes

Kelley is the 5th person voted out of Survivor Blood Vs Water! In the end she wishes they had remained split up, as she feels her dad and his issues became a liability.

Next week: The Hunahpu tribe pays a stiff penalty for more food. Dale plays dirty to survive.

Snugs will be back next week!


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