People’s Choice Awards 2012 – Live Blog – Winners List

I’ll be live blogging the People’s Choice awards 2012 right here. Katy Perry was set to perform, but she canceled due to her newly-announced separation from Russell Brand. Demi Lovato will be performing. And Glee stars, Cory Monteith and Lea Michele will be in the audience.  Big Bang Theory star, Kaley Cuoco is host.

American Idol, DWTS, SYTYCD, The Voice and America’s Got Talent are all up for Favorite TV Competition Show.

Blake Shelton for Favorite Male Artist and Favorite Country Artist, Adam Levine’s Maroon 5 for Favorite Band and Song of The Year.

Glee was nominated in the Favorite TV Comedy category, Chris Colfer and Corey Monteith in Favorite TV Comedy Actor and Jane Lynch and Lea Michele in Favorite TV Comedy Actress. Click to check out the list of nominations.

I’ll be snarkily live blogging the action right here.  We, the fans, are in charge of who wins!


NOT TELEVISED: American Idol won Favorite TV Competition Show. Congrats to Lea Michele and Maroon 5 for winning in their categories!

“First off I want to dedicate this award to my amazing cast, my Glee Club, every single one of you. You’re my family and all of you are my best friends and I’m an only child and now I have 11 other siblings and you guys are the best.” – Lea’s acceptance speech.

Announced before the show began: Pretty Little Liars won Favorite Cable TV Drama

The show begins with a pretty funny skit featuring the Big Bang peeps voting for the favorite People’s Choice nominees. The character played by Kaley Cuoco gets a job as a seat filler.  She sits down next to Betty White, and hilarity ensues.  Neal Patrick Harris becomes part of the skit, who comes prepared to sing. But there’s no singing.  The joke is that Neal is addicted to performing award show numbers. Uhm.

Liam Neeson and Dermot Mulroony present Favorite Movie actress to Emma Stone She also wins Favorite Comedic Movie Actress.  She seems very moved by this fake award. Do entertainers take these awards that seriously?

Sharon Osborne and Jesse Tyler Ferguson present Favorite Daytime TV Host – Sharon is all fake mad that her show, The Talk, wasn’t nominated. Stilted Scripted Dialog for The  Win.  The award goes to Ellen DeGenerers.   Gosh. I’m shocked.  Not.  Ellen reads a list of people she’s NOT thanking. Oh. A bit.

Don Cheadle and Kristin Bell present Favorite TV Comedy Actress.  Betty White is in the front. She’ll be the center of many bits tonight.  There have been two already.  The award goes to Lea Michele!   She thanks the cast (Whom she calls her family. She’s an only child!) and crew and her makeup people. Her family and of course, her fans. “Glee would be nothing without you.”

Liam Hemsworth And Jennifer Lawrencepresents Favorite TV Drama Actress goes to Nina Dobrev.  Nina’s fans were so cray cray they forced People’s Choice to put her on the ballot. Death threats and twitter bombing?

230 million votes have been cast so far.

Rob Schneider and Cheech Marin present favorite TV Comedy Actor to  Neil Patrick Harris.  He won last year.  I love me some NPH so good for him. Although I would not have been mad if Chris Colfer had won.  Neil He thanks his boyfriend and his twins.  Aw.  I heart that guy

Josh Hutcherson (PEETA!  If it wasn’t for my twitter feed, I’d know nothing about the Hunger Games.  Now, I don’t  even need to read the books) and Vanessa Hudgens introduce Favorite Pop Artist, Demi Lovato who sings “Give Your Heart a Break”.   WHOA DEMI.  Those high notes were super duper screechy.  Ouchie.

Oh. A bit with Jane Lynch. She’s playing the PCA seating queen. She lives and breaths the venue for a whole week before she even envisions the seat plan! Her assistant Daryl is played by Glee writer and producer, Michael Hitchcock. Twitter is my friend. The bit had a chuckle or two. But the writing overall is pretty weak tonight.

Kaley is reading congratulatory tweets from fans tweets now. Oh. One is from her dad. I didn’t see that coming. Not.

Allyson Hannigan and Jason Biggs present Favorite Comedic Movie Actor to Adam Sandler. An oldie but a goodie. and the star of many wretched movies. Oh. He’s using “funny voice” to accept his award. Hardy har har. He cracks hisself up. Oh. He thanks his public school teachers. This bit is totally falling flat.

Cory Monteith and Julianne Hough present Favorite Movie Star under 25 to Chloe Grace Moretz. She can’t believe she beat the whole Harry Potter cast. Neither can I. Cory Monteith has the Cutest Smile Ever.   Just checked out #PCA on twitter and  the Potter fans are having a collective meltdown.  Good times!

Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs present Favorite Band to Maroon 5.  Adam Levine and a M5 dude named James accept the award.  Thank The Voice cast. You futhered your career on their tender backs.

Favorite Drama Movie goes to “Water For Elephants” – Robert Pattinson accepts the award. Didn’t see it.

In a bit that’s already been taped, the cast of Pretty Little Liars present a couple of awards. They say because it would take too long to present them live.  Book Adaption award goes to Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows and Favorite  Celeb Reality Star goes to Kim Kardashian.  Ha. They’ll be back later to present awards to more winners who refused to show up.

Kaley comes out in a crazy lil bo peep dress the fans supposedly voted on. The cast of Parks and Recreation  (LOVES) are featured in a taped bit.  The cast shows us their “special talents” . Ha ha. Second truly clever bit of the night. (The opening with the Big Bang peeps was pretty lulzy)

Ginnifer Goodwin and Jennifer Morrison present Favorite TV Drama Actor to Nathan Fillion.  OOOOHHHHH. Ok. I have a leetle TV crush on Nathan. DON’T JUDGE ME.  Castle won for Favorite TV Crime Drama.

Next is a bit goofing on PCA stylists.  Oh please. CVS product placement? I’m tuning out.

Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley present Favorite Comedy movie to Bridesmaids. A bunch of people take the stage to accept that award. The producer thanks Betty White. Yes. What would be do without Betty to distract us when we’re nervous? Maya Rudolph and Ellie Kemper are on stage. Maya sings!

Faith Hill sings “Come Home” Zzzzzzzz. Ohhh. Ouch. Is there something in the air in the theater? Faith Hill is also mangling the high notes.

MORE ANNOYING PRODUCT PLACEMENT. The Stars reveal what their mother’s taught them…brought to you by P&G. DO NOT WANT.

Jimmy Fallon wins Favorite Late Night TV host. So, he gets to head a bit mocking TV reporter round tables. A subject definitely worth mocking. He’s surrounded by fake animals, plants, robots and stuff… Inanimate objects are not fans of Jimmy Fallon.

OMG. This scripted banter is so lamey lamo.

David Boreanaz and Busy Philipps present Favorite Cable TV Comedy goes to Hot In Cleveland. With Betty White in the audience, I figured as much. A big group takes the stage. The actresses thank bunches of people. Betty White turns 90 next week. STANDING 0 FOR BETTY. “90 just happened…I didn’t do anything!” says the adorable Betty.

The Pretty Little Liars Cast is back. Favorite SciFi TV Show goes to Supernatural. Favorite R&B Artist is Rihanna and Favorite Movie Super Hero is Ryan Reynolds in the Green Lantern. (Revealed on an X Box. MORE PRODUCT PLACEMENT FTW)

Ewan McGregor presents Favorite Movie Icon to Morgan Freeman. Oh. It’s the FIRST EVER. Morgan reads the definition of an “Icon”. No. Not the computer thingy! OK. This is supposed to be a funny bit. Just pick up your award, Morgan. Geez. He beat some really heavy hitters like George Clooney and Tom Hanks. Maybe he’s the only one who would show up.

Angus T. Jones and Pauley Perrette presents Favorite New TV Drama to Person of Interest. Nobody is there to pick it up, and it’s a leetle bit awkward. Favorite New TV Comedy goes to 2 Broke Girls. The cast takes the stage. They thank the “writers” and Michael Patrick King (who thinks because he’s gay, he can make racist jokes). Take THAT you horrible horrible television critics! What am I talking about? There was a free for all at today’s 2 Broke Girls TCA panel.  Read the whole mess here.  It really is a terrible show.

Terrance Howard and Cuba Gooding Jr. present Favorite Network TV Comedy to How I Met Your Mother. The cast takes the stage.


Favorite Network TV Drama – Supernatural
Favorite TV Drama Actor – Nathan Fillion
Favorite TV Drama Actress – Nina Dobrev
Favorite Cable TV Drama – Pretty Little Liars
Favorite Network TV Comedy – How I Met Your Mother
Favorite TV Comedy Actor – Neil Patrick Harris
Favorite TV Comedy Actress – Lea Michele
Favorite Cable TV Comedy – Hot In Cleveland
Favorite TV Competition Show – American Idol
Favorite TV Crime Drama – Castle
Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy Show – Supernatural
Favorite Daytime TV Host – Ellen DeGeneres – The Ellen DeGeneres Show
Favorite Late Night TV Host – Jimmy Fallon – Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
Favorite TV Guest Star – Katy Perry – How I Met Your Mother
Favorite TV CelebReality Star – Kim Kardashian
Favorite New TV Drama – Person of Interest
Favorite New TV Comedy – 2 Broke Girls
Favorite Male Artist – Bruno Mars
Favorite Female Artist – Katy Perry
Favorite Song of the Year – E.T – Katy Perry featuring Kanye West
Favorite Album of the Year – Born This Way – Lady Gaga
Favorite Pop Artist – Demi Lovato
Favorite Hip Hop Artist – Eminem
Favorite R&B Artist – Rihanna
Favorite Band – Maroon 5
Favorite Country Artist – Taylor Swift
Favorite Music Video – Last Friday Night(T.G.I.F.)- Katy Perry
Favorite Tour Headliner – Katy Perry
Favorite Movie – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2
Favorite Movie Actor – Johnny Depp
Favorite Movie Actress – Emma Stone
Favorite Movie Icon – Morgan Freeman
Favorite Action Movie – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2
Favorite Action Movie Star – Hugh Jackman
Favorite Drama Movie – Water for Elephants
Favorite Comedy Movie – Bridesmaids
Favorite Comedic Movie Actor – Adam Sandler
Favorite Comedic Movie Actress – Emma Stone
Favorite Movie Star Under 25 – Chloe Moretz
Favorite Ensemble Movie Cast – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2
Favorite Animated Movie Voice – Johnny Depp as Rango Rango
Favorite Movie Superhero – Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern
Favorite Book Adaptation – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

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