Paula Abdul On XFactor Rumors: “I’m The Last Person to Know Things”

Poor Paula Abdul!

The rumors are flying that Simon Cowell is bringing his UK show, the X Factor to America, and that he wants Paula on the judges’ panel.   But nobody has even clued Paula in on the rumors…

After the American Music Awards press conference yesterday, Paula Abdul told MTV News that she has no idea whether Simon is considering her for X Factor, rumored to be launching in the 2011-2012 television season;

“When I call Simon, he’s just laughing on the phone. ‘When the time is right I’ll tell you, but I’m not … confirming nor denying it’…I just came back from London! You’d think I’d get further clarification. No. Nothing. I got zip! Nada….It would have been nice if the [‘X Factor’] rumor was told to me. But I find that I am the last person to hear things, “

Simon must be afraid she’ll blab the news on twitter.

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  1. Ms. Abdul knows exactly what’s happening. She visited the XF set in London with Simon this weekend. All she is doing now is playing dumb.

  2. From her tone, it seems that there are not that many opportunities out there as she thought. I almost sensed some choking.
    She should have stayed in Idol.
    I had a conversation about this with a female co-worker and she said “us girls are sensitive regarding equal pay; maybe she took a stand because she should felt should have been offered a raise similar to that of Ryan Seacrest.”
    I am not a girl, so I don’t know if I am being insensitive, $5 million (or whatever amount the offer was for) is not pocket change. She should have taken a stance some other way.

  3. I think opportunities will come Paula’s way because that is how the business works. She was part of a very successful enterprise, and if those ratings tank further, she will be seen as even more vital to the show than she was, therefore someone will want to grab her to capitalize on that. I do think that Simon would love to have Paula on his panel if/when he brings XFactor to the US. It would be immediate name recognition, and that is big for a new show.

  4. Ms. Abdul knows exactly what’s happening. She visited the XF set in London with Simon this weekend. All she is doing now is playing dumb.

    PLAYing dumb?

  5. dflowers
    October 14, 2009 at 6:00 pm
    Sorry. Did I say that out loud?

    October 14, 2009 at 6:04 pm
    poor Paula:( NOT

    hee hee … this is too easy!

  6. I would imagine that Simon is laughing because he doesn’t know how to tell Paula that on X Factor she’ll still be the drunk/drugged judge that everyone makes fun of and that she’ll be negotiating with the same people at Fox that she was before and they still won’t pay her $5 million.

  7. Well, I for one, will be very happy if Paula is selected to be a judge on X Factor. I have always liked Paula, way before AI. She has a very keen eye for talent that can not be easily dismissed. She, also, seems to really care about the contestants. Yep, I say, give her another chance.

  8. I think there will definitely be lots of opportunities for Paula, she spent 8 years on a super successful show and was an integral part of it, love her or not.

    This X-Factor talk is kind of interesting.

    I don’t know if it’s fair to keep characterizing Paula as a drunk/drugged judge because the last season or two she pulled herself together and last season she did not seem loaded, and she was much more articulate in her comments. Randy has also gotten more articulate and yet he doesn’t get a break for that. The show seems to try to make idiots out of the judges, we saw it happen to Kara, but Randy and Paula survived and gradually rose above it.

  9. Just because Paula didn’t have a “Jason-performance-that-wasn’t-critique” last season doesn’t mean she’s the poster child for sanity or sobriety. We only need to go back a few weeks to that craziness of Divas to remember cringe-worthy Paula. I do think Simon is sane though and I don’t think he’d risk his new show for Paula. My guess is he’s considering Paula for the Sinitta role, his little helpmate. X Factor calls for judges to mentor contestants. Considering that special rules had to be instituted on Idol to separate contestants from judges because of Paula’s inappropriate contact with a male contestant, I think that would spell trouble if Paula is allowed to do more than make goo-goo eyes at the young boys from her judge’s seat.

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