Outcry After Tenor Changes O Canada Lyrics at All Star Game (UPDATED)

The Canadian anthem was sung last night before the Major League Baseball game in San Diego. It didn’t air on FOX in the United States, but did air on networks in Canada.

The Tenors, a Canadian singing group from British Columbia were roundly criticized after one of their members CHANGED the lyrics of the song to reference the phrase “All Lives Matter.”

Instead of singing “in all thy sons command” one Tenor, Remigio Pereira, changed the lyrics to “We’re all brothers and sisters, all lives matter to the great,” while the other three stood by. Additionally, the Tenor held up a sign that said “all lives matter” while singing the changed lyrics. His three co-singers–Clifton Murray, Fraser Walters and Victor Micallef–later released a statement calling him a “lone wolf” who used the performance “to serve his own political views.”

They confirmed that Pereira “will not be performing with The Tenors until further notice.”

“All Lives Matter” is a reply often used by people who disagree with the issues of the Black Lives Matter movement. Many fans on social media took issue with the lyric change, for various reasons.

“Five (Blue) Jays are All-Stars but the racist (Tenors) bros had to steal their thunder and disgrace Canada all at once,” tweeted one.

Other users, Canadians in particular, were angry that the anthem was modified, for whatever reason.

“What the actual heck? Who are these Tenors clowns freestyling with our Canadian anthem?” another Twitter user said.

I mean, can you IMAGINE the firestorm if a celebrity singer changed ONE word of the US National Anthem? Fans blow a gasket if a singer forgets the words, changes a note or plays too much with the melody. What was Pereira thinking?

Canadians…weigh in!

Via The Hamilton Spectator

UPDATE: Ha ha. Pereira is a TOTAL conspiracy theorist. He believes the earth is flat (?!!?)

Plane(t) or Ball? Use your own intelligence, senses, and don't just blindly accept things, ask questions. Our view of the world will dictate our children's future. Watching a tell-a-vision "program" influences viewers to believe and reflect what the program wants you to believe in order to benefit the "programmer." Do your own research, do your own experiments and you will be surprised and enlightened by the world in which we live. You may find the truth under a protective layer. With your own research you will find that Truth inside of you and not outside of you. #creation #bigbang #flatearth #ballearth #bible #quran #buddhism #hinduism #ericdubay #truth #nasa #deceiver #evolution #darwin #truth #God #weareone

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And, here’s his apology:

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