Nashville Star – Episode 8 – Recap

Coffey is eliminated.VIDEO

Tonight is the last week to vote. There are 4 contestants left. One will be eliminated tonight. The winner will be revealed in next week’s finale…

The remaining contestants make hometown visits.

More Recap and VIDEOS after the JUMP…

Shawn Mayer – “I’m Here for the Party” by Gretchen Wilson – All her peeps in May City, Iowa sure are excited that Shawn is still in the race! The local mall is rockin! She rides a motorcycle to her hometown concert. After she performs “I’m Here for the Party” John says she made a Gretchen Wilson song sound like a Shawn Mayer song. Jewel got a new haircut! Jeff says he wishes she’d hit the high note, but then tells the audience she’s got “wisdom teeth issues”. What a trouper! – VIDEO

Gabe Garcia – “It’s 5 o’clock Somewhere” by Alan Jackson – Gabe says coming home to Texas is the best feeling in the world. He rides in a limo and gets a parade. He meets the Mayor. He gets the key to his city and dedicates it to his dad. He plays to 10, 000 people in his hometown. Gabe seems real relaxed, more relaxed than I’ve seen him all season. He’s the most truly authentic country singer here, and I hope he wins. Jeff says he was a little pitchy at the beginning and end. John says he’s the real deal and thinks he can bridge the gap between country music and the Hispanic community. Jewel identifies with his small-town roots. – VIDEO

Coffey – “Sweet Home Alabama” Coffey comes back to Los Angeles to play a concert at his church. Coffey gets his own star in Hollywood. NBC was willing to pay for that! “Big stars” (Billy Ray calls his concert a “star studded event” heh) Patricia Heaton and Sinbad show up to his concert. Oh, LOLZ! The irony of a black man singing “Sweet Home Alabama”! Even more hilarious than when Ruben did it Season 2. Coffey’s goat vibrato is in full force, y’all. Jeff thinks he was “pretty good” and that he’s a great showman. John thinks he’s a star, but not a Nashville star. Jewel thinks there’s a difference between singing live and singing for a record and she wants to see him “make that transition.” – VIDEO

Melissa Lawson – “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” by Pat Benatar – She can’t wait to see her husband and 5 kids. She believes she can be a country star and a mom. She’s nervous to go back to her high school in Arlington, Texas, where people picked on her. Of course, being on TV changes everything and people are there to see her and cheer her on. She performs the 80’s POP hit “Hit Me With Your Best Shot.” If she wants to win Nashville Star, she ought to sing a country song, don’t you think? The tune gives her the opportunity to belt away, which is what she does best. Jewel thinks she did a great job. Jeff likes it, but is a little tired of hearing the big notes all the time, and thinks the other contestants are catching up with her. John asks her why she wants to be the next Nashville Star. She gives him a Miss America type answer, “It will change the lives of my children, blah blah blah…” – VIDEO

The three contestants moving on get to sing a second song…

Shawn Mayer – “The Dance” by Garth Brooks – Shawn’s performances have been uneven over the weeks but she’s got potential as a singer. And, she comes across as a truly country singer. This performance is a bit pitchy, but it’s got the proper emotion. I’m buying it. John says it’s a huge deal that she made the Top 3 on Nashville Star. “Good job, ” he says. Jeff says she showed herself to be a real pro tonight. – VIDEO

Melissa Lawson – “Jesus Take the Wheel” by Carrie Underwood – A good choice of song, but she’s a bit pitchy on the high notes. She’s no Carrie Underwood, I’ll tell you that. Jewel keeps harping on how hard the business is, like with every contestant. Jeff says the verses were a little low for her, but she was great on the high notes. John says “Those kinds of performances connect with the country audience, you have a chance to be the next Nashville Star.” – VIDEO

Coffey and Gabe are left…

Coffey is eliminated. Whew. It would have been criminal if Gabe had been eliminated instead.

Coffey says if you don’t see him singing live, he’ll be leading worship in a church…somewhere. Oh goody, we’re going to get to see Coffey again on the Nashville Star concert tour. Who’s going to see that? – VIDEO

Gabe Garcia – “Living in Fast-Forward” by Kenny Chesney – Go go Gabe! I hope he wins. Jeff reminds America that “we have some great talent in this room, ” and that anyone who doesn’t think so, can “kiss his country ass.” He tells Gabe that his voice is “radio all day long.” John thinks he’s going to be the Hispanic Savior of Country Music, and that there’s a record deal in Gabe’s future. Jewel thinks he’s doing a great job, stepping it up with the audience. – VIDEO

Time to vote peeps! As if.

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