Matt Giraud – Cornerstone Church Concert – Videos

ETA: Performance set list HERE.

Matt Giraud performed two shows to a packed house at the Cornerstone church in Caledonia, Mi on Saturday. His set list included a some covers, including a Michael Jackson tribute, several Idol favorites, plus 5 original songs, co-written by Matt.

The originals were “Go On and Sing, Boy” co-written with Marcus Hummon, who co-wrote Rascal Flatt’s “God Bless the Broken Road”, “I Miss You Tonight” co-written with Victoria Shaw and Matt Lopez, “Breaking in a Broken Heart” co-written with country singer Billy Dean, “Whatever it Takes” and “Gimme a Break”.

Idol favorites included, ‘Have You Ever Loved a Woman?’ , ‘My Funny Valentine’ , “Georgia, ‘  and “You Found Me”.

Paige Cook from AI Now interviewed Matt before the show. Check out her interview HERE.

Check out videos of some of the performances, After the jump.

Videos after the JUMP…

Go On and Sing, Boy

Gimme a Break

Breaking in a Broken Heart

I Miss You Tonight

Michael Jackson Tribute

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  1. Matt’s a lot of fun! And he appears to be getting as bald as I am…

  2. This hughly talented and witty 23yr old kid seems like a seasoned preformer already. He’s wonderful. So many creative gifts, and he is just getting started.

  3. Yeah!!! Matty G. I still don’t know why he has not yet been signed by a good lable. I loved 2 of his songs “Gimmie A Break” and “Breaking In A Broken
    Heart”. He is a self taught piano man, and good, jazzy, soul singer. He is singing original songs here, but I’m not sure if he wrote them, or had a hand in the process? Anyone know the answer??
    Keep up the good work. Heee…..He looks delicious.Mmmmm!!!

  4. Matt’s a lot of fun! And he appears to be getting as bald as I am’ ¦

    ROTFLMAO. Hair schmair. Highly overrated.

  5. HAH, I saw the thread and went directly to…..Play me these videos puleez.
    so I read the intro and now I,too know that he co-wrote 5 songs. So we know he has even more talents……Yay.!!!!!

  6. Yay Matt! So good he is seriously doing his thing and advancing his career. I totally want to see him signed and see what he comes out with.

  7. Very soulful. Matt’s a great improviser, and that’s uncommon. I listen to jazz, so I dig that about him. I hope he continues to write and perform. He’s a great showman and needs to be seen live to really be appreciated.

  8. I think these songs are perfect for him. They really showcase what is unique about his voice, and the piano figures prominently. Cool that he can give a concert with just a piano and sound this great. I thought the way he sang the guitar part was a fun thing.

    Loving “Breaking in a Broken Heart” the best, and “I Miss You Tonight” second best. The first sounds the most unique, and the second is gut-wrenching and emotional.

    It sounded like a really fun concert. It seemed very intimate even though there were almost 1000 people in the audience.

    I heard he brought audience members up on stage and sang one of his new songs to them. I think there was video taken of him singing “Whatever It Takes” to one of his fans who had traveled the farthest to see him. I haven’t been able to find the video yet, but hopefully it will show up today.

  9. Loving the new music! I Miss You Tonight should go straight to iTunes please!

  10. That’s an impressively long set list Matt put together, especially including that many new original songs coming out of his Nashville trip. Good for him.
    It’s a little different in nature as a solo show (seems like this was just Matt with no one else backing him up?) vs. a production having backing musicians/singers, but still — a larger solo concert than anyone else out of AI8 has done to my knowledge. Until now, I think the most ambitious post-Idol solo production was still Danny, who brought some ~14 songs with a full band to that college anniversary concert in late September.

  11. Yay Matt! So good he is seriously doing his thing and advancing his career. I totally want to see him signed and see what he comes out with

    I so agree. He’s taking full advantage of the opportunity presented to him and I have a feeling he won’t stop until he achieves his goals. Go Matty G!

  12. From these new songs, I don’t get the rock style that Matt has sometimes said he wants to do in the future (as with the Fray song on tour).
    This bluesy / ~jazzy piano-man with vocals style suits him very well, though. He’s mentioned doing some recording, I hope there will be versions of his new songs to hear soon with more of a full production behind them.

  13. Matt is an impressive piano player and he is able to command the stage just sitting there. But the only one of his new songs I could imagine hearing on Top 40/Hot AC radio was I Miss You Tonight. The others not so much, although a couple of them might fit on a jazz station. I’m still having trouble figuring out exactly what direction he wants to go. But he’s really talented.

  14. I love the new clips!
    Matt has tons of potential and a great great talent.
    The only problem label wise might be which direction is he going to go to be marketable? He needs to do music that can be played on Hot AC or Top 40 stations. He can do “The Fray” type of songs very well though.

    Maybe that is what is holding his record deal. He needs to compromise a bit and choose a direction. Otherwise he won’t get signed ever.
    I hope something happens for him.. He is too talented to fade away.

  15. All I have to say is that people really need to stop sleeping on this dude. He’s got soooo much talent. REDICULOUS!

  16. I was at the concert last night and first let me tell you that I have never been to such an amazing show and I have been to many. Matt stripped down is incredible! There are no words to describe how heart wrenchingly beautiful his vocals are and the piano playing was flawless…passionate & intense are the best words I can find but not nearly enough! I have never been so touched by a musician before. It was such an emotional experience.

    I don’t agree with the last two posters who said Matt needs to define his sound. Imo he clearly did this last night! He sang songs from Disney to The Fray, to Jazz, to Imogene Heap and yet they all were Mattified. What I mean by that is that every song he sang had a bluesy souful sound. Matt has found h
    is niche and I for one am ecstatic! His sound is incredible!

    One word to describe Matt’s music is art! It’s not the watered down nonsense music being released today! I hate the music that is on the radio today! His originals are meaningful, brilliantly written both lyrically and musically. Matt has said his goal is has always been to put out good music that touches someone and not be the next big pop sensation. Well he has accomplished this goal! I am proud to be his fan. Matt is all about the music not the gimmicks or flash. He reminds me of the great musicians of yesteryear. Will he get played on the radio I don’t know but I believe he has the potential of having a very long successful and respected career as a musician.

  17. Well, well, Matty G., you never cease to amaze me. Color me impressed! Very impressed. These are some strong, solid songs that Matt co-wrote. I am absoultely LOVING them. “I Miss You Tonight” and “Gimme A Break” are two immediate standouts. I can easily hear them as radio hits. Another personal favorite, the bluesy/jazzy “Breaking In A Broken Heart” fits Matt perfectly. This is exactly the type of song I envisioned for him. Sultry/jazzy vocals, killer piano, and signature falsetto all work really well in this song. Love it. (I must say too, Matt sings a mean guitar. :-)

    I’m chomping at the bit here awaiting the full production versions of these. They belong on my Ipod….like now!

    P.S. Any word on if video of “Whatever It Takes” has surfaced yet? Attendees from the show are raving about it so I. Must. Hear. Now. :-)

  18. The lyrics of “Gimme A Break” tell a very familiar story. Has anyone else noticed this?

  19. BashiB
    . Another personal favorite, the bluesy/jazzy ‘Breaking In A Broken Heart’  fits Matt perfectly. This is exactly the type of song I envisioned for him. Sultry/jazzy vocals, killer piano, and signature falsetto all work really well in this song. Love it. (I must say too, Matt sings a mean guitar.)

    You said it best BashiB. This song is my favorite! His falsetto is what made me fall in love w/ his voice. & he uses it perfectly in this song!

  20. crys, with the excitement of the AMAs and Jedward getting axed from X factor, I doesn’t seem like anyone (other than us two) is still watching this thread, which is sad because they could listen to “Whatever It Takes”.

    I hadn’t really thought about the lyrics to “Gimme a Break”, but listened to it again after your note. He is basically saying that not everyone is going to like what he does, and he doesn’t have control over things, so he is just going to give himself a break. Do you think it is about his experience on Idol?

    I love all of this music. It truly sounds like him. I don’t know where he goes from here, but as 3DoorsDownFan says, he is doing exactly what he said he wanted to do (make great music) and seems incredibly excited doing it. I am really happy for him.

  21. Well, I hope they do come back & listen. It’s a great song!
    I’m extremely happy for him. & I do think “Gimme a Break” is about his Idol experience re: knowing he’s good enough, but always being in the shadow of others. I totally understand what he was going through. & he put the story together, lyrically, really well.

    “Is it always raining on me/seems everyone else is in the sunlight/
    I’m gonna lift all the weight of the world upon my shoulders”

    I love his story. & It was such an emotional rollercoaster being a fan of his on the show. I’m glad that’s all over now & we get to hear the real Matt. He’s such an excellent talent. I really hope he gets the respect he deserves in the music world.

  22. Wow, I knew Matt was good, but these performances are amazing! He has such talent – I’m so happy for him. I definitely can see “I Miss You Tonight” on the radio as a hit. Congratulations to Matt!

  23. I’m from the Philippines and a Huge fan of Matt G. I just like him…need I say more? His music is something I always crave and now that he has new singles, new songs personally co-written by him….priceless. I liked all his new song. I wish him best and I know, deep in my heart he will go far. Let’s just keep our faith.

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