Mark Kanemura Added to the So You Think You Can Dance All Stars

UPDATE: Just learned that So You Think You Can Dance will run on a Wednesday/Thursday schedule this summer, rather than a Tuesday/Wednesday schedule as previously announced. SYTYCD premieres on Thursday May 27 with a 2 hour audition episode.

Nigel Lythgoe

DANCE CAPTAIN DANCE ATTACK: Ben Gets Too Darn Hot with KISS ME, KATE's Erica Mansfield!
tweeted the name of the latest addition to the So You Think You Can Dance All Stars–and this name was not on the spoiler list!

It’s Season 4 contestant, Mark Kanemura. That should make a lot of people happy– Mark didn’t make the finals, but  had an intense and loyal following.

Geez, Nigel totally spelled Mark’s name wrong in his tweet!

List of So You Think You Can Dance All Stars (There will be at least 10 All-stars)

1. Stephen “Twitch” Boss (S4) – Hip Hop (Popping, Locking, Krump)
2. Kathryn McCormick (S6) – Jazz, Contemporary, Broadway, Cultural
3. Pasha Kovalev (S3) – Latin and Standard Ballroom
4. Allison Holker (S2) – Jazz, Contemporary, Broadway, Cultural
5. Ade Obayomi (S5) – Contemporary, Classical
6. Comfort Fedoke (S4) – Hip Hop
7. Lauren Gottlieb (S3) – (Lyrical) Hip Hop? Jazz?
8. Mark Kanemura (S4) – (Contemporary?)

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  1. Mark has a very personal style, I wonder if it really works in this situation where he is asked to make the others shine. Nonetheless he’s very popular among the fans so probably a good idea to add him.

    I wonder how many all stars there’s going to be in the end, I thought they were selecting only ten to match the ten contestants but apparently there will be way more.

  2. Okay, *now* I’m happy. Pasha, Allison, and Mark! That almost makes up for the inclusion of Lauren WTF Gottlieb!

    On Mark’s quirky style — I do agree that this will make things, uh, interesting. However, I think one of his major strengths on the show was to bring choreography to life with his passion and stage presence, and he certainly did that with a lot of stuff that wasn’t strictly in his style. I would think partnering with him would be pretty inspiring, actually.

  3. First Pasha, now Mark? I will definitely be watching this season! lol this gimmick is working on me :p

  4. Hmmmm… the All-Star stable doesn’t seem to be filling up very quickly. Or will we get to see Pasha do multiple ballroom dances each week?!!! I’d be fine with that!

    Okay, *now* I’m happy. Pasha, Allison, and Mark! That almost makes up for the inclusion of Lauren WTF Gottlieb!


  5. Yay Mark! I adored seeing Mark and Chelsie as dance partners on the show during their season. This list is looking better all the time. I don’t think May 27th can get here fast enough! :)

  6. Mark was utterly hot on the Gaga tour – even people who didn’t know him from SYTYCD were gawking at him. I hope he’ll be through with the show in time to join the next US leg!

  7. Well now that just made my day. Mark Kanemura’s my favorite SYTYCD alum, bar none. I could watch him dance anything all day. His duets with Chelsie rank amongst the best SYTYCD has to offer. Makes me curious to see whom they’ll be casting – not to mention how they’ll pair people up. Will Billy Bell be back? What about Alex Wong? Surely his contract is up, freeing him to audition again? And I’d really like to see some same sex coupling (‘Two Princes’ for example was dynamite choreography). All in all it should be great fun!

  8. MARRRRRRRRRRRRRRKKKKKKKKKKKK! *clapping* Okay, you got me, Nigel. If the Neil thing pans out, with Travis coming back for choreo, that’s three of my fab five (other two being DTids and Jakob.) Now that’s what I’m talkin bout, finally. I bet Mark will be paired with Sonya’s choreo quite a bit.

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