Kelly Clarkson And Lady Gaga – Much Music Awards – Toronto

Kelly Clarkson performed “My Life Would Suck Without You” at tonight’s Much Music Video Awards in Toronto, CA, co-hosted by the Jonas Brothers.

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Kelly’s fellow performer, Lady Gaga beat her for the International Video of the Year Artist award. Check out the winners here.

Those Canadian butt-rockers, Nickleback, were big winners with three awards including Video of the Year.

After the Jump, watch Kelly perform “My Life Would Suck Without You”

BONUS: The outrageous Lady Gagy performs “Love Game”.

Video of Kelly’s performance after the JUMP…

My Life Would Suck Without You (thanks RemusL!)

Love Game

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  1. WTF, Lady Gaga, are your boobs on fire? Haha, she’s so crazy, I kinda can’t help but love it a little. Kelly sounded great.

  2. gosh Kelly…it’s time to lose some weight. It sucks that this business is so superficial but it is what it is, and she doesn’t have to be stick thin, just the right weight.. in the MLWSWY vid she looked good. here she looks frumpy…

    LOL at the sparks coming out of Gaga’s boobs hahaha

  3. Love Kelly. She still remains my favorite all time idol. Lady Gaga and Adam need to make some music together ASAP.

  4. Machine gun jugglies! Lady GaGa is a fembot. Ya gotta respect that.

  5. Kelly looks fine to me. She’s a normal sized woman for anywhere but Hollywood.

  6. i love kelly and i love that she doesn’t feel the need to be a stick figure. nothing wrong with some curves!

    and whoa! lady gaga! i was fearing a wardrobe malfunction… brave. very brave. but seriously – she and adam could corner the market on leather and rivets. please duet!

  7. Take that Britney Spears. No lip synching and Lady GaGa can sing boot.

  8. Wow. Kelly sounded AMAZING. She remains my all-time favorite Idol alum. Kris is playing catch-up, but I want to see what he does post-Idol before he can supplant my Kelly-love.

  9. I love Kelly! woohoo! and I think she looks great =) and her voice is even better. Now she just needs to start touring so I can see her again. She’s my all-time fave idol only because she’s the original (and I honestly think if she didn’t win, AI would not be as big as it is now.)

    I’m not a big fan of Lady Gaga though.. but that could be because I hate dance music. the last few seconds reminded me of madonna’s cone boobs. haha

  10. I just got to watch this coz I couldnt load flash earlier and Kelly sounds amazing as usual, she’s really got one hell of a voice.
    Gosh I just realized that she’s not actually that fat in the pictures when she’s in not a completely upfront angle to the camera. It’s her hips that give that impression but her upper body isn’t fat at all. I guess she has a pear shaped body, is all.

  11. Yeah, Kelly sounded soooo good at the MMVAs and I was quite impressed with Lady Gaga, volcanic breasts and all! LG’s voice was very good too, without the electronic effects she often uses. Both these ladies gave great demonstrations on how to sing live without lip-synching.

    I watched the entire show on tv and thought Much Music did an excellent job with the audio in the broadcast – and this was an outdoor production. How is it that the indoor American Idol so frequently messes up the audio mix in its broadcasts?

  12. Kelly is beautiful and she sounds great live. BUT who gave her that wardrobe? It is possible to be full figured and look great, but not while wearing a hankie for a top and too tight jeans.

    Lady Gaga continues to gain fans I see – she is a great performer and she sings live too.

  13. With Gaga, its like getting the best of Britney and Christina all at once. Big performance numbers like Brit, but with strong vocals like Christina.

  14. First, thank you RemusL!

    Kelly was AMAZING! The girl can still rock it! BTW, for all the comments about her weight … Kelly is absolutely comfortable in her size and cracks up about all the photoshops that the mags do. Love her just the way she is!!

    I agree that an Adam/Lady Gaga duet would be mind blowing! I know this would be hog heaven for Adam … can’t even begin to imagine his “dress up”!!

  15. I love Lady Gaga. She has a great voice and she boarders on artistic genius. She was asked just this last month on a UK TV show ( I think it was Jonathan Ross but I maybe wrong) if she is now a multi millionaire and she flatly said “No” She said she outs everything she makes back into her craft. Videos, costumes, production, sets and live treatments,are all that mater to her and everything she is spent on making her shows the artistic experience that she wants to be.
    The woman writes her own music, dose all the treatments an designs her look. She still works with the same small artistic team from her days back in NY.
    I just have t respect someone so dedicated to their craft.

    Kelly is in good voice, I hate that song though. Ad her napkin blouse is tragically out of date. As idols go, she surpasses Daughtry IMO, and both she and Daughtry leave Cook in the dust.

    Why is she barefoot? And if she new she was going to perform in her bare feet could she not have worn shorter jeans? or a funky dress? Kelly’s look screams.. STYLIST please!!!

  16. love lady gaga- what a great performer. I’m proud of toronto right now-it was an amazing show. Adam your next- and I’ll be the first in line.

  17. honowoowoo, you’re welcome!

    I was also thinking that maybe the camera was adding some extra girth to Kelly but I guess it was her outfit to some degree as well. She looked really nice on the red carpet.

  18. She looked really nice on the red carpet.

    Ummm. That dress is hideous! She looked like she was wearing a beach towel. Fashion S.O.S.

  19. Ummm. That dress is hideous! She looked like she was wearing a beach towel. Fashion S.O.S.

    Heh… well, I rather liked it, all in all. :happy_tb:

    I’m certainly no fashion maven myself but perhaps because she’s so short, she should avoid long dresses that completely cover her ankles and feet?

  20. I was also thinking that maybe the camera was adding some extra girth to Kelly but I guess it was her outfit to some degree as well. She looked really nice on the red carpet.

    The style is good actually since it’s very flattering to her body-type (hides the tummy/booty area), but the big patterns drowned her since she’s so small.

  21. Never having seen this show before, I was quite surprised to see it being held outdoors — what do they do if the weather doesn’t cooperate? As for the red-carpet dress — YIKES!

    Why is she barefoot?

    Doesn’t she always perform barefoot?

  22. This is Lolz worthy: Perez Hilton was apparently hit in the face by Will-I-AM at the MMVA’s and is crying about it on twitter and tweeting for the police to come Lol!.

    You can check out his tweets here:

    He’s also now a trending topic. ROFLMAO. It’s bad of me, I know, but I’m enjoying the twat’s misery.


    This is Will.I.AM’s response to Perez’s claims:

  23. Kelly is fat. No two ways about it. North Americans live in a bubble where anybody over 200 pounds is chubby!! Seriously folks.

    Anyway, Perez Hilton was apperantly attacked by Will.I.Am and his bodyguards at the show. Don’t know if he was joking or not but his twitters sounded desperate for the police!

  24. Anyway, Perez Hilton was apperantly attacked by Will.I.Am and his bodyguards at the show. Donà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢t know if he was joking or not but his twitters sounded desperate for the police!

    Tweeting for police sounds suspicious. Why wouldn’t he just call the police himself?

  25. Never having seen this show before, I was quite surprised to see it being held outdoors à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬’  what do they do if the weather doesnà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢t cooperate? As for the red-carpet dress à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬’  YIKES!

    It’s always been held outdoors in the streets around the Much Music headquarters in downtown Toronto. Anyone who wants to attend can come be part of the audience. As for weather, last year there were some torrential rains during the Red Carpet pre-show. Fortunately, the rain stopped in time for the main event.

    Kelly is fat. No two ways about it. North Americans live in a bubble where anybody over 200 pounds is chubby!! Seriously folks.

    So Kelly weighs over 200 lbs?

  26. As a Canadian I have to say each year Much Music manages to make this show exciting, well all the screaming Jonas Bros fans helped, great sound, great lighting, the crowd actually looking like they are having fun, all the different stages….I loved all the peeps wearing Lady GaGa Sunglasses, they had Ga written in black and silver on each lens so is Adam stealing his tour colours from Lady Gag Ga……..bwah.

    Even if Kelly is a bit overweight she doesn’t have to dress frumpy, that is why you hire a good stylist….you don’t have to be a toothpick to look good, see Queen Latifah, most of the time – why were Kelly’s jeans dragging on the ground, was she in barefeet? I just wanted to cut those things…bwah.

  27. I dont think Kelly is fat at all….don’t always like her fashion choices, but since I don’t really give a squat about clothing besides my own, so what? Seriously Kelly is hard to size because she is so short, and she’s bottom heavy in a sociey that expects women not to have much ass. She’s small up top, heavy down bottom and her arms need a bit of toning….Megan Corkery is small, but her arms could use the same, especially since she highlights them with ink. Wow, I went on a tangent huh?

    I am glad to hear that other people besides me think Gaga can sing! It’s beens so weird hearing people lump her with Britney….

  28. I want a bra like Lady GaGa’s for the 4th of July. Hell,…for any day that I just wanna feel more “sparkly”. I wonder if Adam will be wearing outfits like that–but the sparks fly out of his crotch instead.

    Kelly looks fine—all American average girl. Except for the jeans—maybe they paid her extra to mop the stage?

  29. I love me some GaGa. That album is in heavy IPod rotation at the moment. That chick is crazy.

    There is nothing wrong with Kelly that a good stylist couldn’t fix. People don’t expect er to be stick thin, so she has more wiggle room than say, Britney. But it would be nice if she showed up to her job not emphasizing the weight gain and looking downright sloppy… it just makes her look like she doesn’t care about her career, not like she’s above it all, if that makes sense. You never want to look like you don’t take your fame seriously.

  30. Whoa, LG has Adam levels of eyeliner going on there. Please, god, let them do a number together. Epic, hell ya.

  31. Kelly been doing the bare feet and way too long trousers for quiet a few years now.

    I dont get the sloppy comment, i thought Kelly looked great.

  32. Kelly looks fineà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬’ all American average girl. Except for the jeansà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬’ maybe they paid her extra to mop the stage?

    Yes, what’s up with the jeans? That look does not work for her. It makes her look really short. She needs a stylist intervention stat. In more important news, she sang her face off and got the crowd going, so she’s definitely doing her job.

    I think I’ve been watching too many dance shows, because, man, Lady Gaga sucks as a dancer. Now, Kelly probably sucks too, but she’s not out there pretending she can dance. Lady Gaga was hilarious with her stiff movements around all those lithe dancers. I think it’s a little sad that the art of dance has been so diminished that the SYTYCD prize one year was being a back-up dancer for Celine Dionne in her Vegas show. Maybe this year, they’ll get to dance behind Gaga and distract from her inability to dance. In other news, Gaga, unlike her music-as-spectacle-twins Brit and Madonna, can sing, so there is that. And she knows how to work the gimmicks so that she gets on the news cycle.

  33. Kelly looks beautiful just the way she is. So what if she isn’t thinner, the girl can sing. I am starting to really love Lady Gaga, you go girl! A Gaga/Glambert duet would be EPIC!

  34. I dont get the sloppy comment, i thought Kelly looked great.

    I was talking in general, not this performance. But she has shown up places looking sloppy to me.

    I think she looked okay this time. The jeans were too long and I wouldn’t have picked that top, but it wasn’t horrible. Anyway, she puts on a good show.

  35. Lady Gaga and Adam need to make some music together ASAP.

    I agree!!! You know what is so great about them? For one they are current but not mainstream. Thank God for diversity!! They are true to themselves and dont’ care if people don’t “get them”. Grant it, Lady Gaga is #1 in 22 countries, so she’s doing something right. lol More improtantly, they are theatrical and know how to put on a good show!!

    I hope Adam working with RedOne means there’s a slim possibility of a duet. My goodness would that be awesome!!

  36. but the sparks fly out of his crotch instead.

    Adam, if you are reading this……please, just once !

  37. RE: Perez

    Well if’s account of the evening is correct, then Perez is one self loathing gay man to be hurling the word “faggot” around to insult someone. Also, it sounds like someone else besides clocked Perez (sounds like some fans in the club).

    And, frankly, I’m surprised Perez hasn’t gotten punched in the face before this.

  38. Kelly can afford to have all her clothes tailored, to fit to perfection, I should be so fortunate, she doesn’t have to lose an ounce or a inch if she doesn’t want to, I just find her looking a bit frumpy of late, that’s not the Kelly we have known up to recently and that’s just not acceptable for an artist of her stature at an event of that calibre – the VJs and crowd should not be better dressed than the talent unless you are grungers like Billy Talent et al, for guys that is styling.

  39. Great performance by Kelly- I really like that song, and her voice is great.

    Now the bad news… sorry, but I do not think she looks just fine with some curves. To me, she looks like someone who tends to get quite big if she lets herself go, which is why she should pay a bit more attention, or she might end up being really big and not healthy in a while. Get a good trainer, Kelly, it can be fun and you will not regret it in the long term! (Note: I am NOT implying she should become a hollywood anorexic stick!!)

    Last consideration: I still cannot get myself to like Lady Gaga’s music, although I am happy to hear she sounds good live, so she is not some kind of studio-built phenomenon.

  40. MTV could learn some lessons from MM on how to put on an awards show. Loved Kelly and Lady Gaga’s performance.

    I find it very sad that people bitch about Kelly’s weight. She looked beautiful. Everyone doesn’t have to be skinny to be beautiful.

  41. I love Kelly, she actually sang live unlike so many of today’s pop stars. I wish she would of sang two songs like Gaga.

  42. I’d love a Gaga/Adam duet. Gaga is loved for many of the same reasons as Adam although they are very different artists (and they should be). Gaga is immensely talented, and can sing. I love her quirky dances because, like Adam, she doesn’t give a crap if she’s your perfect idea of a great dancer. She’s just going to do her thing, whatever that is. So, she’s interesting, fierce and bold to me. That’s part of what I love about Adam. Adam isn’t the “best” of anything, yet I hope that doesn’t prevent him from dancing or doing any theatrical or creative thing he feels like. This makes both of them fresh and opens the door for more creative entertainment.

    My opinion about Kelly is that she doesn’t know how to dress for her figure. I think that is what distracts people watching her.

  43. I’ve always been of the opinion that Kelly looks beautiful just the way she is, and that she wants to be known more for her music than her image.

    The problem is…with the songs she’s been given, it’s obvious that she’s being marketed as an international pop star. Sadly, looking like a typical All-American girl doesn’t really help in the international pop scene, especially in Asia. So, taking into account the way she’s been marketed to be a pop singer, I’m not saying Kelly should be stick-thin or even thin, but it wouldn’t hurt for her to hire a trainer, tone her body, and maintain a healthier-looking weight. I bet it would give her more energy in her performances too. More than anything, Kelly may want to look a little healthier, not necessarily, skinnier.

    Or, she could just ignore the naysayers and continue being one of the most successful pop stars out there….heh :)

  44. Kelly was amazing like usual, although I wish she would sing a different song!

    I find it funny that because GaGa’s album so overproduced her vocals, people are now finding out that she actually can sing. I wonder why they covered up her vocals so much on the album? Here’s hoping that doesn’t happen to Adam!

  45. Kelly looks great to me, she doesn’t want to be known for her fashion choices or her body, she wants to be known for her music. The performance was awesome, her voice is awesome, and that’s all that matters, that’s what’s going to give her a long career, not her wardrove or her weight.
    But this is still my favorite MLWSWY performance

  46. Kelly looks fine. It’s unfair to expect her to look the same as she did when she won the competition. Having said that, she reminds me of Alison Iraheta who is about 10 years younger!

  47. Lady GaGa is the freshest, most original female artist to come along this decade. Her live performances are extremely well-produced and her songs maddeningly addictive! If her producer can do for Adam what he’s done for GaGa, Adam’s career could really skyrocket. Adam has the same theatrical bent as GaGa, and you need it if you’re going to pull off performances like this one. It’s really intriguing.

    As for Kelly, she probably should pay a little more attention to what she wears on the stage, but it appears she really doesn’t care much and that’s actually part of her appeal. Love this version of MLWSWY, though. Nice trill in her voice… she sounds well rested.

    Looking forward to seeing her live later this summer.

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