Jason Castro on AI Extra – VIDEO

Jason Castro

Jason Castro is interviewed by JD Roberto of AI Extra. Right after the Jump…

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  • He talks about his girlfriend in Pt 2
  • Jason is a chronic yawner
  • Wednesdays are his favorite day! He loves that he gets to “sing a goofy song and dance around on stage” He loves the Pointy Pose!
  • Bring on the music! Jason says to JD right after his ouster.

Jason Castro post show:

Jason Castro and his family:

Jason Castro Pt 1:

Jason Castro Pt 2 Jason talks about his girlfriend:

Jason Castro Pt 3 with Debra Byrd:

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  1. I beleive he’ll be on Leno tonight. He won’t be doing an interview though, just something short and goofy as he did w/ MJ and the other contestants.

  2. Really liked the segment with the vocal coach and its too bad Jason’s brother didn’t sing.
    Favorite song by an Idol artist other than me was terrific, specially DavidC’s description of ‘Let It Be’ as organic. DavidA is sort of into divas so his reaction to ‘Blackbird’ seems straight from the heart.

  3. I completely love him. He just cracks me up, I could watch him get interviewed for hours and not get bored. His brother is cute too. I love his attitude and the fact that he loves Wednesdays and the cheesy group numbers.

  4. Thanks for the vids, MJ! I would never have seen them otherwise. I have a lot of respect for Jason. :)

  5. Wait, where is the part about the vocal coach? I must be deaf haha

    I found it…a while ago they didn’t have the Part 3

  6. Thank you, mj! i enjoyed the articulate Mr. Castro in these videos. ;)

  7. Thanks for posting this! I don’t think I’ve ever watched anyone else’s entire Idol Extra. The last segment with Byrd was really informative about the work that goes into performance once the song is chosen; I also liked the retrospective of his best performances and his comments on them. All in all must watch video for Castro fans. Hope they aren’t too disappointed he does have a girlfriend.

  8. Yes, he has a girlfriend, and, probably missed her a lot too. I wish people wouldn’t get so upset that he has a g/f. It isn’t like any of them are going to have a chance with him anyway. I guess they like to think they do??

    It seemed that the other 3 were having a hard time saying something nice to Jason.

    Also, in part of Jason’s exit package, he made a comment, “I hope I can help make a good show.” I’ve heard more than one contestant say that the producers want this. They primed Kellie Pickler to be the dimwit during season 5, and, she really isn’t that much of an airhead. So, I think part of Jason’s personna was to be this year’s goofball. IT’s all about making good tv to TPTB.

  9. I think the girls will still be attacking him this summer on the tour, even though he is very publicly announcing he is in a relationship. It sort of goes with the territory, though, cause those are some of the people who will buy his CD, so he has to play along with the heartthrob thing. Hopefully they will have security to keep some of the kissing bandits at bay.

  10. That boy doesn’t have a fake or proud bone in his body, does he? He seems like such a sweetheart!

  11. Jason is the realest, real deal ever! He is so articulate and just so sweet. I loved the part where he was talking about doing SOTR, he has such great love for music. Probably the only contestant that really understands it and expresses it. There is a big difference between someone singing a song and someone understanding a song and presenting it to the listener.

    It seemed that the other 3 were having a hard time saying something nice to Jason.

    Wow, I didn’t get that at all. Anyone who comes across like Jason does in the interviews has to be liked by many. I have watched all of these “say something nice to the booted contestant” and they all sound pretty much the same. I am sure they all like each other.

  12. I love the guy and I couldn’t believe that his mother and brother gave me that warm feeling too. No wonder he was so homesick.

    He is so classy and grounded and I forget he’s just turned 21. Josh Grobin is on my MTV in the background and I can see Jason doing similar songs but my eyes would be glued to the screen.

  13. i so love this boy… hes just laid back and together .. even though he has that dorky who me going on you can tell underneath that is a sensitive intelligent soul

    all the best jason can’t wait for a cd

  14. Thanks for posting, MJ! I’ve been eagerly anticipating this interview since he was kicked off on Wed.

    Made my entire morning. I just LOVE Jason. He’s so real and funny, and charming. :) I will miss his candor on stage.

  15. I’m loving all the Jason coverage in the media, and most of it is postive as well. A good thing. He is just so darned likeable!

    The more I see of Jason post-idol the more I admire and respect him.
    He’s passionate about his music. Looking forward to that CD. In the meantime I’ll play the one I made from all my itunes downloads. :)

  16. Funniest part of the interview was his discusion on why he loved Wednesdays – no pressure and he got to do a goofy group song!

  17. I’m so glad we have 1 more Tuesday night until the finals. I wish I could muster some sort of enthusiasm for the 3 left but I can’t even get ‘dislike’ into the equation. That would give me a reason to watch. Bummer!! :mellow_tb:

  18. Jason was so great in those interviews. I appreciate his sincerity. He really does seem like a very, very nice person. I’m glad he made it as far as he did. I hope someone will take him under their wing and give him some guidance. He’s going to need it, it think, if he really wants a career. He’s still way too inexperienced.

    As far as the other contestants saying something nice about him…
    1. Syesha only loves Syesha, so I would imagine it would be hard for her to say something nice about anyone else.
    2. DA does not speak in coherent sentences, but I thought he tried to say something nice.
    3. I thought what DC said was nice.

  19. Jason Castro came across as very laid back durring the show and maybe shy and nerovus durring the end. I wish him luck in his career but is one of the one of AI liked him better on the show then off personality wise and I guess he just surprised me with his real personality did a 180 I thought it was nerves when smilling but was according to his quotes was actually him. Jason quotes he seems like “whatever.I ambetter,dare you say that about me” those smart guys who do not have a clue and no I do not think he is that funny. Vocally I will see how his cd is.

    Side note -so it is ok for him to smile when someone is kicked off but noone else was? I do not think so and it was not nerves it was Jason being Jason.

  20. Loved these. His is the only post-idol CD I might buy other than Taylor’s. Maybe Brooke’s. To think he did this well without all the training and performance history that so many other contestants bring in over the years. I loved the clip that showed his Hollywood round. Wouldn’t mind a download of that full song.

  21. I like how Jason brought out the fact that there’s not a “Hallelujah” available in every week’s song list to choose from.

  22. There is a little more of the Jason I loved in these videos than what came across in the early morning MyFox interviews. :)

  23. Thanks, MJ.

    I loved the interview. Jason was being himself from the beginning to the end.

    I’m happy that he left the show happy instead of weepy. Nothing could be changed Wednesday. He had made peace with whatever was going to happen. Seeing Jason leave smiling made this fan feel better.

    His mom and brother did give off a warm vibe. That pre-hug moment with his brother cracked me up for some reason. Michael, his brother, seems pretty entertaining. Maybe he will change his mind and try out for AI. He has 8 years to decide.

  24. I like how Jason brought out the fact that thereà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s not a à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã…“Hallelujahà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬  available in every weekà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s song list to choose from.

    This is the one thing he said that I thought was really insightful and indicative of the show. The judges (esp Simon) kept wanting more “Hallelujah” moments fom him, and when there is a limited song listor a restrictive theme, that is just not going to happen. Especially when you are a stylistic singer like Castro. Sure, Cook can slow the tempo and emo-ize any tune, but that won’t work for Jason’s voice.

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