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American Idol: Top 3 revealed

How many different ways can they line up the contestants on the stage so the camera can pan along them while Ryan introduces the show? Tonight’s back-to-front formation was new. Stupid, but new. Last night the contestants scored nearly 51 million votes. The Top three had less than one million votes between them which means Castro was in trouble before it all began. Well, probably.

TV Squad

‘American Idol’: Assisted Suicide

Paula didn’t dub her s-YES-ha for nothing.

Indeed, the Contestant Most Likely to Ruin Your Chances in the Office Idol Pool, Syesha Mercado, is now just one week and about a million swing votes away from cracking the American Idol season 7 finals and, in the process, forcing the folks at 19 Entertainment to do something I suspect they never wanted (or thought they would have) to do ‘  give the woman a record contract.

Tonight, in the aftermath of Tuesday’s lackluster, poorly sound-mixed Rock and Roll Hall of Fame night, Syesha had to wait till the end of the episode to hear her fate but ultimately outlasted yet another early front-runner, dreadlocked troubadour Jason Castro, who appeared somewhat elated when Ryan Seacrest informed him that he was headed home.

Entertainment Weekly

Reality Check: Castro Cast Aside on ‘Idol’

The unlikely “Idol” contender managed to blow right by naysayers like yours truly and really stake out his place in the competition. Whether he was goofing up an interview, blowing us away with a shockingly good performance or simply converting a slew of teenage girls into dread appreciators, you’ve got to admit that Jason Castro was always amusing.

Still, it was slightly unnerving to have someone in the mix that seemed so thoroughly indifferent to the show results. While on the one hand I definitely admired this in him ‘  I wish I could be half as relaxed about situations in my life that aren’t nearly as massive as, say, winning the world’s biggest singing competition ‘  another part of me wanted to shake him and remind him to at least act like he cared.

Fox News

Recap: Dread-ful elimination on ‘American Idol’

With the American Idol finale just two weeks away, Wednesday (May 7) night’s hour saw the show cut its talent pool down to the Top Three. Would the most logical suspect (Jason Castro) go home, or did Idol have another surprise in store?

Least talented contestant goes home on ‹Idol

It been a tough week for …American Idol, which made the news for its declining viewership and the unfortunate Paula Abdul comments on last week show stand out that much more. Fortunately, the …Idol fans helped make things a little brighter for the show final two weeks by evicting the contestant who least deserved to be in the final three.

It was obvious after Tuesday night that Jason Castro was ready to go. He struggled with his first song, forgot the words to his second, and didnt make any case for himself to stay in the post-performance interviews with Ryan Seacrest. Had he made it into the final three after a night like that, the scrutiny on both him and the show would have only increased.


Jason Castro Rides Off with the Fun Parade

Weve hit a strange spot in this year …Idol saga, a sort of creeping lull that bodes of something sinister. It the moment on the battlefield when four soldiers are sharing a cigarette, and kaboom! A grenade goes off. The mood, I think, isnt just a matter of real favorites departing, now that the finale is almost here.

The question hangs in the air: is …Idol working? Or do dropping ratings and the strange enervation of the show Final Four contenders suggest that it has lost the potential to tap into pop fundamental pheromone, cited again and again by exhausted Idol strivers as a goal: simple, fleeting fun?

Jason Castro had more fun than any other contestant has managed in weeks, doing his hippie dance as he romped through …I Shot the Sheriff after being eliminated. Good for him for reprising a song the judges clearly thought was inappropriate — a song he obviously loved, and actually sang fairly competently, whatever the panel says.

LA Times

After Jason Castro, le deluge

And now at last, the final lap. In the Idoldome on Wednesday night where the faithful gathered for the ritual execution of Jason Castro, the room seemed dominated by an unstable mixture of euphoria and exhaustion as we enter the last phases before the anointing at the Nokia in a mere two weeks time.

From what promised just three months ago to be the most sure and predictable of seasons, a final three has emerged that not a pundit alive would have prophesized. That from the ashes of the promised Johns-Smithson-Archuleta clash should have emerged this group would have been unthinkable when the Top 24 appeared. David Cook began this season seen as a derivative light-weight Daughtry, called charmless by Judge Cowell, given to sulking at negative reviews and snapping at the judges, he seemed destined for the briefest of also ran candidacies. Syesha Mercado was a pretty face with a traditional style bound to disappear beneath the more contemporary and quirky pyrotechnics from Smithson, Amanda Overmyer, Brooke White, Ramiele Maluby and even, back when, Alaina Whitaker and Alexandrea Lushington.

LA Times

‘American Idol’ In 60 Seconds

MTV News’ ‘Idol’ expert Jim Cantiello boils down a week’s worth of stunning performances, pitchy notes and shocking eliminations to a bite-size minute.


Pep rally in Murray set to celebrate ‘American Idol’ star’s homecoming

“American Idol” sensation David Archuleta is coming home.

Murray City is throwing a homecoming party Friday at 3:30 p.m. at Murray High School’s football field for the 17-year-old crooner, who is poised to be one of the finalists in the hit Fox competition show. David is then scheduled to sing the national anthem at the Utah Jazz playoff game later that night at the Energy Solutions Arena.

Who wouldn’t be thrilled to have this type of talent in their city, and he represents Murray City very well, ” said Murray Mayor Dan Snarr, who is coordinating the pep rally with the Murray School District and the city’s chamber of commerce. “You won’t find a more caring person. That is what a true American idol should be.”

Salt Lake Tribune

‘Idol’: Archuleta to appear at pep rally

Murray High School junior David Archuleta will be coming home to a hero’s welcome Friday after surviving another elimination round on FOX’s “American Idol.”
Murray City officials are predicting more than 20, 000 people will turn out for Archuleta’s appearance during a pep rally at his high school Friday afternoon. The school is opening its football stadium to the public to come see the fanfare.

That night, Archuleta is expected to perform the national anthem at the Utah Jazz’s NBA playoff game against the Los Angeles Lakers. The whole visit will be filmed by FOX for broadcast during next week’s “Idol.”

Herald Extra

Cook to do mini-concert downtown

Assuming he made the …American Idol cut Wednesday night, David Cook, the Blue Springs native, will give a free mini-concert at 11:30 a.m. Friday at the Kansas City Live stage in the Power & Light District.

The appearance precedes a parade and concert in Blue Springs Friday afternoon that Fox cameras will follow for the show. The parade will start at Moreland School Road and Adams Dairy Parkway at 3:30 p.m. and should conclude around 4 p.m. at the rear entrance of the stadium at Blue Springs South High School, 1200 S.E. Adams Dairy Parkway.


David Cook ‹American Idol homecoming plans include free concert, parade

…American Idol contestant David Cook will perform a free show at the Power & Light District during a …homecoming visit to Kansas City Friday.

Hell start the day with an appearance Friday morning on the Fox 4 Morning Show.

The free Power & Light mini-concert is set for 11:30 a.m. Hell then be in a …David Cook Homecoming Celebration Parade and Concert in Blue Springs. The parade starts at 3:30. The following Blue Springs concert is sold out.

Kansas City

Syesha makes top 3; homecoming next

The cities of Bradenton and Sarasota are busy putting the final touches on celebration plans for Mercado’s visit. Though most of the fanfare will be in Sarasota, the soulful 21-year-old talent will be in the arms of the city of Bradenton for at least half an hour – tentatively from 10:30 to 11 a.m., said Tim McCann, public information officer for the city.

“I think it will be awesome for Bradenton and awesome for her fans to see her, ” he said.

A stage will be set up on Barcarrota Boulevard in downtown Bradenton, where Mercado will be given the key to the city by Mayor Wayne Poston. Members of the Manatee County Commission will issue a proclamation in Mercado’s honor. The city hopes to get the former Daughtrey Elementary and Manatee School for the Arts student to serenade them with a song or two, McCann said.

Sarasota is planning a similar community event at the John and Mable Ringling Museum’s Ca d’Zan. There, the city will also give a proclamation in Mercado’s honor for an official Syesha Mercado Day, said Jan Thornburg, public information officer for the city of Sarasota. The event is set tentatively for 3 p.m. and will last a half-hour.

Mercado will perform a mini-concert at the museum, said Erin Duggan, public relations director of the Sarasota Convention and Visitor’s Bureau.

Idol contestant brings spotlight to Sarasota

Here is where you can see her perform on the Suncoast:

First up: downtown Bradenton at 10:30 on Barcarrota Boulevard. Next, her alma mater, Booker High School. Her performance for the students is closed to the public. Finally, she’ll head by helicopter to the Ca d’Zan mansion at the Ringling Estate for another concert, this one open to the public. It starts at 3pm.


Discover ‘American Idol’ secret spiritual hideaways

While Jason Castro and Syesha Mercado psyched themselves up for Tuesday night’s “American Idol” performances, the contestants’ parents bonded in a Lake Forest back yard, playing ping-pong, eating chili and laughing over the card game Apples to Apples.

It’s just the sort of thing Leesa Bellesi had in mind when she started her “American Idol” ministry several months ago.

A pastor’s wife and “American Idol” fanatic (she voted 1, 200 times for Katharine McPhee on the night of the 2006 finale), Bellesi launched on Feb. 14, the day after the top 24 contestants for the current season were announced. The purpose: To offer finalists’ families spiritual encouragement and help with lodging and transportation as their children sing for votes and a shot at a life-changing record deal.

OC Registry

Why David Cook Will Win American Idol

David Archuleta may have been the …one to beat when season seven of American Idol premiered last January, but he facing some stiff competition in David Cook. Both contestants havent ever been in the bottom two or three, and while Archuleta is holding steady, Cook has been gaining momentum each week.

He certainly didnt come out of the gate as a front runner. His rock performance of The Turtles’ …Happy Together showed a lot of potential, but it was good, not great. The next week he did a solid performance of Free …All Right Now, but Simon criticized him for being boring because he said he liked word puzzles in the …getting to know the contestants video shown right before the performance. Simon believed Cook showing his intellectual side would hurt his not yet established rock credibility. That was a misjudgment on Simon part. The word puzzles made him more endearing to viewers, especially those not already inclined to like his more modern rock sound.

Jason Castro Is Everyone’s ‘American Idol, ‘ In Bigger Than The Sound

Full disclosure: I did not actually go to college with Jason Castro. But I knew at least four dudes who were exactly like him. I worked in the kitchen of a restaurant with two of them. Took impromptu road trips out to a rock quarry to drink beers and swing on a rope swing with another. And that dude who played the Sublime songs in the dorm room? His name was Jorge. He even had that ring thing in one of his dreads like Castro does. And I do not think I am alone in this: Basically every one of us knew (or knows) a guy like Jason Castro, because guys like Jason Castro are almost always awesome. They are stony, sorta-vacant-yet-ultimately-good dudes who make excellent sidekicks. They will always ditch class or work with you. They are frequently without shoes and know how to make smoking devices out of carrots and apple cores. They know all Bonham’s parts on “Stairway.” They are never far from a djembe or an acoustic guitar, which means they are always close to a party. Guys like Jason Castro are a dime a dozen, which sort of reaffirms my belief in God, because it means that He (or She) wants us to have a good time all the time.

Which is basically my long-winded, slightly confusing way of saying that I hope Jason Castro wins “American Idol, ” if only because ‘  if I know him correctly ‘  he probably couldn’t care less about winning at all (something a recent Entertainment Weekly article seems to confirm). In fact, he probably doesn’t even know he’s still on the show at this point. And simply put, that is awesome.


How Hard Is Jason Castro Trying To Get Kicked Off ‘American Idol’?

This season has brought a lot of firsts to “American Idol”: Brooke White became the first contestant to stop a song and ask for a do-over. Carly Smithson was the first female contestant with a huge visible arm tattoo. Paula Abdul became the first judge to critique a song before it was performed.

Oh, and on Tuesday night, Jason Castro became the first final-four “Idol” contestant to seemingly take a dive on live TV in a bid to get kicked off the show.

At this point in the competition, the top four are typically shooting for the lights every week, pulling out their best stage moves, piling on the melismatic vocal runs and pandering to the crowd in a bid for votes and a shot at the title. Jason Castro? Not so much.


On the Scene: ‘American Idol’ Final Four performance

Do you remember the mid-1980s video for that Twisted Sister song, the one that starts with a sadistic schoolteacher berating a student for desecrating his notebook? The teacher caps off his tirade with a guttural, “What do you wanna do with your life?” And the mulleted, denim-vested kid has a very simple reply: “I want to rock.”

That’s exactly how I felt heading to last night’s Idol. I knew it was Rock and Roll Hall of Fame night ¦ and I was ready to rock! So while I was driving from the EW offices in Brentwood to CBS Television City studios in West Hollywood, I cranked up some Heart: “Crazy on You, ” “Magic Man, ” “Barracuda” ¦ ladies and gentlemen, the best of Ann and Nancy Wilson! But none of my Wilshire Blvd. jammin’ prepared me for what I was about to witness: Duran Duran. To be more precise, this season’s Daughtry doing his rocked-out version of Duran Duran’s “Hungry Like the Wolf.”

Entertainment Weekly

Seriously, Why Even Bother With the American Idol Finale At this Point?

I suppose that lots of reality-show viewers get so invested in the contestants they like, and the outcomes that they want to see that become less possible with each passing week, that they actually lose interest as the climactic episodes come closer. But this season of American Idol has to take the cake on actually driving viewers away from it, thanks to the tireless efforts of the judges, who are so in the tank for David “Licky-Loo” Archuleta that their post-Archie critiques have become a must-fast-forward part of the show for anyone who wants to remain sane. Forgetting lyrics and mashing your gums together in order to let said moments slide by? No problem! Having your voice crap out on the climactic part of a song? That’s OK, dawg, you still brought it! Singing “Stand By Me” in such a way that the song’s message is completely switched up, so that it becomes more about how any problem will be improved by merely basking in your glory? Hey, misunderstanding lyrical intent is part of the Archuleta package’ and it has been since the kid was 12 and mugging his way to a Star Search win!


‘Excuse me, Syesha? There’s a Miss Cobbins for you on line two.’

Okay Trenyce, show her how it’s done.

Entertainment Weekly

American Idol: Springsteen Ticket Auction to Help David Cook’s Brother

MYFOXNY.COM — Steven and Maureen Van Zandt donated two tickets to upcoming Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band shows at Giants Stadium. The tickets are up for auction on eBay.

Steven is a member of Bruce’s E Street Band and these seats are the Van Zandts’ personal guest seats. The winner of the auction will also be invited to attend Steven’s backstage pre-show reception.

All the proceeds from the auction will go toward a fund to fly Idol contestant David Cook’s brother, Adam Cook, from his home in Indiana to Los Angeles for the finale week performances on May 20 and 21. Adam, who is battling cancer, is only permitted by his doctors to fly on a special medical flight which costs nearly $80, 000.

My Fox NY

Brooke White

Part 1: It’s OK

Entertainment Weekly

VIDEO Q&A: Is Brooke White Still a Believer?

When Brooke White stopped by the other day, there were no trademark tears to be seen. Rather, we welcomed the arrival of a sunny blonde still riding the high of her Top 5 run. In this video Q&A, Brooke talks about Carly Simon’s amazing endorsement, the disparity between the guys’ and gals’ fan mail, and whether she would have (or even could have) braved Idol sans her piano and guitar.

TV Guide

American Idol fans make sure you watch the next Bones – VIDEO

Before the writers strike shut down the set of Bones, the cast and crew completed an episode titled “The Wannabe in the Weeds.” If you recall, in mid-December, I told you that former American Idol contestants Brandon Rogers and Ace Young would guest star in this American Idol-themed episode. Finally, months after the episode was completed, we will get to see the two Idol finalist perform both on and off the stage on Bones.

TV Squad

LeAnn Rimes, Kellie Pickler Join ACM Performers

Toby Keith, Kellie Pickler and LeAnn Rimes lead the list of musicians set to perform live on the 43rd Annual Academy of Country Music Awards.

In a special performance, Kenny Chesney will duet with George Strait on the May 18 telecast. The two will sing their “Shiftwork” from Chesney’s album Poets & Pirates, live for the first time. The two will also face off against each other in the Entertainer of the Year category.

Kellie Pickler Salutes Grandparents at D.C. Rally

Kellie Pickler will sing on Capitol Hill Wednesday afternoon to help honor grandparents who raise their grandchildren.

It’s a deeply personal issue to Pickler, who was raised by her grandparents in North Carolina after her parents separated and her mother left when the country star was only 2-years-old.

The Idol alum will perform her song “My Angel, ” written for her grandparents, Faye and Clyde Pickler, at the AARP’s third National GrandRally. The event hopes to raise awareness of and support for “grandfamilies” like the Picklers.

Neil Diamond On Track For First No. 1 Album Ever

Forty-one years after he first appeared on The Billboard 200, Neil Diamond looks to be on course to earn his first No. 1 album ever on next week’s chart as first-day sales of “Home Before Dark” (Columbia) lead the Nielsen SoundScan Building chart released May 7.

Unweighted sales for “Home” from the chart’s panel of nine reporters through the close of business Tuesday, May 6, came in at 30, 000. A source close to the album projects a first-week start in the neighborhood of 125, 000. This week’s current No. 1, Madonna’s “Hard Candy” (Warner Bros.), may slide to No. 2 or No. 3 next week on The Billboard 200, while new entries from Gavin DeGraw, Clay Aiken, Toby Keith and Josh Groban look headed for top 10 bows.

Carrie Underwood delivers ‘OK’ show to 6, 700 at Don Haskins Center

Carrie Underwood may be one of the hottest singers in country music today, but she’s still got a lot to learn about putting on a great show.

Her performance Tuesday night for a nearly packed house of 6, 700 at the Don Haskins Center was not a great show. It was an OK show, but certainly not up to the level of many of the genre’s more seasoned superstars.

Heck, it wasn’t even as enjoyable as opener Josh Turner’s 45-minute set.

El Paso Times

Blake Lewis Answered Your Questions

So Blake Lewis and I chatted for about 15 minutes Tuesday afternoon for a story I’ll be writing for the May 30th edition of “Enjoy!” which is the Poughkeepsie Journal’s weekly entertainment supplement.

Probably half of our conversation centered around his fans, dozens of whom e-mailed me questions to pose to him during our interview.

Coming from as close as Long Island and Pennsylvania to Seattle, Canada and even Singapore, Blake’s fans sent me questions spanning just about every topic imaginable.

Sean’s Space

‘American Idol’ singer sparking ticket sales

OREM ‘  It’s not on her Web site yet, but 2007 “American Idol” winner Jordin Sparks is scheduled to appear at the SCERA Shell Outdoor Theatre on June 25.

At age 17, she was the youngest winner ever on the reality television vocal competition. (The youngest age to enter the contest is 16.)

Her win came during the sixth season, about a year ago. Since then she has been touring, hitting venues around the country.

“She’s leading in our individual sales, ” said SCERA spokeswoman April Berlin. “People are really excited she’s coming.”


Ratings up for Dancing with the Stars as American Idol continue to drop

Even as ratings continue to fall for American Idol 7, its ABC competition, Dancing with the Stars 6, is experiencing ratings increases.

Reality Blurred

Ratings down yet ‘Idol’ still hot

When Star Magazine picks up on a story, well, then, you know it must be big.

The trashy tabloid was but one media outlet that recently reported — with poorly masked glee — that interest in “American Idol” is slipping.

Ever since the Los Angeles Times detailed in an April 21 story that “Idol’s” ratings had slipped 7 percent — to 29.2 million — from the same point in season six, it’s been a relentless parade of frantic headlines.

“Idol to replace Ryan Seacrest!” “Paula demolishes show’s credibility!” “Michael Johns booted too early!”

That sort of thing.

But let’s look at this reasonably.


Q&A: Mike Darnell

Fox president of alternative entertainment Mike Darnell is responsible for some of the most vilified reality series ever created — “The Swan, ” “Married by America, ” “Who Wants to Marry a Multimillionaire?” and “Temptation Island.”

Yet members of Hollywood’s creative community routinely describe him, without blinking, as a genius. This past year, it’s been easy to see why: Darnell’s track record for creating successful unscripted titles during a difficult period for freshman broadcast series has been nearly perfect. He’s launched “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?” “Don’t Forget the Lyrics, ” “Kitchen Nightmares” and the season’s highest-rated new show, “The Moment of Truth.”

Darnell spoke to THR about the ratings decline of “American Idol”; the one series he wishes didn’t air; and his best idea that you’ve never seen.

Hollywood Reporter

News Corp. Sales May Have Risen on `Idol, ‘ Super Bowl (Update1)

May 7 (Bloomberg) — News Corp., the media company controlled by Rupert Murdoch, may report higher third-quarter sales today on increased advertising revenue from Fox Broadcasting’s “American Idol” and February’s Super Bowl.

Sales probably rose 14 percent to $8.61 billion, the average of 15 analysts’ estimates compiled by Bloomberg. Net income may have gained 2.2 percent to $890.5 million, or 33 cents a share, based on the average projection of 10 analysts.

Fox television sales probably climbed 17 percent in the quarter ended March 31, UBS AG analyst Michael Morris said. The Super Bowl broadcast drew a record audience while “Idol, ” TV’s most-watched show, capitalized on a 100-day writers strike to obtain record ad prices. The live singing competition doesn’t rely on scripts in the same way as sitcoms and dramas.

Give RENT its due

That’s not to say the show is without its initial “shock factor.”

There are the occasional walk outs, Talton said. As well known as the show is, there are some people who still by tickets without knowing what it’s about. They might just see that “American Idol” finalist Anwar Robinson and South African “Idol” winner Heinz Winckler are making their theatrical debuts in the show, or remember the buzz from the 2005 film version.

As universal as some of its themes are, “Rent” is not for everyone, said Talton, who fell in love with the show after seeing it in high school.

Fresh from the stages of …American Idol to the pages of SheKnows, we proudly present our interview with Bo Bice.

…Anyone that knows me knows that I was the last person in the world I thought would be standing up there next to Carrie Underwood in the finale of …American Idol.

The singer performed his …Witness single on Wednesday …American Idol results show. As he told 35 million viewers, he and his wife are expecting their second son.

Rocketing out of Birmingham, Alabama in Season 4 of American Idol, Bice was the first true …rocker and created the mold that David Cook in many ways is continuing.

She Knows

Paula Abdul on Ousted Jason Castro: “It Was Time for Him to Go”

After being eliminated, Castro didn’t watch his goodbye video featuring flashbacks of his time on the show, as most contestants do, a show attendee told

“Instead, he was smiling and looking his usual laid-back self, readying his guitar for the song and chatting with Ryan [Seacrest] and the band, ” the witness added.

“Jason’s demeanor was almost one of relief as he walked around the stage, smiling and waving his guitar.”

After performing, Cowell jumped on the stage to “give Jason a big hug, ” the witness said.

Abdul said Castro will have “longevity and a huge, big career.

“He’s like a pair of old pajamas that you know feel good!” she said.

US Magazine

American Idol’ Elimination: Jason Castro Burns Out; Syesha Mercado Rolls On

After becoming the first “Idol” final-four contestant to seemingly give up and try to get thrown off the show, the 20-year-old dreadlocked singer from Rockwall, Texas, got his wish Wednesday night when he was shown the door following one of the most lackluster final-round performances in “Idol” history.

For most of the night, Castro seemed even more disengaged than usual, halfheartedly clapping when David Cook was whisked to safety and flashing a look of what seemed to be sweet relief when host Ryan Seacrest teasingly suggested midway through the results show that the elimination would be coming early.

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