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For those of you who were wondering: Jason Castro did NOT forget his words on purpose Tuesday night. In fact, the idea that he was ready to go home didn’t really hit Jason until he was standing on the stage with Syesha Mercado. Although he was dreading having to learn 3 songs for the coming week, he was looking forward to a hometown trip. Jason insists he never threw in the towel–he always tried his best, he says. Also, he claims that he mouthed “Vote, vote” to the camera after Ryan gave his numbers–not “Don’t Vote” as some conspiracy theorists have claimed.

Here’s what Jason had to say to Jessica Shaw from Entertainment Weekly who quoted Jason admitting that he wanted to go home:

The fact of the matter that day was I was in a bad mood. I was frustrated with a lot of things. Then I got on the phone with you. I was just not in a good mood. I couldn’t find a quiet place to talk to you and I kept walking around. I couldn’t focus while we were talking. I don’t even remember much of what I said. There are some days that are just like that. You just don’t want to do what you are doing.

Next week, for his personal song choice, he was deciding between “Blue Eyes” by the Carey Brothers and “Green Eyes” by Coldplay.

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Check out more highlights from his press interviews yesterday, after the jump…

  • About having little screen time before the Top 24, “Oh yeah, I was a little, ’cause I would see how people were getting excited about other people. And I was like, “Uh oh.” Like (they were) already getting fans … and I knew why they werent airing my stuff [because] it didnt clear so I was okay with it, but still it wasnt fun.”
  • About Simon’s comments last week that he wasn’t the Jason they brought on to the show, “I was feeling the same thing. I was just feeling me losing that power just because I couldnt connect with the songs at the given time. I really had a hard time when we picked it up to two songs, like I wasnt committed to either one and I just couldnt connect with them. I couldnt fall in love with them — you need time for that.”
  • The most difficult aspect of being on American Idol, “It has everything to do with the song, either selecting the song or finding the time to rehearse it. That the biggest challenge. It all about the song, and if you try to make things original, as time goes on you get less and less time to do that. It really becomes harder. The day-to-day running of things is hard to do.”
  • About forgetting his lyrics, “You know, that day I was just scattered. Right before I went on I was just sitting down and adjusting the microphone. I wasn’t even settled in when I started. I just forgot where I was. I couldn’t believe I forgot those words. Those words are so written on your heart. But I just laughed it off. I don’t ever take myself too seriously. I’m still just human. I do wish I hadn’t done that, but whatever. It happened for a reason. I think I’m right where I’m supposed to be.”
  • On Andrew Lloyd Webber, “He was really very kind, but we’re just different people. I don’t think he gets me. I saw a lot of passion in him, but he couldn’t pick up on my passion.”
  • Did he want to go home last week? “I think there an interview last week that I had said I wanted to go home or something. I think this week everybody had the idea that I was ready to go, and that wasnt my mindset at all going in. Every week has its ups and downs, and that morning when I had that interview I was kind of frustrated with a lot of things…There was a lot of stuff going on that morning, and I think that came across wrong. The way I was on the show, I guess people were thinking I didnt want to be there, which was never my mindset.”
  • Does it matter who wins? “I think it very much does matter who wins or at least how far you get. Every week you’re on gives you that much more of a chance, because youre never guaranteed anything in this business. Weve all been given this opportunity to have some exposure. Now people know who you are and will maybe take a second to listen. So I think it matters but weve all got an opportunity…”
  • Songs that didn’t get cleared, “In the first two auditions I sang Crazy by Gnarls Barkley, but in the style of Ray LaMontagne, one of my favorite singer/songwriters ever. He just did a really cool version of it, so that what I did, but it never cleared. Another song I love to do is Santaria by Sublime. I tried to do that Hollywood week for my second day and they said it cleared, then they changed their minds. I dont know how that all works. Then I tried again while we were out here but it never cleared.”
  • Jason was a fan of Idol, “Yeah, I was a fan of the show. I forgot until last night when my brother was talking during my exit interview, but sophomore year of college we were living together and I remember the last semester we watched Idol every night every week. I had totally forgotten about that. We would come home and wed be cooking and watching it. I loved what the show was and all the challenges. I thought itd be fun, and it was fun and it was hard.”
  • About feeling relieved at his elimination, “Ive been telling people I was as happy last night as I was when I found out I made it to the Top 24. This whole time Ive had a blast, and Ive been trying, but it just been hard. That night I remember I was thinking, I just started to fear the week ahead. ‹How am I going to do three songs, I cant even do two right. And you know, with the hometown visit it was going to be a lot of work, even though it would have been so much fun. I was just freaking out about it. That was all building up. I was ready to go either way. They gave me that, and it was just my natural reaction, I felt relief. The pressure was off. I loved my time on there and would have liked to go farther, but I dont think I could have handled it.”
  • Is he uncomfortable with being famous? “Yeah, we havent gone out too much. It kind of a weird thing. I dont really get it yet. Ive never been starstruck, so it kind of takes me off guard when people are so crazy. But, I mean, it’s cool, ’cause it means they like you, so it flattering.”
  • Was he freaked out by the balloon gift from his fans? “Oh no, I wasnt freaked out by that. That was nice.”
  • About Paula critiquing his second performance when he hadn’t sung it yet, “It was kind of funny. I was just kind of confused by what was going on. “By the second song, did you mean David? What does that mean?” It was an honest mistake. I dont think it affected my next performance.”
  • Did he think he was going home this week? “I was split both ways. I really didnt know what would happen. I felt that I was the one who deserved to go, because I felt that I had the weakest performances that night. At the same time I know I have some very loyal fans. I was really unsure either way.”
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