Idols In Concert – Stats – 08/21/14

Just one concert result to present today – from Adam Lambert. He’s touring with Queen and sold-out the Forum in Inglewood.

Meanwhile, Paul McCartney made an impressive $39M. Old rockers for the win!

Baby - Justin Bieber covered by Mig...
Baby - Justin Bieber covered by Miguel

Queen + Adam Lambert
July 3, 2014: Inglewood, Calif.; The Forum; 12,613 of 12,613 (SOLD-OUT): $1,218,231

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  1. Billboard 200:
    #24 – Caleb Johnson – Testify (1 week) : DEBUT
    #80 – Kris Allen – Horizons (1 week) : DEBUT
    #138 – Phillip Phillips (12 weeks) : re-entry

    Hot 100/Bubbling Under:
    #56 – Somethin’ Bad – Carrie Underwood (13 weeks) : -9
    #72 – Bo$$ – Fifth Harmony (6 weeks) : +7
    #99 – My Eyes – Gwen Sebastian (16 weeks) : -7
    #100 – Later On – The Swon Brothers (1 week) : DEBUT
    #104 – Shake It Off – Taylor Swift (1 week) : DEBUT

    Trending 140:
    #3 – Shake It Off – Taylor Swift
    #31 – Bo$$ – Fifth Harmony
    #47 – Who Are You – Fifth Harmony
    #70 – Dangerous – Jennifer Hudson

  2. Mediabase – Thursday update:

    6 6 ONE DIRECTION Story Of My Life 1732 1762 -30 14.142
    0 Spins
    -35 Bullet
    +0.182 AI
    25 25 DANNY GOKEY Hope In Front Of Me 94 100 -6 0.067
    +2 Spins
    +6 Bullet
    0 AI
    15 14 M. LAMBERT & C. UNDERWOOD Somethin’ Bad 4028 3915 113 29.801
    +45 Spins
    +29 Bullet
    +0.272 AI
    14 16 SWON BROTHERS Later On 3945 3928 17 27.219
    +31 Spins
    +18 Bullet
    -0.191 AI
    29 27 SCOTTY MCCREERY Feelin’ It 2050 1756 294 10.683
    +47 Spins
    +20 Bullet
    +0.266 AI
    30 30 DAVID NAIL Kiss You Tonight 1771 1575 196 10.1
    +51 Spins
    +57 Bullet
    +0.424 AI
    39 42 RAELYNN God Made Girls 975 891 84 5.22
    +7 Spins
    +15 Bullet
    -0.09 AI
    31 30 DAUGHTRY Battleships 906 852 54 3.306
    +3 Spins
    +4 Bullet
    +0.068 AI
    42 43 ALEX & SIERRA Scarecrow 315 280 35 0.569
    +5 Spins
    +3 Bullet
    +0.006 AI
    61 49 PHILLIP PHILLIPS Unpack Your Heart 185 73 112 0.506
    +10 Spins
    -6 Bullet
    -0.008 AI
    37 37 FIFTH HARMONY BO$$ 1132 1136 -4 3.77
    -1 Spins
    -19 Bullet
    -0.052 AI
    47 44 G.R.L. Ugly Heart 653 607 46 1.596
    -5 Spins
    -10 Bullet
    -0.024 AI
    Urban AC:
    20 19 JENNIFER HUDSON It’s Your World f/R. Kelly 346 309 37 2.956
    -3 Spins
    -10 Bullet
    -0.028 AI
    15 13 M. LAMBERT & C. UNDERWOOD Somethin’ Bad 698 670 28 3.585
    +9 Spins
    +6 Bullet
    +0.058 AI
    45 43 SWON BROTHERS Later On 158 154 4 0.643
    +3 Spins
    +4 Bullet
    -0.011 AI
    Canada-Hot AC:
    11 10 HEDLEY Heaven In Our Headlights 847 807 40 4.743
    -4 Spins
    -15 Bullet
    -0.09 AI
    Canada-Main AC:
    16 14 HEDLEY Heaven In Our Headlights 249 225 24 1.887
    0 Spins
    -9 Bullet
    +0.05 AI
    Canada-Top 40:
    14 11 HEDLEY Heaven In Our Headlights 1147 1049 98 6.253
    +13 Spins
    -6 Bullet
    +0.075 AI
    Christian AC:
    3 2 DANNY GOKEY Hope In Front Of Me 1336 1228 108 6.03
    +9 Spins
    -11 Bullet
    +0.09 AI
    12 11 MANDISA Back To You 697 681 16 3.13
    +2 Spins
    -4 Bullet
    +0.024 AI
    17 17 COLTON DIXON More Of You 493 441 52 2.394
    +10 Spins
    +11 Bullet
    +0.032 AI
    48 48 VARIOUS ARTISTS Hope Can Change Everything 68 66 2 0.125
    -2 Spins
    -2 Bullet
    -0.005 AI

  3. 8/21/2014 – Itunes Top 1500 Singles and Albums (from LivePopBars)

    46. Miranda Lambert – Somethin’ Bad (with Carrie Underwood) [Duet Version]
    63. Fifth Harmony – BO$$
    158. G.R.L. – Ugly Heart
    164. RaeLynn – God Made Girls
    172. One Direction – Story of My Life
    177. Scotty McCreery – Feelin’ It
    231. Phillip Phillips – Gone, Gone, Gone
    255. The Swon Brothers – Later On
    270. One Direction – You & I
    285. Danny Gokey – Hope in Front of Me
    296. David Nail – Kiss You Tonight
    333. Jennifer Hudson – Dangerous
    345. Phillip Phillips – Home
    406. One Direction – What Makes You Beautiful
    409. Pentatonix – Problem
    418. Phillip Phillips – Raging Fire
    447. Daughtry – Battleships
    469. David Nail – Whatever She’s Got
    516. Ella Henderson – Ghost
    527. Melanie Martinez – Dollhouse
    546. Jennifer Hudson – It’s Your World (feat. R. Kelly)
    552. Daughtry – Waiting for Superman
    567. Alex & Sierra – Scarecrow
    590. Colton Dixon – More of You
    623. Jennifer Hudson – Walk It Out (feat. Timbaland)
    641. Scotty McCreery – See You Tonight
    660. Kat Perkins – Fearless
    666. Carrie Underwood – Blown Away
    676. Little Mix – Salute
    679. Kelly Clarkson – Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)
    736. Jennifer Hudson – I Can’t Describe (The Way I Feel) [feat. T.I.]
    767. Carrie Underwood – How Great Thou Art
    770. Avicii – Addicted To You
    840. Carrie Underwood – Before He Cheats
    898. Mandisa – Overcomer
    908. Fifth Harmony – Miss Movin’ On
    918. Olly Murs – Dance With Me Tonight
    956. Little Mix – Move
    960. Colton Dixon – More of You
    1008. Alex & Sierra – Little Do You Know
    1062. Cher Lloyd – Want U Back
    1080. Fifth Harmony – Me & My Girls
    1167. One Direction – Midnight Memories
    1182. Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe
    1211. One Direction – Little Things
    1222. Carrie Underwood – See You Again
    1233. Mandisa – Good Morning (feat. TobyMac)
    1280. Carrie Underwood – Jesus, Take the Wheel
    1288. Cher Lloyd – Oath (feat. Becky G)
    1306. Carrie Underwood – Good Girl
    1365. Little Mix – Wings
    1393. Kelly Clarkson – Catch My Breath
    1440. Alex & Sierra – Just Kids
    1470. Home Free – Ring of Fire (feat. Avi Kaplan)

    16. Colton Dixon – Anchor
    76. Pentatonix – PTX, Vol. III
    116. One Direction – Midnight Memories (Deluxe Edition)
    118. Jennifer Hudson – JHUD
    213. Alex & Sierra – It’s About Us
    283. Pentatonix – PTX, Vol. II
    300. Avicii – True
    305. Home Free – Crazy Life
    361. G.R.L. – G.R.L. – EP
    374. Daughtry – Baptized (Deluxe Version)
    378. Phillip Phillips – The World From the Side of the Moon (Deluxe Version)
    401. One Direction – Take Me Home (Yearbook Edition)
    493. One Direction – Up All Night (Deluxe Version)
    511. Phillip Phillips – Behind the Light (Deluxe Version)
    568. Pentatonix – PTX, Vol. 1
    588. Carrie Underwood – Blown Away
    604. Scotty McCreery – See You Tonight
    651. Danny Gokey – Hope in Front of Me
    654. Melanie Martinez – Dollhouse – EP
    672. Caleb Johnson – Testify
    769. Kris Allen – Horizons
    776. Fifth Harmony – Better Together – EP
    902. One Direction – Midnight Memories
    956. Daughtry – Daughtry
    999. Little Mix – Salute (Deluxe Edition)
    1027. Cher Lloyd – Sorry I’m Late
    1133. David Nail – I’m a Fire
    1319. Various Artists – NOW That’s What I Call Country, Vol. 7
    1352. One Direction – Take Me Home
    1489. Phillip Phillips – Behind the Light

  4. 30 30 DAVID NAIL Kiss You Tonight 1771 1575 196 10.1

    This is the first report where AI is over 10million. Getting some Westwood spins seems to really have helped that. Slowly but surely it’s reaching more people. :)

  5. HDD released an infographic on the biggest albums from female solo acts in the last couple of years, how many full albums they’ve sold 1st week, and their TEA (Track Equivalent Sales) to date are (which they calculate by adding full album sales to 1/10 of the total download sales of album tracks/singles).

    Carrie’s Blown Away album sold 267k as we already knew and has sold 2.4 million TEA in the US. Around 1.65 million of that is from full album sales. That means somewhere in the range 7-7.9 million total download sales from the album.

  6. Caleb Johnson is now the 59th Idol contestant to appear on the Billboard 200. Kris Allen has just surpassed Bo Bice in BB200 appearances.

  7. I figured out that the VIP tickets are calculated as regular-priced tickets with the difference going into merchandise revenue.

  8. So Kris’s sales were probably less than 4k since #72 Rascall Flatts sold 4100. It’s a good album, hope it keeps selling.

  9. Caleb is also #9 on BB’s Rock Albums chart while Kris is #10 on BB’s Independent Albums chart.

  10. Oh god, math :( Do the total album sales include non downloads?

    For instance say you sold 650,00 total albums. And the downloads of any track off that album (including singles) was 1.3 million. So the TEA would be 650K + 130K (a.k.a. 1/10th of 1.3 mil) — or 780K?

    Is that right?

  11. That really brings Kris’s numbers into perspective given that he released independently. He’s on this list with some major artists, so I don’t think things are quite so bad for him.

  12. It’s not bad if we look at it from the perspective that he sold those 4,1000 or so albums based on the music, and not just to what’s left of his AI fanbase, who will buy anything.

    I think the situation is as it has always been, Kris has to use the music to attract more people who like the type of music that he is making.

  13. I thought the opposite. It shows that independent artists can do relatively well, but I wouldn’t say that #10 for someone who used to have a large fanbase is a good position. If he was an unknown it would be different, but it’s not the case.

  14. Yup, that’s right!

    TEA was introduced as a way of trying to capture revenue from music sales from an album since full album sales have been crashing. Of course, the formula will probably have to be changed again to try to capture revenue from streaming now that streaming’s taking a big bite out of sales. The RIAA is already counting streaming at a 1:100 ratio to sales for track certification purposes.

  15. Eh, I would bet a large % of those sales are from what once was his idol fanbase.

  16. It’s not bad if we look at it from the perspective that he sold those 4,1000 or so albums based on the music, and not just to what’s left of his AI fanbase, who will buy anything.

    Other than the SXSW appearance (which I consider significant but was a one-shot, and people rarely become fans on one exposure), what is KA doing that reaches people other than his Idol fanbase?

    My guess would be that he sold ~4,000 albums based primarily on the remnants of his Idol fanbase. Whether they’re the diehards who’d love anything he does or the handful who stuck around because they especially like this direction is something one would have to ask them.

  17. Since #72 sold 4,100 (Rascal Flatts, captured by country sources), my guess would be that #80 sold less than 4,100, rather than more. It’s probably not a huge gap down, though.

  18. Thanks. I was just gonna ask if someone could tell from HDD numbers what #80 translates into in terms of sales. Probably 3500-3800? Not a lot but as long as Kris can recouped his investment, it’s probably fine. I wish he hadn’t wasted his money on The Civil Wars producer. The guy did not seem to help sales and I hate that Kris has to share some of the limited revenues with him.

  19. That was my point, and earlier too. He has not had a lot of opportunities to reach the album’s core demo, but hopefully that will change. He’s doing better, putting all the songs on youtube was a good idea, but now he has to come up with new ideas about how he can promote his album to the correct audience.

  20. I’m now completely confused. Are you suggesting that we look at these numbers from a perspective that is counterfactual at this point in time?

  21. He’s done a bunch of college shows (in fact he was one of the mainstage performers at the national convention for college bookers) and he has actually played SXSW twice now

  22. I would agree, but that really isn’t any different from any other ex-Idol aside from the 4-5 most successful ones. The majority of them are still selling primarily to their Idol fanbase. However, he is at least attempting to expand the fanbase by touring colleges, playing SXSW, etc.

  23. No, just pointing out that you repeated what I said here and in another thread. These numbers would be good if they gave us an idea of the inroads that Kris has made in his genre, but looking at the fact that he has not done a lot to connect with his audience’s genre, we know that these numbers are due to Kris being on AI.

  24. Working with Charlie resulted in a very good album and also helps Kris’ “cred”. And we don’t know if Charlie will get any percentage of the sales — he may have just gotten a flat fee.

  25. I agree that the majority are selling to their Idol fanbase. How can people tell which alums are actually expanding their fanbases especially for the recent alums? For example, can we tell that Phillip, Colton, Scotty, & others who recently had Top 10 hits in their genre are actually expanding their fanbase a good amount or is it due to their hits. There are most likely “new fans,” but IMO you can’t tell if they really expanded their fanbase until the next album.

  26. One of the blessings for A alums is that they have fans everywhere, but it’s also a curse. While they can get booked anywhere in the country, it’s probably not the best game plan for someone who is not getting airplay. Prior to Thrift Shop, Macklemore was able to get so many youtube views, and draw incredibly well, because they were established in one region. They used the fact that they’d been able to find an audience to help them get airplay.

  27. Top 10 hits when you’ve just come off the show are fairly common, so yeah, I think you have to wait at least until the 2nd album cycle to get any kind of idea. And even then, since the sales generally drop, it’s hard to know anything.for sure :)

  28. The alums I referenced (Colton, Phillip, & Scotty) are on their 2nd album cycle. My opinion is that we don’t really know if any of the 3 have expanded outside the Idol fanbase. We could guess or assume. They all have top 20 hits from their 2nd album. But I’m not sure if we can really say their fanbase is not mostly Idol-based until new albums or a significant increase in sales from the current #’s.

  29. Well, what we do know is that both Scotty and Phillip are on pace to sell far fewer albums this time around than they did with their debuts. And that Colton’s 1st week sales are tracking to be less, as well. But none of that necessarily means they haven’t gained a bunch of new fans outside the AI bubble. It’s possible that they lost a bunch of their AI fanbase but replaced at least part of that fanbase with new fans

    Honestly, unless we had a way to track exactly who is buying their music or going to their shows, it’s all guesswork :).

  30. My question is even though the tour will put Kris in front of new people, which is something that he needs. Will it be the demo/audience that is interested in the music that is on Horizons.

  31. In the three cases that you mentioned, I think that we have to look at radio. If radio has embraced their music, I think that that tells us whether or not they’ve made an impact in their genre.

  32. The most well known artist on that list is Eric Clapton, who is a rock legend, and he is #1 on the list so I would say anyone on a top 10 list with him is still doing ok.

  33. Scotty and Phillip have also done a LOT of touring. Colton might have, too, I don’t know. I’d guess that’s a way to pick up fans, especially when you tour with other, better-known performers.

  34. Colton has toured as an opener for Third Day & TobyMac which are big artists in the Christian genre. He has started to headline his own tour.

  35. Eric Clapton’s album opened at #2 on the main BB 200 chart, with 61,000 in sales, though. Being on the same niche chart with KA doesn’t mean their sales are comparable.

  36. Kris has done just as much touring, and he opened for Maroon5, Lifehouse and Keith Urban. I’ve been to a lot of concerts where people don’t even bother to show up to listen to the opener(s). Touring is a good way to make $. But it doesn’t necessarily show if you’ve gained a bunch of new fans — unless say your solo shows make a big jump in attendance. From the handful of boxscores I’ve seen for their solo shows (not ones where they’ve opened for much bigger named artists or festivals/radio shows, etc where there are a bunch of acts), both Scotty & Phillip seem to be playing the same size venues that they were when they first came off Idol (i.e., in the 1K-2K range). There have been one or 2 bigger shows, but those have been exception to the rule.

  37. Anyone have any idea what the difference in profit may be to the artist on an indi album vs a release on a label? I know what gets to the artist under a major label is pretty small per CD. I suppose that is a loaded question because it will vary with the cost to record/produce, the number you are able to sell etc.

  38. True that :). TBH, the only other name on that Top 10 list that is really well known (to me, anyway, haha) are The Arctic Monkeys. The others seem to be newer artists? Lindsey Stirling is right above Kris on that chart, at #9.

  39. I’m not arguing with you, I was responding to elliegrll’s post about looking at it from the perspective that it’s about the music and not AI. I can see I wasn’t the only one confused by that post I guess.

  40. I know Kris has opened for some big name artists. I was just responding to CanadianLady who didn’t know how much Colton has toured. I know opening acts don’t necessarily have a lot of people listening to them. For example, I don’t think many people pay attention to Taylor Swift’s openers.

    Touring is a good way to make $. I do think hits & how well all 3 of them doing on the charts does gain new fans. How significant is it? Unless we see significant increases in sales, touring, or sales for their next albums we don’t know.

  41. I think that tells you if the label has done a good job at radio. If the airplay is generating downloads, it’s a better sign and as far as Raging Fire, airplay seems to have outpaced sales by a fair amount.

  42. I think we may have tried to figure this out when Taylor was putting out his independent albums, because it seemed like he was making much more money than some of the Idols who were on labels. But I don’t know if we ever got any kind of real answer

  43. “Percentage of revenue” was my theory before we knew that recording/production was done really quickly (or much of anything else about the project). This is a case where I’m pretty sure I was simply wrong and it was flat fee, which is the more common arrangement.

  44. I wonder why they don’t have album MP3s on there…just what looks to be single song MP3s? I know Kris has album MP3s for sale on amazon (for $8.99)

    Should we assume he would have the high end royalty deal (thus needing to sell fewer copies to earn min wage)?

  45. I was just curious. I know a couple of people that do pretty good independently, but they also a) got 30K or 40K in their kickstarter to help with the cd and b) do a lot of club dates (with merchandise sales) throughout the year. I was just thinking that if you say get $1 per CD from your label and $5 per CD if you do it yourself, the profit on selling 4K is equivalent to selling 20K on a label for example. You aren’t going to make a million $ but you may be able to live ok.

  46. Not everyone will always have a hit record. And Touring is still a good way to make $. If these guys can fill 1K – 2K range, that’s pretty good. I don’t think Candice even had a lot of opportunities for touring and I can’t see Caleb headlining his own shows at this point.

  47. I wonder why they don’t have album MP3s on there…just what looks to be single song MP3s?

    The fourth item down is album download, which would be album MP3. It’s not labeled with Amazon as well as iTunes, but since they use the same numbers for both when it’s just tracks, I’d just treat ’em as the same for albums. For any specific album, it’s probably not identical, but in aggregate, it’s probably close enough.

    Should we assume he would have the high end royalty deal (thus needing to sell fewer copies to earn min wage)?

    That’s a label deal, which KA doesn’t have. The chart doesn’t really handle distribution deals, which isn’t surprising since details vary so much. On the other hand, we don’t have any better estimate to work with — the only obvious bit is that the retailer gets most of the $$$.

  48. YOUR TOP 15: Wiz Khalifa takes a substantial lead today over Hollywood’sGuardians of the Galaxy ST, giving it a clear win for #1. And can we get a “Yeeeeee haw,” ’cause set to debut in the Top 5 are Chase Rice’s latest LP and Big Machine’sMotley Crue tribute, featuring covers from Rascal Flatts, Florida Georgia Line, LeAnn Rimes, Justin Moore, Brantley Gilbert, Cassadee Pope, Darius Rucker, Big & Rich and more. Here’s how it all looks headed into the weekend:

    * Wiz Khalifa (Atlantic) 75-80k
    Guardians of the Galaxy (Hollywood) 63-68k
    * Chase Rice (Dack Janiels/Thirty Tigers/Columbia Nashville) 37-42k
    Now 51 (NOW) 30-35k
    * Nashville Outlaws: A Tribute to Motley Crue (Big Machine) 27-30k
    Frozen (Walt Disney) 24-27k
    5 Seconds of Summer (Capitol) 21-24k
    Sam Smith (Capitol) 21-24k
    * Ace Frehley (eOne) 17-20k
    Ed Sheeran (Atlantic) 14-17k
    Luke Bryan (Capitol Nashville) 13-15k
    Eric Clapton & Friends (Bushbranch/Surfdog) 13-15k
    Godsmack (Republic) 13-15k
    Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers (Reprise) 12-14k
    Iggy Azalea (Grand Hustle/Def Jam) 10-12k
    * Smokey Robinson (Verve) 10-12k

    * Debuts

    In honor of Ace Frehley’s release, we’ve decided to rock full Spaceman make-up and silver platform boots from now until Tuesday. We’re “dressed to kill,” baby. (8/21p)

  49. None of the three is in a genre that will result in a lot of digital downloads, so that is not a good way to measure whether they’ve made an impact in their genre.

  50. How many in that Top 10 were released this week? Unless something really unusual happens, this will be Kris’ best sales week.

  51. Kris has two pay at least two “middle men” for this album — the producer (Charlie) who probably got a modest upfront payment (advance against royalties) and then gets royalties for sales over X, and Kris has to pay for distribution which is typically a percentage of the MSRP for indie artists.

    A mid-level producer usually get a flat amount per track plus a set amount per hour for the recording session. This could easily be $10K – $50K outfront. I assume that Kris was at the very low end on what he paid. (I think that the album is good and part of the credit likely is Chralie’s.)

    Even with the limited studio time, assuming he sold 4,000 units at $6.00 wholesale cost = $24,000. I can’t see any way Kris will make money on this album but I doubt that was the point. The album gives him new music and is a really good album.

    Typical indie with distribution outfront costs….just to illustrate.

    Studio time for a “budget” 10 track album in a decent studio — $8,000 – $10,000.

    CD and packaging – $7,500 (short run)

    Distribution – $3,000

    Producer – ?? $10,000.

    That puts it around $30K outfront, and that assumes this was run on a very tight budget.

    The only question I have is why he did a CD version. Why not just do a digital release?

  52. Yes, all the VIP tickets are reported as regular-priced tickets — so a $495 ticket = $149.50 ticket plus $245.50 in merchandise sales. Since the whole floor and most of the Plaza level, and the front rows of the upper level were VIP tickets, it is a big number not reflected in the box office gross. The artists get most of that “merchandise” revenue since the VIP stuff probably cost about $15 delivered, and VIPNation only takes a small bite.

  53. “Eric Clapton, who is a rock legend…”

    Yep – that would be true. Kris is OK there. IMO. Funny thing is. I’m listing to a loop of “Layla” and “Old Love” right this minute… so addictive.

  54. Maybe he wanted CDs to sell on tour at the colleges. I think he usually has a signing session & this would give the buyers a reasonable cost item for him to sign.

  55. Since the “Idol” fanbase has accounted for, like, 30k albums for first week sales (seasons 12 and 13 combined) and Candace has only sold like 30k total I think it is safe to say that Scotty and Phillip have grown beyond the Idol fanbase with their 250k and 100k sales for their latest albums. But this is solely conjecture and has no basis in fact.

  56. Scotty plays at festivals, fairs, amusement parks etc. that pull in 5k to 15k fans as well as doing a solo tour to 1k to 5k audiences. That is a lot different than many Idols who play lounges from 1 hundred to 250 fans on the weekends.

  57. some possible reasons: (A) he really likes physical albums. He even did a vinyl version of TYC; (2) he needs physical cds to sell at his gigs when he goes out on tour; (3) lots of fans asked him about physical copies

  58. But how many of those with sales of under 4K are in their first week?

  59. Scotty has sold a quarter of a million albums in his sophomore era,,,,,another gold single,,,,and his new single is # 27 and climbing….,I think he’s doing quite well ……IMO

  60. LOL. Well, with the three VIP tickets I bought to see QAL three times, I think I may have paid Adam’s July mortage!!

    Worth every single cent. Best concerts of my life. I’m just glad that the tour is doing so very well. Sold out every single show, or within just a few seats of completely sold out. In Japan and Australia too.

    I just wish that the VIP merch was of a better quality. The tshirts fall apart in the wash, interestingly, they added more stuff with each package, and the posters were numbered.

    In terms of profit on the VIP merch, it must have been high, because the quality was not what I would have expected. Oh well. Fantastic shows!!!

  61. Lots of Idols have played at fairs, amusement parks, etc. at shows that draw those kinds of crowds. Just off the top of my head. Carrie, Kelly, Adam, Kris, Phillip, Kellie, Lauren, Danny. It is a very common thing, especially for country music artists. But many of those shows are either free or are included in the price of admission to the fair/park, etc

    I have seen very few boxscores for Scotty’s headlining shows where he plays in front of more than 2K.. I’m sure it has happened, but not on a regular basis. But pulling in 1-2K for a solo show on a consistent basis is pretty good. There aren’t that many Idols who can do that.

  62. Scotty is. There are several country artists who sell a boatload of digital downloads

  63. I bought it but wasn’t sure if I would until I heard it. I liked TYC. The debut, not so much. So I had to listen to decide. Now you can find the other 4099 and ask them :)

  64. I think Scotty’s doing well. So is Phillip. The problem is I’m not sure what were their labels expectations. It’s possible they’re happy right now. But it’s possible that the label is disappointed. We don’t know if the label expected better from both of them due to their sales & charting from the debut album.

  65. I’m surprised to see Gwen Sebastian on that but good for her

    ETA: oh nvm, that is the Blake song? Not a fan of Blake :( I was thinking it was her own new single that she’s pushing.

  66. That’s fairly easy to check, as the BB Top 200 chart lists how many weeks an album has been on a chart.

  67. Just check out what most country artists sell and you’ll have a pretty good idea how happy Scotty’s label is with him. He is doing phenomenal in the genre.

  68. As long as Idol is still on the air and Interscope has the label, Candice, Caleb, Jessica Sanchez (if she is still with them), Lauren Alaina will be dropped before Phillip and Scotty. I would include future winners as well, because Idol doesn’t have the bandwidth for big selling debuts anymore.

  69. Of the Top 10 on this week’s BB Independent Albums chart, 7 (including Kris) are listed as being in their 1st week on that chart.

  70. And even if the venue is “free” they aren’t always “full”…I’ve been to fair shows that have played to 1000 and I’ve been to fair shows that have played to 50,000. The better known the entertainer the better the attendance….and Scotty has been playing on the prime night to capacity audiences.

  71. The only thing I really liked was the small poster. We bought shirts which were really nice quality, so we didn’t really need the VIP shirts. If I’m going to use a tote, it would be higher quality ($200 ^) and not those from the package. I didn’t even know I bought VIP tickets, but after I looked at all my charges, I can see why the tickets were sooooo high. I’m not even sure what I’m going to do with the rest of the packages.

  72. You don’t think he was expecting much more? That number seems very low to me … independent artist or not. He has to be disappointed.

  73. How could his number be 6,000 at #80 when Rascal Flatts sold 4100 at #72? Did you mean a little less than 4000?

  74. Do you mean 4000? Because 6000 doesn’t jibe with the numbers we have for albums that are higher than him on the BB Top 200 chart.

  75. I don’t know, but he’s always been pretty realistic and level-headed about the music business, and he would know how many cds were shipped and how many stores were stocking his cd, what the preorders were, etc. So his and his team likely had a general idea of what to expect.

  76. Can’t be 6000. He’s #80 and the #72 album sold 4100. Maybe 4000

  77. I think Phillips airplay is great, sales not so much for singles or albums. He’s been out of the top 200 for 2 weeks and hadn’t sold 100k of his album when it disappeared from the chart. Raging fire didn’t go gold right, even with a top 10 HAC and top 5 AAA charting. Airplay is great, but it takes bucks for the label to push. Sales are necessary since I don’t think Phillip has a 360 deal.

  78. Phillips single went top 10 on HAC, that format generates downloads, not as much as CHR of course, but still results in sales.

  79. He’s doing well. He isn’t doing phenomenal. Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert…those are the type of country artists who are doing phenomenal.

  80. I think its the opposite, he’s sold these albums to whats left of his Idol fanbase, and not on the music. He needs to try and get his name and music out there as much as he can…the easiest and most widespread being youtube, and other social media sites..

  81. What are you basing the above on since no official numbers have been reported in a while, including International sales. And how do you know for sure Phillip doesn’t have a 360 deal with Interscope?
    RF’s #5 AAA and #7 HAC was obviously important enough to Interscope for them to highlight. For a while, it was the only song they had in the Top 10 in these formats.

  82. Our company used to press CD for software, and I know that pressing CD in bulk is dirt cheap. My quick scan today found 1000 DVD for $500 online, but 1000 is a very small volume. More you order, cost per item goes down. I remember it was less than a buck.

    CD is good to occupy shelf, and shelf space is good for advertisement space. There are a lot of outlet (Wallmar, Target, etc) and some of them might be willing to. While, digital download is a monopoly(just about). If Apple says no to iTune store, there isn’t really any other place to advertise. Also, it is hard to sell digital download at the concert. There is something satisfying to have something in your hand, right? What do you ask your artist to sign if it is not CD cover? Your iPhone?

    That’s my guess.

  83. As I recall, RF had better numbers than the other Hot AC only singles around it.

  84. interscope will keep or release people based on what they are doing in comparison to other people in their genre, not in comparison to what other idol alums are dong.

  85. Those artists are at the top of the genre, and some of them receive a lot of mainstream exposure. That isn’t the case with Scotty.

  86. I don’t know about any other HAC singles, but Daughtry’s first single consistently had a better iTunes ranking than Raging Fire did, at a lower chart position.

  87. Daugtry’s first single went to number 1 on the pop charts, which had a lot to do with the number of units it sold. My statement was about songs like RF which do not crossover to the pop charts, where they can get more exposure, especially to those who buy digital downloads.

    As I recall, at the time that RF went top ten, we compared the number of units sold to other songs on the chart that were only getting Hot AC play. RF was one of only a few songs in the top 20 that wasn’t getting pop airplay, but it was selling better than those songs that were relegated to just being on that format.

  88. Sorry, I meant his first single of his current album, Waiting for Superman, which did not crossover.

  89. Actually, RF consistently undersold its HAC chart position. At first, it looked like maybe this was just a side effect of climbing so fast, but sales never caught up with chart position.

  90. You’d be surprised at how many peeps can sit on grassy hillsides.

  91. Outside of a free concert to ~5,000 near Scotty’s hometown, the bulk of Scotty’s solo concerts have drawn 1-2,000. Do you have a link to the stats for any other the 5k audiences that Scotty has played for on his solo tour? All I could find are these stats:

    Recent boxscores for Scotty’s headlining concerts (casinos omitted):

    95 Scotty McCreery Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall Fort Myers, Fla. March 27, 2014 $56,640 1,376 / 1,763 1 / 0 $59.50, $39.50, $29.50 AEG Live/in-house

    227 Scotty McCreery Ruth Eckerd Hall Clearwater, Fla. March 28, 2014 $63,763 1,237 / 1,350 1 / 0 $62.50, $39.50 AEG Live/Ruth Eckerd Hall Presents

    119 Scotty McCreery Florida Theatre Jacksonville, Fla. March 9, 2014 $40,306 1,049 / 1,752 1 / 0 $52.50, $39.50, $29.50 AEG Live

    82 Scotty McCreery Saenger Theatre Pensacola, Fla. March 2, 2014 $47,818 1,284 / 1,567 1 / 0 $55, $39.75, $29.75 AEG Live

    272 Scotty McCreery Roanoke Island Festival Park Manteo, N.C. Sept. 1, 2013 $60,135 2,645 /

    3,500 1 / 0 $30, $25 AEG Live

    149 Scotty McCreery, Angie Johnson Stubb’s Bar-B-Q/Waller Creek Amphitheatre Austin, Texas Nov. 14, 2013 $27,442 1,505 / 2,200 1 / 0 $20, $18 C3 Presents

    306 Scotty McCreery Harrah’s Stir Concert Cove Council Bluffs, Iowa Sept. 13, 2013 $63,373 2,088 / 4,000 1 / 0 $30 C3 Presents/Caesars World Entertainment

    More boxscores at:

    Upcoming concerts for Scotty (all of which are booked in venues ~1,000-2,000):

    Upcoming (indoor) bookings for Scotty’s tour:

    8/10 The Cotillion Ballroom, Wichita, KS (capacity: 2,000)

    9/12 Honeywell Center, Wabash, IN (capacity: 1,500)

    9/26 Temple Theatre, Saginaw, MI (capacity: 1,750)

    9/27 Pfeiffer Hall, Naperville, IL (capacity: 1,057)

    10/04 Peppermill Concert Hall, West Wendover, NV (capacity: 1,000) ETA: associated with a casino, so complimentary tickets are given away)

  92. If Scotty and P2 have grown beyond the Idol fan base, then they wouldn’t have experienced such a huge drop in sales from the debut to sophomore albums. Using the sales of Candice and Caleb as a rationale for Scotty and P2 having grown beyond their Idol fan base makes no sense whatsoever.

  93. these stats are old…and his concert at the Farm was NOT free….5,000 paid tickets sold…fan club party tickets were free before the show….

  94. How are these stats old? The dates range from late last year to earlier this year… and the upcoming venues listed all have capacities of 2000 or less. seems to me these stats are pretty current.

  95. His fans are saying that his concert #’s are selling better because they’ve been told from the venues ticket counters, advertising that it’s sold-out, etc. There have been concert boxscores for Scotty in the past that were reported not sold-out, but the venues on concert day said tickets were sold-out. I’m not sure if the venue just said that, but I think some of that is an issue with fans.

  96. Those were the official stats reported to Billboard for any concerts related to Scotty. If there’s no official stats since March 2014 it’s because it wasn’t been reported. I think venues are in charge of reporting to Billboard.

  97. Yes, sorry, that show wasn’t free (I misremembered, and thought that it was a free show in CA). Still, since The Farm is only 30 minutes from Garner, NC, this was virtually a hometown show for Scotty.

    Those Billboard boxscores are only from March of this year, so they aren’t “old”. Plus, none of the shows were sold out, and the remaining indoor shows are booked into venues of 1-2,000. If Scotty’s draw outside of his home state has increased significantly, then all of these upcoming venues should be sold out.

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