Idol Sales News – Week Ending 05/18/08

Idol Related Sales Numbers after the jump (Billboard issue date 05/31/08)

Anybody care about numbers other than vote totals today? Probably not.

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Now with numbers! (thanks jpfan) Post them if you have them. Thanks!

Digital Download Numbers
7 Jordin Sparks “No Air” 85K (-9%; lw 93, 462 ) Total: 1.78M (7)
87 Jordin Sparks “Tattoo” 14K (-9%; lw
69 Carrie Underwood “Last Name” 18, 286 (36%; lw 18, 286 ) Total: 95, 315 (69)
80 Carrie Underwood …All-American Girl 16K (-5%; lw 16.5K) Total: 520K (72)
88 Daughtry …Feels Like Tonight 15K (-5%; lw 15.5K) Total: 415K (80)
124 Carrie Underwood …Before He Cheats 10K (3%; lw 9.5K) Total: 2.33M (128)
175 Daughtry …Home 8K (-2%; lw 8K) Total: 1.48M (166)

Album Numbers
18 Clay Aiken …On My Way Here 20, 527 (lw 94, 071) Total: 114, 648 (4)
23 Jordin Sparks “Jordin Sparks” 17, 642 (-27%; lw 24, 055) Total: 758, 055 (18)
24 Carrie Underwood “Carnival Ride” 15, 810 (-28%; lw 21, 853) Total: 2, 095, 802 (25)
30 Daughtry “Daughtry” 15, 106 (-27%; lw 20, 809) Total: 4, 059, 919 (27)
88 Carrie Underwood “Some Hearts” 8, 791 (-29%l lw 12, 329) Total: 6, 422, 978 (60)
191 Phil Stacey “Phil Stacey” 3, 530 (-47%; lw 6, 683) Total: 23, 082 (118)

Off Chart
Kellie Pickler …Small Town Girl 2.4K (lw 3K) Total: 759K
Josh Gracin …We Werent Crazy 2.3K (lw 3.4K) Total: 43K (175)
Kelly Clarkson …Breakaway 1.9K (lw 2.4K) Total: 5.99M
Bo Bice …See the Light 1.3K (lw 3K) Total: 54K
Chris Sligh …Running Back To You 1.1K (lw 4, 073 ) Total: 5.1K (190)
Blake Lewis …Audio Day Dream 1.1K ( lw 1.6K ) Total: 294K
Bucky Covington …Bucky Covington 1K (lw 1.6K) Total: 343K
Kelly Clarkson …My December 900 (lw 1K) Total: 765K
Elliott Yamin …Elliott Yamin 700 (lw 1K) Total: 509K
Mandisa …True Beauty 500 (lw 700) Total: 80K
Randy Jackson …Vol 1 Randy Jackson Music Club 500 (lw 700) Total: 30K
Clay Aiken A Thousand Different Ways 400 (lw 400) Total: 526K
Fantasia …Fantasia 400 (lw 300) Total: 513K
Katharine McPhee …Katharine McPhee 200 ( lw 200) Total: 371K
Kimberley Locke …Based on a True Story 100 (lw 200) Total: 21K
Taylor Hicks …Taylor Hicks 100 (lw 100) Total: 702K

Idol Related Albums:
5 Leona Lewis Spirit 62, 321 (-18; lw 75, 709) Total: 617, 788 (6)

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  1. I actually do care because I sincerely heart Clay and want him to do well!

  2. Soundscan numbers:

    18 Clay Aiken 20,527 (total 114K)
    23 Jordin Sparks 17,642 (total 758K)
    24 Carrie Underwood/Carnival Ride 15,810 (total 2,095K)
    30 Daughtry 15,106 (total 4,059K)
    88 Carrie Underwood/Some Hearts 8,791 (total 6,422K)

  3. Clay is moving toward irrelevant. Those numbers won’t give him gold. I’ve only heard the single, but I wish he had recorded some songs that were more radio friendly. The single is as schlocky as his covers CD, and no more current than that entire CD was.

  4. maheshg, have you heard the rest of Clay’s album?
    Several songs – Ashes, Fallings, Where I Draw the Line, Everything I Don’t Need are not ballads, and sonically interesting. They would sound relevant on the radio. (At this very moment 102.7 in NY started playing NIck Lachey!)
    I do not know why they picked ON MY WAY HERE on the first single. While pretty, it does not represent the album prperly, Maybe they think that’s what people expect from Clay.
    At any rate I think the album is wonderfully sung and has food for thought in its lyrics. No matter what it sells.

  5. I actually really like Clay’s song, it’s really current sounding (maybe it’s because it was written by OneRepublic frontman Tedder)

  6. I haven’t paid a lot of attention to the sales numbers. It seems obvious that Kelly, Carrie, and Daughtry have sold well but I had no idea that Jordin was at 758K. I would’ve guessed a lot more than that. I hear Tattoo all the time but that doesn’t mean the album sells well.

    Anyone know how Jordin’s 758K compares to other Idol winners (except Kelly and Carrie who sold in the multi-millions).

  7. Fox Wins Season on Super Bowl, à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‹Idolà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢ Variety
    News Corp.à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s Fox will be the network ratings winner for the 2007-08 season as the Super Bowl and à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã…“American Idolà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬  shielded it from audience declines stemming from the Writers Guild of America strike, Daily Variety reports. Foxà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s ratings increased 5% this season while ratings at CBS, NBC and ABC all fell more than 10%, the newspaper says.
    –Danny King

  8. Jordin’s two huge Top 40 hits have fueled the sale of her album. She’s been outselling Carrie and Daughtry weekly for awhile. Right now, she’s passed Taylor in sales but has a way to go before she hits the platinum status of the others. If she has a third big Top 40 hit, she should get close.

    Album sales are not what they used to be so she’s not doing that badly.

  9. Thanks for the info, jpfan. I don’t think anyone’s album sales will ever be what they used to be. Not even for the really big stars anymore.

  10. I actually am curious about something…. Not that I’m a Clay fan or anything – but I’m wondering how that whole QVC thing turned out. Would those sales even be recorded by soundscan? Has he even done that yet (I haven’t been paying attention).

    I’m just really curious how QVC worked out as an avenue to sell cd’s.

  11. I thought someone once said that sales figures represent sales only at certain types of outlets. Or maybe that was book sales? (Hmmm, I think it was book sales–never mind.)

    I wonder whether, for music, all outlets count or just “certain outlets.”

    Either way, it’s still $$$ in the bank, even if QVC sells them.

  12. I know a couple of years back, anything sold at Costco did not count toward the billboard number. My guess is QVC probably (she said softly) does not count toward billboard numbers.

  13. Jordin is doing quite well for a freshman….I’m sure Clay and some of the others (Bo?) wish they could do as well….but let’s not forget she had a big push behind her coming out the gate. And — she’s “manageable”.

  14. Sally, now that, as of tonight, Jordin isn’t the newest Idol anymore, I wonder how much more of a push she’ll get. She has had her 1 year and 2 days.

    Seems to me that Jordin might be doing extremely well selling singles and not necessarily the whole album.

  15. Rest of the album numbers from Ken Barnes

    And Phil nearly slips off the chart, moving 118-190 and selling in the mid 3,000s, a 47% drop, for a total of 24,000.

    An exploration of uncharted Idol waters follows.

    Top seller among the non-charted Idols is Kellie this week, with 2,400, down from 2,900, for a total of 759,000.

    Josh sold 2,300, down from 3,400, for a total of 43,000.

    Kelly’s Breakaway sold 1,900, down from 2,400, total 5.99 million. My December drops to 800 from 1,000 for a total of 765,000.

    Bo sold 1,300, down from 2,900, for a total of 54,000.

    Blake sold 1,100, off from 1,600, total 294,000.

    Bucky sold 1,000, down from 2,000, for a total of 343,000.

    Elliott sold 700, down from 1,200, total 509,000.

    Mandisa sold 500, down from 700, for a total of 80,000.

    Randy sold 500, down from 700, for a total of 30,000.

    Fantasia, following her appearance on the show is up to 400, from 300, for a total of 513,000.

    Clay sold 300, same as last week, of A Thousand Different Ways. Total is 526,000.

    Katharine stays at 200 for a total of 371,000.

    Kimberley drops to 100 from 200 for a total of 21,000.

    Taylor stays at 100 for a total of 702,000.

    Ruben drops below the line at which I can report his sales this week, but that should change for the better after his performance last night on the show (although that slot almost seemed like an afterthought). His total is 237,000.

    Also falling below the line: Constantine. Total isstill 25,000.

  16. Fantasia, following her appearance on the show is up to 400, from 300, for a total of 513,000.

    That’s just pathetic. Why do TPTB keep keep bringing her back? All her performances were horrendous…

  17. Several songs – Ashes, Fallings, Where I Draw the Line, Everything I Donà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢t Need are not ballads, and sonically interesting.

    Yes, these songs are radio friendly but if RCA does not promote them to radio, how will anyone hear them? Clay has always been denied radio because of this. Cannot understand why. Actually only thing I can imagine is that everyone puts Clay in a “box” and won’t let him spread his wings.

    Maheshg – you really need to listen to the CD. I can guarantee you that you will like it. You’ll say – “Is that really Clay Aiken?”.

  18. Fantasia, following her appearance on the show is up to 400, from 300, for a total of 513,000.

    I would think her sales would flop after that appearance!

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