Idol Sales News – Week Ending 04/18/10

Three big events in the numbers thread this week.

1. Adam Lambert was featured on Idol for two nights AND his remixed EP went into general release. How big was that Idol bump and did the fans follow the AO’s suggestion to buy the tracks individually or save money by buying the entire EP? Either way, WWFM should have a new peak on the download and Hot 100 this week. How high will that be?

2. Jason Castro FINALLY released his album/EP. Castro was originally going to drop his album back in November, but it was pushed back to April to the chagrin of his fans. According to HDD, this album is in the top 20 and should top the Idol Album Leader Board this week.

UPDATE SS: 18) Jason Castro – Jason Castro – 19, 679

3. Glee came back and beat up the download charts. I don’t know if we’ll get the actual numbers for them, but it would be interesting to see if their post-break numbers stand compared to their pre-break numbers.

And with that, we have no numbers yet (cue grumbling). Please post them when you find them. Thanks!

Billboard date 05/01/2010

18 Jason Castro “Jason Castro” 19, 679 (NEW) Total: ~19, 679

• Album units, current chart week: 5.5 million units
• UP 3% from last week’s charts: 5.3 million units
• DOWN 14% from the comparable week in 2009: 6.4 million units

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