Idol Headlines for 8/15/14

Jordin Sparks to co-host PBS’ ‘Star-Spangled’ concert – Former American Idol champion Jordin Sparks and John Lithgow will co-host a PBS concert celebrating the 200th anniversary of the national anthem next month. Star-Spangled Spectacular: Bicentennial of Our National Anthem, a two-hour special, will air as part of the Great Performances series Sept. 13 (8 p.m. ET/PT, times may vary). The show will feature performances by Smokey Robinson, Kristin Chenoweth, Little Big Town, Denyce Graves-Montgomery, Pentatonix, cast members from the off-Broadway production of Stomp, and the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. – Read more at USAToday

S.T.A.R. Alliance with Jose Bautista, Daughtry, Flo Rida, Darius Rucker, Train launches through Creative Coalition, WWE to help stop bullying – The Creative Coalition and WWE (NYSE:WWE), co-founders of the Be a STAR (Show Tolerance And Respect) anti-bullying initiative, announced the launch of the S.T.A.R. Alliance, a group of actors, musicians, comedians, athletes, television personalities and members of The Creative Coalition, who have banded together to put an end to bullying.
Members of the S.T.A.R. Alliance will join WWE Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon, WWE Superstars such as Big Show, The Miz and Mark Henry, and The Creative Coalition to spread the Be a STAR message of showing tolerance and respect to help combat bullying, reaching more than 400 million social media followers combined. Daughtry, Kris Allen and Caleb Johnson are members – Read more at the Miami Herald

‘The X Factor’ stars Alex & Sierra reunite with UCF – That next month, they were signed to the management agency Atom Factory, which also manages other big names in music, such as John Mayer and John Legend. “I think that the company we’re in is pretty amazing — John Legend, John Mayer and some really incredible artists. The fact that we have that same management is really crazy,” Kinsey said. “Our thought processes is ‘if the Atom Factory is good enough for John Mayer, it’s good enough for us.'” However, while several aspects of their lives have sped up since their televised victory, one aspect has come to a halt: Kinsey’s education. While Deaton graduated in August last year with a degree in advertising and public relations, Kinsey still technically has one year left in his communications degree. Finishing that degree, however, is easier said than done. “I would like to return [to UCF] eventually, but it’s impossible now,” Kinsey said. “This week we’re in 12 cities in five days. We’re [in Orlando] so little, with promo and everything.” – Read more at Central Florida Future

‘The Voice’ Alum RaeLynn Talks Girl Power and Unicorn Onesies – See more at: – After lighting up the second season of The Voice on Team Blake, country singer RaeLynn has been shooting up the charts with her debut single “God Made Girls,” a feel-good girl power anthem. With lines like, “He needed something soft and loud and sweet and proud / But tough enough to break a heart / Something beautiful and breakable that lights up in the dark / So God made girls,” it’s no wonder the Texas native has her female fans’ full support. “They love it so much,” she told Trending 10 host Katie Van Buren. “Any time I sing it live, they put their cup up—they’re just loving it because, you know, we like being girls in this world.” – See the Video at Fuse.Tv

‘Big Brother’: Julie Chen says ‘I am surprised the women didn’t put up more of a fight this year’ – ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What was Nicole’s biggest mistake in this game?
JULIE CHEN: Unfortunately, her biggest mistake was trusting Christine too much and realizing she couldn’t, too late. She was also too honest, but it made her beloved by fans. She got TWO rounds of applause upon her eviction by the live audience, which has never happened this season and the other houseguests inside noticed. Take that! – Read more at

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  1. Hey, MJ – that headline for the S.T.A.R. Alliance project is wrong. You have Daughtry listed twice. It should read Kris, Caleb and Chris D. :)

    Also, supposedly James is involved with this as well, even though he isn’t mentioned in the article.

  2. I would assume it would just be her. Super Bowl halftime shows are generally one main performer, although occasionally there has been a second act or the person brings on other people for a song or two (like Beyonce did with the other members of Destiny’s Child, for example).

    TIJ – EP65 – WWE’s Bray Wyatt & American Idol’s James Durbin

    James Durbin finished 4th on Season 10 of American Idol. That was the same year Y2J competed on Dancing With The Stars at the sound stage next door. They had many LA adventures together while competing… and you’ll hear some of the crazier stories! Plus, get a very real look at the behind-the-scenes workings of Idol, the audition process, & what James believes led to his demise! James is also a HUGE pro wrestling fan & had a quite a moment with Hulk Hogan. It’s wrestling, singing, DIO, and the trappings of instant fame.

  4. Kris Allen @KrisAllen
    It’s an honor to be a part of the @beaSTARalliance to end bullying & show tolerance/respect always. #BAStarAlliance

  5. Just want to point out that the reason we haven’t covered the rumor here yet is that the sole source is some random sports gossip blog which started out with total garbage posts years ago, though it may have had legit football-entertainment related scoops in the last couple of years. This site did post that Carrie would take over the Sunday Night Football intro a few weeks before it was announced, but let’s face it, a lot of people were guessing that anyway. Similarly, Carrie is going to be on a few educated guessers’s shortlists for the Super Bowl halftime show, so this site could just be presenting a guess as fact.

    A moderator at Pulse seems to have confirmed the rumor but I don’t know if that’s through an independent source. The official CMA account tweeted a couple days ago saying something like “RT if you want Carrie Underwood to perform the Super Bowl Halftime Show” before deleting it within 30 minutes. I think it’s possible Carrie’s people asked them to delete it, but whether that would mean she’s not in the running or she is, nobody knows. Carrie was working with Brad on CMA Awards promos that day.

    IF Carrie is going to be a part of the Super Bowl halftime show, I’m sure there will be at least one special guest. Carrie would pair naturally with a legacy rocker, or as you pointed out Carrie could bring country collaborators like Brad and Miranda along.

  6. Thanks – that’s why I keep calling it a rumor. Before I saw this – I was predicting it would be a country superstar this year but strangely Carrie never crossed my mind. I was thinking Luke Bryant, Blake Shelton, or Jason Aldean or some other male. It just made sense to me that it would be country – so I guess that’s why I’m ready to believe it could be Carrie.

  7. I wonder if Adam might have a single out this year. Adam’s publicist tweeted this:

    shoshanna stone @shoshannastone

    Can’t stop listening to this new song. Wowwweeeeeeeeee :))))

  8. Actually recently it is usually a main performer and one or more guests. Last year – Bruno Mars and Red Hot Chili Peppers. Before that as you said Beyonce and Destiny’s Child.

    2012 – Madonna, LFMAO, Nicki Minaj, CeeLo Green
    2011 – Black Eyed Peas, Usher, Slash

  9. Ooh, interesting. It would great if Adam did put a single out this year. But do we even know for sure that she’s referring to one of Adam’s songs? I’m assuming she has other clients :)

  10. Maybe Adam is listening Kris’s Horizons when he made this tweet. That is what I want to believe. Matt Giraud tweeted earlier his love for the album, saying it is Kris’s best.

  11. Yes, it’s been a while since the Super Bowl halftime show had a country headliner – last time was 2003 with Shania (with No Doubt & Sting).

    As far as who it’d be if it were country, Luke & Jason don’t have the starpower yet despite being able to sell records and tour tickets, and they’re not known as TV ratings draws. Blake is a star but his music is not very popular nor is his stage show seen as anything noteworthy. Out of that group of guys Luke is by far the best entertainer, but I don’t think he’d be in the halftime conversation yet. I’m actually pretty sure Carrie would be a stronger candidate in the NFL/networks’s minds than those 3 – she was part of a huge ratings event for NBC (which is airing next year’s Super Bowl) just last year, she has a track record of visually ambitious stage performances, she currently has broader appeal, and she’s the only 1 out of those 4 who’s had even 1 hit that had a major pop culture impact.

    If they’re specifically looking for a country act, the main guy I can think of who’d be considered is Garth. He combines legacy appeal with a current comeback, and he’s an extraordinary entertainer who delivered pretty good ratings for his Vegas special last year. Surprisingly, he hasn’t headlined the Super Bowl halftime show yet.

  12. Chris Daughtry


    In the studio with the one and only mr. @howard_benson1 #shhhh #youdontevenknowwhatsabouttogodown

    Award Productions @awardprod

    We filmed late last night with Chris Daughtry capturing some behind the scenes music recording for a Fox TV series premiering this fall.

  13. Sparks does a nice SSB. That should be good.
    Now if this show actually featured performers doing potential alternatives (God Bless America and Hail Columbia were contenders until legislation in 1931), and it led to a mass movement to replace the SSB, I’d tune in and pop star spangled popcorn for everyone.

  14. Has Gotham gotten a theme song yet? It’s pretty high profile and CD can pull off “moody” quite well.

  15. But, even in the some of the cases that you mention, there was only one main act. Janet Jackson was the main performer in 2004, and Madonna was the main performer in 2012. They asked other huge acts to join them.

  16. I have a feeling Adam might be too busy to be listening to Kris’s album at the time of the tweet, but that doesn’t mean he won’t listen to it later.

  17. Joaquin Sedillo @joaquinsedillo · 2h
    “@klainefeelings: @joaquinsedillo please tell us, we’ll see @adamlambert on season 6? / ily ?” I hope so!

  18. I’m not sure exactly what this means, but it sounds interesting…

    EDM News Review @edmnewsworld
    Premiere rumors @MysterySkulls American indie pop/electronic collab with @nilerodgers @adamlambert @Avicii

  19. I wonder whose album this is for. Rumor is Avicii’s next album will be more rock.

  20. She also said it was his own song not a collaboration.

    KMS @kms15423

    @shoshannastone Adam’s own song or the ~rumoured Mystery Skulls feature? ViewConversation

    shoshanna stone@shoshannastone

    @kms15423 own song

  21. I’m pretty sure that the Mystery Skulls song is for the Mystery Skulls album and the song the Shoshonna is tweeting about is a different song. The Mystery Skulls song was written by Avici, Nile Rodgers, and Adam when they worked together about a year ago. It was always intended for Mystery Skulls–they said so at the time.

  22. The Krim Group (TKG) @TheKrimGroup
    Have some exciting news regarding @KrisAllen and @GlobalGenes to share next week! Stay tuned . . .

  23. Looks like more re-connecting with old WWE friends tomorrow night too….

    James Durbin ?@DurbinRock 2h
    @chazmanrflover I’ve been at #SummerSlam the last 2 years. But this year I’ll be at #wwelive tomorrow night.

  24. THR: Following Suicide Scare, ‘American Idol’ Alum Josh Gracin Checks Into Psychiatric Facility

    In a statement to THR, Gracin said he is taking full responsibility for his actions and is moving forward.
    “I want to thank you all for your prayers and support. I take responsibility for my actions and apologize dearly for what I have put my family through. With the help of my family and friends, I am getting help,” he said. “Again, thank you for your love and I will see you very soon.”

  25. Adam is a cheer leader for others music. He promotes many, especially his friends. I’m sure he and Kris will always have a coonnection.

  26. Melinda Doolittle @mdoolittle
    ACCEPT YOUR CHALLENGE… @MichaelSlezakTV @KrisAllen @HarryConnickJR…
    #StrikeOutALS #IceBucketChallenge

  27. The American Idol Experience at Disney World in Orlando is closing earlier than originally announced according to THR. August 30 is now scheduled to be the last day. That will be 4 months ahead of the previous closing date.

  28. A lot of celebrities have been doing this ice bucket challenge to raise money for and awareness of ALS (a.k.a Lou Gehrig’s Disease). Melinda Doolittle accepted the challenge (see YT video below, her expression after dumping the water over her head, lol), and in turn has challenged Harry Connick Jr, Kris Allen & Michael Slezak to join in. Hopefully they will take her up on her challenge

  29. I do sympathize…..about the black hair part. LOL. This is making the rounds with my friends….It’s only a matter of time before it gets to me. Grabbing my checkbook….I will not douse ice cubes over my head. Well maybe….still will make the donation, one of my favorite soap actors was stricken with ALS a few years ago. It’s a worthy cause.

  30. yeah, a distant relative of mine died of ALS about 15 yrs ago. It’s a horrible disease. The person who basically sparked this particular ice bucket challenge has ALS and is just 29 yrs old. His wife is due to give birth next month. He’s determined to keep on living. It’s so sad that they don’t seem any closer to a cure, or even to any kind of treatment to slow the disease, than they were back when Lou Gehrig was diagnosed (in 1939).

  31. That’s pretty amazing, considering the whole thing only started two weeks ago.!!

  32. Adam doing some multi-tasking :)


    #Spent the past few hours working on new lyrics for my new album. Getting so excited! Can’t wait to finish it when I get back to LA.!

    #Feels so fulfilling to have different projects all in motion at once. Multitasking is so chic! Lol

  33. His was done July 1st, but it was for the Kay Yow Cancer Fund. Same challenge, different cause.

  34. Adam for some reason didn’t tweet it to Kris’ correct email so I doubt if Kris even saw it. I am guessing that a lot of Kris/Adam fans tweeted Adam about the album which is why he tweeted. Or maybe he saw Matt G’s tweet.

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