Idol Headlines for 4/8/08

Ben & Jerry Launches Partnership with the ONE Campaign to Bring New Voices to the Fight against Global Poverty

Dedicated to making poverty history, the ONE Campaign welcomed Ben & Jerry as a partner, announcing a joint endeavor today to fight extreme poverty and preventable disease around the world. The partnership was announced at the Ben & Jerry Scoop Shop in Burbank, California, and featured Ben & Jerry Co-Founders Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, and David Lane, CEO and President of the ONE Campaign. The event also featured longtime ONE members DAUGHTRY and a performance by the African Children Choir.

In an effort to support ONE, Ben & Jerry will create a new channel of awareness to end extreme poverty and suffering with its newest flavor, ONE Cheesecake Brownie. The company is working with ONE to help raise awareness and draw attention to these world issues.

Booted ‘Idol’ Ramiele Performs For Access

Booted “American Idol” Ramiele Malubay comes to the Access Hollywood stage to perform “You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me” one final time.

Access Hollywood

‘American Idol’ Power List: The Top 8

Michael Johns surges past Brooke White… See where Michael Slezak ranks your favorite finalists, as they head into ”Idol Gives Back” week.

Entertainment Weekly

Top 8 Power Rankings: David C. Is Still Cooking

Thanks to another solid performance, David Cook remained atop’s American Idol Power Rankings this week, though David A. is never too far behind. This marks D.C.’s third turn at No. 1 in the past four weeks. In fact, the only biggish story here is that after weeks of nipping at Brooke’s heels, Carly finally caught up to the blonde crooner. Is that development more about Carly really delivering or Brooke failing to show us any new tricks?

TV Guide

David Cook’s Other Inspiration

Last week, Star reported that Adam Cook, 36, was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 1998. Eight years later, Adam’s outlook is still uncertain. “Regardless of what happens, he’s the strongest person I know, ” says David.

Like the orange bracelet he wears for Lindsey, David has an “AC” on his guitar as a tribute to Adam.

Star Magazine

Here’s the skinny on those dandy ascots

Men’s neckwear has gone retro with skinny ties at the throats of hipsters, but is the typical male ready to go really retro with an ascot?

Think effete English dandy, not macho American guy.

And yet: American Idol contender Michael Johns sang a bluesy number last week while wearing a pink-and-purple Alexander McQueen ascot, chosen by Idol stylist Miles Siggins. The contestants need “a recognizable brand, and I was thinking dandy rocker, ” says Siggins, who has picked out a vintage ascot for Johns to wear this week.

USA Today

01 idol hope for telethon

Former Greenwood boy turned American Idol star Michael Johns may fly home from the US to open Telethon on October 4. Telethon artistic director and family friend Marina Del Basso says Johns is keen to sing at the opening, but it all depends on his US tour schedule.

Johns has gone from obscurity in WA to fame in the US, where he has lived for a decade, by making it into the final 10 of American Idol.

Idol Chatter: Davids Are Goliaths

David Archuleta and David Cook are stylistic opposites who have each attracted a fan base. Archuleta, the slim 17-year-old with the aw-shucks smile, elicits a high-treble wail from his fans each time he steps onstage. Cook, 25, is more average in build and sports a recently tamed combover.

Archuleta’s songs usually range from intense to preachy, but they’re delivered in his almost angelic timbre. Cook’s voice is far grittier, and he gives even the simplest of his tunes a twist in arrangement.

Read Express

Would Archuleta win on ‘Survivor: Idol’?

We’re midway through the current season of one of America’s top TV shows, and the cute, diminutive young man from Utah only has seven more rivals to outwit, outplay and outlast before he claims the big prize.

Oh … um … wait. That was last fall, when Utahn Todd Herzog won a million bucks on “Survivor.” Now, Utahn David Archuleta is trying to outsing and outlast the competition on “American Idol.”

“Idol” is a much different game than “Survivor, ” so Archuleta can’t do what Herzog did. He can’t lie, backstab and maneuver his way to victory. Well, not on camera, anyway.

Deseret News

Singers overcame crises to compete on ‘American Idol’

“American Idol” contestants will sing their hospitable hearts out for charity Wednesday night, but many could use some help themselves.

This season is proving to be the most tragic yet for the potential pop stars. They’ve been plagued with problems from homelessness to heartache over the loss of a parent. But that hasn’t distracted the suffering singers from thinking about others.

Tomorrow, they’ll join celebrities like Brad Pitt, Bono, Mariah Carey, Robin Williams and Snoop Dogg in appealing to the audience for donations. The money raised from the “Idol Gives Back” show will go to various charities, both here and abroad.

NY Daily News

‘Idol’ panel offers keys to staying in the running

The two Davids look like locks. Syesha, Jason, Kristy Lee and even Brooke look vulnerable. That leaves two inconsistent enigmas: Carly and Michael. The coaches share tips on how they can maximize their chances.

USA Today

Phil’s Pages: Chapter 11 — A look at this year’s Idol season

In this week’s installment, Phil makes his pick for this year’s Idol crown.

Good morning, everyone. So I have been giving you weekly updates on my career and telling you about my journey to the offical CD launch date of April 29, but I thought this week we could talk about the current season of American Idol.

For me, it’s usually around this time that the winner starts to become more predictable. I have been telling everyone who has asked that I suspect David Cook to walk away with this year’s title. This doesn’t mean that I don’t like the other contestants, mind you. I would actually buy a CD from any of the remaining finalists, as they are all unbelievably talented and are great artists in their own right. I have just felt like Cook’s performances have continually stood out as far as energy is concerned and the presentation by the lighting crew has always been beneficial to him. He looks like a rock star up there.

USA Today

Idol gives back but contestants pay price By Ayla Brown

…Idol is doing something honorable and genuine by raising money for those in need throughout the world. However, part of me thinks that one of the reasons for this event is to prove how much of a …powerhouse the show is. The producers of the show have egos, and they know there is nothing better than showing off a room filled with celebrities who are worth millions to America.

For this reason, …Idol Gives Back takes away from the singers who are competing. People almost forget about them during the night. Last year, Ryan Seacrest announced that no one would be eliminated, and ultimately two people went home the following week. That process left me frustrated. But who cares when …Idol is making millions from that one episode and giving to charities around the world?

Boston Herald

American Idol: Idol Giveth and Idol Taketh Away

And even though we will be forced to endure about 17 hours of …American Idol this week, spread over three days, we probably will not be treated to seeing either Syesha Mercado or Kristy Lee Cook booted until next week. How charitable would it be to send the 8th place …American Idol contestant to her inevitable future opening up a brand new Appleby in Novi, MI or starring on …Celebrity Fit Club/Rehab during the same week where AI is trying to save folks around the world from poverty and misfortune?

So, here are some …Idol Gives Back predictions for night one, the evening in which we all show up to watch the people we actually care about perform.


John Legend: Simon Cowell “Keeps It Real”

John Legend may be Mr. Nice Guy in real life, but dont think he would play the same card if he were an American Idol judge. The Grammy winner admits hed mostly be like acid-tongued Simon Cowell than sympathetic Paula Abdul.

“He keeps it real!” John tells OK! at the Idol Gives Back taping. …If I were him, I’d probably say some of the same things. I’m very frank in my private judgments about other people’s singing.

OK Magazine

Paula Abdul takes an ‘Idol Gives Back’ fashion risk!

“American Idol” judge Paula Abdul certainly chose a Wow! dress for last night’s taping of the show’s annual fundraiser, “Idol Gives Back.”

Paula_abdul_hairHer bright red gown – by Elizabeth Emanuel – was hiked up and fastened with a rhinestone clip that matched the clips on her black pumps. It also had a long bustle in the back.

Paula piled her unmercifully teased hair high and stuck an enormous red Christmas bow on her dangling ponytail.

The Dish Rag

‘Idol’ worship: Who wore what, and why was Brad Pitt mum?

The fashions at last night’s taping of “Idol Gives Back” ranged from the sublime to the casual.

Carrie Underwood wore a formal, off-the-shoulder Farah Angsana satin gown. Fergie was poured into what looked like rubber pants with high boots and a black Lycra tank. Miley Cyrus chose predictable teen pop star staples: skin-tight jeans, boots and a white silk tank with glitzy silver spangles.

Though he wore the night’s dorkiest hat (possibly to hide what looked like a freshly shaved head) Brad Pitt got the biggest, and longest, round of applause ‘  which you may be able to see for yourself Wednesday night, April 9, when the edited show airs on Fox.

The Dish Rag

‘American Idol’ finalist Blake Lewis to appear at Celebration Cinema South

Local radio station WHTS-FM (105.3) is featuring a contest to meet “American Idol” Season 6 runnerup Blake Lewis, who will be in Grand Rapids from 6-8 p.m. Tuesday at Celebration Cinema South. Lewis will be meet fans and participate in a Q&A session. He’ll also stick around to watch “American Idol” on one of the big screens.


Rivermen Weekly

Saturday, April 12 vs. Iowa Stars – 7 pm

Ralph Rashid/UFS Downtown Outlet Center Fan Appreciation Night! Come down and celebrate a great season of Rivermen Hockey with tons of giveaways, prizes, and fun!

American Idol Night featuring Justin Guarini, Kimberly Caldwell, and Gina Glocksen signing autographs before and during the game, plus a fun concert following the game with songs from each Idol!

Our Sport Central

Jordin Sparks at Celebrity Fight Night

Jordin Sparks sings at Fight Night XIV held at the JW Marriott Resort in Phoenix on Saturday.

Muhammad Ali and his wife Lonnie hosted the event and were joined by celebrities and entertainers for the fight against Parkinson disease at the 14th annual event

Just Jared

Z100 sets Zootopia lineup

Miley Cyrus, Ferras and Jordin Sparks are among the performers scheduled for Z100/WHTZ-FM’s Zootopia concert on May 17.

The show, to be held at the Izod Center in East Rutherford, also will feature sets by New Kids on the Block, the Jonas Brothers, Simple Plan and others.

Tickets go on sale at 4 p.m. Friday to ZVIP members via Ticketmaster, with a four-ticket limit per order. To become a ZVIP member, visit

Meet American Idol Chris Richardson and check out Edy’s ‘Idol ice cream’

Chesapeake’s own American Idol, Chris Richardson, will be at the Farm Fresh at 1464 Mount Pleasant Road in Chesapeake from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, April 9.

Don’t miss your chance to meet the ‘Idol’ celeb up close and personal! Chris finished in the top five on the sixth season of American Idol. He’s Chesapeake’s claim to fame, as he graduated from Great Bridge High School.

Hampton Roads

Your Latest Update

Bo Bice hits the road this summer playing a variety of venues including amphitheatres, fairs and clubs. Dates include June 19 in Sutton, WV, at Mountain Lakes Amphitheater, June 21 in Seaside Heights, NJ, at Joey Harrison’s Surf Club, July 19 in San Juan Capistrano at The Coach House, July 25 in Agoura Hills, CA, at Canyon Club, and July 28 in Paso Robles, CA, at the California Mid-State Fair.


Concert review: Carrie Underwood

Watching Carrie Underwood perform is like watching your seven-year-old niece practice her baton twirling in the living room. Yes, she may drop the stick a few times, but when it over you cant help but smile and tell her she amazing.

Underwood may have botched a few notes here and there at her Nationwide Arena appearance Friday night, but her shining personality and astounding stage presence kept the nearly sold-out audience on their feet.

Complete with a full band, whose sound at times overpowered her vocals, the 25-year-old from Oklahoma performed hits …Some Hearts, …All American Girl, and …Jesus Take the Wheel like a pro, her shy days on …American Idol definitely long behind her.

Central Ohio

Carrie Underwood Reveals Text-Message Split from Chace

When Carrie Underwood and Chace Crawford split up, the couple called it quits digital style, says the country star.

“It was completely mutual, ” Underwood told Extra at the taping of Idol Gives Back. “We broke up over text so … it’s like ‘peace out.’ ”

According to Underwood, the breakup wasn’t a tearful confrontation, but a realization that the romance just wasn’t meant to be between her and the Gossip Girl hunk. “It just didn’t work, ” she said. “We both knew it didn’t work and [had] no hard feelings at all whatsoever.”


Carrie Underwood Talks Music

In regards to giving tips to the contestants Carrie said, …Leave it all out there, do the best you can, they already know that I dont think there was anything anyone could have told me to prepare me, but if you have any questions Im here.

Carrie went on to talk about Simon Cowell and his outspoken ways. …Somebody gotta do it, he not the bad guy but that what he there for, it always drives me nuts when contestants stand there and argue with him, Im like that what he paid to do, I took it so you stand up there and you take it, take it like a man.


Snap judgment: Clay Aiken’s ‘On My Way Here’

It’s no secret that pop radio has never been particularly welcoming to American Idol’s season 2 runner-up Clay Aiken, and so it makes sense that “On My Way Here, ” the lead single from his upcoming CD (due May 6), is aimed directly at an adult contemporary audience. Yet while Clay’s vocal is more restrained than usual on “On My Way Here” (huzzah!), the melody is surprisingly bland for an artist who’s already facing an uphill battle for airplay. (It would be like the new restaurant on the block choosing “toast with butter” as the house specialty.)

Entertainment Weekly

Crawford Fair books rock band Daughtry

MEADVILLE – Crawford County Fair officials have tapped fresh blood to breathe some new life into their rock ‘n’ roll shows.

Fair Treasurer Fred Wagner announced Monday morning that Grammy-nominated rock group Daughtry, fronted by former “American Idol” contestant Chris Daughtry, will perform Aug. 19 during the 63rd edition of the fair.

Tickets go on sale Monday for $45 racetrack reserved and $40 grandstand reserved. An opening act has not yet been announced for the 7:30 p.m. concert.

Spirit by Leona Lewis

There is no question the 23-year-old can sing. She has tremendous range and vocal strength, as well as the ability to pull off those Mariah Carey-esque high notes that some people find appealing while others (including myself) find them agonizingly shrill.

But while her voice is technically strong, it lacks the soul – or even the personality – to make it unique. Listening to the album, I got the distinct feeling I was listening to a slickly produced industry creation, rather than a person. Leona Lewis is a long way from being a soul singer – in fact, she sounds more like a Stepford singer.

Vancouver Sun

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