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Archuleta Idol

Seacrest says that …a superstar will emerge from the group of 20 singers left in the competition. He says that as though it were a threat. And the show is doing everything it can to make that threat stick. They really cant afford any more stillborn albums by Jordin Sparks and Blake Lewis or anyone else for that matter.

That why the fix is in.

I have no proof, obviously. Only observation. And it just seems like, like just the tiniest teensiest bit, that David Archuleta is the only male contestant I have any reason to be writing about among this group of 10.


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“Idol” Kids — Feudin’ Like Cats and Dogs

We have spies — of course we do — inside “American Idol, ” and things between the contestants have gotten ugly from the get go.

At least one of the female contestants has taken cheap, Imus shots at Syesha Mercado, calling her hair “nappy, ” among other insults — behind her back. Nice.

And the guys were ganging up against 17-year-old David Archuleta, making snarky remarks, again, behind his back. But who can blame them? Our sources say record execs at 19 Entertainment have already been in touch with top record publishers in Hollywood, and the word has already been sent out to songwriters to write this kid some tunes.


Travelers’ Checks: ‘American Idol’ camp moves to Southern California

Auditioners for “American Idol” dream of going to Hollywood, but for just under $3, 000, they can get within 65 miles of it – provided they’re between the ages of 10 and 15.

Idol Camp, a performing arts youth program operated by the TV show’s producers, is moving from Massachusetts to Pali Mountain near Lake Arrowhead (San Bernardino County) for the 2008 season.

Beginning June 15, the camp will offer five two-week sessions for up to 150 participants at a time. Classes include singing (presumably not just around the campfire), dancing, acting, song writing, audition and performance techniques, “personal style, ” video production and set design; swimming, team sports and “traditional camp activities” will also be offered, according to its Web site, Campers will sleep in cabins and eat meals served in a dining hall, supervised by counselors.


Look who sharing the stage with Bon Jovi!

It was the world first big glimpse of Chris Daughtry: the barely known, gritty-voiced singer performing a Bon Jovi cover song on American Idol.

It was far from the last.

What a run it been for the North Carolina resident with the famously shaved head: His self-titled debut album, which stacks pop-ready melodies atop its guttural metal riffs, was last year top-selling rock record. It was accompanied by a seemingly nonstop road run.

Daughtry had become, by every measure, a major success.

Bon Jovi lights up Verizon Center

Opening the show was Daughtry, the current hits machine fronted by former Fluvanna County resident Chris Daughtry.

Daughtry and his four-piece band attacked his songbook with what looked like passion but sounded uninspired.

Ubiquitous radio favorites “It Not Over” and “Feels Like Tonight” are catchy pop/rock tunes that were delivered ably, but perhaps it the limited range of Daughtry voice that infused other songs such as “You Dont Belong” and “What I Want” with nothing but dullness.

Chris Daughtry clearly admires the Bon Jovi model ‘  right down to naming his band after himself ‘  so it hoped he watching from the sidelines each night to pick up some pointers.


‘Idol’ gave impetus to rising star Pickler

Kellie Pickler began 2006 as a 19-year-old college dropout and former beauty queen, but before the year was out she was a country music star with a gold record at the top of the charts

The turnaround came courtesy of the North Carolina native’s participation in the fifth season of “American Idol.” Pickler’s pageant looks, Southern charm, and big voice made her a favorite of the show’s infamous prickly judge, Simon Cowell. She came in sixth in the singing competition, but landed a record deal soon after leaving the show.

Her aptly titled debut, Small Town Girl, featuring five songs co-written by the singer, was released in October 2006 and has sold more than 700, 000 copies to date. Singles such as “Red High Heels” and “I Wonder” also helped her get a nomination for Top New Female Vocalist at the Academy of Country Music Awards.

She’ll be up for four awards at April’s Country Music Television Awards. And tonight she’ll be at FedExForum, opening for Rascal Flatts. She spoke to The Commercial Appeal from the road earlier this week.

Commercial Appeal

SOHH Exclusive: Jordin Sparks “Idolizes” Alicia Keys, “I’m Excited About Going On Tour”

Sparks is also set to open up for R&B mega star Alicia Keys on her upcoming national tour. The “American Idol” winner is thrilled, though she’s not quite sure how the match up came about.

“I actually have no idea, ” she says. We were looking for people to tour with. We had a couple of other options and [then] they were like, ‘You’re going on tour with Alicia Keys.’ and I said, ‘OK!’

“That’s no problem with me. I would love to go with Alicia Keys. So now I’m going. It will be me Ne-Yo and Alicia so I’m excited about that.”

Tickets On Sale March 3 for ‘Back to the Bottle’ Red Carpet Dinner Premiere

Tickets for the red carpet premiere of Francesca E. Karle newest docu-drama go on sale March 3. The $25 tickets cover a Mediterranean dinner, the showing of …Back to the Bottle, appearance by MTV and VH1 celebrities and a performance by George Huff (…American Idol).

The alcohol addiction awareness raising film will be the opening night highlight of the Appalachian Film Festival which runs Thursday, April 17 through Saturday, April 19 at the Keith Albee Performing Arts Center.

Huntington News

Abdul introduces Jackson’s all-star “Music Club”

After dabbling in nearly every area of the music industry, Grammy Award-winning producer/musician and “American Idol” judge Randy Jackson is adding “solo album” to his already impressive resume, and he’s bringing “Idol” colleague Paula Abdul along for the venture.

The Abdul-driven “Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow” is the first single from “Randy Jackson’s Music Club, Vol. 1, ” due March 11 via Jackson’s new Concord Music Group imprint Dream Merchant 21. The 12-track collection showcases a diverse range of artists, from established vets like Mariah Carey, Travis Tritt and Richie Sambora to such up-and-coming talents as Barbi Esco and Kelli Selah.


Paula Abdul Announces New Album With Old Favorites

Paula Abdul is working on her first new album in more than 13 years. The ‘American Idol’ judge is revisiting her pop-star past, returning to the studio with a horde of producers to record new music and to re-record a number of her smash hits from the ’80s.

“It was really nice being able to have no one expecting anything, ” she told Rolling Stone about the process of recording incognito. “No one knew that this was coming, it just kind of crept up from behind, and it was nice not having to feel the pressure of a time constraint.”


Simon Cowell fears marriage in case wife takes his money

3am EXCLUSIVE ‘Terri’s great but I don’t believe in marriage, not in this business..after a couple of years they clean you out’

Simon Cowell isn’t afraid of having a pop at people. He reckons Britney is a has-been, Robbie Williams going on strike is “nonsense” and Sharon Osbourne is a “handful”. But there is one thing that does scare him stiff – marriage

No sooner has TV’s Mr Nasty welcomed us into his £5million Hollywood mansion for a surprisingly candid interview, than we learn his little secret.


Debra Poneman …Hold True to Your Passions through Life Detours

Actually, some of the Idols wrote their own stories. Carrie Underwood, for example, is an excellent writer. She was a journalism major, so I didn’t have to do but a word or two of editing with her stories. Kimberly Caldwell wrote her own. Carmen Rasmusen wrote her own. A lot of the kids wrote their own. A lot of the Idols are not great at writing, or they were too busy.

Last season’s Idols were too busy to write, so I went backstage, and I personally interviewed all of the Idols from Season Six. That was also when I went backstage and I interviewed bandleader Rickey Minor; Debra Bird, the vocal coach; Nigel Lythgoe, who’s the producer; the directors; and the hairstylists. The other kids from the other seasons, who weren’t great writers, I interviewed most of them over the phone.

Healthy Wealthy Wise

American Idol Plucking My Last Nerve

Despite claims to the contrary, there was no shocker this week on American Idol.

It as if people forgot that four jerkoffs had to go home this week.

It just happened to be:
Jason Yeager (your next American Idol Douchebag)
Alexandrea …All That and a Bag of Stale Potato Chips Lushington
Alaina …Park Your Car in Between My Front Teeth Whitaker
Robbie Carrico (Bo Bice lite)

Just because Suckcrest says this is the best lot of Idols doesnt make it so.


American Idol Goodnight and Good Riddance

A few observations from tonight results show:

1.The Powers That Be let Paula talk an awful lot tonight. And she was nearly coherent.

2. The amount of cheering for Archu-D2 merely appearing on the stage is more than a quadrillion times the cheering for the other nineteen contestants collectively (no matter how many songs he allegedly rips off).

3. Holy high-waisted mom jeans, Ramiele!


American Idol: Hopelessly Crazy If You Leave Me Now, Wayward Son

I have a confession to make. While channelsurfing, I caught the end of a particularly hellacious episode of The Moment of Truth. The one where a dirty blonde who resembled a brassy Miss Piggy ‘fessed up to the following: 1. Being fired for stealing money from her workplace, 2. Not being in love with her husband on her wedding day, 3. Having sexual relations with men other than her husband post-wedding, and 4. Believing that she married the wrong man. Wow. That makes the three ring, two tranny circus that is American Idol look super classy!


‘American Idol’: And Then There Were 16

Four more Idolettes have to go. Host Ryan Seacrest asks judge Randy Jackson what the purpose is of the “theme” weeks — this week being ’70s week, one week after ’60s week.

Randy explains it’s because every one of the contestants knows every song that’s on the radio these days, so the past two weeks they’ve been going back to “yesterday, ” when the music was a little better, and the songwriting was a little better, and the Idolettes have to “work out songs from yesterday.” Randy’s bones start to creak and he stops talking to rub liniment on them.

Washington Post

Reality Check: Early Exits on ‘Idol’

Sometimes what happens on “Idol” makes sense. Jason Yeager, for instance, had run his course ‘  I knew it, the judges knew it and the voting audience knew it. (While he didnt bow out in a particularly graceful way, I dont know how gracious I would have been if I’d just been informed that I didn’t stand out in a crowd and that I lacked charisma, charm and stage presence.)

While I wasn’t so sure it was Robbie Carrico’s time to go, I wasn’t terribly surprised, either: he hasn’t been that great and Simon seemed to be harping on Robbie’s lack of authenticity to the degree that he almost appeared to be taking the guy’s long hair and bandana personally.

Fox News

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