Idol Headlines for 2/29/08

Blake Lewis Returns to American Idol on 3/6

We can now confirm the rumors that have been swirling about Blake return to American Idol ¦he will in fact appear on the March 6th results show to perform his new single, …How Many Words. Yay!

Team Plaid

Studdard to sing ‘Idol’ farewell

Ruben Studdard is back on “American Idol’s” radar.

The Season 2 winner will perform the “farewell song” used to play off contestants as they are eliminated from the top 12. This year, the song will be a cover of Kenny Loggins’ “Celebrate Me Home, ” in a new version produced by Terry Lewis and Jimmy Jam.

“It’s very soulful, very heartfelt, ” Lewis said. “Ruben is singing his pants off.”

As part of “Idol’s” new sponsorship with iTunes this season, “Celebrate Me Home” will be made available digitally starting March 12, the day the first of the top 12 will be sung off. It’s also expected to be included on one of the compilation albums annually released by “American Idol, ” according to Iain Pirie, head of 19 Entertainment U.S.

Hollywood Reporter

‘American Idol’ cuts down to 16

I’ve done this for a long time, but I don’t remember many results shows more wide open than Thursday (Feb. 28) night’s American Idol. As the episode begins, I can’t begin to guess who’s going home. Let’s follow the action, minute-by-minute.


”American Idol”: Four-Gone Conclusions

A few things we learned from tonight’s episode of American Idol: Wearing a black bandanna to the Thursday-night results show is bad luck. There’s no way to avoid looking awkward in the ”family mourning area” of Idol’s red room. It’s not too early in the season to feel your heart break (just a little) for a contestant you didn’t even know you cared about. And, last, Asia’h Epperson subscribes to the philosophy that even when you’ve been delivered an unexpected emotional kidney punch, you do not pass up an opportunity to grab the microphone and sing for 30 million viewers.

Entertainment Weekly

Singers who dont stand out go home on ‹Idol

In some ways, Thursday …American Idol results show was the exact opposite of the one from last week.

Last week, the two oldest women were eliminated. This week, it was the two youngest. Two teenagers were the first guys sent packing, while this week a 29-year-old and a very experienced 26-year-old joined them.

But while this week was unkind to a different demographic, the reason for the exits were similar. To stay in, a singer has to stand out. The ones who got cut this week blended in with the crowd, which wasnt enough to get them the needed fan support.


American Idol: Top 16 Revealed

We’re getting closer and closer to the Top 12, and more importantly closer to the end of thrice-weekly Idol. There were almost 31 million votes cast last night, but still not enough for four more contestants. This week, both the boys and girls were largely disappointing, with many of the top performers from last week fumbling, and only a few showing marked improvement.

TV Squad

Finalists must be tough to be next ‘American Idol’ By Carmen Rasmusen

The “American Idol” judges have changed their tunes since I was on the show.

While there have been some insults tossed at finalists this season, for the most part the judges have gone overboard trying to be constructive. They’ve said, “That was hideous, and here’s why. …”

People often ask me, “What was the most negative comment you received from the judges?”

Constructive criticism was rare when I was on the show. But I actually gained a lot of insight from hearing, “That was pitchy, dog.”

In Season 2, the criticism seemed to be about the shock value. “American Idol” was still fairly new, and a lot of people tuned in just to hear Simon Cowell’s mean comments.

Deseret News

“Idol” Nurse Busted for DUI“A.I.” finalist Amanda Overmyer pleaded guilty to DUI back in October 2006 near her hometown of Mulberry, In.

She received a suspended sentence of 60 days and was placed on 180 days probation, which ended in August 2007.

According to the National Enquirer, on the night of her arrest Overmyer had a blood alcohol level of 0.108 and spent six hours in the Montgomery County Jail before her fiancà © posted her bail.


Idol Secrets: Amanda, Robbie and David H.

It’s that time of year again. The time when American Idol settles down with it’s Top 24, we start singling out our favorites, and the media starts digging into these people’s pasts and presents looking for juicy secrets like they’re presidential politicians, too. Other than the expected mug shot discovery, two have surfaced this week that are certainly generating a lot of buzz.

One features Robbie Carrico, who has been called out as inauthentic in his attempts to be a “rocker” week after week thus far on the show. The other, the handsome but otherwise dull David H., who had a great week. Of course, Idol and FOX aren’t saying anything about it. In order to not spoil the fun for those who like to avoid this kind of thing, you’ll have to follow me to know more.

TV Squad

‘American Idol’ Contender Robbie Carrico: Is He Wearing A Wig? Bandmate Says No …

Is he or isn’t he?

That’s the question “American Idol” fans have been asking themselves this week in the wake of online media reports that contestant Robbie Carrico, the self-proclaimed “rocker” who has been routinely criticized by the show’s judges for not being “authentic, ” is rockin’ a blond wig ‘  or, at the very least, hair extensions. But Carrico’s bandmate back in Florida insisted to MTV News that the long locks are the real deal.


Reality Check: The ‘Idol’ to Beat

While you could say that “American Idol” this week featured the top 10 boys on Tuesday night and top 10 girls on Wednesday, you could also say that 19 of them weren’t really featured at all. Because, you see, the entire competition seems to ‘  already! ‘  be about only one contender.

I’m talking, of course, about David Archuleta ‘  he of the cherubic face, the beatific presence and the prepubescent perfection. It’s not just that he’s a talented singer or that he almost seems too likable and innocent to even be surviving high school, let alone overnight fame. It’s that he’s managed to be elevated onto a pedestal.

Fox News

Nothing But Motivation

We’ve been waiting for a week to hear from him, and finally we know what was going through Colton’s mind during that first elimination round, as the Staunton teen opened up to us Thursday afternoon.

“I didn’t feel like I was in the bottom two at all. And then he called my name and it was like whoa, it was utter shock.

Colton Berry says it just didnt make sense, and neither did the comments made by judge Simon Cowell. Cowell told Colton, …Get a good job and enjoy singing because I dont think youll make a successful career out of it.

Even though Colton admits he thought he was in it for the long haul, this entire experience, both stressful and amazing, is nothing but motivation for him to get to Broadway and send Cowell front row tickets.


Clear Channel strikes new deal with American Idol’s Seacrest

Clear Channel Radio and pop entertainment personality Ryan Seacrest are partnering to create a new national entertainment news program.

The three-hour syndicated program, On Air with Ryan Seacrest, is set to launch this spring and will be broadcast live from E! Studios in Hollywood.

Biz Journals

EDY’S(R) SLOW CHURNED(R) Light Ice Cream to Distribute One Million Free CDs Showcasing Today’s Hottest Stars

Your taste buds will sing with the flavor of EDY’s light ice cream while you enjoy the tunes of former American Idol finalists when you purchase any two EDY’s SLOW CHURNED Light Ice Cream products and receive a free CD featuring eight full-length
original tracks. This platinum pressing of one million CDs will include previously unreleased tracks by former American Idol finalists including Justin Guarini (Season 1), Kimberly Caldwell (Season 2), George Huff (Season 3), Anthony Fedorov (Season 4), Constantine Maroulis (Season 4), Nadia Turner (Season 4), Mandisa (Season 5 and Grammy Nominated Artist!), and Chris Richardson (Season 6).

From February through April, CDs will be available at select EDY’s brand retail locations nationwide. Purchase any two EDY’s SLOW CHURNED Light Ice Cream 48 oz or larger OR Light Ice Cream Bars and receive a CD free of charge ($7.99 SRP). CDs are located in the ice cream aisle and ready for listening on your ride home.


Musically, no idle threat

Ice cream social, sunshine, celebrity — it was an American idyll.

Around 120 teens basked in the aura of pop star Melinda Doolittle Wednesday in El Dorado Hills.

Although she did not sing until later at a private party, Doolittle at the local Raley’s bestowed her charm, her husky alto voice and her autograph on young fans.

“I saw her on ‘American Idol, ‘” said Rachel Smeltzer, 13, of Shingle Springs. “She’s really good.”

As the diva’s limo-SUV hybrid slid into the area of Raley’s around 3:30 p.m., Doolittle, 30, rolled down her rear-seat window and showed genuine warmth to a stranger.

“I’m from Nashville, ” she said.


‘Idol’ Score: Randy Jackson’s Hit

One of the many surprises on Randy Jackson “Music Club” album will shock fans of the group Bon Jovi: Richie Sambora can sing.

Hello! This is a Jackson who works, gets it and knows his music. He is not related to Michael Jackson.

There are a lot of surprises on “Randy Jackson Music Club, Vol. 1, ” which will be released next month. You already know about Paula Abdul and her lead-off single, “Dance Like There No Tomorrow.”

But Jackson, the kindly judge from “American Idol, ” knows voices. On “Music Club, ” he gathered up all the best ones he heard. The result is a 12-track album that sounds like the best radio station that doesnt exist. Clear Channel, are you listening?

Fox News

Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson knows her numbers.

“Per capita I’m more popular in Australia than anywhere else in the world, ” the singer declares. There is still a decent taste of small-town Texan drawl in her voice, despite the years she has spent on the road and in the studio since winning the first series of American Idol in 2002.

FRENCHIE DAVIS: From ‘Idol’ to hardly idle, singer/actress stays busy

*While singer/actress Frenchie Davis gained fame as the “American Idol” contestant from season two who was disqualified for appearing in topless photos on the Internet, the powerhouse has maintained her fame on the stage.

But quite soon after her departure from the television talent competition in 2003, she joined the cast of “Rent, ” then did a turn as Effie in “Dreamgirls” before returning to the “Rent” cast through 2007, at which time she took on the one-woman gospel show of “Mahalia.”

Chris Daughtry to play at state fair

Led by frontman and band namesake Chris Daughtry, famous from the FOX TV hit …American Idol, Daughtry makes its Indiana State Fair Grandstand debut Aug. 9.

Daughtry, the band debut album that is certified Double Platinum, has been a constant near the top of Billboard Top 200 albums since its release in November 2006.

The album is fueled by smash hits …It Not Over, …Feels Like Tonight, …Home and …Over You.

Noblesville Daily Times

Aiken Reveals Backstage Secrets of ‘Spamalot’

From singer to actor, Raleigh native Clay Aiken is taking a spin on Broadway in “Monty Python’s Spamalot. He plays several roles, but mainly Sir Robin.

Backstage at the Shubert Theatre recently, Aiken walked by the Wall of Fame.

…I have not made my way on here yet. Apparently, Im not quite there, he said.


First Annual Fil-Am Visionary Awards on March 7

A press conference at the Philippine Consulate General recently announced the launching of the first ever annual Filipino-American Visionary Awards to be held Friday Night, March 7, 2008 at the legendary Kodak Theatre, home of Hollywood’s biggest events.

Jasmine Trias, Billy Crawford, Kuh Ledesma, NONOSINA, Anna Marie Perez de Tagle, Martin Nievera, Jessa Zaragoza and Ding Dong Avanzado with perform during the event to be hosted by Jannelle So and Ding Dong Avanzado.

Global Nation

Bentley & Co. bring many styles of country to Morris Center

Dierks Bentley doesnt need a warm act. He has enough energy on his own. So when he took the stage at the Morris Performing Arts Center, Thursday night following performances by up-and-comer Luke Bryan and American Idol star, Bucky Covington, the energy in the theater was electric.

Bucky Covington, well, now that an interesting one, and his local American Idol followers were in full force. His music comes on strong with more rock-n-roll, heavy on guitars. But to mix things up, he played Elvis …Suspicious Minds, a song he says he missed performing on Idol when …I was invited to leave (the show).

Covington finished his set with part of Pink Floyd …Another Brick in the Wall and even looked the part of a 70 rocker as he danced on stage. He pulled off the song with power and audience enthusiasm.

South Bend Tribune

Carrie Underwood, Keith Urban at Civic Center

When country music superstar Carrie Underwood called last week from her Nashville home, she sounded eager to talk about tonight’s sold-out concert at the Civic Center with Keith Urban.

The cheerful 24-year-old singer, who won top honors on the fourth season of Fox TV’s “American Idol” reality show, said she still hasn’t gotten used to the limelight.

“For me, it’s still such a weird thing to be the focus of everyone’s attention, ” she said. “I’m still new at this.”

But Underwood said she feels much more comfortable onstage than she did four years ago ‘  good news, she said, for Tallahassee fans headed to the show.

Christian jam grew into behemoth

Winter Jam started with a pretty humble goal: The guys in the Christian band NewSong wanted to find a way to get fans to fight through the cold and come to winter concerts.

So, they teamed up with another headlining Christian act and hit the road in January 1994. It went so well they did it again, and again, and kept adding more acts.

Winter Jam 2008 comes to the World Arena on Sunday night, and the 15th version has grown into a monster. Seven bands will take the stage for whirlwind sets, led by Christian megastars MercyMe (who hit mainstream success with …I Can Only Imagine).

Young Christian stars join them, with the pyrotechnic-fueled rock of Skillet and the sister act BarlowGirl. And new voices get a showcase, such as …American Idol finalist Mandisa. There are even BMX riders and skaters.

Christian music galore

Christian music’s largest annual tour makes a stop in Wichita on Saturday, offering entertainment the whole family can take in.

Winter Jam Tour 2008 is hosted by the band NewSong and features a lineup of five other bands as well as nonmusic entertainment.

Here’s a quick look at the participating artists:


Mandisa rose to fame after taking ninth place in the fifth season of “American Idol.”

Her first full-length album, “True Beauty, ” was released last July. It debuted at No. 1 on the Top Christian Albums charts, making it the first time a new female artist had debuted at No. 1 in the chart’s 27-year history.

Her book, “Idoleyes: My New Perspective on Faith, Fat and Fame, ” was released last May. It examines how her triumphs have also put her faith to the test.

‘Idol’: Jon Peter Lewis on Ladies’ Night

And so it’s ladies night. Now with the second night of Idol watching, I’m feeling a little less enthusiastic about searching for our next big pop star. Three nights of Idol seems a bit too much to me. But while my favorites and not-so-favorites came and went across the TV, I felt my weariness turn to nostalgia. I remembered what it was like to have 30 million people analyzing everything down to the ring on my finger.

Entertainment Weekly

American Idol: Oh, Yes It’s Ladies…Yawn

In Dawg and Paula news: Dawg wears a size 13 ½ shoe and Paula continued to hide her cleavage ‘ this time with a school marm blouse.

And some girls nearly put me to sleep tonight.


‘American Idol’ Recap: Carly Smithson Sings Her ‘Heart’ Out, Simon ‘Loves’ Brooke White

On Wednesday night, I revisited Tuesday night’s Boys Club to be sure that my disgust was warranted and that my observational skills were on the money. They were. But honestly, all I really wanted to do was watch Robbie Carrico one more time. I’m no masochist ‘  his faux-rock maneuverings didn’t warrant another listen. I just needed to see for myself what all the “Idol” chatter was about. You know, the blond elephant in the room: Robbie’s wig.

These stories just write themselves, don’t they? And it makes me wonder if this had anything to do with the “authenticity” questions that the judges keep tossing at him? But the Great Wig Chase didn’t last long, and I could barely stomach half his performance again. I had dinner reservations, after all, and didn’t wish to further spoil my appetite.


‘Idol’ Tracker: A gender manifesto

Despite perhaps all evidence to the contrary thus far in this season of the Chosen One, foretold in “Idol” scriptures, I believe that the next American Idol must be female. In fact, to put it more plainly, I believe all “American Idol” winners should be female. The job of the men in the competition should be to serve as gracious sidekicks/also-rans (Bo Bice, Blake Lewis) or as comic relief (Sanjaya Malakar, Constantine Maroulis, Scott …The Body Savol, Kevin …Chicken Little Covais).

LA Times

‘Idol’ Banter: Female trouble

…What you brought to it was familiarity. That a Paula-ism you just want to frame and put on a wall. “Idol” own Yogi Berra was throwing fuzzy praise at Brooke White, whose competent rendition of Carly Simon signature song, …Youre So Vain, was the best substitute for excitement on yet another shaky Girls Night. White skillfully adopted the wry tone and slinky phrasing that Simon originated in her version, adding enough contemporary-country twang to invoke her guardian angel, Carrie Underwood. But if this is what stands out among this year female competitors, there no way a boy cant win.

LA Times

American Idol Makes Its Great Escape from the 70’s

Ah, the old American Idol nugget of “song choice.” It torpedoed most of the ladies who sang last night–some picked songs that were too big for them, others picked songs that were too small, and only one selected a song that was just right. But are the producers helping put the singers in a pickle? Some Idol insiders are claiming that while the judges, especially Simon, are dinging the singers for selecting songs that don’t fit them on camera, the producers actually have more of a say as far as what the singers bring to the stage–and that those picks are resulting in the favorite sons and daughters being given a slightly less obstacle-filled route to the Top 12.


‘American Idol’ Chicks: Goin’ for the Sweeney

With David Archuleta pretty much stealing the show on guys night — he was recognized with the competition’s very first Crazy Paula Wants to Squeeze Your Head Off and Hang Your Body From Her Rearview Mirror Award, a.k.a. The Sweeney — it’s up to the 10 remaining girls to see whether they can make that kind of magic happen twice in one week on “American Idol.”

But first, Ryan Seacrest announces that judge Randy Jackson wears a size 13-1/2 shoe, demonstrating once again why Seacrest is so going to win the TV academy’s very first Primetime Emmy Award for Best Performance by a Reality Series Host this fall. I know, it’s not a Sweeney, but it’s still an honor.

Washington Post

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