Idol Headlines for 12/11/09

‘So You Think You Can Dance’: Nigel Lythgoe thinks Jakob or Russell will win season 6

So Legacy and Mollee are out of crown contention, but as you’ll see in their clip, they couldn’t be more proud of the Top 6 and seem to be in great spirits regardless.

One thing they may be bummed about, however, is that they’re now ineligible for this year’s special prize, courtesy of Adam.

Adam, whose first professional job as a dancer was on the Academy Awards show 20 years ago, is actually directing the broadcast in 2010 and has announced that he will be hiring the Top 2 dancers to perform on the stage that night.

Sweet, no?

So, who will take the job?

Well, according to judge Nigel Lythgoe, this race is really between Jakob and Russell…

Billboard Artists of the Year

14. Kelly Clarkson

After taking a much-publicized stand to follow her own creative muse on 2007’s “My December” (which only yielded one Hot 100 hit after her previous album, “Breakaway, ” afforded four top 10s), Clarkson returned to her winning chart formula in 2009. “My Life Would Suck Without You, ” from “All I Ever Wanted, ” became her first Hot 100 No. 1 since “A Moment Like This” in 2002.


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Best of the ’00s in TV: Best Reality Shows

“American Idol” (Fox): Given our culture’s recent obsession with celebrity, it’s not surprising that the by far most popular series of the decade was a show where the top prize wasn’t cash, but enormous fame. What’s most remarkable about “Idol” is how idiot-proof the concept is. It doesn’t matter that Simon Cowell is the only judge who ever has anything interesting to say, that the theme weeks are usually poorly-planned, that the contestants sing the same handful of songs every year, that the results shows are usually enormous wastes of time, that the most talented/commercial singer doesn’t always win (see Taylor Hicks in season five) or that most of the “improvements” the producers institute (like last season’s “Judges Save”) are usually anything but. People just want to vote for their favorite singer until their fingers bleed ‘ to feel like they played a role in someone else’s achievement of fame and fortune ‘ and they’ll suffer through all sorts of inanity to do that. And sometimes (like below), you actually do get to see the birth of the next great pop star.

Skiing or Mexico? Adam Lambert’s Holiday Plans Undecided

Adam Lambert has no idea what he is doing over the holiday season ‘ and that’s just the way he likes it.

“I don’t have any specific plans yet and am going to play it by ear, ” he told PEOPLE at the Anti-Defamation League’s Award Gala honoring director Steven Spielberg in Los Angeles Wednesday.

“I hope to spend it with the people I love: my friends and family. I will probably stay in L.A., though the spirit may move me to throw on the snow clothes and head to Big Bear, or maybe go down to Mexico.”

Why ABC Kissed Off Adam Lambert

The network says, “It was an editorial decision to show very little from the performance and focus on the fresh, new interview with Adam Lambert.”

Interesting, because the “fresh new interview” was all about “the kiss.”

ABC went on to explain its decision to show girl-on-girl by saying, “The Lady Gaga kiss was used quickly in context of things that upset her father.”

So why not a quick peck from Lambert then?

The network goes on, “ABC never had a problem showing the kiss, In fact we did not edit it out of the west coast feed of the AMAs.”


Lambert to ABC: What Do You Want From Me

In Thursday’s episode of “Sanctimoniously Dumping Adam Lambert, ” “The View’s” token Sane Person Whoopie Goldberg insists the daytime talk show’s chat with, and performance by, Adam Lambert have been pre-taped because ABC is “still concerned about his musical performance because of what happened at the American Music Awards.”

We sit up and take notice because our ABC source, who wanted to remain anonymous because he had not authorized himself to speak, had insisted Lambert’s “The View” appearance was being taped because Lambert could not be in town on Thursday to perform live.

Washtington Post

On The Download: Allison Iraheta

Being the third-runner up on ‘American Idol’  can be either a boon or a blessing. Remember Anthony Fedorov or LaKisha Jones? Nope, nor do most people!

But you may have heard of a guy with the last name of Daughtry? Or perhaps you’ve followed the semi-successful genre-specific careers of Josh Gracin, Tamyra Gray or LaToya London?

Season eight’s third-runner up, Allison Iraheta, was signed to Jive Records (the same label to which winner Kris Allen was signed), as soon as the label was allowed to sign her. In Allison, we have one of ‘Idol’s’  best all-time voices and one of the most packaged rock personas since Chris Daughtry presented himself in season five.

Access Hollywood

‘Idol’ finalist achieved what he set out to do

For Michael Sarver, a top 10 finalist in Season 8 of TV’s “American Idol” contest, winning isn’t everything.

“On ‘American Idol, ‘ the last 10 contestants are the ones who go on tour, ” said Sarver, who will perform with three other former “Idol” contenders Dec. 19 at the Paramount Theatre. “I had my goal set to make the top 10. My biggest goal was not necessarily to win it, but to make the tour. That would give me the opportunity to sing on the road. That would give me a chance to show more of my talents to the fans than they saw on the show.”

Napier Sun

Justin Bieber makes spirits bright

During Jordin Sparks’ set, Bieber reappeared to double as Chris Brown on ‘No Air, ‘  though his vocals were slightly drowned out due to screaming. The rest of Sparks’ set was electric enough; the ‘American Idol’  champ included ‘Walking on Snow’  and ‘Battlefield, ‘  but it was Bieber who was undoubtedly the highlight.

Boston Herald

David Archuleta brings his holiday spirit to the Wellmont

“American Idol” runner-up David Archuleta heads to the Wellmont Theatre on Sunday promoting his Christmas album, “Christmas From The Heart.” The album works to capture both Archuleta’s cheerful personality and undeniable vocal talent. Archuleta has proven himself dedicated to singing, being famed for overcoming vocal paralysis before starting his whirlwind of success on “American Idol.”

His progression would continue after the show with his popular self-titled debut album. The album featured “Crush, ” a song that would hit No. 2 on the Billboard charts. Not surprisingly, both of his parents have musical backgrounds and were an inspiration to the young Archuleta, who is now only 18 years of age.

New Jersey

David Archuleta, Thalia Headline “Nuestra Navidad” Special

Miami, FL (CNS) – David Archuleta and Thalia are among the stars headlining the new “Nuestra Navidad” (“Our Christmas”) special on the Univision network. Airing Thursday, December 17th at 10pm/ET, the special features some of the biggest Latin stars in music performing some of their hit songs and Christmas classics.

“Nuestra Navidad” goes coast to coast to feature performances taped on location from various Latin music stars. Archuleta will perform “Ave Maria” from New York, while Banda Limà ³n performs “El Burrito Sabanero” live from California. The special visits Alejandro Fernà ¡ndez in Mexico for his performance. Thalia and Pee Wee also perform.

All Headline

Holiday album fun for Archuleta

David Archuleta recorded his Christmas CD, “Christmas From the Heart, ” in the middle of summer while on tour with Demi Lovato.

“Whenever I had a day off I just went and recorded Christmas music, ” Archuleta said with a laugh during a phone interview from New York. “So I had to get into the mood going from outside in the sun to inside the studio that was decorated with Christmas lights.”

“It was really interesting to do all that in the middle of July and August, ” he said. “(The recording) was spread out, but it was a little difficult while I was on tour because my mind was so wrapped around the tour.”

Deseret News

Vonzell Stars in Oz the Musical

Season 4’s second runner-up, Vonzell Solomon, is currently starring as Glinda/Aunt Em in Oz the Musical. The musical is a contemporary musical twist on L. Frank Baum’s classic, ‘The Wonderful Wizard of OZ.’ 

After stepping away from her job as a mail carrier to be on American Idol, Vonzell has made a living singing and acting and has also launched her own record label, Melodic Records. Vonzell performed as Glinda/Aunt Em in Oz on a tour to Lubbock, Texas, where she joined Idol alumni Rickey Smith (Tinman), Scott Savol (Lion), and Mikalah Gordon (Dorothy). Earlier this year, Season 3 runner-up Diana DeGarmo starred as Dorothy.


‘American Idol’ Fantasia Barrino to perform at Muskegon’s Best Talent Competition 2009

MUSKEGON ‘” Muskegon’s Best Talent Competition next week will spotlight gifted local performers and a real pro: ‘American Idol’  competitor and R&B singer Fantasia.

The Dec. 18 talent competition is coordinated by Paul Billings, owner of 103.7-FM the Beat and founder of the West Michigan Community Help Network.

Billings said he nor his nonprofit organization could afford Fantasia’s standard fee, but when he told her manager that the people of the Muskegon area could use a little lift, ‘her manager worked with us to make it possible.’ 


Forget ‘cute, ‘ bring on the Uggs

American Idol alum Katharine McPhee visited the nation’s icebox — that would be Michigan — Thursday to promote awareness of the hunger crisis in the United States. The Californian visited a Forgotten Harvest facility in Oak Park and insisted she was ready for the cold, but she wore “cute shoes” — reddish-purple, high-heeled Alexandre Birman shoe boots — that drew appreciative stares, but offered zero protection from the Arctic winds. After the event, a member of her entourage had to rub McPhee’s feet to get her circulation going again.

Detroit News

‘American Idol’ contestant sings to Seton

Seton High School students know how to bring in the big acts.

Grammy-nominated pop star Natasha Bedingfield and “American Idol” runner-up David Archuleta have both performed at the school, and now another rising music star can be added to the list.

Former “American Idol” contestant Jason Castro, who placed third in the reality competition’s seventh season, visited Seton on Thursday, Dec. 10. Castro performed three songs and answered questions from the audience.

Susan Boyle’s Easygoing ‘Dream’ Of A Debut

December 10, 2009 – The rapid rise of Susan Boyle illustrates a pop-culture truism: No piece of popular music stands by itself ‘” we also bring to any judgment of the work the image of the person singing it, and whatever we know about him or her. In Boyle’s case, we had a middle-aged woman whose dowdy, unpolished presentation was belied by the confident power of her voice. Her media breakthrough was at least as important as her ability: Appearing on Britain’s Got Talent before three judges and an audience snickering and ready to jeer, Boyle shamed and cowed her audience with the sheer strength of her vocals.


TV special on surprise star Susan Boyle debuts

LOS ANGELES – Susan Boyle sings, and Simon Cowell and other celebrities sing her praises in a weekend TV special about the Cinderella story that has made her a best-selling recording artist.

“I Dreamed a Dream: The Susan Boyle Story, ” debuting at 8 p.m. ET Sunday on TV Guide Network, details her sudden burst of fame and includes performances by Boyle from her new CD and with Broadway star Elaine Paige, the London West End cast of “Les Miserables” and others.


‘So You Think You Can Dance’ exit interview: Legacy Perez on elimination, technique, and rumored romance

He might not have won the entire competition, but Legacy certainly was the sentimental favorite of SYTYCD’s season 6. How could you not like the b-boy? He was less technically advanced than the other contestants, yet brought us some of the seasons most memorable performances. (The caveman hip-hop, Travis’ Mr. and Mrs. Smith contemporary routine, etc.) And though we were surprised ‘” and sad ‘” to see him go, the b-boy opted to take a zen approach to his ouster. Shortly after being eliminated, Legacy called up EW to talk about why he wasn’t sad to be eliminated, why he missed Mia Michaels and that rumored romance with partner Kathryn.

Entertainment Weekly

‘So You Think You Can Dance’ exit interview: Mollee Gray talks maturity, the Ashleigh situation, and more

The judges loved her. Tweens adored her. But after her best performance night of the season, our perky jazz dancer failed to collect enough votes to move onto the finale and was eliminated before a dancer who didn’t even dance(!) Tuesday night. So how does she feel about it all? Below, Mollee talks to EW about battling critiques about immaturity, meeting her role model, and how it feels to go home before Ashleigh.

Entertainment Weekly

‘So You Think You Can Dance’: Mary J. Blige to perform on finale

“So You Think You Can Dance” is less than a week away from its Season 6 finale, but the festivities are just now coming together.

“We’ve got Adam Lambert, of course, and Mary J. Blige to perform for the finale, ” executive producer Nigel Lythgoe said backstage after Wednesday’s (Dec. 9) results hour. “And there are a number of other celebrities that we’re talking to who want to come on as well.”

Lambert’s appearance was announced earlier this week, but Blige signing on seems to be a new development … apparently the first of many.

X Factor stars prepare for the final

“It’s been fun, it’s been unpredictable and these guys – well particularly my artist – is a fantastic entertainer, ” says Simon Cowell.

The music impresario is, of course, referring to this year’s X Factor, which comes to an end this weekend.

For anyone who has managed to avoid a television, newspaper, billboard, radio show or conversation for the last four months, the X Factor is one of the biggest TV shows in the UK. In the past, it has produced huge stars such as Leona Lewis and Alexandra Burke.

The latest winner of the ITV1 singing show will be crowned on Sunday and awarded a sought-after recording contract.

The X factor: Simon Cowell has it, but does anyone else?

They appeared in a parade of hair, heels and expensively veneered teeth. With the final of The X Factor looming on Saturday and Sunday night, the judges and three remaining contestants gathered in central London today to share their thoughts on the four-hour showdown.

Dannii Minogue and Cheryl Cole wore stunning frocks with bows and glitter, as if for cocktails. Simon Cowell wore jeans and a sweater, as if for gardening. But despite the presence of the finalists ‘ Olly Murs, favourite Joe McElderry and Stacey Solomon ‘ it was clear from the start who the real star of the show was.

Simon Cowell: Rage Against the Machine campaign is ‘stupid’

It takes a lot to get Simon Cowell rattled, but rattled he appears to be. At a press conference today, Cowell acknowledged the Facebook campaign to get Rage Against the Machine’s 1992 song, Killing in the Name, to Christmas No 1, saying it was “dismissive” of the public as it was directed at him.

“If there’s a campaign, and I think the campaign’s aimed directly at me, it’s stupid. Me having a No 1 record at Christmas is not going to change my life particularly, ” Cowell said. “I think it’s quite a cynical campaign geared at me that is actually going to spoil the party for these three.”

Cowell confirms X Factor final duets

“Olly will be duetting with Robbie Williams, Joe will be duetting with George Michael and Stacey will be duetting with Michael Bubl.”

“That is a big deal for these contestants and I think the duet will be a very significant part of the competition.”

X Factor future in doubt as Simon Cowell stalls over money with ITV

Simon Cowell has thrown the future of the X Factor into chaos after admitting he is stalling on a new megabucks deal with ITV.

The music mogul hinted yesterday that unless the channel pays more money he may take his hit series elsewhere in 2010.

Itv pays Cowell’s production company Syco £1.7million for each studio show – but he is said to be after around £2million per programme for next year. He revealed: “Part of the reason the show has been so successful is ITV invested loads of money to make it better.

“The issue now is not about salaries for people on the show, it is about getting more money to invest in production.

Kris Allen Meets Former ‘Boy Meets World’ Star In An Airport

In his role as the winner of “American Idol” and the man behind an excellent self-titled debut album, Kris Allen has come in contact with a number of huge stars. Kanye West, Kelly Clarkson, Miley Cyrus and Stevie Wonder all visited “Idol” during Allen’s season, and he got to work with some of his favorite artists on his debut album. But on Thursday (December 10), Allen encountered a star that made him freak out just a little bit. While in transit for the Z100 Jingle Ball on Friday night at New York’s Madison Square Garden, Allen ran into former “Boy Meets World” star Ben Savage and snagged a picture with the actor.

“Do not freak out Ben Savage. Do not freak out Ben Savage. Do not freak out Ben Savage, ” he wrote on his Twitter page.


Music Review: Ruben Studdard – Love Is

Ruben Studdard is in the mood for love on his latest album, Love Is. This is the 2003 American Idol champ’s fourth album, and his first independent release for Hickory Records. Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis were enlisted, among others, to produce the silky smooth R&B collection. Studdard’s delivery has grown even more subtle and refined over the years. Though his once widespread audience may have dwindled, his talent remains for those willing to listen.

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