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Dominic Bowden is NOT Ryan Seacrest…

…and for that we are very grateful. The Next Great American Band debuted here in the US last night with New Zealand host Dominic Bowden. His resemblance to American Idol host Ryan Seacrest ends at “host.” Personally, for me, Ryan has about as much sex appeal as my nerdy second cousin. Sure, he’s personable, but not terribly interesting to look at. Tall, with slightly spiky dark hair, Dominic on the other hand is, well, a cutie. Maybe more cutie than hottie, but he definitely registers high on the sex appeal scale!……….

NZ Reality TV

The Next Great American Band, Is it the Next American Idol?

American Idol really faltered last season. The judges put through too many really awful singers and they paid for it in ratings and the show suffered as it wound down. The finals were nothing I would ever want to see again on a show that has produced such stars as Chris Daughtry and Carrie Underwood. Enter the “Next Great American Band.” Is it the next American Idol?………

National Ledger

Honored for standards, involvement

…CONCERT A HABITAT FUND-RAISER: Josh Gracin, “American Idol 2” finalist, and singer Carmen Rasmusen will perform at a fund-raising concert for Habitat for Humanity of Greater Plymouth’s Women Build in Kingston at 8 p.m. Nov. 2….

In jail and on the phone, Lou Pearlman reverses the charges
Officially, he isn’t talking. But in friendly chats, he says he has been set up.

As he sits in an Orange County jail cell, Lou Pearlman dreams of pitching a reality show called Second Chance featuring losers from shows like American Idol and hosted by a celeb who has done jail time — maybe even Paris Hilton……


‘The Next Great American Band’ could be great

When it comes to musicians, everyone seems to love the lead singer; but there’s more to a band than the guy who gets to strut around in the spotlight.

Apparently, “American Idol” creator Simon Fuller feels the same way.

With the help of the Fox network, Fuller unveiled his newest reality show Friday night: “The Next Great American Band.”

While “Idol” focuses on only finding a vocal diamond in the rough, this show is looking for killer chops in the rhythm section and guitar shredding capabilities as well.

“The Next Great American Band” isn’t that much different from its predecessor, though; the winning group will score a record deal with 19 Records.

Now, I must admit, I’m not the biggest fan of “American Idol” – or reality TV for that matter – but I’m intrigued by what this new show has to offer………

The State Hornet

‘rent’ stars have ‘idol’ moments
Touring production features an American former contestant and a South African winner

When actors sign onto a touring show, many of them end up having shows and experiences in common that they can chat about.

But not many have Anwar Robinson and Heinz Winckler’s show: Idol.

American Idol fans will probably remember Robinson as the New Jersey music teacher who finished seventh on season 4 of the show……..

‘Ride’ of her life

Can American Idol winner and superstar Carrie Underwood keep her streak going with album No. 2?

…To say anticipation is high for Underwood’s followup album, Carnival Ride, in stores Tuesday, is a bit of an understatement…….

This ‘Carnival’ is no place for grown-ups

Bland as she is, Carrie Underwood can pick fitting album titles.

Her sophomore effort Carnival Ride aptly sums up the last two years of her life — being plucked from Oklahoma obscurity by American Idol and catapulted into the spotlight, selling millions of records, winning a staggering number of industry awards and becoming a veritable Nashville icon almost overnight…..


Carrie’s nation
The ‘Idol’ winner took a country road less traveled to success, and is banking on her legion of fans to buy into another risk-free CD

……The absence of a clearly defined artistic focus isn’t all that unusual with the Idol victors, since most of them are remolded in the record company’s image soon after the glare of the TV lights fade. Look at last season’s final two. While Blake Lewis gets to hold onto his beat-boxing Justin Timberlake-isms, winner Jordin Sparks is being saddled with a mewling brand of techno-stained dance-pop that all but guarantees abysmal sales. In November 2005, Some Hearts, the Carrie Underwood album that would become a multiplatinum trophy magnet, was released. As debut Idol discs go, it was a cut above Kelly Clarkson’s forgettable Thankful and Ruben Studdard’s Soulful. But instead of simply selling well its first week, settling into an unremarkable groove and eventually falling quietly off the charts, a funny thing happened. One single after another caught fire on radio — six tracks ended up being singles, nearly half the album — culminating with the undeniable smash Before He Cheats, which sealed Underwood’s status as a chart-dominating force to be reckoned with…….


With only a few days to go, lots of Bon Jovi tickets remain

….But six months after tickets went on sale for New Jersey’s own Bon Jovi’s 10-night opening stand at Prudential Center in Newark, thousands of seats are still available.

That’s the unpredictable nature of the concert business, where sure things are never as solid as they appear. In fact, just two of six arenas opened since 2000 sold out the inaugural shows — and none of them was a 10-night stand.

“Bon Jovi, in New Jersey, in a brand-new arena. On paper that looks like a no-brainer, ” said Ray Waddell, senior editor at Billboard magazine. “Looks like a home run.”

Turns out that’s not the case. None of the 10 shows has sold out, although at least 140, 000 seats have been sold for the run, according to AEG Live, the concert promoter. However, at press time, the Ticketmaster Web site showed blocks of four tickets can be purchased for every concert, including floor seats and those in the lower level.

Debra Rathwell, senior vice president for AEG Live, said there are between 14, 000 and 15, 000 tickets being sold to each show. In addition, the Prudential Center has some 1, 500 seats in its 76 luxury boxes, bring the total closer to 16, 500 per show. That’s still well below the arena’s stated concert capacity of 19, 500.

Rathwell said the band determined the lengthy run. “Ten was what they wanted to do, and we went for it, ” she said.

The concerts, which run Oct. 25, 26, 28, 30, Nov. 1, 3, 4, 7, 9 and 10, support the band’s new album “Lost Highway, ” released in June. Opening acts include My Chemical Romance, Gretchen Wilson, Daughtry, Big and Rich and the All American Rejects….

Capitol Beat: Assemblywoman Sally Lieber’s sweet campaign

….Other speakers at the event include Queen Rania Al-Abdullah of Jordan, first lady of Mexico Margarita Zavala, Joan Baez, Nora Ephron and American Idol runner-up Katharine McPhee.

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