Idol Headlines for 10/15/14

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“CMA COUNTRY CHRISTMAS” AIRS DECEMBER 1 ON THE ABC TELEVISION NETWORK – Two-Hour Special Hosted by Jennifer Nettles Tapes Nov. 7 in Nashville – Some of the biggest names in music will come together to celebrate the holidays on “CMA Country Christmas,” a two-hour special hosted for the fifth year by Jennifer Nettles airing MONDAY, DECEMBER 1 (8:00-10:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. The special is a celebration of the season featuring some of the top stars in music performing holiday songs and getting into the Christmas spirit. The special tapes in front of a live audience, Friday, November 7 (7:30 p.m., CT) at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tenn. Artists already announced include Dan + Shay, Brett Eldredge, Sara Evans, Lucy Hale, Hunter Hayes, Little Big Town, Idina Menzel, Jennifer Nettles, LeAnn Rimes, Michael W. Smith, and Carrie Underwood. – Read more at

‘Idol’ finalist replaces Disney star at grand opening – An “American Idol” alum will help celebrate the grand opening of the Gardner-White Furniture store in the Brighton Mall. Jena Irene, a finalist in last year’s “Idol” competition, will be on hand from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday. Fans will have the opportunity to meet Irene, take photos and get autographs. The singer is working on her first album, which will include her “Idol” hit “We Are One,” which she performed on the program. – Read more at Livingston Daily

Phillip Phillips Live in Norman OK & Houston TX – at is is like to be on the road with Phillip Phillips? This video series offers an exclusive look behind the scenes and on stage with Phillip as he travels across the country on his Behind the Light Tour. This episode also features “the Dave Eggar Experience”. “Open Your Eyes” recorded live in Houston, TX.

Clay Aiken Wants Your Vote Again – One morning last fall, Clay Aiken was lounging in bed in his mansion in Durham, North Carolina, reading the news off his phone, when he came across something that made him sit up and say, “Are you”– he mouths the f-word – “kidding me?” The government shutdown was in effect, and Aiken’s congresswoman, Republican Renee Ellmers, had not-so-graciously declined to decline her paycheck, explaining that while she had voted for the shutdown that was depriving hundreds of thousands of their livelihood, she, you know, actually needed the money. In a fit of indignation, Aiken, former American Idol runner-up and crooner extraordinaire, decided enough was enough. For more than six months, party leaders had been trying to get him to challenge Ellmers, a tough task in an overwhelmingly red district. “People recognized that it couldn’t just be a normal politician up against her,” he says. “We needed somebody who was going to get people to pay attention.’ ‘Now it was time to give it a go. – Read more at Rolling Stone

The Swon Brothers Explain What It’s Like Being in a Family Band – When listening to the Swon Brothers‘ major label debut album, which dropped this week, one thing is immediately evident: their musical versatility. It perhaps comes as no surprise, then, that the Eagles, a group well known for its all-encompassing sound, is one of their biggest influences.


Simon Cowell Celebrates Being Named Personality of the Year at MIPCOM – If you think the deepest thing about Simon Cowell are his signature V-necks, a different man accepted MIPCOM’s Personality of the Year award Tuesday night in Cannes. Cowell, who was honored for changing both the music and the TV industries when he reinvented the talent show and format formula a decade ago, became choked up on stage describing how the birth of his son, Eric, changed his life and how he wished that his late father, also named Eric, was there to see him accept the award. “This whole year, starting with Eric, has just been glorious. He changed my whole life for the better,” Cowell told the audience assembled in the ballroom of the Carlton Hotel. He said he was humbled by the award, as well as being able to even make TV, which seemed out of reach when he was growing up. – Read more at

Gavin Rossdale on Advising Team Gwen on The Voice: ‘It Was Amazing Fun’ – “It was amazing fun. I really enjoyed it,” Rossdale, 48, says. “Normally, we’re by ourselves in these crazy, adrenalized situations, like being on TV or performing in front of the camera. So, I’m used to calling her afterward and telling her all about it, saying either ‘That was so fun, or so weird, or I’m paranoid I was bad.’ But with this, I could just walk into her dressing room and talk to her.” So, the two didn’t share a dressing room? “We did not,” he says. “That’s a bit unromantic. But she has a really big team!” He says they also got along great on set, and didn’t really argue at all. “I just did my best not to interrupt her too much,” he says. – Read more at

Pentatonix: 5 members, 1 hour, 37 questions – The five-person group—who make music only with their mouths (what a time to be alive!)—have kept their pulsating momentum going since entering a whirlwind of fandom following their 2011 victory on NBC’s The Sing-Off, an accolade which even today seems like a distant, negligible memory considering the remarkable path the band has taken since. On the heels of their third album—PTX, Vol. III, which dropped on Sept. 23—the a cappella quintet is also plotting a second holiday album (That’s Christmas to Me, due October 21), a buzzy appearance in next year’s Pitch Perfect 2, and other as-yet-undisclosed plans for a packed 2015. Mitch Grassi, Scott Hoying, Avi Kaplan, Kirstie Maldonado, and Kevin Olusola stopped by EW’s New York office and sat down for a roundtable interview wherein we got down to the details of the group’s exceptional year. The gang is fast, funny, and ferociously honest—which is exactly what you’d think. – Read more at Entertainment Weekly

‘Idol’ rich Fuller sells apartments for $38M – Billionaire “American Idol” founder Simon Fuller must be singing his way to the bank. He just sold two apartments at the Plaza Hotel (right) for $38 million. In 2007, Fuller bought units 901 and 903 for $19 million and then combined them into a 4,641-square-foot four-bedroom, 5½-bathroom unit. Last year, he bought the adjacent unit, 902, for $3.25 million. That 1,155-square-foot, one-bedroom, 1½-bathroom unit was only on the market for two days. – Read more at

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  1. It’s unclear if TBS will actually show it, but David Cook should be singing the NA before Game 4 of the Royals-O’s ALCS Game 4 any minute now. The game itself is sched to start in about 10 minutes

  2. James Durbin ?@DurbinRock 32m23 minutes ago
    Less than 1 week from band auditions. Stoked to hear & see these guys

    …Excited to hear the new heavier sound direction for era 3.0 :))

  3. Candice Glover “Embrace Your Power – Candice Glover:

  4. I guess this is the big video shoot she tweeted about recently? Anyone know if this will be part of a tv campaign to encourage people to vote, or whether it is just a YouTube campaign?

  5. I’m so ready for this next tour, they better come somewhere near me again!
    I really hope that this next band incarnation puts out new music hard enough for Active Rock.

    Ever since James signed with Street Smart and I became aware of who else was on their roster, I’ve heard almost all their acts played on Octane Sirius XM radio. I would love to hear James again (they played Stand-up a lot) on there, a radio format I actually listen to.

  6. yeah I know it’s a campaign to encourage people to vote. But is it a tv campaign or an online campaign?

  7. About the Embrace Your Power campaign —

    It’s specifically launched by immigration activists and intended to be viral in the manner of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge:

    Here are details on participating:

    The campaign itself is definitely Youtube-focused, and I see no mention of running on TV. So this is not a repeat of the 2008 Asian-focused “embrace your power” campaign.

    If Glover’s video is some broader get-out-the-vote campaign, it’s a very odd coincidence that it’d be shot in LA and that Googling “embrace your power” for this year gives no such broad campaign.

  8. “….they better come somewhere near me again!”
    Guess if it can’t be near a big chunk of OTHER fans out here (hint) it might as well be you….. (again). Bribing him w/gifts shouldn’t be allowed you know, lol.

    Hoping for the Best from this crew.

  9. Adam did a few interviews at the Marco Marco Collection Three show — but no know music news. Adam (and his new hat) were front row center for the show.

    Lots of coverage for the event — and loads of Adam photos.


    Fierceness Ruled the Marco Marco Collection Three Runway Presentation

    Adam Lambert, DayGlo, Drag Queens & Muscle Boys Were All the Rage at the Marco Marco Show


    Marco Marco put on another AMAZING show last night (October 14, 2014) at the at Vibiana Cathedral in Los Angeles, CA.

    Celebrities such as Adam Lambert,
    Carmen Electra, Jai Rodriguez, Lily Ghalichi, GG Gharachedaghi, Markus
    Molnari and Samuel Larsen brought their fabulousness to the event, along
    with a variety of drag queens and transgener beauties — Raja, Sharon
    Needles, Yasmine Petty, Manila Luzon, GiGi Gorgeous — just to name a

    Celebuzz had a front row seat to witness all of the runway action. Adam Lambert, who flew in from New York City for the show, sat a few seats down from us, and was rocking an amazing fedora.

    Read more:

  10. LOL, I was thinking the muppet hat would go good with his Elmo jacket.

  11. It seems most acts w/Street Smart tour in at least pairs, mostly trios or even more, so they play larger venues. I’m guessing unlike his last ‘intimate’ acoustic tour, this time it will be harder to get ‘one on one’ convo time.
    But hey, there’s always the merch booth :)

  12. I still don’t know who this person is. But based on the video I don’t think I’m to anxious to find out.

  13. Gonna wait til it’s somewhere not on PH’s site. Not giving that pos my hit. But can’t wait to see it. RR is one of my favorites on the new album. Please be better than the one for Sad Song.

  14. The video exudes parody. Can’t tell if it was meant to be or if someone seriously thought this was “edgy and hip.”

  15. Liking the sound of this…playing larger venues & acts pairing up, etc. That may allow for more extensive promotion so fans get a chance to know it’s happening soon enough to plan for it. Eventually w/performers if anything catches on, larger scale, one on one gets harder to do. Oh, for such a problem!

  16. It’s a long way from auditioning band members to launching a tour. So unless a tour has actually been announced, all of it just pure speculation.

  17. I can’t get onto Street Smart’s website without a password, and I’m not going to sign up for one. So can you tell me you are the biggest name artists they represent? Or maybe the ones who are the hottest right now? I’m not really a hard rock person, so an artist would probably have to be fairly successful for me to have heard of them in more than the vaguest of ways. Anyone like that on their roster?

  18. Yeah, some of their acts are from their own label listed as “Street Smart Recordings”, a few are from Century Media (the label Gargano left in Feb to join SS) a few are from KBB RECORDS (Ben Bruce, Asking Alexandria’s new label), basically a mixed bunch. But they do seem to team up for touring (and most book through TKO, the same as James.)

    (Another plus, aside from Keith R., most of the really good YT videos from the Buckcherry tour were actually recorded by Buckcherry fans, lol.)

  19. Some that get the most radio play are OTHERWISE, Hawthorn Heights, Saliva, Trapt, The Family Ruin, and Like a Storm (This one is another hot new band like Nothing More, currently being featured a lot on Sirius XM Octane.)

    Octane really is good at featuring new up and coming Hard Rock acts, they devote a few hrs. a week featuring new bands. They just recently ‘broke’ Nothing More onto commercial Active Rock radio as well. Their 1st single was recently #1 on that format and their 2nd one is well on it’s way too. Great new band.

  20. Thanks. Can’t say that I’ve really heard of any of them. But like I said, I’m not a hard rock person, except in small doses. I’ll definitely go check some of these artists out, though :)

  21. lol. Don’t feel bad. Most of the acts listed here in the country posts I have no clue about and have never heard of them. It all depends on what you like and listen to.

  22. Thanks :) Question for you…why do so many hard rock and metal acts think they have to scream like (a) they’re dying or (b) like they’re about to kill someone? I’m not a fan of that at all…it’s creepy without really adding anything to the song.

    Other than that, this song isn’t bad at all

  23. lol. Who knows, angst, dramatic effect, it has always been that way. James got a lot of crap (from some) about that when on Idol, but as a hard rock fan that’s part of what I first found interesting about him, a great rocker’s wail and metal scream. That and his ridiculous range.
    Can’t wait to hear it again on tour in person ;).

  24. I don’t consider a generic ad posted on Craig’s List an official tour announcement.

  25. I would be surprised if he does an international tour, unless he opens for another band. Like most of the ex-Idols, he doesn’t have the int’l sales or profile to support an overseas tour (except maybe in Asia).I do hope he gets to put together a good-sized US (+ Canada, maybe) tour, though.

  26. Of course not, neither do I, lol.
    It’s just a glimpse into what he’s up to, and what’s coming next (in addition to his wife having their second child in 3 weeks :)

  27. Yeah,I agree. The ‘International” could just mean Canada ;)
    But some of SS acts do tour in South America and Europe where the hard rock and metal festivals are HUGE.

  28. I was commenting re. a suggested plan in place for ANY touring for ANY of their people—sounded like a plan.

  29. I think BCh fans were on board w/James opening on their tour. And btw, always enjoy your findings & inquisitive ways—fun to speculate what might be in the works.

  30. Yup, and they became quite close to Buckcherry too by the end of that tour (Ty was even cutting the bands’ hair if I remember correctly).

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