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Nicki Minaj is dropping new music
Nicki Minaj is dropping new music

Carrie Underwood will perform a special acoustic show at her alma mater, Northeastern State University’s Emerald Ball on October 25.

Also performing at her alma mater? Another American Idol winner, Candice Glover. She personally invites you to her show on October 4 at the University of South Carolina at Beaufort. Fellow Idol, Burnell Taylor, will also perform.

Listen to ‘American Idol’ Alum Didi Benami Get ‘Lost At Sea’ – American Idol season-nine alum Didi Benami is about to release her proper debut album, Reverie — the result of a successful PledgeMusic crowdfunding campaign (with proceeds earmarked for Brandon McMillan’s Argus Service Dogs Foundation) and, perhaps a little bit, a broken heart. Fortunately for a songwriter, there is an upside to heartache: it provides material for captivating and stunning music. Case in point: the deeply personal track, “Lost At Sea,” premiering exclusively on The Hollywood Reporter’s Idol Worship blog (listen below). – Read more at The Hollywood Reporter

‘American Idol’ Alum Allison Iraheta Takes Up Residency at Hollywood’s Hotel Cafe – “We’ve been playing Hotel Cafe a lot and they’ve been incredible to us,” Iraheta told The Hollywood Reporter before she took the stage with the band. “This has been our favorite place to play. They reached out and said they had Fridays available and we said, ‘We love this place, we love you guys, let’s do it.’ This place is magical. You come in one day and David Gray is playing, or the new buzz band that’s in town from San Diego. It’s a really cool home for musicians. I love watching shows here, it’s so comfortable.” – Read more at The Hollywood Reporter

Kellie Pickler, Amy Grant #PartyPink to Kick Off Breast Cancer Awareness Month – Kellie Pickler and Amy Grant performed for guests that were literally partying pink on Tuesday night (Sept. 30) in Nashville. ‘Eat. Drink. Party Pink’ was a breast cancer awareness event meant to kick off Breast Cancer Awareness month with a bang and a few tears. Several hundred guests fell quiet as Pickler talked about her friend Summer Miller’s battle with cancer. When Miller (pictured above) was diagnosed, the country singer committed to shaving her head with her “sister,” and the replay of that moment was as powerful as it was the first time, back in 2012. Miller stood to a round of applause when urged to do so by Pickler. The one-time ‘Dancing With the Stars’ winner then sang three songs, ‘Don’t You Know You’re Beautiful,’ ‘Someone Somewhere Tonight’ and ‘Red High Heels.’ – Read more at A Taste of Country

Gwen Stefani Finishing New Solo Album With Pharrell – It’s been eight years since Gwen Stefani’s last solo album, 2006’s The Sweet Escape, but the wait may soon be over for new music from the newly minted Voice coach. In a panel at New York’s Advertising Week on Monday (Sept. 29), Stefani’s manager, Irving Azoff, revealed that the 44-year-old singer is currently in Miami recording new tracks with frequent collaborator (and Voice co-star) Pharrell Williams. Next week, Azoff added, Stefani will determine which track will be the lead single, which she plans to perform on The Voice later in the season. – Read more at The Hollywood Reporter

‘Nashville’: Derek Hough admits being ‘protective’ over pregnant Hayden Panettiere – Hough recently had to play double duty as he will appear on an upcoming episode of “Nashville.” Creator Callie Khouri and star Connie Britton were spotted in the ballroom Sept. 29 to not only support Hough, but to film Rayna Jaymes’ “Dancing With the Stars” debut. Although Hough is sworn to secrecy about his role as Noah West, an actor involved in the Patsy Cline biopic Juliette Barnes is gunning for. He was able to tease the storyline for Zap2it and a handful of other journalists after Monday’s (Sept. 29) “DWTS” taping saying West is involved in some “drama” having to do with a “triangle” which basically means a love triangle to us. Hough says the only definite is Hayden Panettiere’s character “falls into (his) arms in a dramatic way.” Whether is Juliette Barnes or possibly Juliette as Cline is unknown. – Read more at Zap2it

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  1. Whoa… Bill Maher has ripped Clay a new one on his comments in the NYT about Obama:

    Bill Maher Whacks Clay Aiken for Dismissing Obama in New York Times Interview: ‘You’re Going To Lose’

    The Times has an “insider” feature called “Reading the Times With,” and they asked Maher about “what story incited the most fury” in the Sunday edition:

    Clay Aiken unable to make himself say anything positive about Obama, and saying he didn’t want Obama to come campaign for him. Really, Clay? You’re going to lose. How much worse could it be if the president of the United States came to campaign for you?

    This is what’s so frustrating about the Democrats: always trying to get votes that are never there, while not exciting their own base. Obama gave people health care, not herpes. Own it. You’re gay in North Carolina. I think the redneck vote has sailed. This could wind up as the beginning of a show-ending monologue on “Real Time.”

    Here’s what Clay was quoted as saying in the NYT article:

    Do you think Obama has been a good president?
    I think every president is on a sliding scale somewhere. There are certainly areas where I disagree with him.

    Do you want him to come campaign for you?
    I don’t need that. We’re doing well

    In the latest poll, Clay is behind Ellmers by 8 points:

    North Carolina 2nd Congressional District Civitas
    September 26–28, 2014
    400 registered voters
    Margin of error: +/- 5.0

    R Renee Ellmers 47%
    D Clay Aiken 39%
    Undecided 14%

  2. OMG good to see Clay is as delusional as ever. It would be awesome if Obama called him a jackass like he called Kanye West one LOL

  3. Clay has been distancing himself from Obama right from the start of his campaign (and even before), but for him not to say that Obama had been a “good” President was pretty blatant. Then, the way that he said that he doesn’t want Obama to stump for him (not that he would) was a clear brush-off. I think that Clay is bordering on being delusional as to his chances.

  4. Clay could use some positive press about now. Love him or hate him Bill Maher has a large voice. Freedom of speech gives anyone the right to speak against our standing President, but I wonder how smart it is when he’s the same party as you are. This can’t help.

  5. Yep, Bill has a pretty large voice. I would not want to be on the receiving end of his scorn, lol. Have to say, I don’t know what Clay stands for. Maybe he is a republican at heart but knew he could never get that nomination under any circumstances.

  6. I’m not a Clay fan, but I agree with what he said, he doesn’t have to agree with Obama on everything, at least he thinks for himself. Clay actually is doing well by being only 8 points down….he probably won’t win, but he is doing much better than many people ever thought he would.

  7. WOW Hits 2015 is out now! This album features the hits “Back To You” by Mandisa and “More Of You” by Colton Dixon!

  8. Isn’t Clay running in a fairly conservative district? If so then the voters don’t care what Bill M has to say, and could even help him And as far as the president goes, the question is has Obama’s policies been good for the people in Clays district. Nation wide doesn’t matter either way. He is definitely not the only democrat speaking out this election cycle. That beings said, since I don’t know the voting tendencies, in his district, and factors such as unemployment, cost of healthcare (new regs make costs vary even more then before from area to area) etc., it is hard to judge if Clay made a wise move or not.

  9. Nobody has to agree 100% with their party and/or the President, even a candidate. But Clay’s disagreements smack of expediency, not conviction. He’s not pointing out real differences, he’s just trying to avoid being linked with him because he’s unpopular in the district.

  10. Maybe the conservatives in his district were just waiting for someone like Clay to come along to rescue them from President Obama. Good for him if it works out and he wins.

  11. The incumbent in Aiken’s district is a well-liked Republican. Conservatives in that district are in no need of “rescue,” as they already have a conservative representative in office.

  12. Wow I LOVE that song. Ironically since Clay is being discussed in this thread the first time I heard that song is when he sang it during one of his Christmas concerts. Thats a crazy hard song to sing but its really stunning. I need to hear Carrie on this and download it! Hell even Clay singing it had me a blubbering mess.

  13. Oh, Gwen Stefani is going to release an album while she is judging on The Voice. What a coincidence.

  14. Thing is, with Clay’s distancing himself from Obama, and not even agreeing that he’s been a “good” President, plus his downplaying gay rights, he’s clearly pandering to the conservative voters in his district and betraying his own party. Clay should really be running as a moderate Republican, not a Democrat. I question whether he really is a Democrat or not.

  15. It’s North Carolina. Most of those anti-Obama conservatives are staunch Republicans who would never vote for a gay person in a million years.

  16. I totally agree. Clay is placing an emphasis on what he thinks being a “representative” in Congress should be, but in his eagerness to adopt the majority opinions of the constituents of his district, he’s betraying his President, his party and the LGBT community.

  17. Maher may be a far left liberal, but he’s an outspoken one, and clearly riled by Clay’s stance on the President (and probably other issues). If he decides to bash Clay more publicly and repeatedly, then Clay could lose support among his Democratic constituents, and other Democrats nationwide.

  18. The Claymates will be very upset and, of course, trash Carrie and Michael’s rendition (they won’t even need to hear it!) and maintain that no one can sing any song better than Clay. lol

  19. I’m not a fan of MWS per se, but this album sounds like a Christmas classic in the making.

  20. As things stand, the major reason to vote for Aiken is wanting a little (D) in that spot on the seating plan, while the person seated there votes with the Republican party on issues.

  21. I guess I’m coming from the prespective of someone in a strongly democratic area, we haven’t had a republican run for congress in our district in the last 20 years I’ve lived here. However, It’s a moderate democratic district and there is not a lot of love for Obama right now. I don’t think that disagreeing with Obama necessarily is going against the entire democratic party, just the 20 percent that are true liberals.

  22. The missing piece here is that every time Aiken states an actual position (which is rare), it matches the Republican platform and not the Democratic one. His major Democrat credential at this point is that there are so many issues where he has no stated position, so he might still be a Democrat on those.

  23. Clay. Oh boy……I sorta think he might enjoy this. Make his ego think he’s running with the big dogs. As if the president would campaign for his silly ass now.

  24. I don’t think that it even entered Obama’s head to campaign for Clay, and now it won’t. lol

  25. Not only is Clay’s defeat assured, he’s burning bridges that might have otherwise led to an appointed Democrat position. Since his singing career appears to be pretty much down the toilet, it looks as if he will have to get a job and actually work for his living.

  26. Really won’t matter how many democratic votes he gets because the district he’s running for is far right. He needs to be in the center to have any chance of winning.

  27. Actually, as of 2012, there were slightly more registered Democrats than Republicans in NC-2. A fair chunk of voters are unaffiliated. Here’s the breakdown:

    “As of May 11, 2012, District 2 had the following partisan registration breakdown according to the North Carolina Board of Elections: North Carolina Congressional District 2[21].

    Congressional District District Total Democrats Republicans Advantage Party Advantage Change in Advantage from 2010

    District 2: 453,968 Total registered voters
    Democrats: 166,167 (36.6%)
    Republicans: 162,729 (35.9%)
    Other & Unaffiliated: 125,072 (27.6%)
    Party advantage: Democratic 0.7%
    Change in Advantage from 2010: -79.20%

    “Party advantage” is the percentage gap between the two major parties in registered voters. “Change in advantage” is the spread in difference of party advantage between 2010 and 2012 based on the congressional district number only.

  28. Since there seems to be no clear cut party/agenda that Clay is following, he might do very well in Congress with those who just follow the herd.

  29. The Voice seems ready made for giving Established artists a current boost. I wonder if it’s in their contracts? Never heard of Blake Shelton and now he’s a superstar.

  30. I’m a big critic of the way The Voice boosts the coaches’ careers at the expense of promoting the contestants, but to be fair, Blake Shelton was a well established country artist before he ever went on The Voice. The very first single he released (a song titled “Austin”), way back in 2001, hit #1 on the country charts. His debut album went platinum and his next 3 albums were all certified gold. Sure, the show has really boosted his profile, as well as the profiles of the other coaches, but none of them were exactly unknown when they got hired for The Voice.

  31. IMO, the Voice is only about the judges. They even call themselves the winners. I thought the contestant is supposedly the winner.

  32. Well, then Clay shouldn’t criticize those in Congress who “follow the herd”. He’s definitely a reactive politician, since he is following the lead of his conservative constituents, even if it means downplaying/betraying what he supposedly really advocates. I view his entire attitude is totally opportunistic, cowardly and disingenuous. IOW, he’s a natural politician, but a follower, not a leader.

  33. If he really wanted to support Clay, then he would have chosen NC-2 as his “flip-a-district” winner. Given that Maher is a pretty extreme liberal, I believe that his criticism of Clay is genuine.

  34. Haven’t lots of Democratic politicians in red states tried to distance themselves from Obama?

  35. Well, in fuzzywuzzy’s video, Clay supports an increase in the minimum wage and a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants, so he has at least two Democratic positions.

  36. This interview was recorded way back in May, but I don’t know if it was ever posted here. Byron Cooke is doing a music geek interview with Sam Smith, and starting at around the 11:45 mark of the video he compares/contrasts Sam’s song “Lay Me Down” to the Avicii/Adam Lambert/Nile Rodgers song of the same name. Sam gives the song, and Adam himself, some nice props after listening to the song. :)

    (The whole interview is really interesting, well worth listening to.. I never knew, for instance, that what appears to be a gospel choir on “Stay with Me” is actually just all Sam’s own voice — there is no choir singing. how crazy is that?)

  37. oh, I agree. Irritates the heck out of me. TBH I doubt that most of the winners would have gone on to be big stars no matter what, but still, the show is supposed to be about the contestants, not the judges.

  38. Hard to know, but now Clay has guaranteed that Obama won’t care who he is. lol

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