Idol Headlines for 09/17/07

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Welcome home, Chris
When “American Idol” singer Chris Richardson returns to Hampton Roads on Tuesday, he’ll have come full circle. But his show-business journey is far from complete.

Chesapeake’s Chris Richardson has come a long way since his days overseeing orders of onion rings in the kitchen of a local Hooters. On Tuesday, the young singer and “American Idol” favorite will sing on stage at Hampton Coliseum as part of the American Idols Live! concert tour.

Richardson took a few minutes to answer questions about his career, his music and his years in Hampton Roads…..

Daily Press

Seacrest Surprisingly Not Too Shabby as dual Emmy Host

Although there were probably many other options than Ryan Seacrest to host the Emmy Awards show, he was far from disappointment. From running around questioning celebrities minutes prior to opening the show, Seacrest seemed content and comfortable on the big stage. He even seemed more in touch with his monologue, than he did with some celebrity interviews during the pre-show….

Hollywood Today

Emmys bleeps and veeps
Highlights from Sally Field riling up censors to Al Gore shilling for interactive TV.

IT was Open Mike Night at the 59th Annual Emmy Awards, organized by your server, um, host Ryan Seacrest. After putting in four hours on the pre-show red carpet meeting-and-greeting for E!, the chillingly ubiquitous Seacrest was presumably too fatigued to do anything like an opening monologue or actual hosting.

So with a quick congratulations to himself for all his hard work (“I am a full-service host”) and a display of couture wisdom, he wisely turned it over to the professionals…..

The Envelope

The 59th annual Primetime Emmy Awards

…As for Seacrest, the fact that there’s very little to say about his perf reps a victory for the omnipresent host of multiple TV shows.

His opening few jokes were lame but brief (and included just a quick “American Idol” mention). He poked fun at rumors about his sexuality (appearing in Tudor dress, he quipped, “This didn’t look that gay on the rack”) and his alleged romance with Teri Hatcher (she didn’t seem to appreciate it).

If anything, Seacrest was perhaps a bit too low-key, popping up once every half-hour at most. But while that meant he didn’t add much to the show, he also didn’t make the night about him — and that’s a good thing. He even demonstrated admirable self-deprecatory skills, joking that just about everyone else in the room had turned down an offer to host the Emmys (not far from the truth)…



…Looking at the telecast at large: Not to judge host Ryan Seacrest too harshly, but anyone expecting to find the kind of grace and wit that NBC’s Conan O’Brien brought to last year’s broadcast got up from the set sorely disappointed last night.

The utility-man performer was chosen as host for two reasons, neither of which has anything to do with talent.

First, as host of American Idol, he works for Fox, which was the TV home of last night’s show. More important, Idol drew as many as 30 million viewers a night – many of them members of the young demographic most desired by advertisers. The thinking by board members of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences was that Seacrest could help a show with an old audience instantly get younger…

Baltimore Sun

Sopranos win at Emmys
more or less; Groundbreaking series takes best drama honours

…As Seacrest took the stage the background music was rapper Chamillionaire’s Ridin’, the opening line of which is “They see me licking rectum, ” making it an odd choice for a man who has frequently denied rumours of homosexuality….

This is how not to put on an awards show

…Actually, “amateurish” doesn’t begin to describe Ryan Seacrest, who, thanks to his obnoxious performance on E!’s pre-show, became the first host ever to wear out his welcome before he came in. Had he been content to simply keep the show moving, he might have been bearable, though probably just barely. Instead, he worked the crowd like he was back at “American Idol, ” making more of a nuisance of himself with each appearance and joke, apparently not realizing that the occasion called for a classier act…

Courier Post Online

‘Sopranos’ bling night

HBO’s influential show wins the Emmy for best dramatic series in its final season, but others steal the acting honors.

…The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences once again turned a deaf ear to Fox’s “American Idol, ” the most popular show on television. The nation’s most watched reality competition came up empty-handed as the honors again went to CBS’s “The Amazing Race.”

“Idol, ” though, did manage to win two Emmys last week, one for technical direction and the other, a special governor’s award, for its two-part fundraiser, “Idol Gives Back, ” which raised more than $75 million for the poor in the United States and in Africa….


A Friendly Stage With More DÃ ©colletage Than Politics

The choice of Ryan Seacrest to serve as host of the Emmy Awards on Fox last night wasnt distressing exactly, but it was a little disconcerting ‘  a bit like arriving at a fancy dinner party to discover that the guest of honor is the next-door neighbor. Not that Mr. Seacrest, like the neighbor, is unpleasant, but his presence didnt exactly bring the evening up a notch….


Television deserves better than weak Emmys
Awkward stage setup, disappearing host all detract from telecast

…Seacrest explained at one point that the Emmys were environmentally friendly this year, and thus …the stage is made from existing materials. A noble goal, but also a convenient excuse to not spend any money. Fox could have saved even more on materials by using parts of its …American Idol set, which looks like someone actually bothered to design it…


Innovations fall flat; Emmy show is a bore

Fox went green Sunday night for Emmy Awards that were about as exciting as watching grass grow.

Efforts to reduce the event’s environmental impact included delivering talent in hybrid cars and carpeting Los Angeles’ Shrine Auditorium with recycled plastic bottles. Fox also recycled Ryan Seacrest, host of its own “American Idol, ” as emcee of the ceremony, a move that might have been economical but wasn’t exactly a grab for greatness…..

STL Today

Ryan Seacrest, Emmy host: 5 key ingredients

1. Remember why you’re famous and make multiple “American Idol” references. (Dropping Simon Cowell’s name as a skeptic of his hosting abilities. Implying that Paula Abdul actually is a druggie by saying that he hears “Weeds” has “an amazing afterparty. Isn’t that right, Paula?”)………

Chicago Tribune

Contestants relish opportunity to sing Oscar Mayer jingles

…Among those stepping up to the microphone was J. Paul Koehler. The former Rapid Citian competed in the 2005 “American Idol.” He was among 44 “Idol” hopefuls who made it to the semi-finals that year.

Like many other Oscar Mayer singers, Koehler didn’t come to Wal-Mart to sing. He happened by the giant Wienermobile and stopped to see what was going on. A 27-foot hot dog on wheels tends to draw a crowd. And like the others, he decided to give it a shot.

“Why not?” he said with a chuckle. “One thing I learned the hard way on ‘American Idol’ is that it’s all about song selection, ” he said. “Hmm, should I sing the wiener jingle or the bologna song?”

He opted for the wiener jingle, and sang it with the same relish that got him to the semi-finals on the TV show.

Koehler, by the way, is still chasing his entertainment dream.

He moved to New York and works as a singing waiter on Broadway, following, he hopes, in Tony Bennett’s footsteps.

He has also helped record a hip-hop video, and he’s working on a musical called “Howe & Hummel, ” which is being developed for Broadway. Koehler was in Rapid City for the premier of “Imprint, ” a film produced in part by his friends, the Linn brothers of Rapid City….

Rapid City Journal

Lythgoe, Darnell spar at BAFTA panel

Fox’s reality guru Mike Darnell and “American Idol” executive producer Nigel Lythgoe sparred at a lively panel discussion Thursday night about Britain’s role in the reality boom on American television.

At the BAFTA event entitled “Another British Invasion, ” hosted by BAFTA and CAA, the two fired several back-and-forth zingers good enough to land them their own improv show.

“He’s either a brilliant programr or an evil genius bent on hastening the end of civilization as we know it, ” Lythgoe, who moderated the panel, said in introducing Darnell…….

Hollywood Reporter

Daughtry’s rocking his way here

…Since then, Daughtry and his band have hit the road aggressively, touring all over America from stadiums and arenas to fairs and clubs.

And now, he’s coming to Singapore to perform live for fans who’ve followed his career since his American Idol days.

The New Paper is giving away five pairs of passes to this exclusive showcase, which will be held at St James Powerhouse on 20 Sep at 7.30pm, courtesy of Sony BMG…

The Electric

Daughtry’s power voice impresses

With his rock voice drowning out the roller coasters and carnival barkers on the midway, Chris Daughtry led the band that bears his surname through a 75-minute set on the Comcast Arena stage on the opening weekend of The Big E.

Daughtry has become somewhat of a rock juggernaut since the band’s post-“American Idol” self-titled album hit the top of the Billboard charts and became the fastest selling rock debut of all time……..