Season 6 Update

More news on the Season 6 Idols…

Jordin Sparks’ single “Tattoo” is slowly climbing up the pop charts. Billboard reviews her new single and compares Jordin’s voice to…Kimberley Locke? Jordin’s album drops on November 20th and will be self-titled…

Blake Lewis announces on his my space that his album, titled “ADD (Audio Day Dream) drops November 27. (But Team Plaid spilled that bit of gossip for us last week…) Blake says, “Its a mix of all the great pop music that has inspired me since the 80’s. Electro/funk/soul/pop I call it my 2080’s album. One mix from the start to finish, like a great Electronic or Hip-Hop mix tape.”…

Chris Richardson and the Idols played Virginia, Chris’s home state, last week. In a Q&A that got carried in the local papers, Chris  discusses his songwriting, and working with Blake Lewis:

I have hopefully four songs on Blake’s album that are co-written by me. For his first single, we’re pushing for the one that me and him wrote together. I think it would do really good. It’s called “What You Got To Lose.” Hopefully that will spin out there in radioland, and it will build some credibility as a songwriter. I haven’t had too much time to get into the studio while on tour, where a couple of people have…

Would Chris work with fellow Virginian, Elliott Yamin?

It’s weird you ask that, because I’ve contacted him in the last couple of weeks and asked if he wanted to do something on the album. He said he’s be delighted. We became friends in over in L.A. He’s a really great-hearted person and a great friend of mine. You never know what will show up. There are always possibilities out there. If he does happen to show up on my album, great. If not, hopefully, this being my first album, I can put out a complete descriptive detail of who I am as an artist.

Does Chris have a record deal?

I’m still shopping for a deal, talking with different labels. I’m just trying to find the right home, find the right management. Hopefully it will come together, I’m sort of leaving it up to God. I’m letting him take the wheel with it. I’m being patient with it. I think waiting sometimes is better. I’m optimistic. I used to get a little impatient because I had so many doors shut in my face. So now I’m using this as an opportunity and hopefully it will escalate from here. Hopefully, I’ll be someone that can sell great records or great music.

Melinda Doolittle will take part in a fundraiser “Melinda Doolittle and Friends” for the Boiler Room Theater in Franklin, Tennessee. The concert is November 9th at 8 pm.

More articles: Lakisha Jones tells TV Guide that when she calls the shots, her 4-year old daughter Brionne will go on tour with her.   Lakisha says she has “some deals on the table”…wicked chatty interview from Toronto with Blake Lewis.   Phil Stacey tells the same Toronto interviewer that he didn’t watch himself on television.   At all.

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