Idol Headlines for 08/26/10 – The Evening Edition

‘American Idol’: We don’t alter performances

“We have never, nor would we ever, use Auto-Tuning during the American Idol competition, ” producers of the Fox show said in a statement Thursday, referring to pitch-correcting technology.

LA's Next Great Stage Star II ...
LA's Next Great Stage Star II Finale

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Ex-’Canadian Idol’ contestant detained on terrorism charges

Usually it’s mass-entertainment fare that’s supposed to be ripped from the headlines — TV shows aren’t supposed to making serious news. But in what seems like a real-life version of the 2006 war-on-terror satire “American Dreamz, ” a Canadian of Pakistani descent who auditioned for “Canadian Idol” two years ago has been detained in a terrorism investigation that has connected him to “high-level Al Qaeda affiliates abroad.”

The Toronto Star reports that Khuram Sher, a Canadian doctor who graduated from Montreal’s McGill University, was arrested Thursday morning as part of a wide-ranging yearlong terrorism investigation by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Canadian Security Intelligence Service. Sher is the third arrest so far in the probe, which Canadian officials say involves a cell of radical Islamists with ties to senior al-Qaida figures. Reports on the investigation have provided no details about what, if any, specific plans or targets the cell had been pursuing.

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Interview: Katie Stevens from American Idol

At age 17, Katie Stevens was the second-youngest finalist on season nine of American Idol. During her time on the show, the four Idol judges offered sometimes confusing and conflicting feedback to the young singer.

Simon Cowell wanted to see her add a country tinge to her style. Kara DioGuardi felt R&B was Stevens’ strong suit. In the end, her elimination came during the second Top 9 week. Michael Lynche had benefited from the judges’ “save” the prior week. As a result there needed to be two contestants cut from the show. Stevens got the axe despite a spirited rendition of “Baby, What You Want Me To Do, ” which she chose for Elvis Presley week.

I had a chance to catch up with Ms. Stevens prior to the American Idols LIVE! concert at Seattle’s Key Arena.

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Adam Lambert, Jake Shears (Scissor Sisters) and Katy Perry after last night’s Scissor Sister’s concert in NYC

Photo tweeted by Jake Shears: “We want to thank the lovely @katyperry and charming @adamlambert for joining our party last night in NYC.”


Adam Lambert interview with Miss Monica of  K92 Radio

What kind of man does Adam like? And what about those nails?


Diana Degarmo rehearsing for her role as Doralee in “9 to 5 The Musical” set to open in Nashville in September.  She’s still wearing black and pink!


Chris Sligh shoots “October Baby” in Mobile AL

The independent feature film “October Baby, ” which began production in Birmingham on Aug. 21 and also has filmed on Dauphin Island, shot a scene in downtown Mobile on Aug. 26, 2010. The movie also stars John Schneider and Jasmine Guy.

View As Web Page 'October Baby' feature film shoots scene in downtown Mobile


Partially deaf male Madonna impersonator sues Simon Cowell over ‘hard of hearing’ jibes on Britain’s Got Talent

Mr Grimmer, who is partially deaf in both ears and short sighted, is now suing Cowell’s production company Syco TV for disability discrimination.

In legal papers, he also complains about Ant and Dec introducing him as a ‘successful drag queen’ and ‘a man who likes dressing up as a woman’.

The married, father-of-one claims that some family and friends may now mistake him for a gay cross-dresser.

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The Simon Cowell-ing of America

As the star of the top-rated show on U.S. television every year for the last six, “American Idol” — a spinoff, of course, of a British original — Cowell has brandished his accent like a weapon. Meanwhile, TV’s most ubiquitous offering, “The Office” — you can currently catch it on NBC, TBS and Fox — likewise originated across the pond. Critical darling “Mad Men” now features a prominent British character who’s proving himself almost as adept at drinking and shagging his way through 1960s Manhattan as his American colleagues. And CNN is reportedly set to hand over its prime-time interview show to another Englishman, Piers Morgan. The prospective new host’s dream guest, he recently revealed? Cowell, of course.

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Is X Factor’s Simon Cowell in need of a retune?

Roll up, my little tricoteuses, and take your seats for the X Factor – now officially a three-bath show. Crank up the Carmina Burana soundtrack to category five, and bow down for the return of the Karaoke Sauron, as the debut of Simon Cowell’s talent contest draws ratings that in effect amount to 12.6 million people emitting a wanton moan of: “Use me! Use me, you depraved old genius!”

Yet already, this septic isle is being rocked by X Factor scandal – not simply an Auto-Tune row, but the wildly appealing front-page saga of a contestant’s psychiatric problems.

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Say Cheese! Mark Salling’s Ex Caught Egg-Handed

We’re told Naya hasn’t ‘fessed up to anything, and lucky for her Mark is one friggin’ classy guy.

Yesterday on set of Glee he tried to tweet the heat off his costar, saying “silly rumors, we’re the best of friends” with the photo you see above.

But trust, that’s all irony there, babes. Salling is just putting it aside so drama won’t interfere with their hit show.

Swoon! Who knew he could get any hotter?

Guess you can’t totally blame Naya for letting this one get to ya.

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  1. Glad that idol producers put out that statement. I believe them because it really wouldn’t serve any purpose and it’s a different show from the UK shows.

    Cute interview with Adam. He’s a charmer. Nice to know that he smell delicious, and I love how he often returns a compliment. Sweet.

  2. I never believed American Idol used auto tune. Between Lee DeWyze, Andrew Garcia, Megan Joy, and Danny Gokey’s “Dream On” scream from hell, it was pretty obvious every ear assaulting note was genuine.

    Diana looks great! I’m really glad for her success. She’s a class act and a beautiful young woman. I wish I had appreciated her during her season but she’s been growing on me over the years.

  3. Does anyone here follow Tatiana on twitter? Someone on my feed does, and she’s been re-tweeting some of Tatiana’s tweets today. IDK what’s going on with her, but the tweets read like she’s totally lost it, accusing AI of using an imposter for her and threatening to sue them or something?

    Just really really strange

  4. IF that is really her actual account it looks like she is having a psychotic break and I am totally serious. Are you sure that is her account? Maybe it was hacked? That kind of scares me because that is “word salad” being spouted off in the earlier tweets. And delusions. And paranoia.

    If that is someone hacking her account it is not even funny.

  5. I just scanned it briefly, wasn’t following her, and will unfollow after I read more, but either she has lost it, or maybe hacked? Right now I am not sure, but leaning towards hacked. Otherwise, would have to be BSC, right?

  6. David Cook: Gonna hang with the bro for a bit, then do some writing with the boys. Have a great night, all!
    about 2 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone

    Writing for what or whom? Cryptic tweets from Cook and company and lack of album news aren’t fun anymore. :(

  7. Ok, I read back to Alex Trugman’s tweet to his followers to follow Tatiana a couple of weeks ago. Even before then she was ‘amusing’ or ‘nuts’. Is she doing this for attention, and if so, what took so long to discover her crazy tweets? I don’t know whether to worry about her sanity, or just enjoy the funny!

    Apparently she has a fondness for dinosaurs. Don’t get the imposter stuff.

  8. Love the Adam and Katy Perry pic with Jake Shears. A lot of pretty on that sofa.

  9. Love the Adam and Katy Perry pic with Jake Shears. A lot of pretty on that sofa.

    Seems more like a lot of pretty + Adam’s hair.

    SORRY ADAM :(. I need to start being nice like Aaron Kelly. And I need to stop obsessing over Aaron. No I don’t need to stop obsessing. But time to be nice :).

    What I do need to do, is figure out my exact reaction to Tatiana del Toro’s twitter. It does seem kinda funny to see someone go so crazy like that, but it does kinda disturb me. It could be a hack.

  10. about Tatiana del toro twits… seems fake to me. She was moving along with projects (there was one with Normund (!) Gentle and someone else) last time i heard of her

  11. Slow night……

    Danny’s free radio station concert was rained out last night so the radio station hosted a web cast which was really fun- lots of ad lib banter and four songs.

    They posted a nice photo gallery and an observer posted two partial videos from the webcast:

    Tiny Life:

    Very short segment of Life On Ya:

  12. Haha I love how everyone has to clarify that they’re not following Tatiana while commenting on her. ;) She does bring the crazy.

  13. I sure hope Idol has never used auto-tune on its singing contestants, and I really do wonder about Susan’s amazing audition performance …

    I haven’t commented on Adam in ages but I have to say this … it’s the expression on his face (plus some of the comments he has made post-Idol) that make me not like him. When I see him all I see is a supercilious smirk. BTW supercilious means “haughtily disdainful or contemptuous, as a person or a facial expression.” Do his fans see something different or do they like him to be haughtily disdainful? I don’t see the “kind, caring” person his fans always talk about. It’s that smirk I don’t like, lol.

    But that is an awesome drawing of Allison (is it a drawing?) and I’m glad she’s getting the experience of touring with Adam. He is a popular act regardless of my personal feelings about him.

  14. When I see him all I see is a supercilious smirk.

    LOL I’m a big fan, but I know the look. That’s his, “Here’s my sexy, alluring face, come hither.” I guess, for a fan, it makes you laugh because when he’s just being Adam, his face and personality are more genuine, articulate, boy-next-door. If you’re not a fan, the look is paramount and real — and icky, therefore, so is Adam.

    I get it. I just don’t happen to agree. C’est la vie. YMMV. And all that jazz…

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