Matt Giraud Single ‘Thank You’ Now Available on iTunes

Jim Brickman’s new single, “Thank You” featuring Matt Giruad on vocals is now available for download on iTunes.  The pretty ballad is currently in the Top 30 on the Adult Contemporary music chart.

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Brickman has had AC hits with artists such as Lady Antebellum and Martina McBride, so this particular hook-up is a very good thing for Matt!

Download “Thank You” here:

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  1. Wooohoo! You guys should buy it!! Its currently sitting at #23 in the AC mediabase chart!

  2. Yay for Matt having a new single available! It has been fun to watch this song climb the AC chart to #23 after 2-1/2 weeks on the radio. It has already proven to be a good move by Matt, but I sure hope it keeps climbing.

  3. Yay, Matt! I will buy it. :D

    He’s really talented and I hope the single continues to do well so he can get his name out there.

  4. As much as I love Matt I’m not crazy about this song. Hope it does continue to climb the chart though.

  5. So far this song isn’t showing up on the Top 1000 on iTunes. I wonder if songs that go directly to the AC market tend to sell well? There aren’t a lot of AC format stations anymore

  6. In response to girlygirl – This song went on sale this afternoon so it not being in the top 1000 isn’t terribly surprising. I would be surprised if they actually calculated sales this afternoon. As far as there not being a lot of AC stations – I’m guessing it depends where you live. I can tell you that in the midwest, it is probably the most common format (or some version of it, AC or HAC).

    As far as the song is concerned, what impresses me most is Matt’s voice, which is flawless as usual. He has a beautiful tone to his voice and has great control. I have to admit that I prefer a lot of Matt’s original music (that he wrote), but this song does showcase his amazing voice.

  7. sgr91

    songs from Idols usually fly up the iTunes charts when they are first released. most of them drop off again quickly, but at least in the first handful of hours after the release is announced, most of them chart decently on iTunes. that’s why I’m surprised that this one hasn’t shown up at all.

  8. I really love this song and Matt´s voice is amazing.
    He records so so well, his voice is radio ready and very soothing. I just hope this song does very well for the sake of his career. He deserves so much to get signed already! G

  9. Bought it! While I much prefer Matt’s original music, I must admit this song is growing on me. I absolutely adore Matt and I hope this single is the start of many good things to come his way.

  10. I’m so excited for Matt! That was a surprise he pulled on us. All we knew was the song would be on iTunes “soon” (accd. to Jim Brickman) and in “September” (accd. to Matt). What a nice surprise to get it sooner! That may partly be why it hasn’t show up on the iTunes Top 1000, girlygirl, just maybe. Matt’s fans are excited about the song and once word reaches them, I’m sure they’ll snatch it. BashiB, I can relate as it’s a song that grew on me as well, though very quickly! It’s quite addicting!

    BTW, I love that it says Jim Brickman (feat. Matt Giraud) as some of us were wondering if his name would appear on it at all.

    I also hope people keep requesting the song!

  11. Got my copy! Glad I can add a new song to his idol tracks and his original music!

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