Idol Headlines for 04/15/10 – The Evening Edition

David Archuleta and Allison Iraheta to attend the Pop Music Awards in LA on 4/21

@belindasLAmusic: American Idol’s David Archuleta and Allison Iraheta will join Butch Walker & the Black Eyed Peas for the Pop Music Awards in LA on April 21.


SomethingPitchy Broadcast: Double Jeopardy

In this week’s episode, host Andy Scott is joined by Rickey Yaneza (, MJ Santilli (MJ’sBigBlog) and AOL TV’s Gaby Dunn to dish on the week’s biggest moments, including Andrew and Katie’s farewell, the staying power of Tim Urban and Ryan Seacrest’s head-scratching behavior.

AOL Television

‘American Idol’ EP Cecile Frot-Coutaz: Someone will be sent home this week

How will the elimination be worked into the show?
Cecile: We found “Idol Gives Back” worked better as an extended results show to make it more organic to “American Idol.” As such, we do have to do results. Within the two hours we obviously have plenty of time to cover both the charity portion of the event and the results portion. It’s a blend of entertainment and actual “Idol” competition.

How are the charities benefited?
Cecile: Historically, we’ve done 50% to Africa and 50% to domestic charities. This year we’re a little more weighted to domestic causes because “American Idol” is an American show. It’s been a very tough couple of years in this country and we think it’s only fair that we focus on U.S. causes. “Idol Gives Back” is targeting primarily kids. Kids’ poverty and health are the issues we’re looking at … It’s all about raising awareness for these causes.

Elton John was the big announcement for “Idol Gives Back.” Are you still booking celebrities or performers right up until the day of the show, or is the lineup pretty much set?
Cecile: It’s pretty set. There’s one that we haven’t announced yet, but other than that I think we’ve announced everybody. It’s a two hour show and it’s packed. We’re trying to figure out a way to fit it into 2 hours at the moment, there’s too much good stuff.


Seacrest speaks! Ryan on ‘Idol’s’ past, present and Simon-less future: ‘It’ll be like losing my oxygen’

Certainly that was the case on Tuesday, what with your impromptu waltz. What was going on?

I was enjoying it. We’ve done this show for nine years. When they take me out into the audience, sometimes the energy out there takes me to a different place. I looked at the people and I was just having fun Tuesday night. That guy looked like the most inappropriate person to dance with, so I figured, “Let’s pick him up and just dance with him for a second.”
The other thing is, they’re moving these contestants all over the place when they’re performing so sometimes when I introduce them, I’m actually trapped. I can’t actually get out of the location to get back to the side of the stage. So sometimes I’ll do something like that to get past it. But that night, I was just enjoying it and having a good time. My mom was there in the audience, I was in a good mood!

LA Times

More Idol Headlines after the JUMP…

Justin Bieber Is A ‘Real Inspiration, ‘ ‘Idol Gives Back’ Producer Says

After a one-year break, “Idol Gives Back” is set to return to the small screen with an assist from co-host Queen Latifah and performances by Justin Bieber, Elton John, Alicia Keys, Carrie Underwood, the Black Eyed Peas and others. Most performances will be staged live, but Bieber recorded his last month, a decision “American Idol” producers made because they felt his connection to youth culture could spur giving.

“I looked at that night as a good night for him to be on, because he’s absolutely phenomenal, and he’s young and he’s a real inspiration for [the] young generation, so it was a really good fit for him to be in that special episode, ” explained exec producer Cécile Frot-Coutaz in a conference call of the decision to pre-tape his performance rather than air it during an earlier live show.


‘Idol’ results show minute by minute: Elvis, Lambert, lasers and tears

Wednesday night at the “Idol”-dome wasn’t quite as manic as Tuesday’s show, at least where Ryan Seacrest was concerned. On the other hand, Adam Lambert’s performance did have the studio audience jumping out of their seats. All the off-camera action (and a few behind-the-scenes tidbits) in our minute-by-minute breakdown….

LA Times

‘American Idol’: Andrew Garcia and Katie Stevens discuss song choice, ‘having fun, ‘ and prom dates

Double elimination! Double dose of sadness? Andrew Garcia and Katie Stevens aren’t crying. Instead, the latest set of American Idol evictees are talking about eyewear and prom dates. First up is Andrew, and after the jump, the Connecticut teenager…


Andrew Garcia: The Idol Chatter interview

For Andrew Garcia, Season 9 of American Idol came down to one song: a version of Paula Abdul’s Straight Up, sung during his Hollywood Week auditions. After that, nothing the 24-year-old singer from Moreno Valley, Calif., did seemed to measure up in the eyes of the judges.

AMERICAN IDOL: Andrew Garcia performs on AMERICAN IDOL airing Tuesday, April 13, on FOX.
By Michael Becker/FOX
The double elimination of Elvis Presley week finally did Andrew in, after a roundly criticized performance of Hound Dog. In our conversation Thursday, Andrew discussed his YouTube following and the Straight Up phenomenon, as well as learning to connect with an audience and, to a lesser extent, the Idol judges.

USA Today

Elvis & Idol

Adam Lambert is not Elvis. No matter how similarly lofty and luxurious his hair may be, or how loudly young girls scream and parents cry for censorship, that’s not the right comparison. And no, while Crystal may be the second coming of Janis Joplin or John Fogerty or, as Randy suggested, Bonnie Raitt , she’s not Elvis, either. It’s Idol. Idol is the new Elvis.


PHOTOS: Why Are You Pouting, Adam Lambert? You’re On The Cover Of Japan’s ‘Rolling Stone’

We all remember the time Adam Lambert first graced the cover of Rolling Stone—that snake inching towards his crotch was obviously meant to imply the length of the man’s… talent. The pop star brought his slithery friend back for the cover shoot of the May issue of Rolling Stone in Japan, but this time in the much less dangerous form of finger jewelery. Check out the Glam Man showcasing an extensive range of emotion (from “pained” to “do me now”) in his risque photo shoot for the Japanese mag. It’s not quite as entertaining as watching Adam field questions from several non-English speaking TV hosts all at once, but then again, nothing really is.


‘American Idol’ Prediction Results: Katie Stevens And Andrew Garcia Fall, Aaron Kelly Rides Again

Aaron Kelly, you have a strange magic that I cannot comprehend. For two weeks you have thwarted me, rendering my bold predictions of your assured ouster on “American Idol” as impotent as so many Ryan Seacrest jokes about Brian Dunkleman.

Alas, I only guessed half right yesterday about who would be sent to “Idol” purgatory. Like just about every other joker who put down some chips, I correctly guessed that Andrew Garcia’s ride would come to an end after an entire season of mostly disappointing performances. My colleagues, MTV News’ own “Idol”-ator Jim Cantiello and MJ’s Big Blog honcho MJ Santilli, also picked that one.


‘American Idol’s Elliott Yamin’s Season 9 faves: Casey James, Aaron Kelly, Michael Lynche

“American Idol” is kicking off “Idol Gives Back” week by sending past Idols to food banks all over the country to help in the Feeding America program.

Elliott Yamin was at the Los Angeles Regional food bank along with several other Idols on Tuesday, April 13. He tells Zap2it about the food bank effort, his trip to Angola and who he likes on this season of “Idol.”


Rise to Fame

Kimberley Locke talks about her career since American Idol

FOX News

‘American Idol’: Is Ryan Seacrest’s secret ‘Dancing With the Stars’ date — Julianne Hough?

The Dish Rag uncovered another clue to the Seacrest dating puzzle Wednesday (April 14) thanks to an “accidental” slip of the tongue from Simon Cowell post-“American Idol” elimination show.

Cowell’s ex Terri Seymour interviewed all the judges for Los Angeles FOX 11 affiliate, KTTV, and questioned Cowell about a date Seacrest had Monday night. “Um, yeah, the girl from ‘Dancing With the Stars, ” shrugged Cowell, adding a coy, “Whoops, ” as he looked to camera.


Ellen On Her No-Candy Lifestyle: ‘I Want To Be On My Toes’

Doing all that hosting takes energy – and the star told the May issue of Shape magazine that means she’s given up junk food.

“No cake, no cookies, no candy… It’s so weird. Food used to be really important to me. I loved steak, I loved hamburgers, I loved all that stuff, ” she told the mag. “I can’t believe how irresponsible I was, eating what I ate. All I did was eat. Cheeseburgers, fried chicken, fried things…and then some things happened in my life and, as a lot of young girls do, I put on weight as a barrier, as protection, to keep people away. I was always dieting, always struggling, always trying to lose it.”

She added that she’s since realized that dieting’s not the way to go.

Access Hollywood

Ellen DeGeneres: Portia Prefers Me “Heavier Than Thinner”

Super slim Portia de Rossi likes her wife Ellen DeGeneres to have curves.

“She loves me no matter what. Whenever I feel bad about myself, or if I’m in a period where I’m not working out, she’s constantly telling me that she doesn’t notice, that I look beautiful. She’ll say, ‘I think you could gain 10 more pounds, ‘” the American Idol judge, 52, tells the May issue of Shape (via Huffington Post).


Rickey Minor talks new ‘Tonight Show’ gig, current season of ‘Idol’: ‘They just have to break out of their shells’

Rickey Minor might have landed his new gig just over 24 hours ago, but The Tonight Show has been on his mind for decades. “As a kid, watching [The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson bandleader] Doc Severinsen, I can’t say that I wasn’t enamored with it, ” Minor tells EW. “What musician is not looking at this institution, one of the iconic shows that has live music?” And now, since Minor will be following in Severinsen’s and, more recently, Kevin Eubanks’ footsteps as The Tonight Show’s bandleader, he’s prepared for the work ahead, which includes fostering a relationship with the show’s host, Jay Leno. “It’s like a marriage, but unlike a marriage, you really don’t have a dating period, ” Minor says. “You just have to start living together right away.” Not that Minor’s worried about developing chemistry with Leno. “It’s gonna take a little time, ” he says. “But I’m a pretty funny guy. So I don’t see it taking that long.”


Niecy Nash Gives Lara Spencer Secrets on This Week’s ‘Dancing’ Elimination (Video)

This week’s ‘Dancing with the Stars’ elimination was intense, and who better to dish on the mood of the room than ‘Insider’ star and ‘Dancing’ contestant Niecy Nash. Nash talked with ‘Insider’ host Lara Spencer about what’s running through one’s mind when faced with heading home on the hit show.


‘So You Think You Can Dance’: Reporting live from Vegas Week

Korbi TV is in the performing arts theater at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas for “So You Think You Can Dance” final auditions right this minute, kids!

Take a quick look at the clip below…

One note: The blonde on the judging panel is not Cat Deeley, but Toni Redpath, a well-known ballroom dancer who has choreographed for the show in seasons past. I’m told that she joins “SYTYCD” as a judge this year. You’ll first see her at the Houston auditions, and obviously, again in Vegas.


‘So You Think You Can Dance’: Billy Bell, Brandon Dumlao back for Season 7

Billy Bell, the talented contemporary dancer who had to drop out of “So You Think You Can Dance’s” Season 6 Top 20 due to illness last fall, is in Vegas for Season 7 final auditions, my friends.

He performed for the judges this morning and Brandon Dumlao, who stepped in at the last second for a short-lived stint filling Bell’s spot during Season 6, is here as well.


‘Glee’: Chris Colfer wants Ellen to guest star, plus new pics!

The “Glee” promotional whirlwind continues! This time, the cast shared their dream guest stars with InStyle, while also mugging for the Instyle photo booth. Chris Colfer’s choice is Ellen DeGeneres. “We’re like piranhas when guests come on the set, ” he says.

Creator Ryan Murphy’s dream guest star is Olivia Newton-John, but he doesn’t have to dream about it anymore. She’s going to be singing with Jane Lynch on the show, and is rumored to be playing a judge at Regionals.


Save Kellie Pickler! Vote for Gloriana! From Funny or Die

Nick Mitchell does his Idol dish dressed as Adam Lambert

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  1. Nick Mitchell is so not funny.

    Congrats to Rickey Minor though! He’s going to be hard to replace.

  2. Glad to know for a certainty that they will be eliminating someone this week, though I am not sure how they will best incorporate that in an IGB show.

    Thought the LA Times interview with Ryan was a good read. Wonder if the job he is considering giving up is his morning LA radio show.

    Watched GDLA this morning, and Julianne Hough was confirmed as the woman Ryan went out with Monday night.

  3. So just heard something funny…ABC is using Adam’s version of FYE for their DWTS promo. Pretty ironic if I do say so myself.

    On another note I love Nick Mitchell…hysterical.

  4. Danny will be hosting two different events for the ACM awards this weekend. On Saturday he’ll be a co-host for ACM Awards LIVE!, The Day Before (Saturday 4/17, 4:30pm PST)

    And then on Sunday he’ll be one of the hosts on the ACM orange carpet for GAC and will be greeting and talking to arrivals on the carpet. That show is the ACM Awards Orange Carpet Live with GAC (Sunday 4/18, 2:30pm – 5:00pm PST

    It was also mentioned that he would be one of the hosts on the red carpet on

    Both of these events will be streamed online on sites like ACM’s website, CBS’s website and I believe GAC’s website as well.

    And he is opening for Lady Antebellum tomorrow for an ACM concert.

  5. So just heard something funny…ABC is using Adam’s version of FYE for their DWTS promo. Pretty ironic if I do say so myself.

    Maybe Adam will finally be able to go on Jimmy Kimmel now and Good Morning America this summer.

  6. Today was seriously a fun day to be an Adam fan. Loved this part of the LA Times article:

    6:48 Girls near our section are weeping at the end of Adam’s performance

    So, so happy for AFL. He deserves it and now the focus is back where it should be- that awesome voice.

  7. No, I think ABC is only ok with him if they don’t show his face (insert eye roll here).

  8. Well, Good Morning America is up for a GLAAD award. Maybe the producers can get together with Adam while he’s there performing to discuss it. Ironic isn’t it?

    Adam is #10 on Itunes!

  9. Have they announced who the last secret guest is for IGB? I hope it’s Cookie.

  10. New head of Sony Music Nashville is named.

    His name is Gary Overton and here’s a quote from him:

    When Joe told me of his decision to leave Sony, I thought about all his great accomplishments in nurturing the careers of some of the icons of our business: Dolly Parton, Alabama, Alan Jackson, Brooks & Dunn, Kenny Chesney, Brad Paisley, Carrie Underwood and many others,” Overton said in a statement, adding that he’s excited to work with Sony’s current artist roster.

    That roster includes Jackson (whom Overton managed in 1994 and ’95), Chesney, Paisley, Underwood, Young, Miranda Lambert, Martina McBride, Kellie Pickler, Montgomery Gentry and others.

    The article also mentions the AI effect.

    While Sony Nashville is heavy on veteran stars, Galante and his charges have not broken a superstar-level act without the aid of pre-recording-career television fame (i.e., Underwood’s time on American Idol) since the ascents of Chesney and Paisley. Sony has had big hits and great critical successes, but of late Underwood has been the only platinum juggernaut along the lines of Capitol’s Keith Urban, Big Machine’s Taylor Swift or Lyric Street’s Rascal Flatts.

    Among Overton’s challenges will be to build some successful, ground-up careers, in case musical game shows’ influences dip or dry.

  11. lorismile:
    04/15/2010 at 10:01 pm
    Well, Good Morning America is up for a GLAAD award. Maybe the producers can get together with Adam while he’s there performing to discuss it. Ironic isn’t it?

    Adam is #10 on Itunes!

    WOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!! That is SUCH an accomplishment on the singles chart! The fact that it is still rising really says something. He still has two Glee songs that are now starting to decline so it is VERY possible to be #8 tomorrow! Wow. Just wow.

  12. yeah i think it’ll be radio Ryan’s gonna give up. Stoked about Elton John and Annie Lennox. AMAZING
    I LOVE Normund/Nick

  13. wjmtv:
    04/15/2010 at 10:17 pm
    Have they announced who the last secret guest is for IGB? I hope it’s Cookie.

    If it was Cook I don’t think it’d be a secret. Even though the Cook camp is very secretive. The Africa trip will be good enough promo for him.

  14. WWFM:
    #10 on Itunes US!!!

    #5 on Itunes Australia and #10 on Itunes Canada

    Remix EP # 16 on Itunes!

    FYE Album back up to #45 on Itunes!

  15. FYE Album back up to #45 on Itunes!

    It’s #13 and rising at Amazon, up from #77 yesterday.

  16. I’m surprised to see Jason Castro’s album up to #3 on the iTunes overall album chart. HDD predicted only 15-20K for his debut week. Maybe he’ll surprise folks and do better than that.

  17. ashley0626 Haha @adamlambert ABC is now using FYE (your version thank GOD) for the promo of DWTS. Kinda ironic. 5 minutes ago from web


  18. I’m surprised to see Jason Castro’s album up to #3 on the iTunes overall album chart.

    Unfortunately, iTunes album sales numbers don’t seem to amount to much. I read a month or two ago that they sell so few overall that the labels don’t even pay much attention to their album sales. Apparently, they sell lots of singles but that’s it.

  19. Yeah for WWFM going to #10 and Big kudos to Jason Castro for a strong showing with his debut album at #3 on itunes overall chart. Adam Remix album is #17 great showing for a remix Album and it is holding steady. Can’t wait for Carly and We are the Fallen release in a few weeks I hope the best for her. I love her.

  20. Unfortunately, iTunes album sales numbers don’t seem to amount to much. I read a month or two ago that they sell so few overall that the labels don’t even pay much attention to their album sales. Apparently, they sell lots of singles but that’s it.

    Labels pay attention to every album that’s sold, it doesn’t matter if it was sold online or in a store. Digital sales account for approx. 33% of all album sales.

  21. FYE Album back up to #45 on Itunes!

    It is actually #43 Deluxe and #47 standard

  22. Glad to see one of Danny’s Sophia’s Heart Foundation non-profit programs getting off the ground with a music and arts program in Milwaukee. There is a peer program due to start in Nashville soon also, and something in LA with the Dream Center.

    Milwaukee Fox station segment,0,2320139.story

    More with the choir from an urban Milwaukee school

    Not sure if this was posted, but Danny will be doing a cruise for SHF in February. Looks like the travel organization has done quite a a few cruises with country music artists including Chuck Wicks (labelmate for Danny), Darryl Worley (same mgmt company), and Montgomery Gentry (no connection known with Danny except I like them both, lol).

    Already seeing quite a few people on twitter saying they’ve signed up.

  23. I do admit to liking Norman on Wendy’s show more than these videos. Wendy is great and he is so funny.

  24. conklas:
    04/16/2010 at 12:17 am
    Tiger92 that’s me!

    Seriously? It’s a small world! I saw your tweet on another board.

    Isn’t it sweet irony that ABC is now using FYE? (of all the songs of Adam’s to use) I love it!

    04/16/2010 at 12:21 am

    Labels pay attention to every album that’s sold, it doesn’t matter if it was sold online or in a store. Digital sales account for approx. 33% of all album sales.

    True. That’s why it’s so awesome that Adam’s remix cd is #16 (although there is no physical cd to purchase) and the deluxe and regular version of FYE are both in the top 50 after being off the chart for a while now. Digital sales are still sales! :)

  25. Has anyone really paid attention to the Itunes charts with other guest performers on Idol? I am curious if this is normal. I mean I know that its not acctually awhole lot sales wise, just curious.

  26. Danny in performance tonight at a country music club in Chicago

    It’s not really a country music club (Rick Springfield plays there a lot), although they have lots of country acts. I saw Bucky there (one of his first post Idol gigs). It’s really a sports bar with a large music room in the back.

  27. Andy Scott of Something Pitchy is really something to listen to. Not. I wish he had shut up and let MJ speak more. Everything she said was intelligent and corresponded to the facts. Everyone else, not so much.

  28. Hollywood Life “What You Didn’t See On TV” blog for the results show:

    Adam Lambert and Crystal Bowersox seem like besties already. After his kick-butt performance of “What Do You Want From Me” (with lasers!) the two reunited like long lost lovers. But who wouldn’t like Mama Sox?


  29. Amazing show! @ladyantebellum killed it and what up with special guests Josh Groban and Kris Allen!

  30. Labels pay attention to every album that’s sold, it doesn’t matter if it was sold online or in a store. Digital sales account for approx. 33% of all album sales.

    Digital sales amount to 13% of Adam’s total album sales.

    The album is now #14 on Amazon.

  31. Okay Andrew Scott (something pitchy), my faves over the last two seasons were DC and Kris so if we base it on that Crystal will win this year!!! LOL!

    I’m sorry, I know Lee has a great recording voice, but I feel the market is saturated w/ that kind of voice RN. My top three are Crystal, Siobhan and Casey. Top two Crystal and one of the top three.

    Norman Gentle is funny. That vid was okay, but lets face it he hit some of those notes about as well as Adam did last night. Our family really likes WDYWFM but prefer the radio version to the live. (Adam was great overall on idol though. :D)

    Kelly Pickler on Funny or Die was funny as usual. Speaking of her, my hubby said last night it would be fun to see her as a mentor. Um, I confirmed that was for entertain value as opposed to vocal. ;)

  32. Excited to see David A and Allison together again! These two latinos are very talented and would do great doing a Spanish song together! I know David was well received by the Spanish community when he sang Somos el Mundo and Contigo en la Distancia.

  33. Has anyone really paid attention to the Itunes charts with other guest performers on Idol? I am curious if this is normal. I mean I know that its not acctually awhole lot sales wise, just curious.

    Usher, Gokey and Diddy are the only ones I can think of who had significant bumps this year from idol but all three of them also had the songs released that day ( not sure on Diddy). Orianthi had a nice bump but I think Adam is the only one who had a song out for awhile and made it to #10. I don’t know why you don’t think it will be much in the way of sales unless you are talking the albums, but the single should pobably have one of it’s best weeks ever- if not THE best.

    Both Glee songs are at #8 and #9 now- hopefully Adam will pass them today!

  34. It sounds like Kris did awesome opening for a sold out Lady A. concert last night. I am so proud of him. Below you will find a twitter from Lady A. and a couple of videos. It has been so much fun being a Kris fan this week.

    Lady A show setlist: CSA, Heartless/GP, Is It Over, Red Guitar, The Truth, Alright With Me, LLWD, Come Together

    @ladyantebellum Los Angeles we love you!!! Show was beyond words tonight. Huge thanks to the talented @KrisAllen and @JoshGroban for joining us on stage!!

    @h2oconvo Kris Allen singing Come Together at the Lady Antebellum concert

    @OhNoNotStarr: Here it is “Hey Jude” Lady Antebellum + Kris Allen

    @h2oconvo: Kris opened his set with CSA. Listen to the chick in the video screaming her head off. That is not me.

    @h2oconvo Red Guitar:

  35. jmom376 – Thanks so much for the videos of Kris. Great way to start a Friday morning. Lady Antebellum puts on a wonderful show – love that they had Kris join them on Hey Jude and he was having a blast. Sounds like Kris got a very warm response from the crowd. Nice to hear the band again.

  36. YW JudyL. I am not much of a country music fan, but I will check out Lady Antebellum this weekend and purchase some songs. I really like “Need you now”.

    I can’t stop watching the “Hey Jude” video. He looks so freaking happy. I am not worried about this kid at all. He is living his dreams and I am very happy for him.

    Here’s the Heartless video..
    Heartless from user lostintrans8n

  37. emmuzka- lol- no I’m American :) I just remembered that Finland was the only country that has both FYE and WWFM on their top 10 Itunes chart ( I think Canada did too at one time).

  38. Ryan Seacrest Keeps ‘Idol’ Contestant from Quitting

    Hmmmm……something doesn’t quite smell right with this blurb from popeater. Maybe they questioned Ryan the other night when he appeared drunk, because Crystal has said more than once on live TV that she would perform on her death bed if she had to. Sounds like another media representative stirring the pot.

  39. Can’t wait to see it emmuzka!

    WWFM IS NOW #9 ON ITUNES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( overall chart)

  40. Studio57:
    04/16/2010 at 8:54 am
    Can’t wait to see it emmuzka!

    WWFM IS NOW #9 ON ITUNES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( overall chart)

    I feel so happy for him. He’s slowly breaking down walls, one brick at a time and he so deserves all of this. :)

  41. WWFM IS NOW #9 ON ITUNES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( overall chart)

    That was a pretty awesome performance. I think Adam is finally breaking out of the Idol bubble and making new fans. I’m so happy for him, which is funny since I never met him before in my life and probably never will! lol I can’t wait until he goes platinum!!

  42. Pink wrote WWFM right? They should sing it together at the next music awards show. Now That would be Hot!!

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