Idol Headlines for 04/04/10

Which Former MALE Idol is Returning To Sing Lennon McCartney on Tuesday?

Via Fred Bronson at IdolsNow: Which former finalist is returning to Idol Wednesday night to sing a Lennon-McCartney song? We’re sworn to secrecy at the moment.

Hint 1: The Idol is Male

Hint 2: Not from season 1 or 3.

Hint 3:  He’s been watching American Idol since Season 1.

Hint 4: He’s been  interviewed by IdolsNow’s Fred Bronson.

Hint 5: He has at least two vowels in his last name (maybe more).

Hint 6: He has either a first or last name that has an “A” as the first or second letter.

(My guess: David Archuleta)


‘Idol’ Power Rankings: Top 9

Didi’s gone, which should satisfy the haters, but goes to prove that this season of ‘American Idol‘ is completely out of whack. Whether you liked Didi or not, it’s tough to argue that she truly deserved to finish ninth in this competition.

Lots to Argue About in the ‘Eye on Idol’ Chat

Beyond that, Siobhan Magnus had an off week, Lee Dewyze actually stepped up his game a bit and Andrew Garcia got himself back into the competition.

So what does it all mean for this week’s power rankings? Let’s find out:


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Ellen, ‘Idol’ and the Power of Niceness

Ms. DeGeneres, one of America’s most popular female comedians and talk-show hosts, is also one of its most beloved gay entertainers — and one of the few who markets herself as such. And she finds a way to remind audiences of her sexual status on almost every episode of “American Idol.” More than in any other of her ventures, Ms. DeGeneres’s performance on America’s favorite television show suggests how hard she works to seem effortlessly funny and how determined she is to be openly but unthreateningly gay. She doesn’t need the work, but she appears to want the demographic — “Idol” is her chance to expand her reach to a younger, more pop-obsessed audience, the Hulu Generation of viewers, who prefer to download their entertainment rather than press the remote. And Ms. DeGeneres, funny, irreverent and also quite cautious onstage, is setting herself up as the Jon Stewart figure on “Idol” that people under 30 can trust.

NY Times

Learning some lessons from the losers

The school Christmas play: “The Night Before Christmas — in Texas, that is.”

Someone (cough me cough) wanted a part with an awesome costume, like the armadillo or bear (or dog, or whatever — this was like 25 years ago).

Did I get an awesome armadillo costume? No, I was a narrator. In a stupid boring jean skirt. I did get to wear red cowgirl boots, though.

It’s an important lesson, people. You can’t always get what you want.

Tulsa World

Is Crystal Bowersox guaranteed to be a superstar?

American Idol made stars of Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood. Is it too early think the show can do the same for Crystal Bowersox?

Not so fast, says Ann Donahue, Billboard senior editor.

“It’s not a bad thing to be on American Idol, but it doesn’t guarantee immediate superstar status. There may be a lot of people enjoying you as a performer on the show … and generate a lot of watercooler talk the next day, but it’s another thing if they’ll pay for concert tickets to see you perform or to buy your CD or single.

Toledo Blade

America’s next idol? Aaron Kelly sings his heart out on the country’s biggest stage

Aaron Kelly started singing while riding in the back seat of his family’s car as a young child.

“My mom was like ‘Uh, I think you have something, ” said Kelly, who has made it into the top 10 contestants on “American Idol” this season and has yet to be placed in the bottom three up for elimination.

The 16-year-old from Sonestown, Sullivan County, had performed only at town fairs and in elementary schools before auditioning for the FOX reality series.

Times Leader

‘American Idol’ contestant Michael (Big Mike) Lynche finds his voice in New York City

When “American Idol’s” top nine take the big stage Tuesday night, New Yorkers will have a front-runner in the race. Though many may not be aware of it.

Michael (Big Mike) Lynche has lived in Astoria since 2005.

Lynche, 26, identifies himself as being from St. Petersburg, Fla., in his official bio. He was born and raised there, but New York is where he came to make his bones as a musician.

A call from a friend to fill in last minute as a wedding singer first brought Lynche to the city. It was his wife, Christa Angelelli, who convinced him NYC was where he belonged.

NY Daily News

American Idol’s Didi Benami: ‘I Am Resilient’

If “Rhiannon” was Didi Benami’s swan song on American Idol, she definitely left with a soaring performance that redeemed her pitchy R&B week showing. The judges may not have saved the 23-year-old L.A.-based singer, but Benami exited the competition with a secured spot on the Idol summer tour. She spoke to PEOPLE about her experience. –- Cynthia Wang


It’s Back to Brunette for Katharine McPhee

Katharine McPhee has gone (back) to the dark side. After transforming into a platinum blonde last August for her album Unbroken, McPhee went back to brunette on March 24–the day before her 26th birthday–for another work project. She’ll play a girl-next-door pharmaceutical rep in the NBC comedy pilot The Pink House, which shoots this month. “It’s always nice to have a reason to go back, ” McPhee tells PEOPLE of the change, which is a rich shade of brown that’s a little lighter than her natural color. “I loved having blonde hair–it’s so much fun.” But there’s one thing McPhee won’t miss: “Blonde was pretty hard on my hair, ” she admits. “I guess my hair is thanking me now!”

Kimberly Caldwell & I: The Interview

Kimberly Caldwell is best known for being on American Idol. I know that is how I know her. But nowadays she is working on her solo career. Her debut album, No Regret, is set for release in July 2010. I’ve listened to the album and I am loving it. My two favorite songs, Going Going Gone, a song about someone who has just had enough of the relationship they are in and Say Love, a ballad with amazing vocals. It’s so hard to just sum up the whole album in only a couple of words but it is for sure one to not miss. The whole album is something you can listen to over and over again.

Back at the beginning of March, Willow Raine and I had the chance to interview her. I have finally got around to be able to put it all together so we could share it with you. (Both Willow and I have our questions sprinkled throughout.)

Ten Gossip

Vote for the Worst’s Dave Della Terza on Tim Urban’s Record-Breaking Run

This week, Tim Urban made history by becoming Vote for the Worst’s longest-running pick ever, with an impressive (?) seven-week run. (Yes, he’s even outlasted the site’s previous record holder, Sanjaya Malakar.)

The site, which launched in 2004, quite simply chooses a contestant whom it think is the “worst” and then votes for them with the hope that they’ll make it to the next round. Past VFTW favorites include Megan Joy (season 9), Kristy Lee Cook (season 7) and, yes, even Jennifer Hudson, who was the site’s inaugural pick back in season 3.

‘Glee’ cast shoots ‘Oprah, ‘ preps for Obama

Gleeks, prepare yourselves. The cast of “Glee” has met with Oprah Winfrey, and it was something to sing about.

The cast was all a-Twitter over Easter weekend before and after shooting the “Oprah Winfrey” show.

“I can’t believe I’m going to meet Oprah tomorrow! So excited! So lucky! If you see little bumps on my arms it’ll be from pinching myself, ” tweeted Chris Colfer, who plays Kurt.

The cast arrived in Chicago Friday, April 2 and went through technical testing, no doubt to test the sound levels for a show-stopping performance to be enjoyed by Winfrey’s lucky audience members. After a good night’s sleep, they shot their episode and couldn’t keep their excitement to themselves afterward.


Jedward to strip for PETA campaign?

John & Edward have allegedly agreed to pose nude for charity.

The Mirror claims that the X Factor twins have signed up to appear in a campaign for animal charity PETA.

A source explained: “When PETA approached them, they didn’t think twice.

“They’re naturally fit guys and are proud of their bodies. They were really flattered to have been asked.”

Pamela Anderson, Eva Mendes, Sadie Frost and Jamelia will reportedly also star in the anti-fur adverts.

Digital Spy

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