Idol Headlines for 03/24/09

‘American Idol’ Power List: Who’s your favorite from the top 10?

1. Adam Lambert: (Last week: No. 1) Whether you loved or hated his sitar-infused, hyper-theatrical, sexytimes-with-the-camera rendition of “Ring of Fire, ” chances are it evoked a strong feeling and got you talking. (Then again, you could’ve said the same for Constantine Maroulis at this point in season 4.) Still, add Adam’s undeniable buzz to the fact that his “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” and “Black or White” sent the judges into fits of rapture, and he remains the front-runner — for now, anyway.

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‘Idol’ Meter: Anoop makes a move to the top

Drama and trauma dominated American Idol’s Grand Ole Opry week. Anoop Desai staged one of the most dramatic comebacks in Idol history and is rated tops going into this week. Megan Joy suffered influenza B, but the sympathy vote may have ensured her survival. Adam Lambert took melodrama to new heights with a love-it-or-hate-it version of Ring of Fire. And highly regarded Alexis Grace took the fall and failed to win a save. USA TODAY measures the momentum of the remaining 10 singers:

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‘Idolatry’: Matt, Kris, and Anoop on the rise for Motown Week

We’re down to 10 contestants on American Idol’s eighth season, and while Alexis Grace is inexplicably not among them (AGGGHHHH!), that doesn’t mean there aren’t some things to look forward to during Wednesday night’s Motown-themed performance episode. (Yep, President Obama, who clearly didn’t get the memo that Tuesday night is Idol night, is pre-empting the show for the second time this season!)

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Has ‘American Idol’ become a vengeful ‘Idol’?

Is American Idol getting more vicious as it gets older?

Even for a show that revels in blunt-force frankness, last Wednesday’s top 11 elimination of Alexis Grace came across as brutal.

Having extended the possibility of keeping her on the show even after she had been voted off, judge Simon Cowell laid Grace’s fate on a final, frightened performance of Dolly Parton’s Jolene. Then he shrugged off the desperation in her voice with a curt “It was good, but not good enough.”

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First Draft: Q and A

The economy is expected to dominate President Barack Obama news conference at 8 p.m. But perhaps the power of his prime time presence can be judged by his ability to change the TV line-up ‘ the popular …American Idol has been moved to Wednesday.

NBC …Today show asked White House spokesman Robert Gibbs whether Obama wanted to risk angering the show 31 million viewers and, more scary, judge Simon Cowell.

…No I think taking on Simon along with the economy might be one too many things to take on, Gibbs said with a laugh.

…But I think it important that the president talk to the American people about our economic recovery and well just build up the suspense for American Idol, he said.


America worships ‘Idol’

LOS ANGELES ‘ In 2001, Simon Cowell figured a singing contest snapped up by British TV would be an easy sell in America. Instead, network responses ranged from lukewarm to hostile.

“I was thrown out in one pitch meeting. After 30 seconds, the guy told me to get out, ” recalled Cowell, making the rounds with entertainment mogul Simon Fuller.

So much for Hollywood acumen: The international Idol empire founded by Fuller has made a hit TV show seem an obvious, even puny ambition as Idolmania has swept across the pop-culture realm.

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Inside the ‘American Idol’ Mansion!

This season, the American Idols are living like true celebrities. Luxaholics got the inside scoop on all the details of the “American Idol” mansion!

The top 13 Idols don’t just have a chance at the AI crown — they also get to live like stars during the competition. A FOX spokesperson told Luxaholics that the contestants’ mansion is “huge and has the most amazing amenities.” Check out the house stats:


Your Top 10 ‘American Idol’ Finalists!

Take a look at brand-new pics your fave “American Idol” contestants!

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The Week That Was

Since we have to wait an extra day for more Idol, I figured I could take my time in reviewing the events of the past seven days. (That’s right, this week’s Motown-themed shows have been bumped to Wednesday and Thursday to make way for another prime-time speech from President Obama.) And I needed it. I’m still trying to process Alexis’ ouster — that she won’t be part of the Idols Live! tour is a real surprise — and what Adam did to Ring of Fire. What else did we learn, friends?

‘Idolatry’: Alexis Grace on Simon’s ‘Jolene’ snafu, her secret guitar talent, and more

Alexis Grace’s 11th place-finish on American Idol’s eighth season was a travesty of Daughtry-ian proportions. But if a silver lining must be found in this massive storm cloud of injustice (how’s that for dramatic?) at least the charming young mother stopped by the glamorous Idolatry studios — AKA my office — for a candid talk about her Idol “journey” and what she’s hoping to accomplish following her early ouster from the show. Alexis talked about why she didn’t play guitar during her Idol run, how Simon embarrassed himself when he labeled her “Jolene” cover as “sound-alike, ” and which pop superstars have influenced her own music-writing style. Press play below for our exclusive three-part interview segment — parts 2 and 3 automatically play when part 1 finishes streaming — then post your thoughts on Alexis’s (hopefully bright) future in the comments section below.

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We can’t quit you, Alexis Grace

It is hard to remember the last time an early dismissal from American ldol caused this much hearbreak. Certainly the disappoint over last week’s departures of Jorge Nunez and Jasmine Murray evaporated like ripples from a very small peddle tossed in a fairly sizable lake.

But across Idol Nation, one can still feel the grief resonating for the premature dismissal of Alexis Grace. On the Idoltracker’s farewell post, the comments continue to pour in. Typical is this one from Maylawnwi Hewitt.

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Rooting For Matt Giraud

AVON PARK – If Matt Giraud keeps getting voted back onto “American Ido”l by his fans, then June Giraud plans to fly out to watch her nephew, one of the show’s top 10 finalists, perform.

“I’m just so proud of him, ” said Giraud, who lives in Avon Park. “To be able to get up and sing in front of people – to have that confidence. It takes a lot to get up there.”

Each week on “American Idol, ” viewers decide which contestants advance and which get booted off.

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American Idol’s Tatiana Del Toro Wants to work with Jennifer Hudson

American Idol fans who haven’t had enough of crier/screamer Tatiana Del Toro may be seeing her on the big screen, if she gets her way. Our fellow Idol blogger Daniel Bubbeo writes:

Jennifer Hudson better watch out if there’s a “Dreamgirls 2” – her co-star could be Season 8 semifinalist and drama queen Tatiana Del Toro. The Puerto Rican diva-in-waiting, who broke down before the judges when she didn’t make the top 13, said she really wants to work with the Oscar winner, who finished seventh in season 3.


Jacksonville native a week closer to win

For the past few weeks, people across the nation have been glued to the TV following the current season of …American Idol. Arkansans have had a special interest in this season show, and his name is Kris Allen.

Allen, a Conway resident formerly of Jacksonville, has earned praise from the judges, even Simon Cowell. After Allen performance of Garth Brooks …To Make You Feel My Love (written by Bob Dylan, Cowell remarked that he …thought it was terrific.

Allen plays multiple instruments, including the guitar, piano and viola.He has made the Top 10. He has tackled such songs as …I Want You Back by the Jackson 5, …Everything by Michael Buble and …Man in the Mirror and …Remember the Time by Michael Jackson.

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‘Idol’ Sparks Boost In Applications At Arts School

BROOKHAVEN, Miss. — Officials at the Mississippi School of the Arts said the recent appearance by junior Jasmine Murray on “American Idol” has raised interest in the school.

MSA Principal Jana Perry said the school had expected a drop off of applications after it began charging a $500 a semester fee. Perry said Murray’s appearance on the Fox talent show has spurred renewed interest.

Part of the students’ application process for the school is to showcase their art, so vocal students hold auditions, which are April 3-4.

David Cook Tells Overly Aggressive Fans to Back Off

Fame has gotten ugly at times for American Idol champ David Cook, who issued a plea for his privacy while on tour.

“The efforts by some fans to find our hotel rooms, call our hotel rooms, attach things to our bus, etc., is something I have to condemn, ” he says in his My Space Celebrity blog under the heading “Attention.”

Cook, 26, says that while he prides himself on being accessible to fans, “We do enjoy what little privacy we can muster.”

David Cook Turns On Our Light

I think it really unfair how all the American Idol finalist are head and shoulders above most of the talent on our British equivalent. I mean, David Cook could knock spots off many of our British solo artists at the moment, so when I got the chance to speak to him I nearly exploded with excitement.

As his new self-titled album is on heavy rotation on our office CD player, I find out what it like to sing for millions of votes, why he would buy a PSP rather than pay rent, and what he really thinks of David Archuleta.

Hello there pretty, how are things going in your lovely world?

Were actually on tour at the moment.


Carly Smithson to appear on “Idol Tonight”

Last season’s rock oriented Carly Smithson appears with hosts Justin Guarini (AI1) and Kimberly Caldwell (AI2) and Brandon Rogers (AI6) on this week’s Idol Tonight chat fest which will air at 8 p.m. Thursday (instead of its regular Wednesday air date) on TV Guide Channel.

Carly discusses life after Idol and her duet with Michael Johns on the Idol stage earlier this season.

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Boulder’s Ace Young back on American Idol — kind of, sort of, in a way

American Idol didn’t prove to be a skyrocket to fame for Boulder’s Ace Young, a 2006 Westword profile subject. But three years after finishing seventh in the contest — remember how he equated that number with the one John Elway wore? — he’s still using the show to put bread on his table. Specifically, Ace has been named the co-host of American Idol Extra, a program on the Fox Reality Channel that debuts for the season on Thursday, March 26. Each week, he and Jillian Reynolds will interview the latest member of this year’s Idol top ten to get the heave-ho — an experience with which he’s intimately familiar. Please don’t let it be Anoop! More disturbingly, however, Young has lopped off the lovely locks that made him a pin-up dreamboat for thousands of pre-teen girls who had yet to get out of the batter’s box, let alone made it to first base. Error, Ace! Error!

10 reasons we love Kellie Pickler

Country star Kellie Pickler will perform as the second concert headliner in this year Azalea Festival. Find out exactly why you shouldnt miss your chance to see this southern belle!

1. She is from North Carolina. Born and raised in Albemarle, Kellie southern ties run deep.

2. She real, and she admits it. Kellie has confessed she had to do a lot of growing up to make it in the music industry. She posted on her Web site: …I was so uneducated about the world ¦ I had to do some filtering personally and professionally.


Kellie Pickler: ‘Dressed to Kilt’

“American Idol” Season 5 finalist Kellie Pickler is no stranger to fashion. She made a splash at New York’s Fashion Week this year, and will be back in the city March 30 for the “Dressed to Kilt” event hosted by Sir Sean and Lady Connery. Pickler’s official site reports:

A far cry from its humble beginnings, Dressed to Kilt has developed from a simple kilt show into the highest profile Scottish event in the United States and most prestigious Scottish fashion show in the world. From fabric and fashion to art and music, all aspects of Caledonian culture are represented at this unique celebration culminating in a fashion show like no other. Dressed to Kilt features not only traditional Highland kilts but designer haute couture fit for royalty, showcasing the latest cutting-edge fashion from Scotland finest young talent as well as some of the world top designers who have embraced and incorporated …Scottishness into their trademark styles.

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National tour of ‘Ain’t Misbehavin” coming to S&T

The national tour of the Tony award-winning musical revue “Ain’t Misbehavin'” is coming to Rolla. The show, starring Ruben Studdard, the 2003 “American Idol” singing competition winner, will be held at 7:30 p.m. Sunday, April 5, on campus. The performance is part of Missouri S&T’s Campus Performing Arts Series and will be held in Leach Theatre of Castleman Hall.

Tickets are $40 for adults and $35 for students. The first 100 tickets for Missouri S&T students are free to this event. For more information about the 2008-2009 S&T Campus Performing Arts Series, call the Leach Theatre Box Office at 341-4219.

Kelly Clarkson | All I Ever Wanted

Of all of the myths propagated in rock and roll, “it’s the singer not the song” must be the most disingenuous. Because, really, we all know in our hearts that it’s both.

Kelly Clarkson may have an atomic-vocal-cord situation that allows her to level songs put in front of her like Godzilla frying Tokyo to a crisp, but My December ‘  her 2007 self-penned ode to her own romantic immolation ‘  proved that she can’t just sing the phone book (as her Idol mentors were wont to suggest). Missteps aside, Clarkson has once again hit pop gold with All I Ever Wanted’s crushing siren song, “My Life Would Suck Without You” (written with producer Max Martin). Elsewhere, her latest album finds success, oddly enough, with two Katy Perry throw-aways ‘  turns out Clarkson is more convincing than Perry at belting the clarion call to chastity that is “I Do Not Hook Up.”

Boston Phoenix

Blake Lewis: Record Breaker

After opening for techno king Darude, the 27-year-old beat boxer spun at a spring break event in Clearwater, Fla. this weekend. He’s the next Kelly Clarkson Samantha Ronson!

On a bright note, tix to see Blake did cost $20 more than Taylor Hicks’ show in West Hollywood last week.

‘The People’s Idol’ almost wasn’t

Burrowed into “American Idol” are quirks that mere mortals weren’t meant to understand. Just ask Sanjaya Malakar, one of the most polarizing people in “Idol” history.

There was that first audition he went to with his sister, Shyamali.

Judges praised her, passed her on to Hollywood and said she would provide good competition for her brother. “She said, ‘He’s already been cut, ‘” Malakar recalled by phone.

Producers exchanged some sharp words by walkie-talkie. Sure enough, a functionary had cut Malakar before he got to the judges. The decision was reversed and soon both siblings were going to Hollywood.


‘American Idol’ judge to host Guide Dogs of the Desert event

Singer and …American Idol judge Paula Abdul will be on hand April 5 to congratulate seven U.S. veterans as they receive their guide dogs.

The veterans recently completed training to live with their canine companions and will participate in a graduation ceremony. Abdul will host the event at 2 p.m. April 5 at Guide Dogs of the Desert, 60735 Dillon Road, Whitewater.

…As an animal lover, it my honor to help raise awareness for (the) invaluable organizations who give so much help to the blind, Abdul said in a news release. …I hope everyone will contribute to this program.


‹Dancing features three-way tie for first

…Were back with another week of dramatic injuries! said co-host Samantha Harris breathlessly, and thus began the third performance show of this year …Dancing With The Stars. In fact, it was the least injury-plagued episode yet, not that this should slow the wound-promoting juggernaut.


‘Dancing With the Stars’ Recap: Foxy!

Welcome back to Incurring Serious Injuries with the Dim Bulbs, your one-stop shopping destination for all your ”sweaty man who cannot stand on his own attempts samba…liiiiiiiiiive!” needs. This is a very competitive category in television, and ABC’s certainly cornered the market. But at what cost? Last night, instead of keeling over and knocking himself unconscious (sorry, office poolers), weary-limbed Apple founder Steve Wozniak executed not only the worst samba in televised history, but the worst attempted Worm in history, period. He disobeyed the three official rules of the Worm! Do not attempt the Worm if you’re not sure how; do not attempt the Worm if you’re injured; definitely do not attempt the Worm if you’re Steve Wozniak. The man is on fire! No, seriously, that’ll probably be his next injury. This needs to stop.

DWTS’ Melissa: There Are No Catfights!

Melissa Rycroft continues to wow judges on Dancing With the Stars (on Monday, she earned a 27 for her foxtrot). But she says none of the other contestants — including Holly Madison, who called Rycroft her “biggest threat” — are jealous of her high scores.


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