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Ellen on “American Idol”

CBS Evening News Anchor Katie Couric recently sat down with talk show host, comedian and new “American Idol” judge Ellen DeGeneres.

DeGeneres dismissed any controversy about her new gig on “Idol” saying, “I’m just someone who also has an opinion.” “There’s a big music element in my life, ” she said. Ellen replaced Paula Abdul as judge on the hit singing show.”Will you have a hard time being brutally honest, ” Couric asked. “I won’t have a hard time being brutally honest, ” Ellen replied. “But I won’t be mean. You don’t have to be mean to be honest.”

If you want to see the full @katiecouric interview, including Ellen’s definition of beauty, and future family plans, click here.

CBS News

Ellen DeGeneres: Simon’s Meaner than I Thought

Ellen DeGeneres dishes on her new gig as a judge on “American Idol.”

In this new video from an “Idol” photo shoot with Ellen’s fellow judges Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson and Kara DioGuardi, and host Ryan Seacrest, Ellen says, “I had one idea of Simon when I came in, and it’s changed. He’s actually meaner than I thought. … It’s hard to listen to him tell people things and me not to go, ‘You poor thing!'”

She says, however: “I’m getting good at delivering bad news, myself, but I’m trying to do it in a tender way. … I hate hurting people’s feelings, so that, I think, is the hardest part.”

When it comes to the quality of the talent this season, Ellen discloses, “I think we have good people … I’m going to fight very, very hard to keep the people that I believe in, so that we have a wide variety … somebody for everybody, I hope.”

ET Online

Randy Jackson: Simon and Ellen are getting along fine

Don’t believe the hype. That’s what “American Idol’s” Randy Jackson had to say about rumors that his fellow judges Ellen DeGeneres and Simon Cowell were clashing.

We ran into the dawg man at Capitol Studios on Tuesday, where he was a session player on a new Mary J. Blige track (a fierce cover of Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven”) and asked him straight up: Do Ellen and Simon hate each other? “No, they’re actually really getting along, ” he said. “They’ve known each other for a really long time. Don’t believe everything you hear or read.”

Randy did, however, acknowledge that the “Idol” day is long, which takes some getting used to. “Hollywood week was a longer week and her first time, but she did a really good job, ” he said. “I think people will be amazed and are really going to like her.”

LA Times

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Bikini Boy: Better known as “Intern Ty”

The judges walked out one line into Ty Hemmerling’s rendition of Achy Breaky Heart, leaving him standing alone in his bikini. Yet “Bikini Boy” seems to be pleased with the exposure. A Facebook update from yesterday reads, “Excited about American Idol tomorrow!!! Why you ask?????? watch and find out!!”

Hemmerling works at the Jesse & Shotgun morning show at Denver radio station 92.5 The Wolf. And it looks like he’s gone through some hazing as “Intern Ty.” As for his audition, the show had this to say on its Facebook page: “you all ready for the Jesse and Shotgun invasion! Tomorrow night….Watch Idol…I told you 6 months ago, we were getting on! I apologize for any long term damage it may cause to you and your family!!! Lol”

USA Today

Guess Who’s (Possibly) Coming to the Oscars?

As you’ll recall, Mr. Lambert was booted from various ABC shows, including “Good Morning America, ” “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, ” after giving a sexually charged performance on the American Music Awards, which was also shown on that network. He was nonetheless allowed to appear on a Barbara Walters special and “The View, ” in recorded segments. At that time, ABC said it would more carefully scrutinize performances by artists who appear on its live broadcasts.

But will the network also start scrutinizing the guest list for the Academy Awards, which it is showing on March 7?

As Kyle Buchanan at reported, there’s a chance that Mr. Lambert could still end up at the Oscars — as the guest of Anna Kendrick, a newly minted Oscar nominee for “Up in the Air, ” who’s been Mr. Lambert’s longtime friend. (That’s according to a Tweet from Ryan Seacrest, who is a host of both “American Idol” and “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, ” and whose dual loyalties have clearly been tested by this whole affair.)

NY Times

‘Idol’ Judge Accused of Stealing Dance Show

Randy Jackson isn’t used to stealing the show — but according to a new lawsuit, that’s exactly what he did with “America’s Best Dance Crew.”

The Dawg and MTV are being sued by a guy named Dwight McGhee — who claims the two powerhouses ripped off his idea for a reality show about a dance crew … called “International Breakerz League.”

According to the lawsuit, filed last week in L.A. County Superior Court, McGhee claims he pitched his show idea — which he calls “uncannily similar” to ABDC — to MTV back in 2004.

Fast forward four years later — ABDC premiers on MTV … and McGhee is pissed, claiming he and MTV struck an “implied” contract when he pitched his concept.

Now, McGhee wants Randy and MTV to pay more than $2, 000, 000 for his trouble. Good luck with that.


More on Jimmy Charles — and how he met Danny Gokey

As I mentioned before, the guy yelling into his iPhone at the end of the Denver show is a Nashville-based country singer named Jimmy Charles. Jimmy was featured in one of this season’s early promotional spots. Jimmy and I have mutual friends, so I found out pretty quickly who he was. Actually finding Jimmy was even easier — he played regularly at Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge, a famous downtown Nashville nightspot that’s right across the alley from the Ryman Auditorium. It’s a place where folks like Willie Nelson and Roger Miller used to hang out.

Back on January 8, Jimmy was playing his last show at Tootsie’s before leaving for Hollywood. Danny Gokey was making his Grand Ole Opry debut at the Ryman at exactly the same time. Since I was going to see Danny anyway, I figured I’d drop in and introduce myself to Jimmy.

USA Today

Randy Travis Offers Carrie Underwood ‘BIG’ Thanks

Randy Travis won his first Grammy in 21 years on Sunday, for his collaboration with Carrie Underwood on his 1988 self-penned hit, ‘I Told You So.’

Unfortunately, the legendary singer was unable to attend the ceremony due to a snow storm that hit his hometown of Santa Fe, New Mexico. But he took to his website to express his gratitude to Carrie for the win.

“This is the first time that I was not able to be on hand to accept a Grammy, ” says the singer. “If it wasn’t for the weather I would have thanked all the people who voted for us. a BIG thank you to Carrie for asking me to be part of this recording. She is an amazing talent and I am honored to win this with her.”

The Boot

Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher Planning Big Wedding ‘But Nothing Overblown’

It’s a big year for pop singer Carrie Underwood – fresh from impressing style experts with her look at the Grammy Awards, the one-time ‘American Idol’ will sing the national anthem at the 2010 Super Bowl. After that? A “big hair and eyeliner” wedding with pro hockey player Mike Fisher, Underwood says.

Life & Style magazine spoke to Fisher about the big day, and shared the wedding updates exclusively with PopEater. Get details on the power couple’s nuptials after the jump.

“It’s going to be a good size wedding with plenty of good food and an open bar, ” Fisher told Life & Style. “But nothing too overblown. It’s still in the planning stages, so a lot of the details haven’t been finalized.”


John Legend collaborates in studio with Jennifer Hudson

John Legend has been in the studio with Jennifer Hudson after penning a number of tracks for the Dreamgirls star.

The 31-year-old musician revealed on his Twitter page that he has been working with Hudson, 28, in an LA recording studio.

Hudson is currently working on her upcoming album but will soon start filming on the new movie Winnie, which is about the life of Nelson Mandela’s former wife.

Monsters and Critics

Kelly Clarkson: Not your average Pop Idol

AMERICAN Idol, double Grammy winner and multi-platinum singer-songwriter, Kelly Clarkson is the very definition of a pop phenomenon.

But it doesn’t guarantee everyone knows who she is.

“People always come up to me and say ‘Oh my God you won Idol’. I go ‘Yes I’m that girl!’ and they say ‘You’re that country singer’. I say ‘I’m a huge Carrie Underwood fan but that’s not me’. I’m always mistaken for her, ” Kelly laughs.

She melted viewers with her Southern charm but it was soon clear she was made of steelier stuff than your average conveyor belt star. She transformed standard issue Idol numbers with her force of voice and personality, then though the charts with her self-penned hits like Because of You.

Concert-goers can look forward to two hours of undiluted Kelly.


Fantasia’s ‘Even Angels’: The best ‘American Idol’ victory anthem the show has never had!

Full disclosure: I’m one of the world’s biggest fans of Fantasia Barrino. Play me YouTube footage of her singing “I Believe” on the American Idol season 3 performance finale, and I’m guaranteed to cry like it’s the final scene of Six Feet Under. Fire up that rendition of “Lady Marmalade” she delivered at a Patti LaBelle tribute concert, and I assure you I’ll throw a minimum of one hand in the air (then wave it ’round like I’m totally square). But even I have to admit the shortcomings of some of ‘Tasia’s post-Idol output. For every electrifying romp like “Hood Boy, ” there’ve been meandering midtempo jams with about as much flavor and distinctiveness as corn-starch thickener in a mass-market bisque. For every “uh-huh this girl knows how to murder it” ballad like “Free Yourself, ” there’ve been melody-free compositions that left our Idol heroine to wail to no avail.

Fantasia Says Her Career Is Her ‘First Love’

It was a classic tale of famous boy meets famous girl — they fell in love only to have the music industry come between them. Fantasia said her two-year relationship with Young Dro dissolved because she couldn’t focus on her career and be in a relationship simultaneously.

“I manly just focus on my career right now, ” the singer said. “When love comes to me, it has to be right this time. Everybody wants love — right now it’s not my main focus. When I let it be my main focus, it interfered with everything else I had going on. I kinda stopped performing. I became kinda like a housewife. People were like, ‘What are you doing? You married, you have kids?’ I’m a cancer woman — I love very hard. I feel right now I had to make [my career] my first love because I fought so hard for it — this is my boo right now.”


Jordin Sparks Ignites the Tropicana Showroom on April 24th; Tickets on Sale This Friday

The Tropicana Casino and Resort invites you to feel the electricity as Grammy-nominated recording artist Jordin Sparks performs live at 9 p.m. in the Tropicana Showroom, Saturday, April 24, 2010.

“A couple years ago I was just a happy-go-lucky, quirky 17-year old. I still feel that way after experiencing so many amazing things, ” Sparks said. “I’m learning more every day, but one thing I know for sure is that to sing for my job is the best thing in the world.”

City Guide NY

Media Day sponsorships show why NFL product (placement) can’t be beat

Oh, the cross-promotion! Colts player Jamie Thomas sings with Kimberly Caldwell during media day for — as is plastered on the wall behind them — Entertainment Tonight and a segment called “Super Bowl Idol.”

Palm Beach Post

EXCLUSIVE! ‘American Idol’ Makeup Artist Mezhgan Hussainy Reveals Her Top 5 Favorite Idol Makeovers!

Want to know all about Jennifer Hudson’s Beyonce beauty obsession, Adam Lambert’s bronzer addiction and how Clay Aiken loved his makeup so much he slept in it?

Ever wonder how American Idol contestants go from drab to fab? It’s all thanks to makeup artist Mezhgan Hussainy . “I get to see them from the auditions on day one. I get an idea of what they’re really like and what we can do to make them really feel their best, ” she says of the transformation process.

American Idol contestants are basically on their beauty own until they get to the top 24. At that point, Mezhgan, along with four assistants, work with the contestants on an as needed basis. It’s not until they reach the top 12 that Mezhgan and her glam squad give their full makeovers. “I try to get to know them and their personalities. I don’t like changing them, I like polishing them and coming up with a look they’re happy with, ” Mezhgan says.

Hollywood Life

‘Idol’: 25 Biggest Scandals!

Voting controversies. Risque photos. Brushes with the law. ”American Idol” has dealt with ’em all and more. Why we couldn’t stop talking about Frenchie Davis, Sanjaya, Scott Savol, and more


‘Idol’ goes to the kids in the Mile High City

“American Idol” finished its auditions with a trip to Denver, and the Mile High City did not disappoint. There were enough “Idol” hopefuls who brought along cute little kids that it was sometimes hard to tell whether this was a singing competition or the waiting area for “SuperNanny.”


‘American Idol’ recap: Skin Show!

LOS ANGELES — American Idol, the nation’s No. 1 television program for eight seasons running, signed a two-year deal today with DermaFab Corp., to join its longstanding troika of sponsors, Coca-Cola, Ford, and AT&T. The upstart skin-care company’s CEO brainstormed the partnership after watching Idol’s Denver audition episode and marveling at guest judge Victoria Beckham’s unexpected revelation that ”beautiful skin” trumps actual vocal ability when it comes to discovering the nation’s next superstar singer. After a subsequent half-striptease by a well-groomed male contestant led to his receiving a Golden Ticket, DermaFab execs committed to a reported eight-figure contract that will allow the company to promote both its face- and body-care lines to some 20 million viewers every week.

‘Idol’ Denver auditions: not the usual suspects

In her second turn as guest judge, Victoria Beckham proved she truly belongs in the Paula Abdul chair, because, like her predecessor, Posh found something positive to say about even the worst performances (i.e. complimenting delusional screamer Kenny Everett for his song choice). It makes you wonder why Vic, who shows more personality at the judges’ table than we’ve ever seen, looks so sour all the time.

As for the Denver auditions, they too had plenty of attitude — and altitude — but also a higher-than-average talent turnout, which was a welcome change after the last couple of weeks. The singers who went through to Hollywood (and there seemed to be stacks of golden tickets handed out) were not the usual suspects. Dare we say, they were different in a good way.

So here’s to nonconformity, best demonstrated by these three girls and two guys…

LA Times

‘American Idol’ in Denver

Victoria Beckham has been asked to rejoin “American Idol” auditions in Denver to reprise her role as Pretend Paula, even though she did a lame job last time.Why not more Neil Patrick Harris? How about a Fox sitcom star instead? Seth MacFarlane? Brad Garrett?

Wannabe Idolette Mark Labriola says he gets mistaken for Jack Black at least once a day but he’s okay with that because he’s sure Jack Black “gets girls.” He tells the judges he loves cheese when asked to name one interesting thing about himself. Yeah, this guy’s a total chick magnet. He mentions his mother allegedly abducted him when he was just four years old and he spent six years on the lam — which apparently he doesn’t think is as interesting as his love of cheese. The judges are so relieved he didn’t audition like Jack Black they put him through to Hollywood. Labriola, who is a dad, tells the camera, with his little son in his arms, that he’s 28 and has this child so he thought his “dream was done.” Hopefully, the tot is not old enough to understand his father just dissed him on national TV.

Washington Post

‘American Idol’ Strips Down In The Mile High City

Last night, ‘American Idol‘ aired its final city-specific audition episode of Season Nine with an hour set in Denver, the Mile High City that in the ‘Idol’ universe is most notable for hosting post-grunger Chris Daughtry’s Season Five audition. The episode brought Victoria Beckham back to the judges’ table, and while her presence wasn’t as grating as Avril Lavigne’s or as barely there as Joe Jonas’, the idea of the most vocally challenged Spice Girl judging someone based on the quality of their pipes is still hilarious. (If you feel like you still need to add a little Spice to the auditions next year, guys, at least get Melanie C?)


‘American Idol’ Recap: Tiny Tots, Poshbot-2000 Overshadow Denver Hopefuls

“American Idol” made a fatal flaw Tuesday night during its Denver audition show. No, not by inviting back Victoria Beckham as a guest judge. (The Poshbot-2000 was actually pretty engaging this episode. She must have been rewired since the premiere.) “Idol” producers erred by reminding viewers of Daughtry’s classic Denver audition right at the top of the show. Nothing in the remaining 59 minutes of “Idol” would come close to that star-making moment.

And if you just uttered the words “Bikini Boy, ” I kindly ask that you close this Internet window and never read one of my recaps again. Honestly, it’s not worth your time because I don’t speak the language on Planet Idiot.

American Idol Recap: Mile-High Dreams, Sea-Level Talent

Perhaps all that fresh, oxygen-thin air went to the judges’ heads during American Idol’s Denver auditions. They clapped and grinned and winked and said, “Yes, 1, 000 percent!” and doled out Golden Tickets like breath mints (26 in all), yet we’re hard-pressed to remember a handful of auditioners who made lingering positive impressions. Maybe the producers edited out the truly talented contestants in favor of the more average hopefuls with a Lifetime movie script in their back pocket, but there wasn’t much chance of the next champ coming from the Mile-High City. Further “meh”-worthy was Victoria Beckham’s return to the guest-judge chair — her graceful demeanor never embarrasses her, exactly, but she seems far more concerned with how people look than with anything to do with their singing abilities. Perhaps she’s put there to make the other judges look like musical idealists.


19 Entertainment Names New CEO

NEW YORK: Robert Dodds has been appointed as the CEO of 19 Entertainment, following Simon Fuller’s decision to start up a new entertainment company.

Last month, the American Idol creator said he was planning to start up a new venture, but would remain involved with 19, which he founded, by executive producing and providing overall global executive direction for American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance and the recently unveiled If I Can Dream, a multiplatform talent search, in return for a share of the profits.

Dodds now takes on the post of CEO of 19 Entertainment after serving as president since August 2006. He joined 19 when it acquired his firm, Freedom Media. Dodds will assume day-to-day responsibility for 19 Entertainment, which is owned by CKX.

Edited to Add:

Athletes, Entertainers and Celebrities Deliver the Gift of Hearing Free to Hundreds of Children in M

The Starkey Hearing Foundation is partnering with Jordin Sparks, Sparks Charities and David Archuleta to deliver the gift of hearing, with free hearing aids to hundreds of under-served children throughout the Miami area, Wednesday February 3rd from noon-4pm at the Eden Roc Renaissance Hotel on Miami Beach. Press Conference and celebrity introductions, with a welcome by Justin Osmond at 11:45am followed by press lunch and Mission at noon.

2/3: A Day For the Boys

CIGARS AND CARS: Most men can agree that a good cigar and a fine car really are two of the best things in life. Well, tonight at the Eden Roc Hotel on Miami Beach, both of those things will be in one place. They are calling it the Jordan Sparks Experience, and not only is this event free, tonight cars will be on display, you can mingle with stars and even try a cigar or two. There will also be a very exclusive viewing of the new 2010 Shelby GT500 Super Snake Coupe, the Jordin Sparks Edition, that will be unveiled for auction. We’re not really sure how cars, cigars and Jordin Sparks come together, but the Eden Roc has never let us down. 9 P.M.

NBC Miami

Jordin Sparks Super Bowl Experience Kicks Off Wed

American Idol Winner Jordin Sparks has been named the unofficial “little sister, ” of the NFL because of her tremendous charity contributions and affiliation with the organization. So it is no surprise that Sparks is bringing her musical talent and charitable star power to South Florida this week.

The Jordin Sparks “Super Bowl Experience, ” kicks off with a “Cars, Stars, & Cigars” party Wednesday, February 3rd. Sparks will also host a teddy bear picnic and private concert at at the Eden Roc Renaissance, in Miami Beach. All proceeds raised will benefit charities including Miami Childrens Hospital.


Ellen DeGeneres: Being Skinny Is “Not Important!”

Ellen DeGeneres is tired of women thinking beauty is synonymous with being super-skinny.

“It’s a double standard because there are men with really beautiful women that don’t have great bodies, and yet nobody’s saying anything about that, ” she tells Katie Couric on CBS Evening News. “Women [think they] need to keep themselves up to look good for a man or for society. It’s not fair.”

The CoverGirl spokeswoman’s biggest frustration? Airbrushing.

“Women are looking at bodies like that and going, ‘My stomach doesn’t look like that. I’m supposed to look like that?!'” the talk show host, 52, says. “So they starve themselves and they work out like crazy.”


More News:

DioGuardi “Leaning Very Heavily” Toward U.S. Senate Run

Former Westchester County congressman Joseph DioGuardi said he’ll decide officially in the next few weeks whether to run for the U.S. Senate against Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand.

DioGuardi, a Republican, said “I’m leaning very heavily toward running.” And he said he would have a famous co-chair of his finance committee: his daughter, Kara DioGuardi, a judge on American Idol.

The Ossining resident served two terms in the U.S. House, from 1985 thorugh 1989, and runs Truth In Government, a non-profit organization “dedicated to strengthening our country’s financial foundation by promoting accountability and transparency in congressional spending and reporting.”

Simon Cowell out of Britain’s Got Talent due to flu

Simon Cowell has been forced to pull out of judging Britain’s Got Talent auditions after falling ill with flu.

His fellow X Factor judge Louis Walsh sat in for the 50-year-old during auditions held in Birmingham on Wednesday.

“Simon Cowell unfortunately has flu so Louis Walsh has kindly stepped in on the panel, ” an ITV spokesman said.

It is not known when Cowell will return to the judging panel. The series will return to ITV1 in May.

Ex-“Idol” Jason Castro sings for Huron students

Former “American Idol” finalist Jason Castro stopped by Ann Arbor’s Huron High School today for a couple of short performances during lunch hour. Jason Castro is in town to open tonight’s Matt Hires concert at The Ark. In addition to performing, Castro signed CDs and posed for pictures with Huron students.

A few more scenes from the visit:

Ann Arbor

Carrie Underwood Will Perform at the Hollywood Bowl on Oct. 2

Carrie Underwood will make her first concert appearance at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles on Oct. 2. Her performance will feature the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra. Tickets go on sale on Feb. 14. As previously announced, Underwood will sing the national anthem prior to Super Bowl XLIV in Miami on Sunday (Feb. 7). She will launch the first leg of her 2010 Play On tour on March 11 in Reading, Pa.

Adam Lambert, the new face of glam rock

Adam Lambert is a new kind of star who on first glance resembles exactly an old one. Onstage he lurches like Mick Jagger, glitter-slick face like David Bowie, with a belting Robert Plant yelp, yet the larger-than-life Lambert is being touted as the yang to the yin of Lady Gaga. He is also, importantly, the first openly gay mainstream pop artist to launch a career on a major label in America.

Even more remarkable is the fact that he found fame on American Idol, a reality star-search format usually responsible for unearthing a succession of plain boys and interchangeable girls. Indeed, the 28-year-old Californian came second in the contest last year to the wholesome-looking Kris Allen. But he has been warmly embraced by his newly met peers. Madonna’s inspirational pep talk during Lambert’s brief visit chez Ciccone was: “Keep your eye on the prize, don’t get wrapped up in what people are saying. ” When Lady Gaga was called in to work on the track she wrote for Lambert she whipped out the whisky and got him drunk. “She was basically pushing and encouraging me like a cheerleader: ‘Yeah, more, more!’ ”


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