Idol Headlines for 10/24/14

MusicRowPics: Casey James – The multi-talented Columbia Nashville artist returns to Country radio with the angst-ridden ballad “Fall Apart,” penned by Will Bowen, along with Josh Carter and Zach Carter (a sibling duo better known as Kingston). The song is the first single from James’ forthcoming sophomore project. The forthcoming album is tentatively slated for a 2015 release. – Read more at Music Row – Check out live versions of Casey’s new songs HERE.

Another American Idol Reunion!

American Idol season 4 Top 12 contestant, Mikalah Gordon, instagrammed a photo of herself and some fellow Idol alums attending Season 8 alum, Jackie Tohn’s Los Angeles gig. From l to r – Casey Abrams (s10), Mikalah Gordon (s4), Haley Reinhart (S10), Jackie Tohn (S8), Blake Lewis (S6), Elliott Yamin (S5) and David Hernandez (S7). That’s SIX different seasons represented right there! It’s cool that the LA Idols are so tight.


Endorsement: Clay Aiken would help unlock congressional gridlock – Clay Aiken doesn’t sing on the campaign trail, but his voice still compels attention and deserves applause. Residents of North Carolina’s 2nd Congressional District would do well to have him speak for them. We support his election. Aiken, who gained fame as a singer and runner-up in the 2003 “American Idol” competition, uses his voice now to discuss how he will support education, ease the burden of student debt and help veterans and members of the military who face troubles with joblessness, substance abuse and health issues. He’s also committed to being a moderate voice who will seek a way past the partisan gridlock that has this Congress on track to be the least productive ever. – Read more at the News Observer

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  1. It really is nice to see how much support ex-Idols give each other and how there have been some strong genuine friendships built.

  2. Even across seasons. David Cook once said other Idols are like his second family. I think many of them feel that way.

  3. Caleb Perry Johnson @CalebJohnson
    Sound checking at the radio station !

  4. You can buy it on itunes. It is being played on serius sm the highway but a radio date has not besn announced yet.

  5. It’s probably him or nobody. I somehow doubt Mama June would have many dating candidates to pick from.

  6. Greensboro-area “listen while you work” station, characterizes itself as AC and “soft rock,” says “best mix of the 80s, 90s, and 2000s.” Playlist is about what you’d expect from an AC station, no special emphasis on rock:

    At least he’s getting himself heard somewhere.

  7. The story I heard is that she was dating him when the molestation occurred. He went to jail. She didn’t wait for him. But now that he’s out, she got rid of HBB’s dad and is right back with him.

  8. I cannot imagine even reality TV would be ok with a convicted child molester on a program.

  9. I feel sorry for that little girl. She had no idea how exploited she was by all the adults around her — including the jerks at TLC who created this stupid show in the first place. I hope she banked enough money to pay for all the therapy she’ll need later in life.

  10. Is that Caleb in the photo? Did he lose 20 pounds or something? If so, he looks good.

  11. I found that whole thing, right from the beginning with the kids’ beauty contest show, just appalling.

  12. They allow (and promote) racists, bigots and homophobes on reality television on major networks, but it appears that being a child molester is too much for even cable television to exploit and promote.

  13. No, it’s sound check for the guitar. As he doesn’t play he is in the back taking pictures

  14. racists, bigots and homophobes (though my definition they are the scum of the earth) aren’t doing anything that is against the law. Being a pedophile…a whole different story. And its a pretty well documented fact that very very few of them ever change their tune.

  15. What I find appalling is that 1.5 million people actually watched the show.

  16. You know what I don’t get? It’s obvious Interscope had no intention of ever pushing anything from his album to any (HAC or Active Rock) radio, so he’s not being forced to do the “HAC radio promo appearances dance”.

    Why not let his management at least target some rock stations for these appearances then? This “easy listening” crap does him no good.

  17. I really liked the concept when he got a noon-time gig on a classic rock station, though of course, we don’t know if that moved any product, and classic rock stations often don’t even have human programmers to give out “lunch-time with…” placements. If you can get classic rock listeners to give Johnson’s music a listen — that’s the audience most likely to enjoy his sound.

    My working theory is that Johnson has a friend-of-a-friend at the Greensboro station, so its format was a secondary consideration. Secondary hypothesis is that somebody figured Idol viewers actually listen to AC radio if they listen at all, so Johnson could remind some that he exists.

    Nobody, including Johnson, seems to have put thought into how to get rock gatekeepers to open the doors for him. I know it’s tough to do from Idol — and more so, in Idol’s current malaise — but even a plan that failed might have made more headway than where we’ve been.

  18. maybe they have tried but haven’t gotten any interest from the stations?

  19. This Idol viewer will listen to AC radio when I’m dead, lol.

    I do feel bad for the guy. This isn’t the outcome he predicted when he started trying to first get onto the show in S10.

    As for the rock gate keepers, maybe the show being “so over” has something to with it who knows. My problem with Caleb was he didn’t seem “authentic” to me. But I also felt that way about other so called rockers from the show too, so it’s not just him.

    The rock gatekeepers, though, are a hard nut to crack, I agree.

  20. Yeah maybe. I listen to Sirius XM Octane everyday and have never heard him mentioned once, not even when he first won.

  21. I think they should do away with beauty pageants for little girls. I don’t know why so many mothers push their very young girls to do those.

  22. Queen’s Roger Taylor Talks Recording New Music With @adamlambert

    Is Queen + Adam Lambert headed towards new music? Drummer Roger Taylor thinks so — or at least hopes so.

    Ivy Levan @ivylevan
    ILL BE PERFORMING at @adamlambert annual Halloween Bash! We doin it bigger and creepier this year! Hit me up 4 list –

  23. But what good is it to go on Idol to prove that you are the most “authentic” and most rocking Idol to ever rock the Idol stage when you are barely known and making very little money? Why not try for a decent career and let the rock chips fall in place, if there is a place for you? Going on Idol is never a guarantee for the “so called rockers” or anyone else. I don’t know what will help Caleb. Maybe nothing. But holding out and waiting and hoping for rock acceptance just makes you delusional, IMO.

  24. Alex Preston @RealAlexPreston
    HUGE announcement later, stay tuned!!

  25. I don’t think some go on to Idol to “prove” anything. Some are already struggling musicians looking to expand their fan base to the national level. Most come off better than they would have been without the show, regardless if they become millionaires, and can make a good living in the industry.

    But the winners have, up until recently, fared at least better than finalists. That’s not the case anymore apparently. No one seems to be doing that great anymore.

    As for Caleb, I doubt he’s “holding out” for rock acceptance. If he was going to get that, he would have already had it and been on the rock media radar even before the end of his season.

  26. well, that’s vague, lol. fingers crossed that this actually will be something huge — like a tour, or a release date for an EP, etc

  27. Wonder of Jlo will take Pia along with her if she does sign on for the Vegas residency since they are now bff’s.

  28. That argument worked for justifying why Cook went pop-rock with HAC, back in the day when winning Idol virtually guaranteed a platinum album. Selling out used to get you something.

    However, there’s no sign that Johnson’s team ever had a coherent plan to court HAC radio, and it’s very clear that any effort to woo the Idol audience got him minimal sales. He could hardly have done worse, commercially, if he’d positioned himself as a current rock artist and actually held out for rock acceptance.

  29. It’s a good question- I don’t know if the JLo deal has officially been inked yet, so I haven’t asked. Not sure how I feel about a long term gig- from what I understand it’s 72 shows, 3 days a week, over a 1-2 year period.

  30. I guess Clay Aiken remains a long shot, but interesting that he got that newspaper endorsement.

    “An upset in this race would be more than a victory for Aiken. It would send a message from voters fed up with a divided, do-nothing Congress…..There is a need for members of Congress who will sing a different tune and sometimes a duet with the opposition. It’s time for Clay Aiken.”

  31. Most of the Adam news this year seems to involve Queen. Is Adam going to release his own album or EP anytime soon?

  32. I guess we just don’t view things the same way and that’s okay. I didn’t see Cook as “selling out.” This is a tough business. Sometimes you have to make choices and sometimes the label or management are helping with those choices. I just think this who has rock cred and who does not for Idols is silly. Most of these folks are under the radar so the rock cred amounts to very little if anything.

  33. Alex Preston @RealAlexPreston
    Hitting the road with @JacobWhitesides !! Who’s coming to a show!?

  34. He’s in the studio finishing his album. According to Tove Lo his label has everyone contractually obligated not to talk about it right now so we are getting very little information. His publicist has already heard some of the songs so we know he’s almost there. Unless we get a single like right now I don’t think we’ll get a single until after is EU/UK tour with Queen which ends in Feb. Hopefully SOON!

  35. You’re right, it has really no meaning in terms of American Idol.

    But it’s really the ONLY thing that matters in the actual rock genre. It still is, unfortunately, a very snooty and elitist ‘club’.

  36. Jacob is 16 years old. He has over 1 million followers on twitter.

  37. LOL! Well, he’s always had “nice” cars. The Bentley, however, is way beyond “nice”. And he didn’t just buy a house, he bought a mansion. Have you seen the pictures? Seriously, give the guy some credit. He’s doing great! Be happy for him. ;)

  38. His last car was a used beamer. He did buy a nice house, but I wouldn’t call it a mansion. I don’t know why you wouldn’t think I’m happy for him.

  39. oh …oh yeah…I knew she was from Sweden. Didn’t know they had written together. Cool…I love her new album :)

  40. To be fair…do we actually know if he’s bought it, or if its new????? Could be 2nd hand like his BMW was…
    But nice car anyways:)

  41. So what if it was a pre-owned beamer? It wasn’t a jalopy running on bald tires. LOL! And his house is most definitely a mansion. You can Google the pictures. I can’t post the link I have because it shows his address.

  42. I don’t think of it as selling out, either. I think most of the post grunge alternative rock like Cook did falls under HAC now, because the generation that liked that kind of rock are now adults. Though there is more rock in pop than there was a few years ago. Rock radio is usually harder rock than Cook or even Caleb do.

  43. Go to Adam’s Tumblr where he liked the Bentley he ended up getting. Some how I doubt he will be buying anything 2nd no matter how nice. Those Queen gigs pay very well. ;)

  44. Adam is a smart guy. He didn’t run out and buy huge purchases (homes, cars ect..) right out of the Idol gate. Well, he brought his mom a home but other than that Adam waited to spend his money until he was financially secured. It’s about time he spends some money.

  45. There are many very nice houses in many cities, but not considered a mansion. What is your criteria of a mansion?

  46. Okay, let me rephrase. Back when Cook pragmatically and sensitively adapted his alt-rock sound to be HAC-friendly pop-rock (which he called it himself — and of course, he adapted with exquisite musical taste), there was money to be made by appealing to RCA’s view of the Idol audience, which was HAC-focused rather than rock-focused.

    There is nothing Johnson can accomplish by wooing HAC. The music on his album fits neither that nor current hard rock. The Idol audience already voted its wallets on his music. There’s no point in telling Johnson to attempt to adapt to HAC because (a) it’s too late, since the album’s already out; and (b) even if he were to do so [stipulating that of course, he would not do it as sensitively and exquisitely tastefully as Cook], HAC will look at his lack of a fanbase, laugh derisively, and not return his phone call.

    Idol winners no longer face a choice between fighting for a spot in a niche genre (which may not welcome them or support large sales) and having mainstream success in a “big” genre. That train has sailed. Compromise no longer has a meaningful payoff.

  47. It isn’t MY criteria. The pictures speak for themselves. Go look.

  48. Lambert’s financial adviser probably likes him a great deal for waiting on the Bentley until he’d cashed in nicely on the big Queen gigs.

  49. I wouldn’t call it mansion, myself. I’d call it a really, really nice house in a good neighborhood. But my criteria for a mansion includes more than three bedrooms, either a pool or a lake, and a long driveway. ;-)

  50. He didn’t have money right out of the Idol gate to buy expensive items.


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  52. He made 6 million his second year. That would still be considered right out of the Idol gate to me to be making huge purchases not know what the future holds. I’m pretty sure he banked his money and waited. He has been renting a $9k a month home for years since he’s been off Idol. It was time to buy a home.

  53. The definition of a mansion varies from anything 6-7k square feet and up. Most would draw the line at 8k sq feet as the what a mansion is. I would call Adam’s home a mini mansion. It’s a nice home for 3M. He’s never home anyway so I don’t think he needs a big house for a single guy.

  54. I think it’s more than just a good neighborhood. His neighbors are celebs like Katy Perry, Ryan Murphy and among others. It’s pretty private and secured.

  55. He didn’t make as much money from era 2 in the US, but he had some pretty lucrative revenue streams overseas – Just China, alone, with all the TV appearances and video game endorsement.

  56. Adam did an 3 month International tour for era 2 which is way more lucrative than touring in the US.

  57. Yes, I know. I was very explicitly NOT saying that Lambert was ever NOT making large amounts of money. From a larger financial perspective, he is probably in more stable shape now — especially as he was likely investing some of those prior earnings — and it’s really, really NOT an insult to notice that.

    Investing one’s lucrative earnings until there’s a very steady stream of income and future big cash-ins don’t need to be added to the pot is GOOD financial management, which is the point I’m trying to make.

  58. Not an insult at all. I think you know exactly what you are talking about. I agree with everything you said.

  59. Then I love you madly for at least the next 20 minutes and will buy Lambert’s next single in your honor.

  60. Ah! I guess I will be buying Lambert’s next two singles to make amends for being crabby. Not that this is a hardship.

  61. That endorsement really has next to nothing to do with Clay, but everything to do with his political party. The [Raleigh] News & Observer is owned by McClatchy, whose flagship newspaper is The Sacramento Bee. They’re more Democrat than President Obama.

  62. Just because an idol doesn’t have a particularly successful Album #2, we know diddly about where they are earning all their income. I know they are doing so much better than we think we know. I’m not just talking about Adam.

  63. If the $6M is from the Forbes list, it’s not the amount that he eventually cleared. Scotty McCreery said he only saw a fraction of what was reported, after taxes and expenses, etc.

  64. I agree Adam is doing great. He bought a 3mil. home, or mansion, or mini-mansion or whatever someone wants to call it, before he did the Queen N/A tour. He had two lucrative headlining tours. So the home and Bentley are all good. Nothing negative as I can see. Happy for him!

  65. Oh, I agree a lot of them have finances we can’t estimate — for instance, private gigs add a good chunk of change, and if the ones who came off the show in the past 7 years or so invested their first-era money (post-stock-market crash) rather than going on buying sprees, they could have very nice streams of income and solid savings that are invisible to us. I hope they generally did and do.

  66. The amounts listed on Forbes for all the Idols is not what they cleared. But you can’t judge Adam’s wealth by what Scotty said. Scotty would have no way of knowing about anyone’s deal but his own.

  67. Lee DeWyze @LeeDeWyze
    Can’t wait 4 LA Indie Film Fest 2nite! “Fight” video is up for best indie music video, can’t wait 4 the screening!!

    Fight…directed by…Andrew Golden, Lee Dewyze

  68. Adam wasn’t an Idol winner so I don’t think we can compare their contracts and what their percentage cuts were for 19M. Adam made most of those earnings on his touring where Scotty made most of his money on his winnings I believe. They also get a lot of that money back when they get their tax returns. Either way no one thinks what Forbes list is what Idol clears after expenses.

  69. Oh, good for Lee! I had no idea music videos were part of the L.A. Indie Film Festival. I wonder if that’s a new category? It used to be just feature films, short films and documentaries. Would be great if he won this category

  70. I could go with mini-mansion. :)

    I also think Adam was smart to wait. It’s one thing to buy an expensive home in Los Angeles. It’s another to maintain it.

  71. I agree with you. David did have to compromise somewhat to fit into the current (at the time) HAC. That is why it was considered pop rock, though it was still within alt rock. And Caleb’s album wouldn’t fit into current HAC or current rock at all.

  72. I don’t feel bad for him at all. He is probably doing better than whatever he was doing before AI. Most of the contestants never go on to be “superstars” but they get to do music for a living, only with more recognition compared to before they were on the show. Nothing to feel “bad” about.

  73. True, the rest of the N&O endorsements are all Democrats:

    In other congressional races across the Triangle region, the choice should be for those who will go to Congress to find common ground and support actions beyond opposing President Obama and backing blunt cuts in spending. In the 4th District, we support U.S. Rep. David Price, a longtime Democratic congressman serving the western Triangle. He is committed to improving the economy and generating jobs to help a middle class battered by the Great Recession.

    In the 13th District, which includes parts of Raleigh and most of Wake County, we support Democrat Brenda Cleary in her challenge to Republican U.S. Rep. George Holding. Cleary, a nurse and the former executive director of the North Carolina Center for Nursing, has lobbied Congress for improvements in health care and better policies for an aging population, two areas where Congress could use her expertise. Holding supports the tired and economically destructive approach of across-the-board cuts in government spending.

    In the 7th District, which includes Johnston County, we support the election ofJonathan Barfield Jr., a Democrat and New Hanover County commissioner. A Realtor and assistant pastor of New Beginning Christian Church, Barfield favors raising the minimum wage, lowering interest rates for student loans and creating a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants.

    In the 6th District, which is centered in Greensboro but now includes portions of Orange and Durham counties, we support Democrat Laura Fjeld, a former general counsel for the UNC system. Fjeld, an Orange County resident, faces daunting odds in the district long held by retiring Republican U.S. Rep. Howard Coble, but she has pledged to bring a bipartisan approach to serving the district.

  74. “his label has everyone contractually obligated not to talk…”
    I’m way behind on idol news, but which label is Adam with now?

  75. Great interview. Wonder what she doing in Toronto? I’d have gone to see her if she was singing.

  76. By definition a mansion is a large, impressive house. So the title is more about relativity in a certain area or comparison to other homes in the vicinity. A 3 million dollar home in Hollywood Hills is probably average and would sell for less than a million in a different zipcode. I have a friend who has a one bedroom home in a very desirable area and it appraises for a million and a half. The value of a home is really determined by its re-sell value and what someone else would pay to live in it.

    That being said Adam is doing very nicely financially…and his strong point is that he has proven he is very financially smart and buys to satisfy his personal agenda and not to impress.

  77. Nobody (well, no fans, anyway) knows for sure, since Adam isn’t saying :)

  78. Adam has said in a couple of interviews that he has a new label. He has not named the label.

  79. If Clay were running as a Republican, they would be ripping him to shreds instead of endorsing him. It’s seldom really the people, but the party that gets their endorsements. In fairness, the N&O has endorsed a few Republicans during the many years I’ve been familiar with the paper. But those occasions have unfailingly been with candidates running for Sheriff and such where political party didn’t matter in duties of the office. If they ever endorsed anybody other than a Democrat for an office in the law-making or policy-setting chain, I missed it.

  80. Yes, I know different parts of the country have different cost structures for homes. That’s why I said whatever one wants to call it. I think it is a beautiful and impressive home so not really hung up on how others want to classify it.

  81. Celeb Interviewer: Kris Allen after his concert Terminal5 in NYC last night.…

  82. That is special that Past Idols do keep in touch with each other. They’re like a special club or society. Once an Idol, always an Idol (contestant, runner-up and winner).

  83. So is Ole based in Toronto? I do know several of my favourite Canadian singers have contracts with them, but I always thought they were in Nashville.

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