Idol Headlines for 10/18/14

Leah Remini to Fill In for ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Co-Host Erin Andrews – Leah Remini will be co-hosting ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars” on Monday. She will be filling in for Erin Andrews, who will be away to cover the World Series. Additionally, Pitbull will serve as the night’s guest judge, as well as perform his hit single, “Fireball.” “So excited to be back on the show, even more excited I don’t have to dance! I hope ABC has a delay, gonna speak my mind!” Remini, who competed on the 17th season of the dancing competition, said in a statement. – Read more at The Wrap

Carrie Underwood interview with SiriusXM The Highway –  The singer teases  “raw” extras on her upcoming greatest hits album that nobody has heard before. Carrie is also really coy about the rumor that prior to announcing her pregnancy, she was in the mix to perform on the Super Bowl. She never denies it.

Dave Grohl Talks Musical Journeys on HBO’s Foo Fighters Sonic Highways – TV Guide Magazine: What surprised you most during your travels? Grohl: In Nashville, I had no idea how much religion had to do with country music. All of these legends — from Dolly Parton to Carrie Underwood — were raised singing in the church. Going to New Orleans and learning about the slaves who brought their music from the Congo, Haiti, and South America: Those things shaped modern jazz. I learned so much. You think you know, but you have no idea. Did I just quote The Real World? [Laughs] – Read more at TV Guide

Derek Hough’s Bullying Nightmare: Was Strung Up By Ankles, Had a Gun Put to His Head – Derek Hough may be one of Hollywood’s hottest dancers, but life wasn’t always so sweet. The Dancing With the Stars pro suffered horrific bullying when he was a child. “On one occasion, they would tie my ankles up with a very rough rope, hang me from a tree upside down and spit on me and call me names and even held a gun to my head,” Hough remembered last night at GLSEN’s Respect Awards, where he was honored by the LGBT student advocacy group with the Inspiration Award. He was too scared to let anyone know what was going on. “I didn’t tell anybody—my parents, teachers, my friends, my sisters,” Hough said. “I kept it to myself.” Hough told me it got so bad that his family decided to move. – Read more at EOnline

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  1. Mj, I didn’t see any mention here, but I just read that Joanne Borgella from AI season 7 died from cancer. I remember her. :(

  2. Noticed this morning on Chris Mann’s twitter that he took off “Faircraft/Republic Recording Artist” off of his bio..Guess that basically confirms that he’s no longer with UMG. A couple fans on a FB group I’m on were suspecting he switched to Virgin since Chris was signed for Faircraft but that doesn’t seem the case….

  3. ugh, Leah Remini….of all people….her personality grates on my nerves

  4. @JanelleOArthur: So excited to announce my duet with Arista recording artists @TheHenningsens on their upcoming Christmas Album! More details coming soon!

    Cool for Janelle.

  5. I’m wondering why Derek was bullied as a child. There’s usually a reason: gay, very small and skinny, very unattractive, possibly minority ethnicity.

  6. LOL. Pittbull is an artist that I can’t help but wonder how he became so big. I don’t think I have ever heard anyone say “boy did you catch his performance. He was great.”

  7. I am a life long Californian and I have seen teasing bullying, but nothing as vicious as this. My own gay son faced many bully/mean situations, but it helped to have a popular older brother who wasn’t afraid to mix it up if pushed. I wonder where Derek lived and if it was because he danced as a child. The school ground can be a tough place.

  8. Derek is a Mormon and grew up in Salt Lake City, UT. I think he started dancing after the bullying. I read where the parents sent him to London when he was 12. That’s why I was wondering why the kids picked on him.

  9. Rascal Flatts Playing NFL Pre-Game Show to Promote Carnival Cruise Lines Concert Series

    “Launching in 2014, Carnival Live featured 49 shows by 15 acts including Foreigner, REO Speedwagon, Martina McBride, Gavin DeGraw, Daughtry,Chicago, Trace Adkins and Jennifer Hudson. Lady Antebellum is set to perform is mid November.”

  10. Kids don’t need a reason to bully. It’s not like bullying is something that is new, it’s been done from the dawn of time.

  11. Rock in Rio Brazil 2013: “I was just going down there to be opening for some amazing artists,” remembers Phillips, who will perform Saturday, Oct. 25, at Boise’s Taco Bell Arena. “I didn’t expect them to sing every word to every song – and loudly. It definitely caught me off guard, but it was amazing at the same time. … 90,000 people, it was incredible.”

    The key? Have a blast. Involve the audience. Stay loose.

    “Sometimes we play jams that we might make up during soundcheck,” Phillips says. “Or we might play a song that I never get to release. Even the songs that we play that are on the albums, we change up something musically in it – always having fun, man, keeping it fresh for us. Something new.”

  12. billboard : How do you get a Grammy? Behind the ‘mysterious’ voting process

    What major changes have been made to the 2014 awards?

    This year we are allowing songs that have samples to compete in songwriting categories. We used to only allow that in best rap song, and now it’s for all of our songwriting categories, including song of the year…

  13. 32 Hit Songs That Were Turned Down By Other Singers

    It’s an interesting list, but I only listed the two Idols who are included:

    Kelly Clarkson

    #8 – Since U Been Gone – offered to Hillary Duff and Pink (also listed at #31)
    #19 – I Do Not Hook Up – offered to Katy Perry
    #32 – Miss Independent – offered to Destiny’s Child and Christina Aguilera

    Adam Lambert
    #28 – Whataya Want From Me – offered to Pink

  14. Whataya Want From Me was co-written & recorded by Pink so how is that one on the list.

  15. I read the list. The only one that made me scratch my head was “Milkshake” being offered to Britney!

  16. I have mixed feelings about Whataya Want From Me being included. Yes it was written by Max Martin and Pink, but she did not want it on her album because her life had changed. And After Adam had a double platinum hit in the US and Canada, platinum in Australia, Gold in Germany, Denmark, NZ, her management told her to record it for her hits album. But it was not a hit for her because it was never released as a single by her, so that seemed a little strange. But it was no problem because his run with the song was over by then.

  17. Pink never released the song prior to Adam having a hit with it, so in a sense she did pass on it. Miss Independent was cowritten by Christina Aguilera for her Stripped album, she passed on it and Kelly added some lyrics and released it. I Do Not Hook Up was cowritten by Katy Perry for her album and then she got dropped from her label and Kelly picked it up. Not that different from WWFM

  18. I think there is a difference between songs that were written by others, not used by them, and passed on, and being turned down by other singers, which to me implies they didn’t even write them, and they were actually offered to some and turned down. I think Whataya Want From Me is one of the songs that was just written and passed on, because Pink was the original writer. Actually, I thought Miss Independent was co-written between Kelly and Christina Aguilera. And Linda Perry was working as a songwriter when she wrote Beautiful, which again is different than turning a song down.
    Of the others the one that I really thought was wrong was Love Will Never Do, it was written by Micheal Jackson, and it might have been included on his album if he had lived.

  19. how was WWFM offered to P!nk, when she wrote it? That makes no sense.

  20. Probably in the same way that Katy co-wrote I Do not Hook up and Christina co-wrote Miss Independent.

  21. Well, Christina Aguilera co-wrote Miss Independent and Katy Perry co-wrote I Do Not Hook Up. If WWFM makes no sense, then those songs don’t either, right? ;)

  22. Candice Glover @CandiceGlover
    when one chapter of your life ends it’s SO HARD letting it go. But u gotta keep going.

  23. I think passing a song on is different than turning it down, though. If someone cowrote a song and didn’t record it, to me that doesn’t mean they turned it down. To me turning it down means they were offered it by others, and it was written by others and didn’t they didn’t take it. It might be too small of a difference to really matter, though.

  24. Sounds like that ‘could’ be a commentary on being off the Interscope roster…but Candice is not the most direct of persons when making public remarks.

    I would like to see her work with a team who knew what they were about – or what she was about – and see the music that came from that kind of partnership. The Label deal with Interscope did her no favors, as far as I can tell…and her management has not been very proactive getting gigs for her. I wonder if she even HAS a PR team…with the P/A remarks we sometimes get. Must be all very disheartening. IMO.

  25. I agree the wording could have been better for the two Kelly songs and the Adam song, but I think most would get the intent. Even so, a nice mention for them and they chose a really good picture for Adam, lol.

  26. I remember how excited so many were with the great job that Interscope had done for Phillip and Scotty (and they did do a fantastic job for them) compared to what RCA had to offer. In retrospect, the Idols from RCA got the better deal even with half measures.

  27. Yes – great pic – and a recent one – always a nice surprise –

  28. Gwen Stefani @gwenstefani
    It’s here!! #BabyDontLie…

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