Idol Chat With M&M – Finale Edition

This is our last edition of Idol chat for Season 13! It’s been so much fun! Until next year…

MAC: 1) Jena Irene– First let me say that I’ve had a blast writing this column with MJ, and reading the comments every week. I don’t just think Jena should win Idol, or will win Idol, but rather that she needs to win Idol. If Idol wants any hope of a resurgence, Jena is the person to give it. She sounds current, she’s radio friendly, and she didn’t eff up and call her fans retards. Caleb as a solo artist will have a SUPER tough time, just ask David Cook. He’d be much better off not being constrained by his winners contract, and allowed to form a band (ala Daughtry). Jena has had the best performance of the night the past two weeks with Creep and Can’t Help Falling In Love. Because of that, she should and will win, defying all odds of being a wildcard and having been in the bottom previously.

MJ 1) Caleb Johnson –  OK. I’m putting Caleb first, because I think he is going to win. I don’t WANT him to win. I don’t think he’d be the best winner, for all of the reasons you mentioned. Jena is current, has proven to be a talented songwriter, and has only begun to tap her potential. If Interscope puts out the effort, she could be successful. And Idol could really use a successful winner right about now. Caleb doesn’t match Jena in artististry or originality, but he’s going to win anyway. Why? Because he appeals to the Idol base.  He’s southern. And you know the track record southerners have on American Idol. Kirsten laid it all out very humorously in her Idol Superstition Roundup post.  He sings a throwback style of rock and roll that’s comforting and nostalgic. It appeals to the older demo that dominates the Idol viewing audience these days. He’s also very entertaining and CONSISTENT. Other than last week’s problems due to a bruised vocal chord, he’s sung well week in and week out.  If his throat issues continue to cause problems tomorrow, it could set him back. But at this point, fans have decided on their favorite. A mediocre vocal may not matter. Interestingly, I think the producers would prefer a hip and current singer like Jena to win. Caleb may finally have a target on his back.

MAC: 2) Caleb Johnson– Obviously, I think Caleb should be a runner up. I’ve listed all the reasons, namely he needs to be a front man for a rock band, not a solo artist. His winning Idol will just crown another winner unable to sell albums. I’m not saying Jena will light the charts on fire, but she’s got a much better shot than Caleb. I’m not saying, also, that Caleb CAN’T sell records. In fact, I think if he fronted a rock band and went the Imagine Dragons route, that he could be quite popular. He just won’t be popular as a solo rock vocalist. He’s had quite a run, but if we’re being honest, I’m not sure he’d be in the finale had that doctor not walked out on stage and thrown a massive pity party for him. This finale should have been Jena and Alex, and I hope the Idol voting block gives Jena the edge.

MJ 2) Jena Irene – I am rooting for Jena. But I think Caleb will win for all the reasons I listed above.  Maybe if the Idol producers throw Caleb under the bus, hard. Or maybe if his throat issues result in 3 poor performances, of if Jena has the performance of her life–she’ll be able to pull out a win. If she does manage to take the crown, it will be a major change in voting pattern. That a girl from the north would beat a boy from the south–it would be a major reversal on two fronts!  Idol could only get a female winner last year with massive manipulation i.e. casting males who couldn’t compete.  The one hope is the the new vote limits will have an affect on the results. I certainly hope so. Jena would be a winner unlike Idol has ever had. She could be the first successful pop singer Idol has produced since Jordan Sparks in Season 6. Here’s hoping!

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