Here’s another Idol News roundup

Here’s another Idol News roundup:

According to this article in Reality TV Magazine, Bo Bice did an interview with John Kasich of the Fox News Channel program  “Heartland”.  Bo was Kasich’s red state oops ;), I mean “Heartland Hero of the Week” for giving up his house in Alabama to a family who was displaced by Hurricane Katrina.  The interview was typical–you’re awesome yada-yada cakes–until Kasich quizzed Bo about statements he made regarding NOT wanting to win American Idol.  As Bo is answering, the scroll underneath him reads, “Bice lost to Carrie Underwood by only 134 votes”

134 points??? WTF????

No mention of vote totals was made at all during the finale last year.  Why they’d suddenly announce it now and in a stupid Faux News scroll during a Bo Bice interview, is bizarre to say the least.  I think it may have been an attempt to drum up a little controversy for publicity’s sake.  Considering nobody seems to have noticed or care, probably 1)  Nobody really believes it.  2).  Most everyone is happy with the outcome, even Bo Bice fans cause he keeps repeating that he didn’t want to win anyway.  I expected a little noise from the Constantine fans, but he’s doing so well,   they probably don’t care either.  Fox is going to have to try a little harder to drum up trouble ;).

Looks like  Simon will be back for AI5 next year.  And he’s settled his dispute with Simon Fuller over the UK show “X-Factor.”  19 Entertainment will receive “receive a minority interest in certain intellectual property and programming
related to the X-Factor television program as well as other specified rights with respect to the show.”  Interesting those two have been embroiled in litigation while working together for a while now, and they managed to keep all pretty low-profile.

Here are some of the specifics of the deal between Simon Cowell, 19Entertainment, Freemantle Media and Fox:

Under the terms of the new agreement with FOX, 19 Entertainment and
FremantleMedia will receive a significantly increased license fee per
season from FOX, reflective of the previously announced increases in
advertising rates for the coming season.   Additionally,
19 Entertainment will receive an annual payment tied to its recording
agreement with SonyBMG.

In addition to guaranteeing at least four more seasons, the agreement
provides for an automatic renewal for up to two additional seasons upon
the show achieving certain readily obtainable minimum ratings in the
fourth and potential fifth years of the deal.

Commencing with American Idol 5, FOX, whose parent company News Corp.
has recently announced substantial investment in internet-based
properties, will, at its own expense, build and host,
which is expected to become the show’s official website.
19 Entertainment, FremantleMedia and FOX will work together to develop
content for the website, and will share the revenue generated under an
agreed upon formula.  19 Entertainment and FremantleMedia, however,
retain the exclusive right to develop and offer premium services on the

19 Entertainment and FremantleMedia have granted to FOX certain
wireless telephony rights, including show-related or inspired
ringtones, realtones and video footage.  The parties will share the
revenue generated from exploitation of these rights under an agreed
upon formula.

FOX has agreed to pick-up at least two original shows produced jointly
by 19 Entertainment and FremantleMedia over the next five years. This
is in addition to FOX’s recent decision to renew 19 Entertainment’s
summer hit So You Think You Can Dance?.

19 Entertainment and FremantleMedia will produce certain agreed upon
shoulder programming to be broadcast on the Fox Reality Channel and the
TV Guide channel.

SonyBMG will continue as the designated record label for winning
American Idol contestants and 19 Entertainment will receive from
SonyBMG a larger percentage of the revenue from the sales of recorded
music from future American Idol artists.

Note that Idol will run for at least 4 more seasons, and as many as six under this agreement.  Simon Cowell has signed up for 5.  And a new website,, will be the new official website of the show.  Fox will develop the site with 19Entertainment and Freemantle media– with 19E and Freemantle retaining exclusive rights to develop premium services for the site.

I was pretty sure Simon would be coming back.  It would be bad news for the show if he left.  Actually, I think it would be bad news for the show if ANY of the judges left.  I think those three are an institution at this point. Hee.  In my opinion, even Paula Abdul could drive a hard bargain if she decided to shake things up.

Fun fact to know and tell:  CKX, Inc., which bought 19 Entertainment last year, also own Graceland…

AI has  announced its start date and will be keeping its Tues/Wed schedule.  Mark your calendars,  kids–AI5 Starts Tuesday, January 17.  Whoo Hoo!

The Holiday has put me a little behind.  I have an Internet Gossip Roundup coming up, maybe in a few hours…