YIKES.   Ok, first of all a correction. Miranda Tozier-Robbins,  who detailed her experiences during the Boston auditions in  this blog was not cut after the 2nd round as I said here.  The second round is an audition in front of Nigel Lythgoe.  Miranda actually got to audition for Randy, Simon and Paula, but was not passed through to Hollywood.  My apologies to Miranda!  Her description of what went on during her audition is fascinating–especially the uncut version of  Paula–who was really bitchy and snarky to Miranda, leading one to believe that much of Paula’s “special personality” may get left on the cutting room floor…

Secondly, I wanted to address something Miranda posted in her blog today.  She quoted something I said in my comment section to her– ” Your blog is the source of a lot of the rumors being spread right now” and she answered with this:

I don’t like being referred to as a “source of a lot rumours”. Nothing I said is a lie. It’s my story. A point of view from someone of 1 in 63. There are 63 stories of someone waking up one morning on their way to an American Idol audition. 63 stories of people making their way to the Boston Convention Center. 63 stories of bathroom uses, smiles, and hellos. 63 stories of meeting the judges….posted on this site is 1….

To clarify, I never said that her information wasn’t accurate, just that it was the source of a lot of the info flying around the net right now.  You know that old telephone game where folks sit in a circle, and somebody whispers something in someone’s ear? But,  by the time it makes it around to the beginning, the phrase is unrecognizable?  Well, yeah, her info has definitely been the start of a few rumors.  And the start of some arguments like the one going on in this thread at Idol Forums. Heh.  A dude who claims to be in the know swears neither Jordan Southerland nor Jenny Anderson made it to Hollywood. Much hand-wringing ensues. So there you go.

Me?  I’m just somebody (a she btw, Miranda.  See how rumors get started? ;) ) who uses her left brain all day at work and is just having a little fun in her spare time.  I promise though, I’ll try to be as accurate as possible and not start any NEW rumors, OK?  And, see that comment button?  Got a problem? Let me know!  Thanks. :).

Looking back through the Boston Herald archives (thanks for the suggestion, Miranda) I found this mention of Jenny Anderson. Couldn’t find her picture in the archives, unfortunately:

As jazz singer Jenny Anderson, 22, of Ipswich waited for her audition, she said she hoped her unique voice would win her a trip to California.

“I think it’s time they had a jazz singer in the competition, ” she said. “I have a different-sounding voice.”

According to Miranda’s blog, Jenny made it to Hollywood.  Keep your eyes peeled, folks…

I snagged some pictures from the Herald:

A picture named Laressa KnightMTRobbinsJasonEdwards.jpg

Miranda Tozier-Robbins flanked by Laressa Knight on her left and Jason Edwards on her right







A picture named JessieBecky.jpg

Becky O’Donohue with her twin sister Jessie (on her left)