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Here’s another article–an interview with Paula Abdul from The reporter is awesomely snarky:

In a shocking move, “American Idol” judge Paula Abdul has confessed that if the early auditions are any indication, this could be the best season yet for the FOX talent show.

“We’ve gotten incredible people, ” Abdul gushes. “I think it’s going to be the best, because we have some of the best singers.”

If Abdul’s prognostications hold up, this could be the fifth consecutive “best season ever” for “Idol, ” which has to be some sort of record.

Heh. In the article she babbles on about the females being good, but OMG the boys are good too!!! It’s the usual pre-idol omgitsthebestseasonyet content-free spin.  According to Paula, there are two sets of twins this year.  One set are 27 year old Luther Vandross knockoffs, the other set are 16 year old Usher knockoffs.  Wow, I can’t WAIT.  Actually, what’s the fascination with twins?  They always suck.  So, that’s suck x2.  Ugh.  This new crop can’t be any worse than the Roman brothers from Season 3.   YIKES, they were bad…

I have more info courtesy of Survivor Sucks and Idolforums.  Well, Survivor Sucks posts it first, and then IdolForums rips it off without credit.  So Sucks?  THANK YOU AND HERE’S YOUR CREDIT.  ;).  And a SUPER GIANT SHOUT OUT to grrrr from HH for finding all the MySpace pages!  You RAWK. :).

The dude who posted on IdolForums and claimed to have info  was totally bogus, I’m convinced.  First of all, the Hollywood rounds are happening as we speak, in the first week of December, according to some folks in the know.  So obviously, this dude, who kept insisting that this one and that one had gotten cut, was kidding.  Last year, once the Hollywood Rounds were over, there was a ton of info leaked.  I suspect we’ll hear bits and pieces of what happened in Hollywood starting next week.  Hopefully I’ll have lots of info from various sources.

Anyway, the good folks at Sucks posted a bunch of photos of people who may or may not be in Hollywood this week.  Here they are:

A picture named ashleyhoganBoston.jpgAshley Hogan. (left)  She auditioned in Boston

A picture named laurawrightGreensboro.jpgLaura Wright(left)  Auditioned in Greensboro.  She’s 16 and from Marietta Georgia.  She’s friends with Jordan Southerland.                                                   

A picture named coltonrudloffBoston.jpg Colton Rudloff(left)  Auditioned in Boston







A picture named meredoyleBoston.jpgMere Doyle(left) Auditioned in Boston

A picture named billyinstone.jpgBilly Instone(left) Late 20’s from Austin.  Here’s his My Space.  Here’s what he has to say about himself:

I’m a pretty laid back guy. I love music. I’m a musician. I sing, play guitar, Bass and keyboards. I’m also a DJ. My band is called ” Blyndfold Mary ” i have a page here on myspace if you want to check out the music…I’m kind of a loner, but can get along with anyone. I’m honest and have a sick sense of humor. I can make the most uptight asshole laugh until he crys (sic). It’s a gift. I’m kind of an asshole myself, but it keeps people interested. You never really know what i will say next. God broke the mold after making me so i’m a one of a kind.

His My Space groups are: “Ass Lovers” “We Hate Emo Kids” and “Straight Up Core”  His band is blyndfold Mary Wow, what a badass! A badass trying out for American Idol. coughposeurcough


A picture named michellelapoint.jpg

Michelle Laponte. (left)  28 Year old from Austin, TX

A picture named katharinecue.jpg

Katharine Cue.  (left) Tried out in Chicago.  Former “Star Search” contestant.

A picture named ashleyguadamuz.jpgAshley Guadamuz(left) 16 yr old from California.  She has a MySpace and calls herself This Fuckin Bleeding Heart.  Wow.  Her page is colorful, and really hard to read.  She likes the word Fuck.  Alot.  And leopard skin.


A picture named nolanmuna.jpg

Nolan Muna(left)  He has a My SpaceHoly Crap check this dude out! Like a freaky refugee from “Cats”.  Skeery.  Nolan’s Bio:

Yeah, um, I’m usually really shy and, um, quite reserved, but I’m trying to shed that skin. I don’t like who I think I used to be, so I’m glad that anybody I meet from now on won’t get to know that jackass. Big apology to those suckers sticking around, though. OMG J/K! Just…kidding… Right now, I’m on the semi-fast track at the theatre department at good old Texas State. I’m going for my BFA in directing (f**kers). In the meantime, I like to do what I can to piss off the establishment there.

A picture named brendansimon2.jpg

Brendon Simon(left)  He has a My Space.  About Brendon:

Hi all! My name is Brendan. I’m a 24-year-old performer living in the Bay Area (Northern California). I grew up in San Jose, CA and have lived in various parts of California and Arizona thus far. At my best, my friends might describe me as loyal, funny, intelligent, energetic, passionate, sincere, empathetic, and talented. At my worst, my friends might describe me as moody, uncaring, overreacting, curt, uninvolved, and vain…I work for Starbucks, and I love my job. I also choreograph and I’m an actor who has actually been fortunate enough to get work in California!…I also believe in empowering young people with a voice and stress the imortance of being involved in the political process. “Be the change you want to see.” 

Both Brandon and Nolan may be a little too “Broadway” for Simon. ;).

A picture named joannusyk1Boston.jpg

Joanne Usyk(left) Audtioned in Boston.  She has a My Space.  Again, with the colors! Yikes! Pink and Neon Green? She’s 19 years old and from New York Mills, NY.  OMG she’s got Pink Hair!  We’ve never seen that before! ;).  Looks like she’s vying for this year’s quirky, punky pink-haired girl.

A picture named daronwilliams1.jpg

DaRon Williams. (left) He has a My Space.  His My Space Nym is “Theater Bug”.  He’s auditioned before.

 About Daron:

What you really want to know about me is imposible to communicate though a bio…we all sugar coat the truth…to stay honest I’ll just tell you what’s on the serfice (sic) and let you dig deeper if you want. I’m a 25 year old black man who’s main focus in life is to surround myself with people who care about me…don’t need anything else really but I’ll take a few million. love to sing, even when nobody listens. dancing is always fun no matter how sore or sweaty i get. I call the stage my second home…i just love a good nap and im a tottal bitch without one. i love my dog, adore my mate, often delight in entertaining kids.( wish i had my own) oh yeah did i mention that i like to take naps, and no matter how old i get i still LOVE MY MOMMY!  He still loves his Mommy!  That’s uhhhmmm, sweet?  See Simon. Broadway. Nolan and Brendon

A picture named CJCram.jpg

CJ Cram(left) Auditioned in Boston

Some names without pictures:

Rachel and Gabriel Newman – twins from Chicago (they perform together in a group called “Namirajj”).

Selefana Kamau. Tried out in Boston, graduated from Berklee College of Music

Darian Logan.  Auditioned in Greensboro

Sharonda Hopkins.  Auditioned in Greensboro

Sabrina Oakley.  Auditioned in Greensboro.  She has a My Space.  Oh look! She loves Jesus.  And she’s a single mom.  I hope she can read. 

Rachel Davis.  ???

Fatmina Yusef.  She’s made Hollywood at least twice already

Erin Callahan.  Auditioned in Boston

That’s it for now!  Hey, if anybody out there has additional information, or can fill in the blanks.  Leave a comment!