Boston Auditions

A picture named coltonrudloffBoston.jpgMiranda Tozier-Robbins third-round Boston contestant and author of Idol Fever Blogspot left me a comment with a few recollections of some of the Boston auditioners I mentioned in my last post.  Of  Colton Rudloff  (left) she said “I remember Colton.  He sat next to me.  I told him he was so cute and adorable.  He’s 16.

And about Mere Doyle, “I also met  Mere Doyle a couple times. I can’t remember if she was in the judges round or not. Her picture is in the Herald I think. By the way the pic you have of her on your site is from the Gillete Stadium round. Aka Round 1.” A picture named meredoyleBoston.jpg(below)

Thanks Miranda!