Phone Cuts

According to Miranda Tozier-Robbins,   Joanne Usyk didn’t make it past the second round in Boston.  Oh well, this year’s token “pink-haired” girl is obviously somebody else.  Also, according to Miranda, several Hollywood-bound contestants were told to un-pack their bags before they even got on the plane for California.  The friend of one of the eliminated contestants  posted the news at the offical AI forums .  I wonder if that’s happened in the past?  Probably.  I’m sure they sit down, look at the numbers and other factors, and decide to eliminate contestants before the rounds even begin.  In fact, one year they may have had a top 36 that got cut down to 32?  Maybe the second seasonA picture named jose.jpg?

Some funny stuff from Survivor Sucks.  According to a poster there this guy, Jose Penala (left) “Has what it takes to win and will be pimped by the judges to no end.”  Apparently he made it to Hollywood.  Either a friend or relative posted that, or these contestants are getting savvy and forming street teams before the competition even begins ;).

Jose is 27 years old, from San Francisco CA , is married and is in a group called “6th Day”  According to the sucks poster, he has a great falsetto.  But the important question–is it “refreshing?”   Hee.