More Survivor Sucks gossip


Jeez. there is a poster over there who is like a Super-Sleuth, he pokes around and gets a  ton of gossip…some of which has turned out to be true.   My hats off to mykbdiva.    Latest update–he IM’d Jordan Southerland and wrangled some information from him about Hollywood!   Some, but not all the information below comes from that conversation.

Most Likely Top 24:

Paris Bennet

A picture named ParisPhototn.jpg

Here’s a bio.   And a song she recorded.     She sounds pretty generic here.  Like somebody at Sucks says, she sounds a lot like Top 24 contestant, Janay Castine, from last year.   And according to Southerland, she ain’t all that.   Kinda like a “Black Mikalah Gordon”   Hmmm.   Southerland claims there are three incredible contestants, one a girl, who made the top 24.   He didn’t spill, though.   He doesn’t think a guy will win this year.   Poster at Sucks found out about Paris from somebody who knows a relative.


Jose Penala

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Apparently, he’s got a “great falsetto.”   And yes, it is indeed every bit as “refreshing” as Corey Clark’s according to some folks who have heard his song.  ;).     Ok, I just listened to this  song.   He’s got one of the weirdest helium-inflected falsettos I’ve ever heard.   YIKES.   Corey’s a damb Smokey Robinson in comparison.   Well.   OK.   I’m exaggerating for effect, but you know what I mean.

My Space

Sucks poster does not state how he knows Jose made the Top 24, but he’s sure he did.




Could be Top 24:

Ayla Brown

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“Golden Girl” from Boston.   Mommy’s a newscaster, Dad’s a state senator.   She’s a star basketball player at a local private school.   Sports scholarship to Boston University.   She’s pretty and she can sang.   Not sure how Sucks dude knows  she made the top 24,  but personally, I wouldn’t be surprised.   Her well connected parental units will bring some nice publicity to the show.   But will she win?   Hell no.   Idol favors  heartland contestants who love Jeebus and Apple Pie and appear to have ordinary backgrounds.   No way some privileged miss from the East Coast is gonna get close to winning.    There’s just not much there the ordinary  Idol viewer can identify with–and I believe to the producers, that identification is key to roping us suckers in. :).   If she makes the Top 12, she won’t go deep.





Becky O’Donohue

A picture named JessieBecky.jpg

Becky’s on the right with her twin sister.   They appeared in Fear Factor together.   Don’t have much information on her, but according to Miranda Tozier-Robbins, from this blog, she’s super-nice and can sing.   Sucks dude thinks she made it, but not sure.   Hmmm, she’s pretty.   The twin angle is interesting.   If she’s got a good voice, I can see it.   She’s got TV experience–and I think that’s going to work against her this year.   From the articles I’ve read so far about this year’s audtions, the producers appear to be seeking “green” contestants.



Some interesting tidbits via Jordan Southerland  via IM chat with Survivor Sucks Dude.   Jordan  may not have made the Top 24 (he wouldn’t spill):

Brad Kish didn’t make it to Hollywood–he didn’t make it past the first audition round.

Anne Pookasem didn’t make it to Hollywood.

Billy Instone may not have been in Hollywood — Jordan didn’t recall anyone who looked remotely like him.

Jordan could not remember or identify Nolan Muna, Bobby Bullard or CJ Cram, all pictured here.

Additional info from Survivor Sucks Dude:

Sarah Sue Kelley made it through to Simon Paula and Randy.   She tried to be more contemporary this year, singing an Alicia Keys song, but she didn’t make it.

A Filipino girl  named Jayne made it to the top 44 but was cut.   According to this Jayne person,  there are quite a few minorities in the top 24.

So that’s it.   Take it for what it’s worth.   My thanks to mykbdiva from Survivor Sucks.   I hope you don’t get into trouble. ;).