Oh damb.  Somebody’s piiiiised at me……<evil grin>.  Apparently, Nolan Muna found my blog and he’s rather unhappy with the remarks I made about him here.  This is what I said:

He has a My SpaceHoly Crap check this dude out! Like a freaky refugee from “Cats”.  Skeery…Both Brandon and Nolan may be a little too “Broadway” for Simon. ;).

I didn’t say much, but he seems to be pretty upset about it, as he’s posted about it prominantly on his MySpace, and even added the Broadway remark to his sig line.

 Nolan, if you find me again, a few points:

  1. Please don’t confuse me with anybody on your friends list.  I did not ask to be added to your list.
  2. I didn’t steal your pictures.  I linked to them on your MySpace, which is perfectly appropriate netiquitte.
  3. If your Bio is “old” why was it posted on your MySpace?
  4. You said: “I do have a sense of humor and can definitely laugh at myself, especially if this is the kind of stuff I’d have to put up with had I moved on at American Idol and at least had become semi-famous for 15 minutes. ”  You have no idea how bad it would have gotten.  It would have been what I said times a million. And scrutiny like you’ve never had before in your life. 
  5. Oh, and Thank You for confirming your contestant status.  A lot of folks were curious about that. ;).

To the Contestants Googling Your Own Name and Finding Me:

This blog is not serious stuff.  And hardly anybody is reading it. What I have to say means nothing, so I wouldn’t worry about it. And I know, it might be hard to wrap your head around this, but it’s nothing personal–it really isn’t.  And if you are lucky enough to advance and become a “character” on the show, all the people who criticize or make fun of you will be reacting to your celebrity or to the “character”, not to you personally.  If you can grasp that, your feelings won’t be hurt nearly as much.