Headlines: Gabby Barrett, Spensha Baker Sing at White House

BET Celebrates Quincy Jones with New Music Special – BET Networks is set to premiere “Q85: A Musical Celebration for Quincy Jones,” a star-studded evening that celebrates the life and legacy of the icon. The special was taped in September at the Microsoft Theater at L.A. Live in Los Angeles, and will premiere on BET Networks on Sunday, December 9, 2018 at 8:00PM ET. In celebration of such an iconic figure, some of the biggest stars came to share in on the celebration. Performers such as Stevie Wonder, Gladys Knight, Brian McKnight, John Legend, Gloria Estefan, Fantasia, Charlie Wilson, Jennifer Hudson, Ne-Yo, Sam Smith, Meghan Trainor, Patti Austin, Yolanda Adams, Ledisi, and Cynthia Erivo all hit the stage to pay tribute to Mr. Jones performing his classic works. – Read more at Business Wire

F is in Family Season 3 Begins on Netflix Friday

American Idol season 10 singer Haley Reinhart voices middle child Bill. Caution: The trailer she posted is full of F bombs.

Munhall native Gabby Barrett to perform at national tree lighting at the White House – “American Idol” finalist Gabby Barrett has spent a whirlwind year, from her native Munhall to Los Angeles and Nashville. And now, the White House. Ms. Barrett, 18, will be singing “The First Noel” Wednesday night at the 96th National Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony. “This has been one amazing ride,” Ms. Barrett said. “I’m on tour with Chris Lane. So I flew from Colorado to Washington for today’s practice.” – Read more at Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Spensha Baker Gushes over Trump International Hotel

The Voice season 14 singer Spensha Baker also performed for the National Tree Lighting on Wednesday. She posed for a photo with DWTS alum and Trump enthusiast Antonio Sabato. And she posted a photo of herself in front of the Trump Hotel, gushing over how “gorgeous” it is.

She sang in a trio with American Idol’s Gabby Barrett

The concert will air on Cable channels Ovation and REELZ on Dec 10 at 10 pm ET


Idol winner Maddie Poppe visits University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital – Maddie Poppe, an Iowa native and a winner on the reality TV series “American Idol,” visited the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital on Monday. – Via KCRG.com

Former American Idol contestant revisits his Philadelphia elementary school – A former American Idol contestant returned to his roots on Monday. Michael Woodard paid a surprise visit to a group of elementary school students in Queen Village. Woodard took the national stage on American idol, a fan favorite, finishing in the top five. But it was on this stage at Meredith School in Queen Village where the 21 year old began. “Some of the song selections I made on American idol is because of that stage,” he said. – Read more at 6ABC.com

Cassadee Pope’s Word for St. Jude Kids Is ‘Hopeful’ – Cassadee Pope was proud to rock the new St. Jude This Shirt Saves Lives T-shirt on Monday night during a multi-artist variety show at Nashville’s Schermerhorn Symphony Center. It’s the least she can do for a hospital that has made an impact on her life. John Rich, Brett Young, LoCash, a Thousand Horses and RaeLynn also performed, while magician Justin Flom entertained after a unique fashion show that found all the models dressing up the same black This Shirt Saves Lives T-shirt. The night was the kickoff for the second-straight This Shirt Saves Lives campaign, which urges people to become St. Jude Partners in Hope. – Read more at Taste of Country

Watch Katharine McPhee, David Fost...
Watch Katharine McPhee, David Foster, and Jeremy Jordan on Instagram Live Concert

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  1. Oh, the White house Christmas tree lighting, that was depressing. they couldn’t find anyone that people knew to sing. Where is the energy and joy?

  2. So, when was Phillip Phillips dropped by Interscope? Usually, when an artist is removed from a label’s website, it’s a while after the artist has actually been dropped. Has he been signed by another label?


    September 6 (Phillips still shown as an artist):

    September 10 (Phillips no longer shown as an artist):

    November 29 (Phillips still not shown):

    Phillips website:

    August 27 (Interscope still on the website):

    November 29 (Interscope no longer on the website):

  3. The NYC special was not so great either- although John Legend, Brett Eldridge, Kellie Pickler, and Pentatonix were fine (albeit a bit samey and generic) the rest of the performers (including the usually wonderful Martina McBride) were mediocre at best. No stand out nothing this year and I’m pretty sure three people sang Last Christmas, It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year and the other typical Lite FM songs we can’t seem to hear enough of… and then John Legend did the same songs on his special too… There was no Mary J Blige moment this year. Sad :(

  4. Phillips is not an artist I follow, so I hadn’t noticed…he’s been touring to support the third album that was dropped in January of this year, but the press that came up in a search was all from around that time, or about the tours, so any announcements are yet to be made…I suppose? ?

  5. Thanks to Twitter, I got a chance to hear the 11/28/18 David Cook Stationhead radio show from Wednesday this morning, and I think it’s a very relaxed way for him to stay connected to the fandom. That sort of contact was one of the tenets of PledgeMusic’s campaigns, and had concrete benefits then, good to see it being continued! ?

    The first thing, David intends to do these weekly radio shows until further notice, and he starts out answering some listener questions. Spent Turkey Day in Indiana with family, name checks a few local eateries from the visit as well…Today (Wednesday) was the first day without the cast on his wrist, but only when he is at home…still has to wear it in public for a few more weeks, starts physical therapy tomorrow. The music in today’s show leads off with Nine Inch Nails and leans to the rock side the rest of the way as well, so I didn’t fast forward through any of the selections this time …?…and David had some bts comments about some of the tracks to keep it all interesting. I look forward to this every week …until further notice. ?

  6. I follow him on various social media places and he’s said nothing. Busy singing in Europe for the military right now.

  7. He’s not an artist I follow, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s true. His new album didn’t sell well (didn’t chart on the Billboard 200 even on debut week) & his singles didn’t chart well. Those factors don’t help a label fight or want to keep an artist especially when you had hits & made money for them previously.

  8. I missed the show, but the twitter account for the 30RockTree seems to be in agreement with you!

    ohmigod if this show doesn’t get any better, I’m going to demand a move to Lincoln Center. ?#RockCenterXMAS?
    I am the world’s most famous Christmas tree. Freelance fir available for weddings and bar mitzvahs. #gigeconomy Sorry, I don’t know Buddy the Elf.
    NYC, the Island of Misfit ToysJoined April 2009

  9. Oh man yes! Good response! The whole show was mid-tempo jazz/ non-religious Christmas party music. Nothing too fast or too slow and always with a saxophone lol. I’m glad it wasn’t just me!

  10. Heh. The 30RockTree account agrees – I am partial to the tenor sax, and would have enjoyed the mid tempo jazz parts, myself! ?

  11. More on QR’s Canadian tour dates for Aug. 2019. A second festival was announced today. So far officially announced are 2 rock festivals QR will be playing on Aug. 11 and Aug.17. More dates TBA.

    RockAmblesidePark (@RockAmbleside) November 29, 2018

    Select Your Tickets (@sytnews) November 29, 2018

  12. Aw! Another tribute special where talented Idols were asked to take part. I’m sure Fantasia and Jhud will do a fantastic job. I think it is the strength of Idols legacy and talent that alums as far back as season 1-8 are being chosen to participate in these televised tribute specials and tv musical remakes. Writing/recording/charting are large parts of their careers but these opportunities are additional good chances to be seen and heard too.

  13. Adam and Kelly projects get a mention in Goodhouskeeping!

    24 Kids’ Movies Coming Out in 2019 That Are Worth a Trip to the Theater

    Playmobil: The Movie
    Release date: August 16
    We live in a golden age where every toy set you had as a kid will get its own feature film in 2019. (We swear we’re not making this up.) The live-action/animation hybrid will follow a pair of siblings as they venture into Playmobil world, and the voice cast includes Meghan Trainor, Adam Lambert, and Daniel Radcliffe.

    Release date: May 10
    We bet you didn’t know you needed a movie based on those freakishly cute stuffed animals! With voice performances by Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, Nick Jonas, and Janelle Monae, it’s going to be interesting.

  14. Like their Rocker “semi straight faces” when being entertained at the table–kind of suspect it was killing them but they didn’t let on (not too much anyway). James honored w/a statement re. their visiting there–but just the music difference at that scene had a few smirks on their mugs. Enjoyed the revisit of Frankie’s laugh during the wrestling ring (Alex vs. James) bout. Plus Alex’s reaction to James & Chuck’s singing along to music in the van. Did he just not know the song or just refusing to join in on pop? Lol

  15. I thought Rob Thomas did a good job, and I never knew he had a Christmas song. So that was nice. :)

  16. His third album sales were quite low, but he did chart at #141 on BB 200 debut week. He quickly vanished though.

  17. Alex’s face looks like “get away from me with that lame ass song” lol
    Also liked when Alex’s head is coming out of the costume and you can hear James say “It’s a boy!” Cracked me up.

    Love these episodes so much.

  18. When your mom gets pissed and tells you to turn off Tv because Maddie Poppe was singing somewhere…

  19. That was exactly how Alex’s face looked during the singing of that song, lol.
    I missed…. “It’s a boy!” Would have done the same for me. Was listening to Alex wish his hair would come out of the top. That, on top of that costume’s already weirdness would likely have won him a 1st prize at the Halloween contest at the casino show instead of 2nd.
    I do really like these, especially that the other guys are willing to be a part of them.

  20. What a gross game. Talk about a (wait for it…) “gag” gift. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  21. I’d keep that one hanging just for the memories as well, but I can also see an autograph. lol ;P

  22. His sales landed him at #31 on the Billboard Sales Chart. Shocking it’s that high considering how poor his sales were.

  23. That was a good spot – 4/13 in the People list isn’t too shabby! It would be nice if he could get that new/oldschool Christmas song “Christmas Every Day” on one of the big Spotify holiday play lists…that could net him a nice number of streams, for sure!

  24. I agree, that would be great! I was happy to see it’s charting on radio play. I believe it was #37 on AC this week, up from #50 the week before. Honestly happy to see any kind of radio play without a label to push it.

  25. OH YES! I forgot about Rob Thomas- that felt like I was watching a different show. That was a fantastic song and performance. Maybe the best of the night. Thanks for that :)

  26. A peek into the Japanese version of QR’s up coming LIVE album. Looks like this version comes out earlier on 1/23/19.
    ????? ???????HR/HM?? (@KINGRECORDS_MET) November 30, 2018
    (Translation of tweet)
    1/23 emergency release decision! QUIET RIOT latest live work “ONE NIGHT IN MILAN” Appears in 2 forms of 2 CD + DVD and Blu-ray. Best song selection covering the latest album centering on the songs of the name board “METAL HEALTH”. We are currently proofreading artwork. (Shure Man)

  27. That was cool…and she sounds great. ? Haley certainly wraps those doofy lyrics with enough sincerity to give “The What We Did” a touch of the gravitas of “The Way We Were” ? !

  28. Well, your timeline would suggest that Interscope did some housekeeping on its web site in early September, probably following a late August evaluation of its roster. It often takes a while for the artist’s web team to get around to removing label logos from the artist’s site.

    I’d expected this but I guess had been too busy to look since August. His champion at Interscope, Iovine is long gone. P2 has hinted at friction with the label (which, duh, it is a label, he is an Idol winner, there’s probably enough friction to start small fires). His last album was solid work that seemed to express his vision, and it didn’t get the kind of push his earlier albums had. The album cycle was just getting that Ways-Parting feel.

    P2’s had a good run for building a base for the future. He’s had time to learn ropes he clearly did not know when he won and/or to find a team who can take care of stuff for him. He’s one where I think it’s a no-brainer that he’ll be happier as an indie [ETA or with a small indie label], as long as he can keep the gears turning.

  29. Trust, they have similar here at American Wal-Marts. (Came across a game involving a plastic dog and play-doh. ::shudder::)

  30. That is good for David. If an artist takes the time to write/record you want to see some measurement that shows there is interest in your work. At the very least, you want to see your work chart and/or put up some decent streaming numbers.

  31. Streaming is definitely what seems to be the way most consume music now — shame it pays out such paltry sums. I think CED has a decent start on Spotify. It’s at half a million streams right now and peak Christmas music listening season starts tomorrow on the 1st of December.

    I read an industry publication a while back that said an indie artist needs about 180,000 streams on Spotify to make minimum wage. It was over a million streams needed for a signed artist to make minimum. Sheesh.

  32. Yep, streaming doesn’t replace the value to the artists of buying the music, and it only benefits the Middleman, or the ‘already million sellers’….I could do a whole rant, but it’s a waste of breath. ;-(

    *They* figured out an even better way to screw the artists than the Hinky Books and Recoupment scam …and this one gets them into the pockets of artists they haven’t even signed! (Also. Corporate radio can’t be too pleased if they see holes poked in their bags of Not-Payola). There were hold-outs, likely still are, but once it got attached by TPTB to the charts and certifications and started being able to affect bookings, etc it was a lost cause. Bastages.

    IMO. Of Course.

  33. No, I don’t follow him, but I happened to go to the Interscope website for info on another artist and noticed that Phillips’ pic was gone. I had no idea how his last CD did or how his career was going, so I was just curious if Phillips not being with Interscope was news or something that everyone knew already for a while.

  34. Thanks! Yes, it appears that P2 will be happy as long as he can keep recording (even independently) and performing.

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