Grand Rapids, MI AI Live! Show – Desi’s Recap

Desi continues her epic story begun in Detroit and Charlotte at the Grand Rapids, MI Idol show. Thanks to Chikezie, she gets backstage to meet some of her favorite Idols. And she makes the papers! She shares her re-cap, pictures and videos below…


writing this made me late for class.

i did not go.

<3 desk

or, “you’re more than a name or a face in the crowd!”

to really get this story, you need to know this. last night i sent chikezie a myspace message with a picture of my sign so he knew what to look for, and my friend Sammi was at last night’s AP, so i had her talk me up to him. haha.

okay, so the day started off with a hair emergency, because it was so humid it wouldn’t all straighten. this is evident in the pre-idols-at-busses-pictures. anyway. i loaded up the car with.. everything.. including my mother and off we trotted to grand rapids.

i was immediately happy because we found two dollar parking. yay! we couldn’t get one of the dollars to work and only had $1.75 in quarters, but i am nothing if not persistent and finally got the crappy dollar to go in. yay!

More re-cap, pictures and videos after the JUMP…

we load ourselves up with chairs and signs and things and set out for busses. the bus setup in grand rapids is like nothing i’ve seen at other venues, it was a huge fenced in area at the back of the venue and the security guy was not helpful at all in telling us where they would start signing, so we all just kind of picked a spot. we set up camp mavezie (my dave cook sign says DAVE COOK, YOU’RE ON MY RIBS JUST LIKE A TATTOO), kristen arrived, and i sat and sang and flat jason hung out with us.

there were already three busses there that i thought were theirs, which i thought was weird since it was 11a. but the real busses arrive, and i hold high my CHIKEZE* LIKE SUNDAY MORNING sign (*yes. it’s spelled wrong. don’t judge my drinking. i told him about why it’s spelled wrong and he laughed.) and OMG AS THE BUSSES PULL IN I SAW KARA’S POSTER THAT SHE GAVE THE MAVE BOYS SITTING THERE. I FREAKED OUT. i think i hit kristen. i’m sorry.

so the busses park and slowly idols emerge. i don’t remember who got off when. oh, archuleta got off first. and when i saw chikezie, i think i must have been the first to scream, because, well, you know i love him. rofl. i screamed for kristy lee cook too (i will now come out about my kristy lee crush. i blame YOU, mari.)

so baby d did autographs first, and i feel like he was out before anyone else was off busses. he did the video for kathleen, we talked about ford day, he said he would probably do songs from the tour because he won’t have time to get anything else ready. stop being a perfectionist and sing me “crush, ” kid! then the krooke girls came out. i don’t think i’ve ever seen them not come out for busses together. brooke is just the sweetest thing, and too funny. i asked kristy when her album comes out because i forgot and she seemed so excited that someone asked about it, so we talked about it a little. and omg i see chikezie walking back toward busses. i grab the sign and scream and kind of hold it up. he starts kind of on our end, and when he gets closer to us, i have the sign up and i’m not really looking at him and i hear him say “hey desi.”


so then he trots back to the bus, and i go, “i bet he’s running back to get a towel, ” because he didn’t have a sweat towel with him like he always does. and because we have a psychic connection, i was right. and then he was RIGHT BY US, and he ran back to hot security guy (henceforth, he will be known only as HSG.) and i go, “omg maybe he is having him get passes for me.” so he runs back over, and i say, “when you went to the bus i knew you were going for a towel, and i wanted you to make it this far, because i got you a towel.” i got a sweat towel and had his name embroidered on it. i know, i’m cute.

so then ! EPIC DESKEZIE HUG! and it is sooooooo good. and i say, “is there any way you can get us AP passes?” and he says, “it’s very difficult the day of, very difficult, but i will try.” so i smile and say okay and thank you and he moves down the way. and then ! HSG trots back over, and puts his hand in his pocket. and i KNOW. and i see them. and chikezie comes over and gives them to me. and i’m thudfloordedsquee everything.

the cook fans next to me look at me and say, “you’re more than a name or a face in the crowd!” they were very cute. oh! and they were there with a one-year-old baby in tow who was SO well-behaved! in the whole two hours or so he was there he didn’t make a sound. well, until chikezie got to him. and, you know how for most of you you see pictures of dave cook with his niece or whatever, and your ovaries go out right then?

well chikezie lets this baby grab his finger, and makes a sound like “mrrphhhh, ” and mine were just gone. right to hell. you all know i don’t really like kids but omg i would have them for this man. haha.

here’s a video when chik is near us, coming back from the towel run:

so the only thing i can think to do, besides hold tight on them so i don’t lose them, is call kara. you can read about this phone call here. and she squees. and i squee. and it’s all very, very good. and flat jason is there through it all. then i call rickey and tell him the news because i am so excited i need to tell everyone. haha.

oh, the newspaper interviewed us first, and that is posted at this link. then the tv station interviewed me, but i’ve not had time to check if they used any of it yet.

so those were the only four that came out for pre-show busses, but i heard a rumor that jason went out after the official MG with archuleta, but i doubt it. i didn’t care. i was going to the afterparty. :] i held myself together VERY well, and did not sputter over words like i did in detroit or completely stop speaking like i did in charlotte. haha.

dinner, killing time with flat jason, blah blah.

seats, SHOW.

i held HIGH my chikezie sign, and danced and sang and shouted and didn’t care about the people behind me. that was my set to go wild. so we sing “i believe to my soul, ” and you know it’s not anything but good. so he starts to talk about how detroit was one of his favorite shows (ITS BECAUSE YOU GOT TO WEAR A WINGS JERSEY SILLY) because there was so much energy and stuff. and then.


he says, “oh, and i want to say hey to my friends desi and megan who are out in the audience tonight, ” or something like this. i transcribed it word for word to kathleen but the sent text was deleted. so i lose my sh*t again, duh, and i sing and dance to “caught up, ” pumping the sign up and down. I DONT CARE IF YOU WERE BEHIND ME AND COULDNT SEE. haha.

and then he did “so high, ” which has slowly become my favorite (if you were at the first cellcast, you’ll remember that i was like, wtf is this song?) and just like that it’s over. i put the song down but i stay up to do the “i want you back” dance. i don’t have too much else to say until dave cook. i couldn’t take much video because last time i was at the van they were really anal about videoing, and i didn’t want to get kicked out before the AP. haha. so i don’t even have the shoutout, i just have “it’s all wrong, ” “angels” and the mave dance.

oh, i had my sign up for “pride” too, and he looked back and waved. squee. mikey was introduced as “the second biggest pop tart i know.”

syesha’s hair gets bigger at every show.

dave came out, new shirt, i couldn’t wait for “i don’t want to miss a thing” to be over (YOU ALL KNOW I HATE IT) and he killed “my hero” and it’s so good. it’s never not been good. so then OMG “billie jean.”

how many times can you die in one day? cause i have set the record.

this is what i said: “you might have to go to eleven shows, but you will see everything you want to see!” haha.

so then i FREAKED OUT when chikezie came out wearing that jacket. and then i FREAKED OUT some more when mr. johns came out in that ripped-to-shreds pop tart shirt. i should say that battle creek is the headquarters for pop tarts, and it is near grand rapids, so that is why there was all that love.

called to talk about the show on rickey, then got roped over to section 104 to go to the AP. everyone from the first MG was there too because since dave wasn’t there, he got a special one with all them. lame.

so then we go back, and i see ray. YAY! we love ray. i circle around and see klc’s hair, i see baby d, i see no chikezie. and i look and carly’s beauty is just calling to me. but first i see jason and he’s such a normal guy and he’s just standing there talking to some kids. so i go, he signs, we do a picture with flat jason, i have bad face in it because i was talking. i fail.

and then we get in carly’s line. sooo beautiful. SO beautiful. i had good material to talk to her about though, so it’s all good. and that’s when i saw mike’s hat, and my mom had LOST HER SH*T during his set, so i go “mom, look, ” and i thought she was going to fall down. haha.

so we get in his line, and get david puddy’s present ready, and he opens it and smiles and says he loves it. (it was a squeaky toy that said ME LOVE COOKIE. we know. it’s okay.) pictures, love, pictures. i just wanted him to talk to me, rofl. then i think we headed to archuleta, but i look across the room and i am like a bullet out of a gun over to chikezie. HUUUUUUUUUG, thank you, pictures, you were FAN FREAKIN’ TASTIC tonight. he had a line so i kept it brief. then.. brooke. she’s beautiful! i can’t say that enough, but you all know that. i told her that songs from the attic has been my shower cd for WEEKS, which maybe seems weird but it’s just what i wake up to. then baby d, our picture is bad because he is singing to me in it. i don’t remember what song it was. something about “over my shoulder.” it will come to me. we run over to dadchuleta and finally get our picture with him!

(rofl- i wrote my review and i’m putting pictures in now, and i forgot about this one.)

so we’ve done everyone in the room, except kristy, but i already have pictures with her so it was okay.

surprise! no rami.

three shows and i have everyone’s autographs but hers. curious.

we go back to mikey, take silly pictures, and i man up and ask ray if dave cook is coming.

he says no, that he isn’t, not once looking up from fooseball with HSG. haha.

so, DAVE COOK, EPIC LIFE FAIL. i go to three shows and i get nothing? rofl.

so i say, okay, i’m just gonna grab one more chikezie hug, and then we can go.

it’s long and epic and good, and i tell him that i’ve had such a bad week, and he squeezes me tighter, and like, what can you say? i can say nothing. i thank him, he says “you’re welcome” in that way he does when his face is right in your ear, and omg. ded.

so i say, have a great birthday, have a great rest of the tour until i see you in tulsa, and he smiles wide and says “i will, thank you so much. see you in tulsa!” and we leave.

and then to go to our car, we had to walk by busses, and it seemed like he left the AP right when i did because he was walking out when we were. haha.

so, that’s my night.

it was so epic and good.

you all have even more of a reason to love him now. :]

as always pictures are here but they aren’t all up yet. have pdstm, since it’s the only vid i’ve uploaded so far:

ETA: More deskezie moments:




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