Glee Wins Best Ensemble in a Comedy Series, SAG Awards 2010

Congratulations to the cast of Glee! They won the best Ensemble in a Comedy Series award at tonight’s Screen Actors Guild Awards.

MISS SAIGON Accepts Best Ensemble A...
MISS SAIGON Accepts Best Ensemble Award!

The entire cast assembled on stage, but it was Jane Lynch, who plays the deliciously nasty and conniving Sue Sylvester who spoke for the group. She thanked producer Ryan Murphy for giving them all “the roles of a lifetime” and along with the writers, cast and crew.

Glee returns to the airwaves with all new episodes on Tuesday, April 13

Check out the list of SAG Award winners HERE.

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  1. In the words of Emma Pillsbury, YAY GLEE! :)

    It must be so surreal – just a year ago nobody really knew who most of them were and now they’re winning all these awards. How awesome for them.

    I can’t WAIT til the show comes back in April! It needs to hurry!

  2. Very cool!! I love that it’s the whole cast because it really is all of them together that makes the show so outstanding!! I can’t wait for April!!

  3. Awesome! Genius show. Hope it sticks around for awhile. I don’t know about anyone else, but it was you, MJ, who sold me on Glee. Your coverage of the pilot and videos piqued my curiosity, and I’m so glad I watched. Thank you sooo much for turning me onto this show. I hope you’re getting paid to recruit viewers.

  4. I think it’s a little undeserved, at least 2 of the other four crews are better IMO.
    The success of the show is still great tough.

  5. Cute show. Congrats to all of them. And to think Adam auditioned for Glee before Idol and was told he didn’t look young enough. lol And Lea Michele says she would love to sing with him. Funny how things turn out. Maybe he’ll get invited on for a guest appearance. :)

  6. Cher, I didn’t know Adam auditioned for the show? There are rumors that Adam will guest star on the show. I can just imagine the ratings if he does!

    I think it’s great that the cast received another award. There is such chemistry with this cast!

  7. I love Glee. One of my two fave shows of the new season.Vamp Diaries is the other one. LOL.

    Adam guesting rumors are not true but Adam said in an Aussie interview that he auditioned six months before idol, got three call backs but they said he looked too old for the part. Funny because the guys who play puck and finn totally look the same age as Adam, which they are! LOL! But I loved them. Glad Adam didn’t get that part so he could make Idol and eventually put out FYE!

  8. Yay Glee!

    I’m so happy they’re winning these awards. It’s totally deserved. Not only is it a great show, but the cast members are really great, too.

    Btw, seeing “Sue” in a dress makes me giggle. :P

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