Glee Season 6 Spoilers: Plot Details “The Hurt Locker” Episode 4 (NEW UPDATE)

Glee Season 6 Spoilers Episode 4

Glee Season 6 Spoilers Episode 4
The cast poses with Sue’s special surprise

Glee Season 6 Spoilers Episode 4
Chez Blaintofsky

Glee Season 6 Spoilers Episode 4 – “The Hurt Locker”

For “The Hurt Locker” song spoilers, Click This Link!  The episode is written and directed by Ian Brennan

I managed to get my hands on more Glee Season 6 spoilers. Next up, is Episode 4, titled “The Hurt Locker.” The action centers around Principal Sue Sylvester and her ongoing manipulations. Some of her schemes are what you’d expect. Some others…not so much! Could Sue be the savior of your favorite ship? Read on to find out!

  • Glee 6×04 features Kurt (Chris Colfer), Rachel (Lea Michele), Blaine (Darren Criss), Sam (Chord Overstreet), and the New Directions newbies– Roderick, Mason & Madison and Jane (Spencer is not in this episode). As far as I know, Mercedes, Artie, Quinn, Puck, Santana, Brittany and Tina, have left Lima. Figgins and Becky make appearances.
  • Clint, the leader of Vocal Adrenaline, is introduced. He’s played by The Wanted’s Max George.
  • Sue organizes a last minute glee “invitational” at McKinley in order to break the spirit of the fledgling New Directions.  Vocal Adrenaline and the Warblers are invited. They all assemble at McKinley for rehearsal.
  • Rachel asks Will to throw the invitational, otherwise her kids will be demoralized. Since it’s not a real competition, Will agrees. Also. It’s Glee and he has a soft spot.  Blaine is also asked, but he refuses.
  • Sue hypnotizes Sam to do her bidding. She suggests that he lead Rachel on romantically, which culminates in a kiss between the two. Rachel feels something and asks Sam out on a date. Only, he was in a trance when he kissed her and doesn’t remember it. Sam declines. Mostly because, he says, he’s still in love with Mercedes.
  • Blaine gives Rachel and Sam piano lessons.
  • Sue is not happy that Kurt and Blaine broke up. She schemes to get them back together: The Karofsky/Blaine apartment is invaded by a bear cub, sent by Sue.  During a date night at Breadstix, the restaurant is filled with the many men Karofsky has dated, courtesy of Sue.  Karofsky and Blaine are 3rd cousins, according to Sue’s ancestry research. Kurt is aware of her manipulations and is annoyed.
  • When Sue learns that Will plans to go easy on Rachel at the Invitational, she tattles to the Carmel High Principal. Clint and Vocal Adrenaline find out, and demand that Will resign.
  • Under Sue’s hypnosis, Sam steals Will’s mail. When Will catches him, Sam claims that Rachel put him up to it and is out to get Will. Upset, Will decides VA will go full-throttle at the Invitational.
  • Kurt and Blaine have a one on one moment. Kurt reveals that he’s about to go on a first date with a guy he met online. Blaine feels a twinge of regret. He realizes that Kurt really IS the love of his life, but he keeps that thought to himself.  However, he does share with Kurt that Sue’s schemes gave him second thoughts about his relationship with Karofsky.
  • When Kurt finally meets his date, he realizes the man he had been talking to on the telephone is in his 50s, with kids, just out of a marriage to a woman. Kurt is freaked out, but the man turns out to be sweet and good looking. They agree to go out again, but to begin as friends.


  • According to reliable sources, Harry Hamlin plays Kurt’s older suitor.  Harry’s wife, Lisa Rinna had revealed on twitter that Harry would be guest starring this season. “HH shooting the final season of Glee. That Is all I can say, but Oh boy is it Good!!!!! We Love Glee!!!!! So excited!”


  • Rachel and Sam duet on Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles.”  It mimics the original video by Vanessa Carlton. (Sam and Rachel play piano and sing as city/town scapes pass by, hence the requests for runners, dog walkers, people of all types etc for a location shoot taking place 10/20). The KISS happens at the end of this scene.


  • Rachel, Kurt and Blaine are rehearsing for the upcoming  invitational at McKinley when Blaine receives a call from Karofsky about an emergency at the apartment.  Rachel, Kurt and Blaine rush over to the Blaine/Karofsky  home to discover a bear.  It’s the bear Sue sent over as part of her mission to break up Blaine/Karofsky and bring Klaine back together.
  • (See an onset photo Lea Michele posted above! Plus: In Episode 3, Brittany helped Blaine and Karofsky decorate their new apartment. A new photo is likely the result!)

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