Glee Season 4 – Girls (and Boys) on Film – Recap and Videos (UPDATED)

GLEE: Blaine (Darren Criss, L) and Kurt (Chris Colfer, R) perform in the "Girls (And Boys) On Film" episode of GLEE  airing at a special time Thursday, March 7 (9:30-10:30 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2013 Fox Broadcasting Co. CR: Adam Rose/FOX

Glee celebrates its 500th performance tonight in its MOVIETASTIC episode, “Girls (and Boys) on Film” beginning a “special” time–9:30/8:30c on FOX.

As everyone recovers from Will and Emma’s wedding, the glee club is given the assignment to sing their favorite song from a movie. Meanwhile in New York, Santana makes herself at home in the loft a little too quickly for Rachel and Kurt’s comfort, as she attempts to uncover exactly what Brody’s extra-curricular activities involve. Also, the members of New Directions sing the 500th musical performance, “Shout.”

Additionally, the highly anticipated duet between estranged lovers, Kurt and Blaine, “Come What May” from Moulin Rouge,  airs in this episode and promises to be tres romantic. Kurt’s new boyfriend, Adam, makes an appearance at the loft and Will tries to woo back his runaway bride, Emma. And is Rachel pregnant or not? Hm…. Also GUYS IN UNDERPANTS.

The episode is chock full of songs–eight to be exact. I’ll be back with my thoughts later.

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  • The stick told Rachel she was pregnant.  Santana, whose first order of business when she moved into the loft was to get her nose into everyone’s business, finally prods the truth out of Rachel. Although Santana spends most of the episode annoying her housemates, the moment she comforts Rachel when she breaks down is really sweet. As annoying as her busybody ways are, Santana is  the truth teller. Ultimately, it’s a good thing that she forces Rachel to see Brody for what he really is and Kurt to face that he really loves Blaine. That’s what friends are for! Right now, Santana and Kurt believe that the big wad of cash found in Brody’s room means he’s a drug dealer.  Rachel is still having none of it.  For the record, I’m still #TeamManwhore.
  • Something tells me the stick lied and Rachel isn’t really pregnant. What do you think?
  • The highly anticipated “Come What May” duet between Kurt and Blaine was breathtakingly lovely. They sang and circled each other on a paper-lantern festooned rooftop. Flashbacks from when they first met on the stairs at Dalton and the first time they made love were edited into the performance, which I was not expecting. The song, poignant and full of longing, was seriously one of the most ACHINGLY ROMANTIC numbers that Glee has ever done. The performance ends with the two boys in each other’s arms, Kurt’s head on Blaine’s shoulder. *sob*.
  • But the romance was Kurt’s fantasy as he watched Moulin Rouge while snowed in at the loft with Rachel, Adam and Santana.  Fade to reality and Kurt’s eyes are filled with tears, which Adam, of course, notices. Ms. truth teller, Santana, reminds Kurt that he once said that  “singing this song to someone is a more intimate act than sex” and that he and Blaine hoped to sing it to each other at their wedding. Adam raises an eyebrow. Later, at NYADA, Adam confronts Kurt about Blaine. Was “Come What May” a song Kurt sang with Blaine? Yes. Does Kurt still love him? “I desperately want to be over him,” Kurt says, a little unconvincingly, “I really do.” Adam doesn’t want to be a rebound or compete with a fantasy.  He asks Kurt out to the movies–the sappiest one they can find. “And then that will be our movie.”  Aw, Adam is smitten! Kurt takes his hand. But I think poor Adam is gonna get his heart broken in the end.  Kurt still loves Blaine, even if he’s wary of letting his cheating ex back into his heart.  I have no doubt that Klaine is endgame.
  • Kurt and Adam doing “Downton Abbey” impressions while Santana rolls her eyes?  All kinds of hilarious. I’m perfectly happy with Kadam as an interim as Kurt and Blaine find their way back to each other.  Adam is very very charming.
  • Glee’s first scene is a nifty little black and white homage to the movie “Royal Wedding.” Will falls asleep to the movie and  has a crazy dream that he and Emma are dancing on the walls and ceiling singing “You’re All the World to Me”  a la Fred Astaire. The dream gives Will the idea to assign the kids songs from the movies. And it’s mashup time again–boys against girls. Artie offers the winners a part in his new micro-budget movie!  Artie Wells….
  • But first, Brittany and Blaine want the girls and boys to sing together. To kick off movie week, they mount a performance of “Shout” that begins in the hallways, gathers steam (and kids!) as it moves through a classroom, the library (where they aren’t supposed to be shouting at all!) and on to the cafeteria. Unlike their “We Got The Beat” performance in Season 3’s “The New Rachel,”  NOBODY THROWS FOOD AT THEM!  The celebratory performance captures the spirit of the original and is Glee’s 500th performance. Yay.
  • It’s mashup time.  The boys sing “Old Time Rock and Roll” and  “Danger Zone.” It’s a Risky Business/Top Gun combo! And yes, we have Sam, Jake and Ryder dancing in their underwear.
  • The girls do Madonna doing Marilyn Monroe in their mashup of “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend?Material Girl.” I liked the girls best.  Marley and Unique are frothy fun as a combo Marilyn.
  • But in the end, Will announces that  EVERYONE WINS.  More meta:  “That always happens!” grumbles Blaine. It’s true! Either everybody wins or nobody does.  They all get parts in Artie’s movie.
  • Finn, still racked with guilt over kissing Emma, sets out to find the MIA runaway bride. He tricks her crazy ginger supremacist parents into telling him where she is.  Finn and  Artie pose as gingers looking for college references from their lady leader. Both look pretty hilarious in red wigs. Donnie Most as Emma’s dad is as creepy as ever.  Ginger dad says what we’ve all been thinking: “The kids at this school don’t seem to even think about what college they want to go to until about a week before graduation. That’s weird! You’re supposed to figure that out when you’re a junior!”  Ginger Ps eventually spill Emma’s location.
  • With intel in hand (Emma has been staying at her sister’s house), Finn convinces Will to do something BIG to get his true love back.  Yes, this is the part where Glee recreates the iconic scene from “Say Anything”.  Will, holding a really fake looking Boombox (Will holds it over his head like it weighs 5 ounces, which it probably does), sings “In Your Eyes” under Emma’s window with the ND kids as backup.  Of course, Will charms Emma who ventures outside for a a heart to heart.  Still skittish, she agrees to a Friday night movie date. As it turns out, Will was away in Washington so long, she felt like she didn’t know him anymore.
  • One relationship is on the mend, while a couple of others fell apart. Will is really hurt and unhappy when Finn finally reveals that he kissed Emma shortly before the wedding was set to take place. Finn suggests that Will punch him, but instead his former teacher walks away without saying a word. Uh oh.
  • Jake admits to Marley that all the Valentines Day surprises were Ryder’s idea. To make up for it, he sets up a potters wheel so the two of them can get their hands dirty while singing “Unchained Melody” from Ghost. During the song we see Marley imagining Ryder in Jake’s place. She’s torn between two lovers! And we get the first hint of this when she admitts to Kitty that Ryder kissed her. Oh, by the way, the mean girl actually apologizes to Marley for all the terrible stuff she did to her–like tricking her into believing she was gaining weight.  Has Kitty Kat turned over a new leaf? I’m thinking no…
  • But back to Jarley. When the song finishes, Jake goes in for a kiss and Marley stops him. Guilty, she admits that she knew it was Ryder who set up the surprises all along. And what’s more, she let him kiss her.  Needless to say, Jake is not happy as he wordlessly leaves the room. Marley calls after him, but to no avail. No *sob* here. I still can’t bring myself to care about the noobs.
  • The episode ends with a performance of what else—“Footloose.” I have nothing to say, except that I can’t believe it took 4 seasons for Glee to take on this iconic number.
  • It was an episode of revelations: Rachel admits that she’s pregnant, (or thinks she is), Kurt admits that he still has feelings for Blaine, Finn reveals to Will that he kissed Emma, Marley admits to Jake that she let Ryder kiss her. Kitty admits to Marley that she did her wrong.  The confessions will have varying consequences hopefully to be explored in later episodes. In that way, tonight’s show was pivotal, even as it was devoid of plot–which is often the downside of music filled tribute episodes.
  • If Glee ends, I would be super happy with a show that revolved around the adventures of Kurt, Santana and Rachel in New York City. Oh, and you can move Blaine there while your at it. I’m still not terribly invested in the new kids back at McKinley.
  • So these are my thoughts. What are yours?


“Shout” – Blaine and Brittany with New Directions

“Come What May” – Blaine and Kurt

“Old Time Rock and Roll/Danger Zone” – ND Boys

“Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend/Material Girl” – ND Girls

“In Your Eyes” – Will and New Directions

“Unchained Melody” – Jake and Ryder

“Footloose” – New Directions

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