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UPDATE: Next week there will be a sing off between the guy and girl who came in 6th place for a spot on the tour.

Disappointments tonight: Not too many, really. As much as I love Janelle Arthur, I think I would have given Breanna Steer her spot, just for the sake of genre diversity.  If there had been a real wildcard, I would have hoped she got the spot. But now–even if she’s in 6th place and gets to sing off against a guy for a tour spot, she’d lose.  America’s votes mean a guy will surely be taking that 11th tour spot.

The guys. I’m glad Burnell Taylor made the cut. But beyond on that, admittedly, I really don’t care. I might be a little disappointed that Nick Boddington didn’t get a spot. He, or even poor fodder Elijah Liu would have been preferable over Lazaro Arbos.  It’s awful, because the longer Lazaro stays, the more controversial he will be. He’s NOT a great singer, but his sweet personality and touching backstory will ensure a prolonged run in the competition. I hope Laz has his fire-proof undies ready.

Also, while I’m at it, I would have given Vincent Powell the spot occupied by Curtis Finch, Jr. I could see Nick or even Charlie nabbing that tour spot.  I wouldn’t be surprised if either just missed the cut.

But again. It doesn’t matter. The girls rule. If Idol can’t produce a distaff winner this season, they never, ever, ever will.

Speaking of that extra tour spot. We still have no explanation for the extra finals week. There’s got to be some other twist ahead that we don’t know about. That’s why I’m surprised that the wildcard that will be determined next week is for a tour spot only. The boy and girl who just missed the cut will sing for America’s votes. That means a boy will win. And now that I think about it…adding an extra boy to the tour makes sense, because the guys are usually what draws fans to the concerts.

While Nigel Lythgoe’s retool of the middle rounds was mostly successful–I think he botched the Top 10 reveal.  NOBODY wants a results show that’s more than an hour long! Yes, there was singing, but it still dragged, mostly due to Nigel’s new “twist.”  Ohhhh. The viewers at home learn who is going through to the next round before the judges and studio audience. How…NOT EXCITING FOR ANYBODY WATCHING NIGEL. Seriously, that was so dumb.

Hearing Ryan breathlessly exclaim to Candice Glover before he sent her out on stage that “Mlllions of people at home know you made it. But the judges don’t know yet,” literally made me laugh out loud.  I wanted Candice to come back with, “AND YOUR POINT IS?”

Now, the real competition begins. There have been disappointments, but all in all, I’m looking forward to the finals.


Tonight, the Top 10 and whatever the hell else will be revealed! Gosh. I think 90 minutes will not be long enough for all the excitement! *snark*

We’ll be liveblogging right here!

39 million votes were cast last night.  10 million more votes than this time last year! THANK YOU SUPERVOTE.

The new Idol stage is very….ORANGE.  The judges take the stage. Ryan has to carefully lead them across the stage to their new seats.

Wait. How is this going to work? WHAT? The contestants will be backstage. The guys in one room, the girls in the other.  Ryan and a camera will run back to fetch one, but those sitting in the audience, including the judges and family members, won’t know until the newly-minted finalist steps on stage TO SING A VICTORY SONG.

Are you kidding? Glee got pushed back a half hour for this?  Longest. Reveal Ever. And this is supposed to be exciting for the folks watching at home in exactly what way? It’s going to be a long night.

There’s a little recap of the show so far. The soundtrack? Mimi’s “Almost Home” of course.

Top 20 Journey Video Montage – American Idol 12… by IdolxMuzic

After the break, we’re “treated” to a recap of the boys performances. Do you hate us, Idol?

Ryan enters the room where the guys are sequestered. The girls and boys will be divided a little longer. The 5 guy finalists will be revealed first.  Ryan doesn’t waste time. Paul Jolley is the first to advance. Burnell Taylor is next.

Paul Jolley – “Alone” by Heart.  Blargh.  This is so AC boring. His high notes are atrocious. I’m glad he didn’t save this for next week’s Idol winners’ theme, where it would have surely been an ode to Carrie Underwood. He so wants to be a pop country artist, that he sings a power rock ballad. Keith claims he listened to his notes from last night about pulling it back. Uhm. No he didn’t. It was still screamy and theatrical.

Paul Jolley – Victory Song – American Idol 12… by IdolxMuzic

Burnell Taylor – “Ready For Love” – Burnell, next time, sing something upbeat! I’m not sure I like this song for him. I do love his tone, though. I’m glad he made the Top 10.  I hope his song choices don’t disappoint me.  The judges are giving him a standing O.  Mariah calls the performance “impeccable.”

Burnell Taylor – Victory Song – American Idol… by IdolxMuzic

The next guy making it into the Top 10 is Curtis Finch, Jr. UGH. Nigel’s twist is no doubt great for the audience, but super pointless for people watching it on TV. Ohhh. Look how excited the audience is when the door opens! Zzzzz.

Curtis Finch, Jr. – “So High” by John Legend – I love this song. But not Curtis singing it, really.  I don’t know. They guy is an impeccable vocalist, I’m just not feeling him. Woops. I take back “impeccable”. His adlibs are kinda pitchy tonight.  Randy: “YO MAN WE’RE ALL SO HAPPY. YOU PULLED ANOTHER BAG RIGHT THERE.” Shut up, Randy.

Curtis Finch Jr – Victory Song – American Idol… by IdolxMuzic

OK, I’m thinking they made everyone rehearse a song. After the Top 10 is revealed, others will have to sing for their lives for Wildcard spots.

As Ryan prattles on to the remaining boys about who the next finalist could be…Charlie finally blurts out, “YOU TELL US.”  I think he is speaking for us all.

Devin Velez – “The Power of One” by Israel Houghton – Oh. This is a Christian Contemporary classic. Actually Devin, like Angie Miller, is a Christian singer. It’s how he labeled himself in his audition. And you thought he was a Latin guy! Heh.  He had a few shaky moments in his higher register, but I appreciate that he switched up from the Spanglish thing. Nicki is really proud of Devin. She says the Spanish thing has never been done on Idol before. Actually it has–Karen Rodriquez sang half Spanish/half English in Season 10. I would bet that Devin is aware he’s not the first.

Devin Velez – Victory Song – American Idol 12… by IdolxMuzic

One more spot left in the Top 10. And it is…Lazaro Arbos.

Lazaro Arbos – “Bridge Over Troubled Waters” –  OMG. The band is backstage, and Lazaro has some last minute instructions for them. On live television. Yeesh. And this song choice? KILL ME NOW.  Lazaro’s lower register is not good. He’s not staying on pitch. Wow. THE MOST ANTICLIMACTIC KEY CHANGE EVER. Lazaro is a sweet kid, but he’s a sub-par singer. PERIOD.

Lazaro Arbos – Victory Song – American Idol 12… by IdolxMuzic

The 5 eliminated guys take the stage. Ryan tells Charlie to hang in there.

Next, it’s the girls turn. Who will make it through? The first girl to advance is Janelle Arthur, and she’s all kinds of adorable as Ryan leads her out to the stage.

Janelle Arthur – “Home” by Dierks Bentley – HELLO GIRLS. Thank you for rescuing us from bad singing.  Janelle is back to her audition/Hollywood awsomeness here. She’s relaxed and confident in a wonderful performance. As she sings, Keith has a smile on his face.  Nicki is happy her little ladybug marshmallow made it to the Top 10.

Janelle Arthur – Victory Song- American Idol 12… by IdolxMuzic

Next, it’s Candice Glover!  Ryan tells Candice. “Mlllions of people at home know you made it. But the judges don’t know yet.”  DO TELL RYAN.

Candice Glover – “I’m Going Down” by Mary J. Blige – And Candice proceeds to kill it dead. KILL IT DEAD PEOPLE. YOU GET IT GIRL. She’s really amazing. A standing ovation from the judges. Randy says, “THIS GIRL CAN REALLY SING.” Oh, and he adds “This is a singing competition.”  O rly? Candice is in tears.   Her fellow finalists are doing the “we aren’t worthy” bow.

Candice Glover – Victory Song – American Idol… by IdolxMuzic

Angie Miller is next. The crowd goes crazy. “I don’t think the judges are surprised,” says Ryan

Angie Miller – “I Was Here” by Beyonce – Angie. She’s not so good in her lower register. Actually, not one of her best performances. There is a ton of wonkiness, especially on the high notes. “I’m virtually crying down here,” says Keith. Aw. He’s getting all choked up. “You’re just so ready to go baby,” he says.

Angie Miller – Victory Song – American Idol 12… by IdolxMuzic

Amber Holcomb is next!  OHMYGOSHOHMYGOSHOHMYGOSH she keeps saying, over and over again.

Amber Holcomb – “I’m Every Woman” by Whitney Houston – Something upbeat! YAY. It’s a Whitney Houston song. BOO.  Whatever, Amber is killing it. She was an iffy prospect. I am so happy she made it! Mariah says, “I feel like you have everything that is everything.” So eloquent. Hm.

Amber Holcomb – Victory Song – American Idol 12… by IdolxMuzic

The last finalist BETTER BE KREE. And it is!

Kree Harrison – “Evidence” by Susan Tedeschi – Kree goes uptempo for her victory song, and it’s an awesome way to end the show.  There would have been hell to pay if Kree hadn’t advanced.

Kree Harrison – Victory Song – American Idol 12… by IdolxMuzic

Ryan brings out the the eliminated girls But good news: Next week there will be a sing off between the guy and girl who came in 6th place for a spot on the tour.

Top 10

  • Paul Jolley
  • Burnell Taylor
  • Curtis Finch, Jr.
  • Devin Velez
  • Lazaro Arbos
  • Janelle Arthur
  • Candice Glover
  • Angie Miller
  • Amber Holcomb
  • Kree Harrison
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