Nick & Sharna (dancing with Peta) – Salsa
Sharna picks her fellow-Aussie, Peta. Peta is also a Nick Carter stan, like Sharna. This is a sexy salsa according to Sharna. Nick knows this is his opportunity to show how far he has come. Interesting “salsa.” I put that in quotes because I guarantee you if Len Goodman was still judging, he would want more salsa content. Sharna and Peta clearly went for the audience pleasing moves and some boy band steps to rile up those that are voting for Nick. That’s smart when you think about it. Besides the finale, this is the most important vote of the season. When the trio is together, it looks solid. Carrie Ann harped on sync when Tom pressured her on why she only gave Carlos a 9, so I wonder if she is going to mention that Nick was a tiny bit out of sync with the girls at times. Overall though, a crowd pleasing routine and despite Nick’s first stumble earlier, he is definitely in that finale with Bindi. I don’t think tonight changed anything in that respect.

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Julianne says that everything Nick has to offer was in that dance. Julianne still believes he is a contender. Bruno loved it. He thought it was a salsa-pop with some Jackson and Timberlake. Carrie Ann was very worried but thought Nick was the most solid here he ever was on his feet. She felt it from the ground up. More odd voices from Carrie Ann.
Carrie Ann- 10
Julianne- 10
Bruno- 10
Total: 30/30
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