Victor talks about his height difference with Karina as well as his short term memory problems from various concussions. Oh boy. I’m laughing. Okay. Victor is cute. He has some decent moves but they aren’t exactly sharp or on point as much as they should be in a salsa. Karina put some “horse choreography” in there, which is good for a chuckle, but this isn’t really what you would call a salsa dance by any means. I will say that the energy is high and Victor has the right attitude throughout the dance but obviously, he needs some work as the show progresses.

Julianne says it was fun and interesting. She was surprised that Victor wasn’t so stiff. Bruno wanted some more salsa basics and he wanted Victor on time more. Carrie Ann thought Victor was adorable. She loved the energy but agreed, no salsa was in the dance.
Carrie Ann- 5
Julianne- 5
Bruno- 5
Total: 15/30

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