Tamar wants to put a pep back in her step. The rehearsals are funny. Tamar calls Val her annoying little brother. This is pretty fantastic for week one! So fast. So much good footwork here. Lots of energy and Tamar looks solid in hold. She is totally in this dance and it shows. Nothing over the top about Val’s choreography here but it wasn’t necessary. This is just a really good quickstep that shows Tamar is here to work hard and do well. A totally solid job and I am impressed.

Bruno loved the content and how Tamar kept up the pace. He mentioned a little error in foot placement. Carrie Ann was blown away. She says the quickstep is one of the hardest dances. Julianne loved the elegance and femininity. She wants her to work on her hold a bit so she doesn’t lean forward.
Carrie Ann- 8
Julianne- 7
Bruno- 8
Total: 23/30

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