Emma is from England and has a twin sister. Funny rehearsal video of Hayes not understanding Emma’s accent. This is a fun quickstep. It is definitely age appropriate for Hayes because it is fun and lively. Hayes needs to work a little harder on the technicalities of his dancing. The hold is decent but good be better. The footwork is nice and fast paced but can get a tad messy at times. So he basically did a good quickstep that I would just like to see perfected a bit more.

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Julianne calls it fresh and youthful. She still wants Hayes to tuck in his booty. Bruno calls it hip and cool. Bruno did mention the frame and yes, the bum. Carrie Ann loved the energy. She wants him to work on his feet.
Carrie Ann- 8
Julianne- 7
Bruno- 8
Total: 23/30